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Ep. 8 - David Lesh

The Rum and Stoke Ski & Snowboarding Podcast

If you listened to our trailer episode, you might remember that Nate put down David Lesh as his dream guest for the podcast. At the time, we thought we'd have to wait a few seasons before it was possible, but after a few emails David agreed to come on the pod. This is a mind-blowing listen, and goes well beyond the realm of the "normal" stories of professional skiers. Definitely grab a rum for this one, before you sit back and enjoy 58 minutes of some of the wildest stories you've ever dreamed of.This episode is sponsored by J. Gow Rum,  a delicious rum from the island of Orkney - inspired by pirates, distilled by the sea, and discounted for our awesome listeners. Enjoy 10% off the best rum you can imagine with the code 'RUMANDSTOKE' at jgowrum.com


9 May 2021

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Episode 123: Pete's Dragon W/ David Lesh

The Last Podcast You’d Want

This week on the show we welcome my Cousin David! Instagram: @Tigtat77 Theme Music by Brian Swartz www.brianswartz.com Instagram: @brian_swartz Twitter: @brianswartz Sponsor: www.prowrestlingloot.com Twitter: @Wrestlingloot Instagram: @prowrestlingloot Throwback Gamez Instagram: @throwbackgamez https://www.facebook.com/Throwback-Gamez-113551496953816 509 Vista Way Oceanside CA 92054 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/stephan-straw/support


25 Mar 2021

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David Lesh: Edge of Chaos pro skier, Environmentalism Troll & entrepreneur Virtika ski apparel

The Vance Crowe Podcast

David Lesh is an environmental troll that has leveraged his willingness to have people hate him into a marketing strategy that hits an audience that has been unserved in ski wear.  Lesh sat down with Vance Crowe to talk about how he developed into a person without the need to please the respectable crowd, what he did that so infuriated environmentalists, and why he doesn't use drugs or alcohol any more.Lesh's marketing videos are insane; showing Lesh waking up from a wild orgy, taking drugs, flying his plane to go skiing, then joyriding in the snow while shooting guns.  His videos and social media posts have infuriated environmentalist and even got him brought up on legal charges for damaging the environment.Buy a sweatshirt, T-shirt or mugs from the podcast! Check out the Articulate Ventures Merch Store: https://teespring.com/stores/thevancecrowepodcastSubscribe to the podcast for email notifications on new episodes, invites to events and other exclusive content — http://eepurl.com/gSTfk5About the Vance Crowe Podcast — Vance Crowe interviews people with an expertise that you would want to know about, but might not think to ask. He prompts his guests to think about their work in novel ways, discusses how it applies to regular people and has fun sharing stories and experiences.Want to support the podcast?  https://ratethispodcast.com/vcpJoin the Articulate Ventures Network | https://network.articulate.ventures/ —We are a patchwork of thinkers that want to articulate ideas in a forum where they can be respectfully challenged, improved and celebrated so that we can explore complex subjects, learn from those we disagree with and achieve our personal & professional goals.Contact Vance for a Talk | https://www.vancecrowe.com/ —Vance delivers speeches that reveal important aspects of human communication.  Audiences are entertained, engaged, and leave feeling empowered to change something about the way they are communicating.  Vance tells stories about his own experiences, discusses theories in ways that make them relatable and highlights interesting people, books, and media that the audience can learn even more from. Join the #ATCF Book Club | https://articulate.ventures/category/atcf-book-club


8 Mar 2021

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Whatever the Fuck it Takes with David Lesh

Chasing Independence: From Podiums to Prosperity

Are you an action sports fanatic with an insatiable lust for badassery?! Well, then you better hit that play button right now and listen to this episode featuring pro freestyle skier and entrepreneur David Lesh! David’s story is one for the ages. From his time as a child growing up in India to pro skiing career, David has been consistent with one thing… he does whatever the hell he wants! Notably one of the more controversial pros in the skiing industry, David’s 'do what it takes' attitude has not only helped him grow a multi-million dollar brand but given him access to some pretty epic opportunities. David breaks down the hard lessons he learned as a budding entrepreneur and the reality of what it takes to succeed. Don’t skip this one, as the stories are raw yet painfully real. Strap in and shut up for this larger than life interview with David Lesh.Follow David InstagramVisit Virtika Outerwear-------------------------------------------------------Follow Chase Sellmeyer InstagramVisit Kanga Marketing OnlineWIN $15,000 For Your Small BusinessSubscribe on iTunesSubscribe Chasing Indepence YouTube Follow Chasing Independence Facebook 


1 Jun 2020

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TPM Episode 111: David Lesh, Pro Skier, Business Owner

The Powell Movement Action Sports Podcast

David Lesh is a hustler that’s living every ski bros dream.  He’ an athlete, a bachelor, a successful entrepreneur...who really knows how to live.  Along the way, he’s pissed a lot of people off, traveled the world, bought a lot of toys, has been to court too many times and has also hung out with Obama.  While people assume he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, that's not the case.  Love him or hate him, he's got an interesting story and it’s a good listen. David Lesh Show Notes: 2:00:  What he is up to now, and how I met him 5:00:  India, Wisconsin and Sports 8:00:  Trouble and bad stuff 21:00:  Skiing Career 23:00: Ads 25:00:  Being Judged and creating brands 36:00:  Meeting Obama, Bilzarian and almost dying 38:30:  Ads 40:00  This Friday, Last Friday, Next Friday, The Apology Video, and more… 48:40:  Who is his market, how long can this go, and role model? Inappropriate Questions with Nick and Nate Hammersly 55:48


28 Feb 2019

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E47 – David Lesh

Out of Bounds Podcast

Hi everyone! David Lesh is a ex-pro skier, entrepreneur, world traveler & much more. In this episode we talk about his travels, how and why he started clothing brand, Virtika, and why he isn’t a... The post E47 – David Lesh appeared first on Out of Bounds Podcast.


11 Feb 2019

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Sponsored, Episode 20: David Lesh

Sponsored: The stories behind the skiers

Pro skier David Lesh is known for his controversial promo videos. To say he is misunderstood may be an understatement. This week on the "Sponsored" podcast, host Mike Powell has an honest conversation with Lesh about his life story. Lesh talks about growing up in India, English being his third language, blowing a lunch date with President Obama, getting kicked out of school, and his long list of felonies. Lesh even had to remove an ankle bracelet in order to compete in an event in Michigan. "One comp I went to drove up to the UP and had to obviously cut my ankle bracelet off because one, I couldn't put a ski boot on, and two, I was going to leave the state anyway. Full well knowing that the consequence for me cutting off said ankle bracelet was two weeks in jail when I got back. I actually ended up getting third in the comp." Lesh, not one to shy away from the more damning details of his criminal life, also talks about a motorcycle chase. "My goal was to stop doing all this crazy stuff but—we were hopping freight trains and taking a road trip around the country for a few months and I made the mistake of buying a crotch rocket in Santa Cruz, and I was driving it up the coast to Portland, where I was going to move, and I got in a high speed chase at 140 mph. I wrecked the thing, and got away—didn't get in any trouble. But it took me about 9 months or so to rebuild it and I still hadn't gotten insurance. [Then] I was driving it around in Portland [and police tried to pull me over.] I got away, but they set up a police net and brought the dogs in and they almost ripped my head off. I was hiding in a bush in someone's backyard. I got caught for that. My parents told me to go fuck myself. I had no money for a lawyer at all. I got stuck with a public defender. I was 18. I spent a bunch of time in jail. A really bummer deal. So now I'm a felon. I can't technically own firearms... I actually got a glock right here."


17 Jan 2017