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52: Trout Guide Recommended Gear with James Nash

Gearbox Talk

Fly fishing guide and Purple Heart recipient James Nash came to Gearbox Talk to share what gear he recommends for catching trout. James explains how he learned to fly fish and what gear he used at first, the biggest mistake beginners make when starting out and how to fix it, the biggest obstacle for folks wanting to get into fly fishing, the bare essentials to start fly fishing when it comes to gear, his perspective on reels for new anglers, what to look for in a good fly fishing spot, he demystifies fly names, what flies to use when you don’t see any bugs on the water and what flies to go to first, and his favorite piece of fly fishing gear.This episode of Gearbox Talk is brought to you by Federal Premium AmmoDownload GoWild today. Join a community of shooters, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.http://bit.ly/DownloadGoWildNowGear Mentioned:Winston Fly Rods http://bit.ly/Winston-RodsPrince Nymph http://bit.ly/GW-Prince-Nymph-2Pack-10Wooly Bugger Streamer - 2 Pack Black; 4 http://bit.ly/GW-Wooly-Bugger-4Costa Diego Sunglasses Green/Black http://bit.ly/GW-Costa-Diego-Sunglasses-Green-BlackMaui Jim Ekolu Polarized Sunglasses https://timetogowild.com/gearbox/products/moosejaw-B867-06D-maui-jim-maui-jim-ekolu-polarized-sunglassesDelta http://bit.ly/Delta-Polarized-SunglassesShow Notes:Restless Native Episode 53 - https://everrestless.com/2019/02/05/54-capt-james-nash-outfitter-purple-heart-recipient/Blog Link: https://timetogowild.com/stories/Gearboxp-Talk-Fly-Fishing-Gear-with-James-Nash-&-Jacob-Knight


28 Apr 2021

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45: Spring Black Bear Hunting with Cody Rich & James Nash

Gearbox Talk

Hunting black bears in the Spring is one of the best ways to sharpen your hunting skills, put meat in the freezer, and spend some time in beautiful country. Hunting black bears presents unique challenges that require lots of time glassing and hiking around in the black bear’s domain. With a sense of smell greater than the normal game you target, black bears will deliver a chess match of a hunt. James Nash and Cody Rich came to Gearbox Talk to discuss their black bear hunting rifle setups, how black bear behavior differs in spring and fall, sidearm selection for bear hunting, effectiveness of bear spray, scent control for black bear hunting, hunting black bear over bait, bear hunting safety tips and what season of black bear tastes the best.Gearbox Talk is brought to you by GoWildDownload GoWild today. Join a community of shooters, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.http://bit.ly/DownloadGoWildNowGear Mentioned:James Nash Sig Sauer Cross Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle http://bit.ly/GW-Sig-Cross-RifleFederal 270 WSM 150 Grain Nosler Partition Vital-Shok http://bit.ly/GW-Federal-270-WSM-150-Grain-Nosler-PartitionSig Sauer P220 Combat Semi-Auto Pistol http://bit.ly/GW-Sig-P220-PistolBlack Hills Ammunition 45 Acp 200gr Match Semi-Wadcutter Ammo http://bit.ly/GW-45-Acp-200gr-Match-Semi-Wadcutter-AmmoSig Sauer tactical scope Christmas Tree reticle (MRAD DEV-L) http://bit.ly/GW-Sig-Tac-Scope-Christmas-TreeSig Sauer Zulu 6 Image Stabilizer Binos 16 power http://bit.ly/SS-ZULU-6-16x42-mmCody Rich Custom Hunting Rifle http://bit.ly/HCA-Custom-Rifles230 Grain Bullet http://bit.ly/GW-230-Grain10 MM Glock http://bit.ly/GW-Glock-10MM230 Grain Bullet http://bit.ly/GW-230-Grain10 MM Glock http://bit.ly/GW-Glock-10MM220 grain hardcast lead http://bit.ly/GW-220-grain-hardcast-leadSiuri Tripod VI Fluid Head http://bit.ly/BH-Siuri-Tripod-VI-Fluid-HeadMaven B1 11 11X45 http://bit.ly/Maven-B1-BinosMaven S1 Angled http://bit.ly/Maven-S1-AngledMaven RS1 http://bit.ly/Maven-RS1Show Notes:Clay Newcomb’s Bear Episode: https://youtu.be/SvnpcFCErpM Cody Rich’s Podcast: The Rich Outdoor Show: https://www.therichoutdoors.net/James Nash’s Social: 6 Ranch Outfitters: https://www.6ranchoutfitters.com/Blog Link & Full Transcription: http://bit.ly/Spring-Black-Bear-Blog


10 Mar 2021

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Herbert Kretzmer, James Nash, Tom Maschler, Sister Chiara Hatton Hall

Last Word

Pictured: Herbert KretzmerMatthew Bannister onHerbert Kretzmer, the journalist turned lyricist, best known for writing the lyrics for the musical Les Misérables.James Nash, the flamboyant adventurer who came under fire as a Colonial Officer in the Middle East during the last days of the British Empire.Tom Maschler, the influential publisher who promoted the careers of many leading novelists and founded the Booker Prize.Sister Chiara Hatton Hall, known as 'The Galloping Nun'. She taught Princess Anne and many other students to ride before taking holy orders as a forty-two year old widow. Interviewed guest: Don BlackInterviewed guest: Russell DaviesInterviewed guest: John HardingInterviewed guest: Peter StrausInterviewed guest: Sister Jane BertelsenInterviewed guest: Ginny Elliott MBEInterviewed guest: Steve AxonProducer: Neil GeorgeArchive clips from: The Reunion, Radio 4 17/10/2003; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 17/10/2003; Gamal Abdel Nasser’s speech on Yemen 1962, IEPlus 27/03/2015; Everything You Need To Know About The Permissive Society, Radio 4 22/07/1971; Kaleidoscope: First Among Equals, Radio 4 22/10/1986; Burghley Horse Trials, AP / British Movietone 21/07/2015; Nuns’ Vows at Ladywell Convent 1962, British Pathe 13/04/2014.


