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Entrepreneurship and Angel Investing, with Dan Fleyshman - ACEWEEKLY099

Ace Weekly

Entreprenurship and Angel Investing Guru   Dan Fleyshman had an impressive and almost never-ending list of accolades & accomplishments. Dan licensed his apparel company for $9.5M at the age of 19. Four years later, he became the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history at the age of 23. He also launched 1 of the top 5 highest grossing poker websites in the world. He now spends his time running his social media agency, Angel investing, and giving back through charity.  Dan shares his hard-nosed rags to riches story that was driven by relentless sales & marketing at a young age. Multiple times he’s had everything taken out from underneath him. In these multiple instances, he says they are both the worst moments of his life as they shook his entire reality, but they also served as the best turning points of his career that got him to where he is today.  When you listen to Dan you can sense an insane level of grit and determination as if nothing can phase him.  Dan shares stories of all the hard work that helped him get to where he is now, along with his strategies for angel investing, placing executives at his companies through the years, the psychology of influencer marketing, and the ultimate goal of giving back through charity.  We can go on & on about all the things Dan has accomplished and how he did it, but we’d need books upon books to cover it all. Tune in this week to TAP INTO A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE from one of the most successful young entrepreneurs of our time.  Follow us on social @andrewevansofficial @aceweeklypodcast @danfleyshman 02:30- Introducing Dan Fleyshmann  04:30- Humble beginnings to huge success at a young age 09:00- Nothing but SELLING 14:00- Losing a $65M business overnight 17:30- Finding talent & aligning vision in business 22:30- Structuring relationships with executives at your company  26:00- Pioneering influencer marketing & the current landscape of social media 33:00- How to differentiate yourself on social media 36:30- Investing beyond the finances 40:00- Market scrutiny on the Crypto/NFT markets 44:00- Charity drives & giving back


28 Apr 2022

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How To Build A Massive Network and Brand Online | Dan Fleyshman | Replay

Millionaire Mindcast

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, Dan Fleyshman shares his secret sauce to success, and tips on how to be on top of your competitors, how to create a massive brand online, and how to balance your business portfolio! Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history at 23, an Angel Investor in 36 companies, speaker at over 250 events, virtual mentor, and co-founded the “100 Million Mastermind Experience”. He launched 1 of the top 5 online poker sites globally, has thrown 37 “Elevator Night” events, and he has spent over $60 million dollars with social media influencers for fashion brands, film studios, mobile apps & consumer products. The Model Citizen Fund charity is his passion which creates backpacks for the homeless filled with 150 emergency supply items inside.  Dan had a background in business at a very young age. He sold candies in high school and started trademarking when he was 17. At 19, he closed a $9.5 million dollars licensing deal with STARTER apparel and launched the “Who’s Your Daddy” energy drink. Later, went on to launch Victory Poker, which became 1 of the top 5 online poker brands internationally. Despite Dan’s success in business and career and having a world-class hall of fame network, he remains an introvert. How did he do it? Dan interacts with people from all walks of life-based on the things that are relevant to them & provide them the experiences for them to remember him by it.  This creates a feeling which creates a connection. Also, Dan only invests in companies that he could help with to consistently add value to people.  Some Questions I Ask: Where did all start for you as an entrepreneur? (00:55) How did you get to a place where you decided to go public about this thing? (04:58) What would you say is the skill that you think is the core DNA principle of Dan Fleyshman? (09:42) When does somebody go to keep earning the right to “take my eye off of my one thing”? (16:41) What are some of the things that you looked for in your investment opportunities to attract bigger opportunities to scale and get to some of those different levels?   (18:46) What have been some of your favorite investments that you’ve done? (22:55) What is kind of your make up & allocation between businesses, real estate, and stocks? What do you think is kind of a healthy balance in the portfolio? (26:01) How did you create your own network physically being an introvert as well as on digital being the smartest, most successful, most humble, & generous entrepreneur and business owner out there? (32:43) What are your formula and your method to your madness to strengthen those relationships? (36:17) Is that really you always the one commenting on everything? (41:16) What are some of the things that you see really good influencers leveraging the right platforms for their business, brand, and opportunity, and what do you see as some of their common mistakes? (41:30) How to not be overwhelm being on different social media platforms (44:22) What are you most excited about right now that a lot of people you find are getting a lot of value & just as excited as you are? (46:00) In This Episode, You Will Learn: The biggest & hardest part of beverage companies & most product companies (07:15) What makes Dan standout among competitors (10:28) The possible things that will happen if you do business (12:46) Tips before talking to investors  (19:21) People need experience (38:52) Quotes: “The main thing you can sharpen in your skill is researching the industry you want to go into.” “Failures are going to happen.” “If you don’t adapt, you’re going to die.” “You will stand out just by doing the basics.”  “People cared.” “Taking the actions will help huge.” “You want engagement, you gotta engage.”  Connect with Dan Fleyshman on: Website Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Facebook


