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Tracy Enos author of "Linkedin Publishing to Profits"

The Best Business Minds

Tracy Enos author of "Linkedin Publishing to Profits" by The Best Business Minds

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1 Jun 2022

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LinkedIn Tips for Small Businesses | Unstoppable Woman Spotlight | Tracy Enos

The Unstoppable Woman®

Have you ever wondered whether you need to adjust your social media strategy to better aid your business? In today’s episode, learn how you can use LinkedIn to attract more clients and drive the business outcomes you desire! Tracy Enos, Kansas City’s top LinkedIn Expert Advisor, is here to share her killer tips about this. Listen in to learn how to utilize LinkedIn as an accelerated growth tool for your small business!What To Listen For If you’re just starting out on LinkedIn, this is the first thing you should do [1:22] The actionable steps you can take to to attract new prospects through LinkedIn [4:10] Why your LinkedIn strategy needs to differ from your content strategy for other social media platforms [16:44] The importance of having an authentic social media presence (and my own personal story around this!) [22:33]ResourcesReady to go from overwhelmed to IN CONTROL of your time and bottom line?Then join me for the free Slay Your Day Challenge from March 23rd–25th!This is a free 3-day MicroSeries where you’ll learn the foundational principles to reduce your stress and reclaim your time so you can grow your business exponentially!Check out our free resources for listenersJoin the Morning Mindset ClubJoin our Facebook GroupSchedule a Strategy to Scale ConsultationAbout Tracy Enos:Tracy Enos is Kansas City's top LinkedIn Expert Advisor, Score.org volunteer and mentor, and single Mom of 4.In a freak accident in July of 2015, she sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns. She spent 6 days in the burn unit, had 5 surgeries within 9 months, developed anxiety, and gained 60 pounds as a result of depression.She has consulted thousands of business owners, SaaS companies, coaches, authors, service professionals, sales teams, and entrepreneurs on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads, become the authority in their industry and stay front of mind with their clients. She is known globally for her LinkedIn knowledge and training with clients in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Israel, and the U.K. Her consulting expertise has netted her clients speaking engagements, media attention, guest articles in major publications and trade magazines, and millions of dollars in new business.Find Tracy At:Upcoming Profile Checklist: https://www.theultimateprofilechecklist.comLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracyenos


17 Mar 2022

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Surviving 3rd Degree Burns and Mastering LinkedIn with Tracy Enos

Living the Dream

Check it out on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/33Z4VsE Check it out on Apple: https://apple.co/3AHc2DT Tracy Enos is an endorsed top LinkedIn Advisor and single Mom of 4. In July of 2015, she sustained 3rd-degree burns, a 6-day stint in the burn unit, and 5 surgeries in 9 months. She wrote her first article the following October. It was featured in LinkedIn Pulse and generated five-figures in just two hours of work. With over 21 years of skilled experience, Tracy serves a wide variety of clients, including entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized companies, start-up ventures, and business professionals. Dreams: Working on Developing her course based on the 30-point checklist Going from private coaching model to group coaching model Create the business so that she can sell it Tracy wants more than one income stream and to write a book. Speaking about her story and driving people to affiliate programs. Take her kids overseas. How you can Help: Remind her of Napoleon Hill’s Thinking Remind her of Zig Ziglar’s Thinking Contact them at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracyenos; http://ultimateprofilechecklist.com/ tracy@tracyenos.com; book a call https://bookme.name/BookTracy/linkedin--- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/timothy-douglas0/support


25 Feb 2022

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Bickering Over: Leveraging LinkedIn to Up Your Marketing Game – with Tracy Enos

Off The Marc With The Bickersteins

It’s time to get social… on LINKEDIN–the world’s largest professional network on the web. And, contrary to popular opinion, your LinkedIn presence isn’t JUST for finding a job… it’s also an invaluable tool for building your brand, finding new leads, and closing deals. This week we invited LinkedIn expert, Tracy Enos, to share all her tips and tricks for leveraging LinkedIn – including using the poll feature. It just may just be the key to catching the attention of your next client… you’ll have to tune in to find out how and why!FREE LinkedIn Checklist: theultimateprofilechecklist.comContact Tracy: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracyenos/★ CONTACT US ★Website: https://onthemarcmedia.com/Email: info@onthemarcmedia.com↓ FIND US ON SOCIAL ↓Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OTMMediaTwitter: https://twitter.com/onthemarcmediaLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/on-the-marc-media/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onthemarcmedia/Check out 1631 Digital News: https://1631digitalnews.com/Want to be our next call-in expert? Email kruben@onthemarcmedia.com

