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Meeting Ryan Smith. Jazz dominate Lakers. Joe Ingles is having a massive impact. Power Ranking Tuesday

Locked On Jazz - Daily Podcast On The Utah Jazz

David Locke, radio voice of the Utah Jazz and Jazz NBA Insider, delievers the daily podcast on the Utah Jazz, Locked On Jazz. Today's episode* Meeting Ryan Smith and first impressions* Rudy Gobert was silly how much he dominated the Los Angeles Lakers* Joe Ingles is having much more impact than is being recognized* Is the Suns run to the #1 seed inevitable?* Power Ranking Tuesday Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


20 Apr 2021

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S4E163 - Hüsker Dü "Zen Arcade" - with Ryan Smith

That Record Got Me High Podcast

When this week’s guest, Ryan Smith (Ryan & Pony, The Melismatics, Soul Asylum) was growing up in Minneapolis/St Paul, Husker Du were considered royalty. With their 1984 double album “Zen Arcade”, they transcended their hardcore roots and created a stunning masterpiece that became his - and many others’ - “The Wall”...a stone cold classic!

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10 Apr 2021

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Making the Videos (ft. Ryan Smith)

Page Avenue Crew

This week we go behind the scenes on some of our best music videos with good friend and director, Ryan Smith. We also answer a really important question about goats, and come up with a genius new business plan that can't possibly fail.Support Story of the Year on Patreon:patreon.com/storyoftheyearFollow Story of the Year on social media:InstagramtwitterDan:InstagramtwitterAdam:InstagramtwitterJosh:InstagramtwitterRyan:Instagram--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/pageavenuecrew/support

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12 Mar 2021

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Epigenetic Aging and Aging Backwards with Ryan Smith

Muscle Intelligence

Ryan Smith has previously been a guest on the show to teach us all about peptides. Today he joins me to talk about epigenetic aging, DNA testing, changes in the market and new regulations for peptides, predictions, interventions and individual diagnostics. This is a fascinating conversation for me, as I put my body under a lot of stress during my career and am always interested in longevity and living my best life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and please don’t hesitate to contact the team at TruDiagnostic if you have any questions about the fascinating things they are doing. Ryan Smith graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Transylvania. In that time, he had multiple research internships, studying large scale protein synthesis and physical chemistry. After graduation, he attended medical school at the University of Kentucky for 2 years. After finishing all the educational curriculum and passing USMLE Step 1 he decided to leave and help open up a pharmacy in the United States that focused on peptide synthesis and formulations for pharmaceutical preparations. Since that time, Tailor Made compounding has become the 4th fastest growing company in healthcare and 21st fastest growing business in the US. Tailor Made Compounding was the first pharmacy to offer an extensive list of peptides in the US and continues research and expansion for the use of these products for the integrative medicine space. Since then, Ryan has opened many businesses including TruDiagnostic, a company focusing on methylation array based diagnostics for life extension and preventive healthcare. More about Ryan and TruDiagnostic here: https://trudiagnostic.com/ @ryansmith_PMed https://www.a4m.com/ryan-smith.html Previous Episode with Ryan: Muscle Intelligence #101 A deep-dive on peptides with expert Ryan Smith Mentioned: Book: Dr. David Sinclair - LifespanPodcast: A New Perspective on Aging: How to Optimize the Quality of your Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair Podcast: Optimize Your Life the Philosopher’s Way with Brian Johnson  Podcast: Exploring Epigenetics and Optimizing Health in Times of Stress with Dr. Dan Stickler Sponsor: BUBS Naturals - you know I love their products just as much as I enjoy working with them - an amazing company, that is always giving back. Check out their Collagen and MCT powder, which goes in my morning coffee every day without fail. Use code BEN at checkout to get 20% off sitewide.  Timestamps: [0:23] Introduction to guest Ryan Smith[1:01] Show sponsor BUBS Naturals [3:12] Changes in the Peptide space in 2020[6:38] Change in the definition of ‘biologics’[10:25] Quality-variability in compounding pharmacies[11:54] TruDiagnostic and Ryan’s new focus[12:55] Epigenetics and biological aging [15:50] What’s methylation?[16:30] Transcribing your DNA[18:47] Aging (and aging backwards)[20:00] Testing aging rate[22:35] Control your epigenetic expression[24:22] Snapshots of DNA[25:50] Predictions through epigenetics[30:25] Interventions and individual diagnostics[31:15] Show sponsor Optimize.me/muscle code Muscle10[35:57] Intrinsic vs extrinsic age[40:05] DHEA [41:17] Triglycerides and diabetes[43:20] Applications and predictions[47:30] Vaccines and genetics[50:15] Immunsystem support[52:10] Intervention protocols[53:50] Vitamin D - liposomal and injections [56:50] NAD vs NMN[59:16] Ketone esters[59:36] Anti-aging peptides[1:01:05] What your testing kit tells you[1:03:05] How to find a practitioner[1:04:10] The benefits of testing[1:07:20] Disclaimer

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8 Mar 2021

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40. Aging Is A Choice Now? Ryan Smith Explores Your Biological Age. VS Chronological Age..