18 Apr 2022

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Power of Social Media with Dan Fleyshman

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of publicly traded company who now spends $60 million on social media influencers and has Angel invested in 37 companies. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. We have to teach people. If you teach people or entertain them, you become the authority in that category. 2. Have some exposure to the high risk, because if you’re right, it can change your whole financial life. It’s your shot of glory. 3. Surrounding yourself with people that are great, is going to force you to become a greater version of yourself. Dan's Website - Youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. Sponsors: HubSpot: Learn how to grow better by connecting your people, your customers, and your business at HubSpot.com! ZipRecruiter: Find the right employees for your workplace with ZipRecruiter, the #1 rated hiring site in the US, based on G2 ratings! Try it for free at ZipRecruiter.com/fire! Tailor Brands: For a super easy, all-in-one platform that gives you the tools and features you need to look professional from the start, visit TailorBrands.com and use code fire40 for 40% off!


13 Apr 2022

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Dan Fleyshman: Tactical Lessons from Millionaire Entrepreneur & His Mission to Save the World

Roll Call with Chappy

In 1999, Dan got his start in business in his late teens by investing $43,000 in savings, which he was “supposed” to use for college, to start his own clothing brand Who's Your Daddy. At 18 years old, the business cracked $1 million, and at 19, it reached $9.5 million. At 23, he took Who’s Your Daddy public relaunched as an energy drink brand under the same name—making Dan the youngest owner of a publicly-traded company in history.In 2008, a decade after founding his first business, Dan tried his hand at creating an online poker site. It was short-lived; yet, Dan points to that first true failure in his career as being key to all of the wins he continued to experience moving forward.Now with multiple massive business successes under his belt, Dan has a powerful desire to pay it forward. His philanthropic initiatives include a venture to backpacks for the homeless, as well as Thanksgiving food drives. He says that his ultimate dream is to save the world, not for any sort of recognition, but so that other people become inspired by his example and replicate what he was able to accomplish.Dan closes the conversation talking about the mental and tactical secrets to connecting and collaborating with high-profile individuals, and how anybody regardless of their age or background can get unstuck and pursue their true calling in life today.Topics Discussed:[01:37] Dan’s backstory and early business success[05:22] Starting an online poker site at 27 (and losing it overnight)[10:54] Dealing with his first major business failure[12:58] How Dan uses social media for business[17:18] Working with the Kardashians and the power of collabs[22:53] Dan’s philanthropic initiatives[30:28] Dan’s goal to save the world and other projects[35:05] Finding work-life balance[38:30] How to connect and collaborate with high-profile individuals[40:58] How to get unstuckConnect with Dan Fleyshman:LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoryceo/Instagram - (@danfleyshman) - https://www.instagram.com/danfleyshman/Instagram - (@modelcitizenfund) - https://www.instagram.com/modelcitizenfund/Elevator Studio - https://elevator.studio/Book: How to Set-Up Your Personal Brand for Under $1,000 - https://buythisbook.com/Connect with Peter Meyerhoff:Website: https://petermeyerhoff.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peter_meyerhoff/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Peter-Meyerhoff/100008245219126/TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@theoriginalchappy?lang=enYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpa6ABvtPcSSwM2LJvuLv0wKey Quotes:The bad things that happened literally forged who I am as a person.I want to save the world. It’s a very lofty goal, but it’s real. I have clear visions of ways I want to save the world, and none of it is for me. I don’t want a pat on the back to do it. I want to do the things so that people can replicate what I do.Is your future worth more than your uncomfortability?