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14 Jan 2022

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Career ReInvention Post Divorce with Tracy Enos, LinkedIn Expert

THE Amicable Divorce Expert with Judith Weigle

Divorce is a New Beginning, both personally and professionally, especially if we have been stay-at-home parents who now have to work. Even if we have been the income earners for the family, divorce has a way of forcing us to reevaluate ourselves in order to make healthy changes as part of our growth. Divorce is emotionally and financially tough, but the silver lining is that we are positioned to evolve in ways that we wouldn't except for the fact that we had to deal with a divorce. Tracy Enos found this out as she was going through her divorce, and went from flush to fumbling for work. Through her self-determination to thrive and succeed, Tracy found that she had a gift of understanding marketing, and became an expert by accident on LinkedIn, the largest site to network for work with other professionals. Join us in this enlightening episode to reinvent your career with guidance from a professional who did it for herself.


5 Jan 2022

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07 Tracy Enos- Creating Consistant Leads on LinkedIn

Awesome Life Podcast

Tracy Enos is Kansas City's top LinkedIn Expert Advisor, Score.org volunteer and mentor, and single Mom of 4. She has consulted 1000's of business owners, SaaS companies, coaches, authors, service professionals, sales teams and entrepreneurs how to use LinkedIn to generate leads, become the authority in their industry and stay front of mind with their clients. She is known globally for her LinkedIn knowledge and training with clients in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Israel, and the U.K. Her consulting expertise has netted her clients speaking engagements, media attention, guest articles in major publications and trade magazines, and millions of dollars in new business. Need a speaker or want to learn how to generate consistent leads with LinkedIn? Call Tracy at (816) 607-1570 or email her tracy@tracyenos.com Come visit us on YouTube, and besure to like and subscribe!  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/awesomelife/message


16 Aug 2021

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Tracy Enos


Tracy joins us to discuss her work and all other writings!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/pen-podcast/support


16 Aug 2021

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Making A Good First Impression | Tracy Enos

Fearless Impact

Is your LinkedIn profile costing you missed opportunities? This week, I sat down with international best-selling author of "LinkedIn Publishing to Profits" and single mom of 4, Tracy Enos, to discuss the importance of making a good first impression. Tracy is an endorsed top LinkedIn Advisor and has worked with 1000s of business professionals all across the world netting her clients millions of dollars in new business. --- To get a pdf version of The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Checklist, visit https://www.tracyenos.com


10 Aug 2021

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Ms. Tracy Enos with Enos Enterprise talks about the Power of LinkedIn in creating Industrial Opportunities