Boost Your Biology with Lucas Aoun

What if you could accurately measure the speed at which you are aging? Are your current health protocols serving you or hurting you? In this podcast, Lucas invites Ryan Smith from TruDiagnostic™ to explain how DNA methylation testing is changing the face of healthcare. This is the most powerful predictor of lifespan. TruAge™ is the most accurate, revolutionary biological age predictor. Biological age is a measurement of your age based on various biomarkers. Using state-of-the-art technology and a powerful algorithm, Ryan explains how they are able to look at specific locations on one’s DNA, allowing them to predict your biological age! Relevant links:BUY THE AGE TESTING KIT HERE: TruDiagnostic - https://www.ergogenic.health/product/trudiagnostic-epigenetic-testing-trueage-™ More Health Products: http://ergogenic.health/ Show notes: www.nofilter.media/boostyourbiology


11 Feb 2021

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37. Hacking Muscle Growth, Disease, Fat Loss & Ageing with Ryan Smith

Boost Your Biology with Lucas Aoun

In this episode, Lucas has a very exciting chat with Ryan Smith from Tailor Made Compounding, to explore some of the BEST peptides/research chemicals for Fat Loss, Anti-aging, Sleep, Muscle Growth & more. Ryan is the world leading expert in peptide therapy and this episode truly showcases his talent! Relevant links:BUY PEPTIDES HERE: https://www.ergogenic.health/ INCREASE TESTOSTERONE & SEX DRIVE: https://www.ergogenic.health/masterclass/testosterone-advanced ENHANCE YOUR SLEEP: https://www.ergogenic.health/masterclass/sleep-advanced Show notes: www.nofilter.media/boostyourbiology


21 Jan 2021

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Conversations on Songwriting | Phil Pringle with Ryan Smith

C3 Church Global Podcast with Phil Pringle

Ryan is part of the at C3 SYD -Oxford Falls has been involved in producing, writing and singing on over 30 worship albums. Discover the song writing process of knowing the word of God, free worship and how it all comes together to create great worship for the church. Learn some keys points as a worship leader or musician, on how a worship leader works with the Senior Minister to move together in ministry, the balance of discipline and creativity and how one helps the other. To learn more about Music & Worship at C3 College head to www.c3college.com


20 Jan 2021

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AMP S7E103: Dudes Who Adopt #6 - Bryan Fittin and Ryan Smith

The Adoptive Mom

We women take a lot of credit for being superheroes in the adoption world (thank you, thank you), but dudes are quite the heroes, themselves. Most kids from hard places bring a lot of dad-related baggage to the table. Abandonment, abuse, the list goes on. Adoptive dads can often feel set up for failure when it comes to caring for their kids.On top of all that, society has trained them not to have feelings or emotions or safe places to talk about the hard stuff and get support. Men are set up for success in so many ways in this world, but dealing with the pain of being on the front lines of trauma is not one of them.That’s why we started the Dudes Who Adopt series, to give men a voice and representation that this is tough and they are not alone in it.This is still the Enneagram season though, so yes, while our dude representatives talk about…well, dude stuff, they also talk about their specific personalities and the nuances that come with being a 3 (Bryan) and an 8 (Ryan) in the adoption world.


9 Nov 2020

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Ryan Smith (bdrmm)

101 Part Time Jobs hosted by Giles Bidder

Ryan Smith, of the excellent new band bdrmm, tells me about working for his dad, at the pub and at the cinema he's at now. Plus his love of KEXP playlists and not worrying what anyone thinks of their music.Photo: Sam JoyceGet your beers delivered! 101 Part Time Jobs is supported by Signature Brew: listeners can get 10% off all their beers by visiting signaturebrew.co.uk and using the code '101PODCAST'Songs: bdrmm 'A Reason To Celebrate', Cock Sparrer 'Working' See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


3 Nov 2020

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The Bunt Ft. Ryan Smith S12 Episode 05 “I told you, it’s a free for all over here”

The Bunt

1. Back To The Beginning (9:53)2. First Big Break (10:39)3. One Trip? (13:58)4. Kicked Off Eternal Skatebaords (21:22)5. Dying To Live Era (24:32)6. Dying To Live Cont. (33:14)7. Inception Of Mystery (38:13)8. DC Warehouse Trick Tips (42:12)9. Lindsey Story (49:07)10. Burton Money (52:25)11. Starting Pylon (58:16)12. Reverse Interview (1:00:51)13. What’s Next (1:03:53)14. Rapid Fire W/ Da Ghost (1:05:39)15. Post Office (1:11:48)16. The Rundown (1:35:20)

1hr 29mins

28 Oct 2020