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Ryan Smith: Ninebeats - The Way of Radical Love

Goodlife Buderim

Welcome to our podcast Sunday 24 July 2022. Today Ryan Smith will be sharing on the last of our “Ninebeats” - the Way of Radical Love. If you wish to view the full service including music and updates follow the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcwKXRE5SzM Would you like to sign up to CONNECT | CONTRIBUTE | CELEBRATE? Do so by following this link … https://goodlifebuderim.elvanto.com.a... For more information and to keep up with all that’s happening at Goodlife visit our website! https://www.goodlife.org.au/ If you would like prayer or need care, we want to help! Visit https://www.goodlife.org.au/care or email prayer@goodlife.org.au to reach out. If you would like to participate in giving to the work of Goodlife, please visit our website to find out how. https://www.goodlife.org.au/giving


25 Jul 2022

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The Back of the Bird Episode 55 - Ryan Smith

The Back of the Bird

On today's episode, the boys are joined by all-time beauty and current Rochester Knighthawk Ryan Smith (45:00 - 1:35:00) . We discuss his Junior A and minor career in Burlington, his time at Robert Morris, and his current gig playing for the Chaos in the PLL.  Other topics include: - Vegas Expansion Draft (24:00) - NLL Awards (27:25) - Pauly back in action with a new squad (31:00) As always, this episode is brought to you by Cottage Springs. With a bunch of different products available now, make the Springs a part of your summer before it is too late. 

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20 Jul 2022

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Ryan Smith: Ninebeats - The Way of Lament

Goodlife Buderim

Welcome to our podcast  for Sunday 5 June 2022. Ryan Smith continues our series “The Ninefold Path of Jesus”, this week he takes us through another of the “Ninebeats” - the Way of Lament. This podcast is an excerpt from our online church service that includes music and online communion. If you wish to view the full service, we invite you to follow the link below. https://youtu.be/xr_mWhXASY0 To contribute to the work of Compassion ... https://www.goodlife.org.au/church Would you like to sign up to CONNECT | CONTRIBUTE | CELEBRATE? Do so by following this link … https://goodlifebuderim.elvanto.com.a... For more information and to keep up with all that’s happening at Goodlife visit our website! https://www.goodlife.org.au/ If you would like prayer or need care, we want to help! Visit https://www.goodlife.org.au/care or email prayer@goodlife.org.au to reach out. If you would like to participate in giving to the work of Goodlife, please visit our website to find out how. https://www.goodlife.org.au/giving


5 Jun 2022

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Silicon Slopes (feat. Utah Jazz Owner Ryan Smith)

Point Forward

This week, Andre and Evan recap game 5 between the Warriors and Grizzlies through the lens of the NBA brotherhood and the growing audacity of fans (0:40), talk about Kendrick Lamar's latest single (5:04) and discuss the pros and cons of Laremy Tunsil's attempt to turn his infamous gas mask video into an NFT (10:12). Later, businessman and Utah Jazz owner, Ryan Smith joins the show live from the Silicon slope to talk about how he is actively changing perceptions. From how his relationship with Dywane Wade is changing the face of ownership, to how his business, Qualtrics is pushing the world to see Utah as a global business hub, inverting the concept of a "small market", Ryan shares valuable free game from years of experience. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 13mins

13 May 2022

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Episode 180 - Ryan Smith

Straight To Video

We talk to Ryan Smith – Guitarist and Songwriter along with Lead Guitarist for the band Soul Asylum. Growing up in Minnesota, Ryan Smith could not avoid the rich musical history his home state had to offer. Following an early introduction to The Beatles he would go on to embrace the great guitar rock of his surroundings, fusing it to a love of the alternative sounds coming from the UK. This would lead him on a long and successful journey with his band The Melismatics before getting the call to join one of the most iconic guitar bands of the 80s and 90s.This episode is brought to you by our friends Dead Skull Coffee. https://deadskullcoffee.co.uk/discount/STVPlease visit The Straight To Video Patreon Page to find out how you can help grow this show. https://www.patreon.com/stvpod Intro Music by Johnny Monacohttps://www.johnnymonaco.com/ Incidental Music by Night Fires Please visit The Straight To Video Patreon Page to find out how you can help grow this show. https://patreon.com/stvpod


29 Apr 2022

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140. Ryan Smith

Free America Now!