The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie

In this week's Industrial Talk Podcast we're talking to Tracy Enos, Founder and President of Enos Enterprise about "The Power of LinkedIn to Attract Clients, Gain Attention and Create More Opportunities".  Get the answers to your "LinkedIn Marketing" questions along with Tracy's unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!Finally, get your exclusive free access to the Industrial Academy and a series on “Why You Need To Podcast” for Greater Success in 2020. All links designed for keeping you current in this rapidly changing Industrial Market. Learn! Grow! Enjoy!TRACY ENOS' CONTACT INFORMATION: Personal LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracyenos/ Book, LinkedIn Publishing to Profits: https://www.amazon.com/LinkedIn-Publishing-Profits-Attention-Engagements-ebook/dp/B076G8XQBZ PODCAST VIDEO: https://youtu.be/eP9xyPaSS2g THE STRATEGIC REASON "WHY YOU NEED TO PODCAST": OTHER GREAT INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES: NEOM:  https://www.neom.com/en-us CAP Logistics:https://www.caplogistics.com/ Hitachi Vantara: https://www.hitachivantara.com/en-us/home.html Industrial Marketing Solutions:https://industrialtalk.com/industrial-marketing/ Industrial Academy: https://industrialtalk.com/industrial-academy/ Industrial Dojo: https://industrialtalk.com/industrial_dojo/ Safety With Purpose Podcast: https://safetywithpurpose.com/ YOUR INDUSTRIAL DIGITAL TOOLBOX: LifterLMS: Get One Month Free for $1 – https://lifterlms.com/ Active Campaign: Active Campaign Link Social Jukebox: https://www.socialjukebox.com/ Industrial Academy (One Month Free Access And One Free License For Future Industrial Leader): Business Beatitude the Book Do you desire a more joy-filled, deeply-enduring sense of accomplishment and success? Live your business the way you want to live with the BUSINESS BEATITUDES...The Bridge connecting sacrifice to success. YOU NEED THE BUSINESS BEATITUDES! TAP INTO YOUR INDUSTRIAL SOUL, RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW! BE BOLD. BE BRAVE. DARE GREATLY AND CHANGE THE WORLD. GET THE BUSINESS BEATITUDES! Reserve My Copy and My 25% Discount PODCAST TRANSCRIPT: SUMMARY KEYWORDSlinkedin, company, people, profile, tracy, page, industrial, talk, book, website, employees, problem, strategies, enos, day, check, pandemic, industry, sections, big00:04Welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott MacKenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's go. As always welcome to industrial talk, where we celebrate industry heroes such as yourself, you're bold, you're brave, you dare greatly you innovate, you solve problems, you're changing lives, and you're changing the world. Thank you very much each and every day of what you do to make my life better. Thank you very much. All right, in the hot seat, we have a young lady by the name of Tracy Enos. And look at this, if you're out on video, I've got a book. Yep, she produced it. LinkedIn publishing to profits, it guess what we're gonna be talking about? LinkedIn, let's get cracking. Yep. So I have this book, it's well laid out. It asks the right questions, it is addressing the right issues. It is exactly and it's not overwhelming. She's got it laid out. And it is well written, very, very well done. And I'm very honored to be able to have that, behind me in my, I guess my hall of fame of books that are just right behind me. And we're gonna be talking about this book, as well as many other topics. Because given the pandemic, given the challenges that we are still trying to get through, I think this is a timely conversation. And you know, I always geek out when we start talking about ways of growing your business, surviving, right, rebuilding, prospering, what are the strategies that we can deploy, and I never, ever, ever, ever say no, to anyone who wants to help industry, and people succeed, and live their dreams. That is exactly what this particular podcast is all about. That's what it does. Israel talk media is all about, we just want to be able to celebrate, and help people succeed. And that's what this particular conversation with Tracy will be before we get going. So, you know, I've been a big write a big fan of what they're doing out at Neil. And once again, if you go out to an E o m.com, find out route around, look around that website and see the passion, read about the passion and see the individuals that are truly working to create a community of the future, leveraging. And I mean, leveraging all the technology that's out there that that innovation that we speak a lot about on this particular podcast. It's exciting. So here I am, let's just if you're out on video, here we go, we're going to go to the website real quick. Here is here is a slide on, I can't say slides, or whatever it's it's, it's a page on their website. And it's under line. But it's the the picture is powered by an innovative, invisible infrastructure. So if you're out there, and you're looking at this picture, and you're looking at you go Holy snakey. That's amazing stuff. They're gonna do it. They're gonna do it because they have the right people in place. They've got the it's, if I look at the timing of all this, if I look at everything about what they're doing at Neo, this is the right time. I think innovation is is there. I think the energy to be able to solve problems is there. And and I think we I think we can get it done. Or they can get it done. Oh, whatever adds exciting stuff. All right, back to the interview. Tracy Enos, that's e n o s. Enos enterprise, is the company the founder, you go out to her stat card, right. Let's see what it looks like. Yeah, look at that. A well done, because she is all about doing stuff on LinkedIn. She's got, she's got great stuff out there. And it's just right there.04:27Sometimes you just get excited about