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PAPod 360 - David Woods and The History Replay Episode - Part Two

PreAccident Investigation Podcast

It is 2021! Get Caught Trying to Make the World Better! Best Safety Podcast, Safety Program, Safety Storytelling, Investigations, Human Performance, Safety Differently, Operational Excellence, Resilience Engineering, Safety and Resilience Incentives... Give this a listen. Thanks for listening and tell your friends.  See you on Audible...all my books are up on there.  One of them is read by a British dude - it is like a Harry Potter book!  Have a great day as well. 


9 Oct 2021

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Romans - Romans 2:17-3:20 - David Woods - 3 October 2021

Taped Ministry - Church of God in Manchester

Romans - Romans 2:17-3:20 - David Woods - 3 October 2021 by The Church of God in Manchester


3 Oct 2021

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PAPod 359 - David Woods and The History Replay Episode

PreAccident Investigation Podcast

It is 2021! Get Caught Trying to Make the World Better! Best Safety Podcast, Safety Program, Safety Storytelling, Investigations, Human Performance, Safety Differently, Operational Excellence, Resilience Engineering, Safety and Resilience Incentives... Give this a listen. Thanks for listening and tell your friends.  See you on Audible...all my books are up on there.  One of them is read by a British dude - it is like a Harry Potter book!  Have a great day as well. 


2 Oct 2021

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016: Nabisco (Mondelēz) ON STRIKE! Int'l. Secy. Treas. David Woods Discusses the History, Issues and Action Items for Supporting the Workers

The BCTGM Voices Project

BCTGM Int'l. Secy. Treas. David Woods talks about the history and context behind the #NabiscoStrike - which has had members at multiple plant locations walking out in phases. At the time of this recording, there are more than 1,000 BCTGM Members on strike in four different cities. Follow their Facebook Page: Nabisco Workers Unite Check the Label! Download an Action Flyer 


22 Aug 2021

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UCLA Roster Review with David Woods (2021)

Quack 12 Podcast

David Woods of the Podcast of Champions joins the Quack 12 to chat UCLA football with Adam and Hythloday!Check out our patreon for Duck-related content. Please, give us a five-star rating and review on apple podcasts!Follow us on twitter! @quack12podcastAnd our Youtube Channel!

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3 Jul 2021

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#169 Graceful Extensibility - with David Woods

Being Human

> Sign Up For Our Newsletter: http://www.firsthuman.com/being-human-newsletter/In this episode of Being Human, I speak with David Woods, a professor at Ohio State University who discovered and pioneered the concept of Graceful Extensibility.As the opposite of brittleness, graceful extensibility is the ability of a system to extend its capacity to adapt when surprise events challenge its boundaries.In this episode, we talk:Dealing with shockThe need to stretch at the boundariesHow all systems are fragileStaying alive to 'weak signals'How viability requires extensibilityLinks:The Theory of Graceful Extensibility: basic rulesGraceful Extensibility - short presentationThe Strategic Agility Gap

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24 Jun 2021

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Episode 404: David Woods(Gay Latter-Day Saint) and his niece Bekah Clements (Ally)

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler

My friend David Woods (early 60’s) and his niece Bekah Clements (married mother of three, HR Director) share their story. David (who served a mission in Switzerland) talks about being gay in Utah, moving away from Utah and leaving the Church, developing a successful multi-faceted career, returning to the Church after being out for several decades, moving back to Utah (where he is currently serving as a temple worker and ward clerk). It’s a moving and remarkable story. David talks about the difficult road of being gay and LDS and how he did his best to move forward. Bekah talks about her uncle David and how we can better support and love family members regardless of their church activity. This podcast is a beautiful love story. David and I learn—in real time during the podcast—that we crossed paths over 30 years ago. Bekah, who is a Relief Society teacher in her ward, shares this powerful statement about the need for everyone in our congregations. "For our boat to swing in unison we need you if you have gay or straight children. We need working women and full-time homemakers. We need women with children, those coping with the pain of infertility, and those that will not have children in this life. We need you if you are married, single, divorced, or widowed. We need those who are depressed, those who deal with crippling anxiety as well as those who can lift the burden of those in the pit of despair. We want those who have a temple recommend, those that have never had a recommend, and those who are working to get to a place where they can renew their recommend. We need introverts just as much as we need extroverts in this boat. Those with strong testimonies, wavering testimonies, and those who have never gained a testimony belong in our boat. There is a seat in the boat for converts, investigators, and those who come from pioneer stock. We need those dealing with crippling illnesses as much as we need those in perfect health. We need women of all colors, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and political affiliations. If you can fight the fight we need you as much as those who can make peace. We need those whose husbands struggle with pornography addiction. We need you if you are overweight or stick thin. If you are suffering with substance abuse or can be the support system for someone who is, we need you on our team. We need those that cook and bake as well as those who support Door Dash. We need you if your husband is a righteous active priesthood holder, an inactive priesthood holder, or does not hold the priesthood at all. We need those with a million dollars in the bank and those who are living paycheck to paycheck. We need those who want to be in the boat as well as those who don’t. (from her FB post: https://www.facebook.com/rebekah.w.clements/posts/10158824393103810) Thank you David and Bekah for being on the podcast. You are two of my heroes! Your insights bring us healing and together as the same human family. Please Check Out My New Book At: Deseret Book: www.deseretbook.com/p/listen-learn-and-love-embracing-lgbtq-latter-day-saints Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/1462135773