Renegade statesman Eric Brakey shares a recent interview with Ryan Smith on the "Political Perspectives" podcast about Constitutional Carry, its 2015 passage in Maine, and how the law has now become law in 25 states.


26 Apr 2022

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Ryan Smith


Nashville-based mastering engineer Ryan Smith works on high-profile vinyl releases such as recent albums by Adele and Taylor Swift, but he’s become renowned for the fantastic-sounding reissues he has mastered. As a member of the Vinyl Me, Please record club, I have become happily familiar with the phrase “AAA Lacquers Cut From The Original Analog Tapes by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound.” In this illuminating conversation, Smith discusses his approach to an optimal recording, the level of detail possible in original pressings vs. new versions, the merits of black vs. colored vinyl, and the relative importance of where lacquers are cut vs. where albums are pressed. Listen…

1hr 16mins

14 Apr 2022

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Ryan Smith (The Outlaw Orchestra) #36

Drum For The Song Podcast

Thanks for checking out episode 36 of Drum For The Song podcast featuring Ryan Smith from English western/country/rock band The Outlaw Orchestra who were chosen as a support act for my band Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons for a few shows in November 2021.In this episode, Ryan talks about his history as a drummer, the story of The Outlaw Orchestra so far and he also tells a very sad story about losing both of his parents which has led him to dealing with depression and how music and drumming often acts as some sort of therapy for it. He also goes into detail about the makes and models of his drum equipment and is very enthusiastic about why he made particular choices with his gear and why more volume isn't always better. Ryan is proudly endorsed by Q Drums, Diril Cymbals, The London Drumstick Company, Code Drum Heads and Cympad.Find out more about The Outlaw Orchestra - https://www.theoutlaworchestra.com/I hope you enjoy this free episode, please subscribe to the podcast via your podcast provider & YouTube, like and review where you can and share with anyone else who might be interested.If you've enjoyed any of my episodes, please consider joining my Patreon community via Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/drumforthesong/ for access to exclusive content, group video calls, competitions, giveaways plus 20% discount at http://www.motorhead-beer.comI'd like to give a special thanks to my top-tier 'Groove Master' Patrons for their extended support. Cheers to Dean S Monahan, Rudi Pauly, Dan Hurst, Gareth Richards, Steve Hancock, Paul W. Grasmehr, Charley Farley, Kenny Kendrick, Jari Väisänen, Paul Hutchings, Mark Porter, John Lang, Mark Porter & John Carley.If you'd prefer not to commit to monthly payments you can still support me and the podcast by making a donation via Paypal:https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=RMXSZGD7CTXY4Any donations, no matter how big or small will be massively appreciated and will help me to continue making these podcasts during these tough times.Facebook:www.facebook.com/drumforthesongwww.facebook.com/groups/drumforthesong/Instagram:www.instagram.com/drumforthesongwww.instagram.com/dane_drumsTwitter:www.twitter.com/drumforthesongwww.twitter.com/dane_drumsTikTokwww.tiktok.com/drumforthesongMerch:https://drumforthesong.bigcartel.com/Official website:www.drumforthesong.comSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/drumforthesong. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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31 Mar 2022

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Ryan Smith Named His Podcast While He Was Drunk...and Now He's Stuck With It

Roll for Persuasion - Conversations With Creators

Get access to the EXCLUSIVE Zone of Truth bonus segments by becoming a member of our PATREON.This show was brought to you by our fantastic friends at HERO FORGE! Create the tabletop mini of your dreams with their always evolving, always AMAZING custom mini generator tools. Choose from countless species, weapons, outfits, magical effects and more, and bring your characters to life TODAY. Check them out at https://www.heroforge.com- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Check out Ryan and The Chumpcast at the links below:Website: TheChumpast.comTwitter: @TheChumpcastYouTube: Watch the Boys!IMPORTANT LINKS:Chat with the show by following us on Twitter and Instagram.Keep up to date with the latest episodes on our website.Roll for Persuasion is created, hosted, and produced by Andrew Strother. © 2022 Andrew Strother ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

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16 Feb 2022

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DNA Methylation Testing - Discussion Between Ryan Smith & Dr. Mercola

Dr. Joseph Mercola - Take Control of Your Health

Ryan Smith is the founder of TruDiagnostic, a commercial testing system that tests your biological age, as opposed to your chronological age. It’s can be a profoundly useful tool, because you need an objective barometer to tell you whether or not the things you’re doing to improve your health are actually having the desired impact.

1hr 2mins

30 Jan 2022