LinkedIn, you find a person out there, the person is willing to share insights, wisdom, knowledge, because we have to be about education. We have to be about collaborating. And boy, I talk about that all the time, because you don't have all the answers. And then of course, the the need to innovate. All right, they're all easily accessible. All right. Enjoy the conversation with Tracy. Tracy, welcome to the industrial talk podcast. I'm going to enjoy this conversation because we're gonna be talking about LinkedIn. Added us around LinkedIn. And and yes, if you're an industrial professional, you're not doing it right. Just FYI, I'll just lay it right on out there. LinkedIn is an asset. Let's do it. Right, Tracy, how you doing?05:12Great, Scott. Thank you. Glad to be here today.05:14Yeah, I like that book behind you LinkedIn publishing to profits. And and especially now My gosh, I like that. I like that. But let me just sort of check something out. FYI. Just when, if you're looking at on the video, and I'm turning around in my chair. No, I don't have one. on my bookshelf. I don't have one of those things that are on your bookshelf that's not on my bookshelf. How can we solve that problem? That means I need to send you one. All right. For the listeners out there. Give us a little background on who you are.05:45Yeah, yeah. So my name is Tracy Ennis. And I have been an expert, LinkedIn advisor for nine ish plus years, somewhere around there. And it kind of fell into it by accident. I got laid off twice in four years by corporate America, and06:02a common tale a common tale,06:05right. And single mom, too. And the second time around, I was couldn't find work. And this is back in November of 2012. And on the advice of my sister, she told me to start a marketing agency because the summer prior to that I had sat down with her, she was the graphic artist in the family, and had a very a very successful freelance business on our own and Hello, skill,06:32I'm telling you right now, skill,06:36e to corporate America did a big disservice to her as well. And so she went out on her own and made a hell of a lot more money than them, right. Anyway, so um, she told me just to take the dive and do it. And you know, as nervous as I was, I did, you know, and so what started out with what I'm doing today didn't start out that way. It started out as a digital marketing agency. So we're like building SEO, websites, or we're doing videos, we're doing business directories, getting companies in the Google Maps, which is very different back then that is today. I mean, it was, you know, it was fun selling it, it was not fun doing it, or07:18that's a that's a heck of a learning curve to, especially back then I think today is a little bit easier not to, I mean, there's cool tools out there. But back then, whoo. That's trench, baby. That's trench work.07:30At what, Oh, don't get me wrong, I'd be burning the midnight oil. Sometimes I get two hours of sleep, and the kids are getting ready for school.07:40Easily, easily. So let's let's start venturing into it. One of the things that of course, we got hit up the side of the head with is pandemic, people were scrambling, trying to figure out how to get their message out. Didn't have. I mean, I believe personally there, Tracy that we were we were lazy. We didn't bring our a game, we brought our B, maybe c game, possibly each and every day, no big deal. And then the pandemic hits, and then all of a sudden reality hits. And we're trying to get our message out and we have no clue. And the only place that everybody went within industry was LinkedIn. And that ban, that thing just blew up. But still in the strategies that that are around and let's talk a little bit about that. So give us a little problem that's associated with LinkedIn today. What do we need to do from an industrial perspective?08:36Well, I think their problem affects everybody, not just the industrial.08:41Well, no, no, my whole life was just industrial don't don't even go into other areas. I don't even know if there's anything else other than industrial.08:48I think what happened is like, you know, a lot of people heard about this LinkedIn thing, and then they get on it. And then they're like, now what? Right? And then like, there's so many bells and so many bells and whistles to LinkedIn, unlike any other social media platform, and they're like, I don't know how to navigate this thing. I don't know what to do first, what do I do second, and then they get overwhelmed, and then just quit forget, screw it, you know, they put a company page app and they expect people to go there organically and find us and then you know, hire us and it just doesn't work like that.09:23It does not? Yeah, it's interesting, because you're you're absolutely spot on. I was probably fell into that category. LinkedIn came out promoted as, hey, it's a professional location for socially engaging people and all that stuff. You you tip your toes in the water, it's okay. Then all of a sudden, you're getting people popping in and you're just like, I don't have time for this. I've got I've got a five alarm fire over here that I've got to deal with. So I agree with you 100% about it, but now it's I think it's strategic for your company. I think It's strategic for not just the company, but for an individual. Do you agree? 