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28 Apr 2021

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The Multiplier Effect of Relationship Based Business, with David Woods

Business Habitat with Sam Dean

IDA Episode 66: “Lead with love not fear”. That’s just one of the mantras that David Woods applies in his unique approach to accounting and tax planning at Active Accounting Group in Newcastle. In this episode, Sam explores this philosophy and more as she speaks with David on why it’s imperative to make personal connections and develop collaborative relationships with clients.In a world where small businesses need to make quick decisions and can’t afford to wait around for information, David explains how empowering his people has resulted in better outcomes and more effective client engagement for both himself, his business partner and his team.When we think accounting and tax planning we don’t typically think of personal growth and vulnerability but it’s these traits that have allowed David to develop meaningful partnerships for his team and client base. This episode explores the multiplier effect of taking the time to build trust, seek feedback and invest in personal development, and how leaning into discomfort can help you build stronger connections and exponentially improve your bottom line.Here at BlueprintHQ, we are here to help. We are super passionate about the professional services industry and supporting you with what you need. We are offering a short, sharp 15 minute consultation calls to help you with this process. Go to https://www.blueprinthq.com.au/consultation


7 Apr 2021

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Creating Hope with David Woods Bartley

Welcome To Humanity

Like most people, David Woods Bartley has seen his fair share of successes and setbacks; from directing a nationally recognized nonprofit to battling a life-threatening mental illness. But over the last seven years, David has successfully navigated from the isolation of mental “hellness” to the inclusive space of mental wellness. David has been invited to speak before a wide range of domestic and international audiences, giving keynote speeches and leading workshops on a variety of aspects of mental health, including suicide awareness and prevention, the power of connection to create hope, and the use of language as a tool for healing. On today's show, David shares his story with Dr. Fred, including how a compassionate first responder saved him from suicide. Listen in to this intimate conversation, as David and Dr. Fred discuss the following: Hope as a lifesaver Contact and connection with other people as powerful sources The crucial questions first responders and clinicians asked David How listening can create “a sanctuary for the homeless parts of others” The burden of keeping up appearances Hope as the lifeblood of the human experience Essential distinction between isolation and solitude Depression as a thought disorder Key question: What would you do if you knew you were worthy? High-functioning (or "smiling") depressives What to say to someone you suspect might be having suicidal thoughts Episode Length: 01:02:32 DAVID’S RESOURCES Website > https://www.davidwoodsbartley.com/ Email > david at davidwoodsbartley dot com David’s TEDx, “How Connection Saved My Life” > https://www.ted.com/talks/david_woods_bartley_how_connection_saved_my_life ALSO MENTIONED ON TODAY’S SHOW >  Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen (book) > https://www.amazon.com/Kitchen-Table-Wisdom-Stories-Anniversary/dp/1594482098 Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig (book) > https://www.amazon.com/Reasons-Stay-Alive-Matt-Haig-ebook/dp/B00YOAZYWQ Quote from Dr. Beverly Yahnke > “Depression must surely be the first cousin to hell on earth, for in the midst of suffering, the soul often feels hopeless and separated from God.” WELCOME TO HUMANITY RESOURCES Podcast Website >  http://www.welcometohumanity.net/podcast PURCHASE DR. FRED’S BOOK (paperback or Kindle) > Creative 8: Healing Through Creativity & Self-Expression by Dr. Fred Moss http://www.amazon.com/Creative-Healing-Through-Creativity-Self-Expression/dp/B088N7YVMG FEEDBACK  > http://www.welcometohumanity.net/contact

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4 Mar 2021

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What's Up With Butler And Michigan State Basketball With David Woods of the Indy Star and Chris Solari of the Detroit Free Press

The Chase Thomas Podcast

Blue Wire's Chase Thomas is joined by Indy Star's David Woods to figure out why Butler has struggled this season, their surprise win over Villanova on Sunday, LaVall Jordan's job performance thus far, if the team can right the ship next season and much more. Then, Detroit Free Press' Chris Solari joins the program to figure out the Michigan State offensive woes, the issues of not having a steady point guard in East Lansing, why the Spartans find themselves on the March Madness bubble, Tom Izzo's performance this season and much more.More about The Chase Thomas Podcast: About the Show The Chase Thomas Podcast On Patreon The Chase Thomas Podcast on Instagram The Chase Thomas Podcast on Twitter The Chase Thomas Podcast on Facebook The Chase Thomas Podcast on YouTube Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


3 Mar 2021