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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Anthony Mann. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Anthony Mann, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Anthony Mann. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Anthony Mann, often where they are interviewed.

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From 150K a month selling unlocked cell phones to advertising mogul w/ Anthony Mann

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Hey y'all, Welcome back to the show! This episode I have Anthony Mann, a serial entrepreneur from Long Island, NY! I actually met Anthony a few years back in NYC at a cryptocurrency meet up. Glad we stayed connected. On this episode, he shares his story. How he became a crazed entrepreneur buying up companies, trading stocks, starting tech companies, helping companies advertise, and closing Real Estate deals. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Want to get in touch with Anthony? Email him: Am@asocialstrategy.com
Mar 30 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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Episode 173: Anthony Mann

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Do not attempt to adjust your sets or turn the dial. Those voices you hear don't belong to neither Brad or Al, but original founders and returning hosts Jim and Patrick are back! Yes, after long debates, sleepless nights and several board meetings and PowerPoint presentations, your fearful leaders return to hosting duties. And they've returned with one of their favorite guests, Sergio Mims.  Together they run through the many genres of classic Hollywood filmmaker Anthony Mann. Both Raw Deal and The Furies are the titles focused on initially but several more come up throughout the course of the discussion including Border Incident, Man of The West, Winchester 73' and more! Also returning are the parody songs, the top three lists and the What We Watched segment. Be sure to send us an email, stop by the website and stay tuned to social media for more updates and future plans for the show! 00:00 - 07:06 - Introduction 07:07 - 08:23 - What We Watched Song 08:24 - 55:29 - What We Watched This Week 55:30 - 56:10 - Director Song 56:11 - 01:47:46 - Raw Deal + The Furies01:47:47 - 02:23:28 - Other Mann Films 02:23:29 - 02:31:25 - Top Three Mann Films / Outro http://directorsclubpodcast.com

Feb 17 2020 · 2hr 31mins

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Bonus 02. Two Anthony Mann B-Pictures: My Cousin Knows Someone Who Swallowed a Can Opener

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On this week’s bonus episode of What’s in the Basket, we’re heading out to Poverty Row for our research-free discussion of two Republic Pictures programmers from early in the career of director Anthony Mann: Nobody’s Darling (1943) and Strangers in the Night (1944). We jam out to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” with our cool teen friends, bond with mysterious women over the homoerotic poetry of A.E. Houseman, and have a few questions about phenobarbital and the physics of falling portraits.

Show Notes & Sources: https://whatsinthebasket.home.blog/2019/10/01/bonus-02-two-anthony-mann-b-pictures-my-cousin-knows-someone-who-swallowed-a-can-opener

Theme Music by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.filmmusic.io): "Dark Hallway (Distressed)" and "The Show Must Be Go"
Oct 01 2019 · 53mins
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32: The Naked Spur (1953, Anthony Mann)

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This week's movie was picked for us by an old friend from the video store days, Nik Pollutra. Nik's a hard-core fan of classics, especially Westerns, and we're thrilled that he was able to join us for a discussion of Anthony Mann's THE NAKED SPUR. "Spur" was one of Mann's many collaborations with James Stewart, and is one of the best examples of the darker, psychological westerns of the 1950's.You can find Nik's Letterboxd account here.You can follow C.J. on Twitter @settingtheframe and find his Letterboxd account here.You can follow Cesar on Twitter @juniorbeho, find his Letterboxd account here, and check out his reviews at Film Smash.

Jul 02 2018 · 1hr 2mins

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EP 064 College Dropout to Real Estate Rockstar with Anthony Mann

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Our Guest:

Anthony Mann, CEO and Founder of AM Open House, has been in real estate for nearly a decade. During his tenure as an agent, he has sold more than 250 REO and short sale properties in Long Island. He was able to get into a niche field within the industry, where there are less than 15 active REO agents and was the youngest by nearly 20 years. Anthony has seen many markets and new technology emerge without any real benefit to agents, so he decided to make a change in the industry and launched AM Open House in July of 2014. Since inception, Anthony has dedicated his entire focus on the AM Open House app and management platform and making the lives of agents easier, while supplying them with technology they actually want and can benefit from using.


From creating a business at a young age to dropping out of college and founding a real estate company, today we have our guest Anthony Mann.

A few highlights of what you will hear:

  • Anthony’s journey from where he started.
  • How he built a unlocking phone business in college and sold it.
  • Why he dropped out of college.
  • What he learned from starting a business at a young age.
  • Why school and learning are two different areas.
  • Skills you need to be a phenomenal sales person.
  • How he got into real estate.
  • Process of building an app.
  • Founded the company, AM Open House.

Impactful Quotes from Anthony:

“We’ve grown that company to over 110,000 active users over the past couple of years.”

“It’s been quite the adventure over the past 12 years.”

“I love learning in general, but school was one of those things for me that just never worked.”

“I realized that it didn’t matter, it was the relationships and networking that made my college experience successful.”

“You don’t need capital to do anything.”

“I am a tech guy at heart -- it’s allowed me to stay in the real estate world but live through my passion of being a tech guy.”

“If you’re not comfortable going to a party by yourself, you are not going to succeed as a salesperson.”

“My best advice it to just go for it.”

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  1. AM Open House

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Aug 04 2017 · 25mins
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#78 - The Hateful Eight / Paul Voicemails / Anthony Mann (5/9/16)

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Cody Clarke, John D'Amico, and Jenna Ipcar discuss The Hateful Eight and answer two voicemails from Paul! Plus, a brand new Robot Reenactment!
May 09 2016 · 59mins