100%? Good answer, because you got a book back there that says that. No, Scott, no, not not one bad man. No, no. There's a disconnect there. So let's talk a little bit about it. Let's talk a little bit about why it's important, why it's strategic, and then sort of strategies, sort of these actionable strategies that we can put into place right now. So why is it important?10:30Well, I think, from a standpoint, we just mentioned SEO with my digital marketing agency, LinkedIn is considered an authority website with Google and the search engines. And so when somebody comes in contact with your company, whether you found them or whether somebody referred your company, what's the first thing somebody is going to do?10:50I go right out to, in fact, that's what I did with you, Tracy, right out to your LinkedIn profile, see what they10:57are, they're going to Google you, right? Oh, yeah. And, and oftentimes, unless you're dumping 1000s of dollars every month into search engine optimization for your website, your LinkedIn company page, and your LinkedIn profiles for the company are going to show up on page one before everybody everything else.11:14I'm gonna check that out right now. It's, it's funny, because you're spot on, because, but I still have a problem with a guy named Scott MacKenzie, but he died a number of years ago, and he was a singer. Gonna go ahead.11:31Anyway. So next thing that they're going to do is they're going to go do some due diligence, right? They're going to go check out your company page. And lo and behold, if they go directly to your company page, right there, it says, How many people are employed with your company, or at least say they're employed with your company, whether the current or past? And you're going to go click on that link that says all employees? And then what's that going to go to a list of all the employees and people are gonna start looking at the executives, they're gonna look at, for the owner of the company, they're gonna look at the executives at company, and they're looking at the employees. And I'm gonna tell you what, here's a big, big problem that a lot of companies have is a lot of times their employees profiles are better than the top key executives and the owners of the company. And that's a big No, no, I mean, honestly, I think so. But one of the biggest mistakes that you can mistake is, or one of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a company, even though maybe the CEO is too busy, or some of the key executives are too busy to actually use LinkedIn, for networking or whatnot. And they leave that to their sales and sales and marketing team, you still should be branded and look, the part, you know, this is how people make buying decisions. This is how people make decisions on whether or not to be employed with your company. And I think that is what a lot of folks are missing.12:46That's interesting, because you're I, what I hear you saying is that that executive, whoever it is, doesn't have a very good looking profile. But the employees have better looking profiles than the executives. Yeah, that's the disconnect. Yeah, it's interesting. Now I got it, I'm gonna look at that just because I, you're my actions. And I don't go to Google. I don't, I'll go right to LinkedIn. And then I'll look at the LinkedIn. And in LinkedIn, there's just pieces of information like connections like oh, okay, yeah, I can, I can have that conversation. It's chock full of great actionable information. But13:28I never also you have to keep in mind, your searches are only as good as what somebody puts in their company page or their profile. So a lot of times employees might be on LinkedIn, but the company doesn't have a company page so that the employees can attach themselves to that company.13:45I want to let you know, right now, industry people, that frustrates the hell out of me, when I can't, when I don't have a company page. If I go out to somebody, and I want to look at that stat card, that LinkedIn stat card, great stuff, and then I go to the company, and there's no company or it goes to the sort of a general, whatever that look at that. gray box. Yeah. Gosh, that bothers me. Don't do that. Don't do that. If anything outside of this whole dog God conversation, don't do that. Get a company profile out there. Okay.14:22Look, folks, we're not back in the 20th century, what do I do is such So look, I learned it this way, if you are not actively using LinkedIn, which by the way should be by all means you should at least have a presence there. And it should be done well, so that you know, with your link back to your website, so it gives people a chance to go and check you out. off of LinkedIn14:49stream. It's not that difficult. I mean, LinkedIn makes it. I mean, makes it easy. I mean, yeah, it's all free. And it's like, click here, dude. This Upload that. And it's like, you're just downright lazy. If you don't do it, you're just that's it. I'm laying that thing. You're lazy. Don't be lazy. Get that company thing out there. And then Okay, okay, so let's say, Tracy, I'm interested in sort of beefing up my my stat card on LinkedIn, because I always look at that. I mean, it's just, it's, it's natural, it stays up. 24 seven. I don't know if that is a good thing for me or a bad thing, but it stays up all the time. So from an individual perspective, what are you? What are you looking at? What do they need to look at? You mean, on your personal profile? Yep. Yeah, start there. And then let's pivot to the company.15:44Well, the way we do things is very different than everybody else, this thing. So I really think this is an opportunity for the owners of these companies and their employees to really capitalize on really, who are you wanting to work with? Who you work with? What is it that you do for them? How do you do it? How you're different than your competition? At the end of the day? What...


30 Jun 2021

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Expedition Networking: Tracy Enos - LinkedIn Brand Builder (EPS 340)

Networking Rx

Best-selling author and LinkedIn Advisory team member, Tracy Enos, shares how LinkedIn build her career helping others on LinkedIn. Find her at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracyenos/. For more great insight on professional relationships and business networking visit https://www.amspirit.com/blog/ or contact Frank Agin at frankagin@amspirit.com.


30 Jun 2021