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Tim Burd Sits Down With Nick Shackelford

Sifting Through The Static

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27 Jan 2021

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#26 - Tim Burd

The Unicorn Perspective

Tim Burd is the Co-Founder of Agency Y who currently operates the largest Facebook Ad Buying Group in the world. Starting with $30,000, Tim built and sold online businesses that generated between $5-$10 million a year within 12 months of creation. After 13 years of non-stop interest advertising, Tim Burd has taken the last 6 years to travel the world and help companies leverage the power of the web by focusing on Facebook and earning the name "The Godfather of Facebook Ads".

1hr 2mins

27 Mar 2020

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3 Dec 2019

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EP32: Tim Burd: The Power of Facebook Ads

Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy

In today's episode, we speak with Tim Burd, better known as "The Godfather" of Facebook Ads. With 15 years of helping companies grow their ad-posting prowess, Tim teaches us how to make your audience an offer they can't refuse. This episode is a must for anyone using paid media.


22 Jul 2019

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Tim Burd: Serial Entrepreneur and Investor on: The Key Factors to create Powerful Storytelling in Advertising

Words 2 Success

Tim Burd, "THE GODFATHER OF FACEBOOK ADS", is a Serial Entrepreneur & Investor with multiple 7 figure exits now living in beautiful Sunny California!!  Tim Burd still runs the largest Facebook Advertiser community in existence, own a digital ad agency called: Agency Y, host mastermind workshops & retreats all around the world. As well as Tim does high end advertising consulting. Tim Burd has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg and many others. Today on Words 2 Success (W2S), Tim Burd shares his advertising wisdom through all this episode as well as he answers powerful questions such as: Was “Webvertise Inc.” your first company? What is your thought process when you look for a new opportunity? What do you look for that opportunity? Do you have any particular situation where everything was in place to start a company, but it was not the right time to pursue that company? Do you have an specific system to start a company when it’s the right timing to start and you have all pre-requisites for that company in place? What would be those 3 advertising fundamentals for success? What is your advise to learn advertising from the right people for someone who wants to start learning today? What do you think is the future in advertising for ecommerce in the space of 3 years? What advise do you have to create a subscription based business model for my audience? Do you have multiple companies that you run at the same time? What would be your "Words 2 Success"? Be sure to tune in to Tim Burd’s episode, and listening to his great value. As well as head over to the additional information about him: Tim Burd's WebsiteAdLeaks Social Media: FaceBookInstagramLinkedInTwitter VAMOS!!VAMOS!!VAMOS!! This episode is sponsored byVessi Footwear


27 May 2019

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EP 32: Tim Burd Tells Us His Path From Mortgage Broker To Facebook Ads King!

7 Figure Entrepreneur

In episode 32, Tim Burd chats to us about common advertising mistakes, building a subscription box company & growing an online community via his Facebook Ad Buyers group. Connect with Tim Burd: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tim.burd.10 Facebook Ad Buyers Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/adbuyers/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timburd/


30 Jan 2019