31 Mar 2022

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#148: Dan Fleyshman: Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneur and Dominating Digital Real Estate

Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K | A Podcast for Multifamily Real Estate Investors and those Looking to get in the Game

On this episode of #TheGetInTheCashFlowGame, Dan Fleyshman, founder of Elevator Studios, Head Avenger of Avenger Mastermind and overall BADASS Entrepreneur, discusses:Discussion Questions:[4:38] - Thoughts on San Diego[13:40] - Importance of Family Time and Setting Time for Them[18:54] - Why Masterminds are Crucial for Personal and Business Growth[27:15] - Thoughts and Social Media and Why You Need to Grow Your Personal Brand...Yesterday![33:44] - 40/20/20 Investing Strategy[44:45] - Picking the Right Investment[51:25] - Cryptocurrency and Metaverse[1:08:12] - Charities About Dan Fleyshman:Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. After licensing his apparel for $9.5 million dollars at the age of 19, he went on to scale the energy drink products into 55,000 retail stores.Over the years Fleyshman launched 1 of the top 5 online poker sites globally, has thrown 37 “Elevator Night” events,co-founded the “100 Million Mastermind Experience”, spoken at over 200 business events, angel invested in 36 companies and his agency “Elevator Studio” has spent over $60 million dollars with social media influencers for fashion brands, film studios, mobile apps & consumer products.Dan’s main passion is his Model Citizen Fund charity which creates backpacks for the homeless filled with 150 emergency supply items inside.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/getinthecashflowgame/support

1hr 19mins

10 Mar 2022

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Ep 54 - 3 Investing Gold Nuggets We Learned From Dan Fleyshman

Freedom Through Passive Income

Flip and Dani share gold nuggets they have gotten from the mega successful people they’ve met in their Masterminds around the country. Today they share what they learned from Dan Fleyshman.Download your Free Private Lending Report here:  www.freedomcapitalinvestments.com/lendingDownload your Freedom # worksheet here:  www.freedomcapitalinvestments.com/worksheetClick on the Social Media links below and listen in on our Private Group Conversations about how to achieve Financial Freedom through a consistent pipeline of passive income investments:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/freedomthroughpassiveincome https://www.linkedin.com/groups/14048250————————————————————————————Here are the Top 3 Lessons we wanted to share that we learned from Dan Fleyshman at a recent Mastermind Event.1) 40-40-20 Investing Advice. 40% are low risk, 40% medium risk, and 20% are his shot at glory2) People. Bet on the person and what the person brings to the table. Invest in what and who you like.3) Always Have a Quarterback in Every Single Business, you can’t do everything yourself.Our private Facebook group gives you access to where you can start building a direct relationship with us, we’d love to get to know you. 30 days later you may be invited into our Deal Room.  The Deal Room is our private room where we share exclusive 506B opportunities because now you are our “Buddy.”Join our groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.https://www.facebook.com/groups/freedomthroughpassiveincome https://www.linkedin.com/groups/14048250/www.FreedomCapitalInvestments.comInvest Smart.  Live Happy.————————————————————————————Connect with us here:FB personal pageshttps://www.facebook.com/Flipsterhttps://www.facebook.com/dani.lynn.robisonLinkedin personal pageshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/fliprobison/https://www.linkedin.com/in/danilynnrobison/Instagram personal pageshttps://www.instagram.com/fliprobison/https://www.instagram.com/danilynn23/TikTok  personal pageshttps://www.tiktok.com/@danilynnrobisonhttps://www.tiktok.com/@fliprobison


23 Feb 2022

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#832 The Sports Card Investing Boom w/ Dan Fleyshman

The Pomp Podcast

Dan Fleysham is an entrepreneur and investor. He is the Founder of Elevator Studios, and the youngest founder to ever take a company public. He also owns a card shop in LA called "Cards and Coffee"I spoke with Dan while in Los Angeles for Super Bowl Weekend. In this conversation, we discuss technology investing and the sports card industry.=======================BlockFi provides financial products for crypto investors. Those products include BlockFi Wallet, no fee Trading, crypto collateralized Loans and the World's First Crypto Rewards Credit Card. To get $75 back on the first swipe of your BlockFi Rewards Credit Card, sign up today at http://www.blockfi.com/Pompcc=======================Choice is a new self-directed IRA product that I'm really excited about. If you are listening to this, you are likely part of the 7.1 million bitcoin owners who have retirement accounts with dollars in them, but not bitcoin. I was in that situation too. Now you can actually buy real Bitcoin in your retirement account. I'm talking about owning your private keys and using tax-advantaged dollars to do it too. Absolute game changer. https://www.retirewithchoice.com/pomp=======================Imagine coinmarketcap - decentralized. 3X in valuation is 15 billion dollars from the current price. Cryptotoday.com starts at zero, at fair launch on 7th of March. No VC. No pre-sale. Team tokens locked. For the people, by the people. For decentralized crypto. Visit cryptotoday.com and read the whitepaper for the details.


20 Feb 2022

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How To Become A Millionaire Entrepreneur | Dan Fleyshman


Dan Fleyshman became a millionaire entrepreneur at 19. Dan is the youngest founder of a publicly-traded company in history. After licensing his apparel for $9.5 million dollars at the age of 19, he went on to scale the energy drink products into 55,000 retail stores.Over the years Fleyshman launched 1 of the top 5 online poker sites globally, hasthrown 37 “Elevator Night” events, co-founded the “100 Million MastermindExperience”, spoken at over 200 business events, angel invested in 36 companiesand his agency “Elevator Studio” has spent over $60 million dollars with socialmedia influencers for fashion brands, film studios, mobile apps & consumerproducts.Dan’s main passion is his Model Citizen Fund charity which creates backpacks forthe homeless filled with 150 emergency supply items inside.★★★★★Subscribe to The Bull’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCeJKFFE1iqI_OzfK5dPuaA★★★★Subscribe to The Bullpen podcast on iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-bullpen/id1588663242★★★Subscribe to The Bullpen podcast on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6BnmfXofFG0x0bdrzpNfcn?si=7220fabe105c40b9&nd=1#TheBull #TheBullevans #TheBullpen #AlphaInfluence►Follow Jeremiah on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebullevans/?hl=en►Follow Jeremiah on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeremiah.evans.906►Follow Jeremiah on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thebullevans?lang=en►Follow Jeremiah on LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremiah-evans-6976ba156►Follow Jeremiah on Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@thebullevans?lang=en

1hr 13mins

11 Feb 2022

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Electric People E.104: Dan Fleyshman |Media & Business Mogul| Why Not Selling


Business Mogul and media mastermind DAN FLEYSHMAN joins us this week!

1hr 5mins

10 Feb 2022

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527. Dan Fleyshman Joins Luka Nation

Lukas and Tigers and Brons OH MY!!!

As part of the Mint Collective Innovators Series - Dan Fleyshman sits down and talks about the hobby, the future of the local card shop and so much more! Enjoy and thanks for listening!

1hr 5mins

15 Dec 2021