27 Oct 2020

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Kodiak Island Gear with Daniel Horner and James Nash


Today we're joined by two special guests right from Kodiak Island. Fresh off of a Mountain Goat hunt, host Jordan Budd sits down with Daniel Horner and James Nash to chat about the gear the three used on the hunts. James is the host of 6 Ranch Podcast and Daniel is a 3 gun competition shooter. The two of them with Jordan make up the Sig Sauer Hunting team.Earlier podcast with James Nash -> https://www.rokslide.com/rifles-broadheads-and-hunting-with-james-nash/6 Ranch podcast with Jordan -> https://www.buzzsprout.com/1040695/4813217-jordan-budd-the-greatest-woman-in-huntingKodiak Part 1 -> https://www.buzzsprout.com/1040695/5724283-kodiak-part-1Kodiak Part 2 -> https://www.buzzsprout.com/1040695/5833486-kodiak-part-2


14 Oct 2020

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Ep 159 - James Nash: Be Brilliant in the Basics

The Wild Initiative

James Nash, Cpt. USMC Ret., of 6 Ranch Outfitters joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to share highlights from a lifetime of elk hunting knowledge. In this episode, James looks back at his childhood being raised on a six-generation ranch, building knowledge of wildlife conservation and gaining insight on elk by observing the unique behavior of Corriente cattle. They discuss important tactics needed for locating elk in your hunt area, types of elk calls, getting personally offended at his treatment by cow elk, common hunter mistakes, adopting hipsters each year, and the importance of being prepared to handle equipment issues in the field. James also touches on the importance of hunting to military veterans and the real reason we, as a community, should place emphasis on assisting veterans.See more on the show notes page at thewildinitiaitive.com/159. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 16mins

5 Aug 2020

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11: Broadheads: Everything You Knew May Be Wrong, with Capt. James Nash

Gearbox Talk

Mechanical broadheads vs. Fixed broadheads. James Nash, Purple Heart recipient and taker of 100 elk, rattles off every reason you should use a single bevel fixed broadhead. His goal is always to get the pass through so he'll explain exactly how to do that EVERY SINGLE TIME! He covers all the bases: single bevel vs double bevel, archers' paradox, torque, the doppler effect, string jump, arrow weight, draw weight, pass throughs, carbon steel, and why MASS is KING! There is something in this episode for hunters at all skill levels. **Gearbox Talk is brought to you by GoWild**Download GoWild today. Join a community of shooters, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.http://downloadgowild.com/Gear Mentioned:KuduPoint 120 & 125 grain broadheads https://www.kudupoint.com/product/kp125fp-6-pack/Muzzy One 3-Blade Fixed Blade Broadhead https://cabelas.xhuc.net/q7eR5Muzzy 3-Blade Fixed-Blade Broadheads https://bassproshops.vzck.net/c/1441287/603808/9453?prodsku=10036-342841&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.basspro.com%2Fshop%2Fen%2Fmuzzy-3-blade-fixed-blade-broadheads&intsrc=PUI2_4595Helix Broadheads by Strickland http://www.stricklandsarchery.com/Grizzly Stik https://www.grizzlystik.com/Kayuga Pilot Cut - 2 blades or 4 blades (from australia) https://www.kayugabroadheads.com.au/Garmin Xero™ A1i Bow Sight https://www.dpbolvw.net/click-8864167-13733686?url=https%3A%2F%2Fbuy.garmin.com%2Fen-US%2FUS%2Fp%2F613654%2Fpn%2F010-01781-10&cjsku=010-01781-10Show Notes:Restless Native ep. 49: XERO Bow Sight Garmin http://everrestless.com/2019/01/09/49-chad-vancamp-garmin-product-manager-bowhunter/Restless Native ep. 53: James Nash http://everrestless.com/2019/02/05/54-capt-james-nash-outfitter-purple-heart-recipient/Gearbox Talk ep. 8: Parker McDonaldFind Captain James Nash:GoWild: @JamesNash http://downloadgowild.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/6ranchoutfitters/Website: https://www.6ranchoutfitters.com/Quote from the show: "The less cutting you're doing the more penetration you're gonna get!" 


29 Jul 2020

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Rifles, Broadheads and Hunting with James Nash


In this episode I sit down with my friend James Nash. James runs 6 Ranch Outfitters in Oregon and is also an ambassador for Sig Sauer Hunting. We talk about the new Sig Cross rifle, arrow weight, broadhead selection and hunting.James's film with Leupold -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyIJ1SlaEWs


18 Apr 2020

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Spring Bear Camp with Capt. James Nash

The Born And Raised Audio Experience

Kody sits down with Capt. James Nash (Marines Veteran) while wrapping up a recent trip in Hells Canyon on a Spring Bear Hunt. James is a 5th generation rancher and native Oregonian, who has a vast knowledge of the area where his family homesteaded. Topics include, Good People, Making an Impression, Eminent Domain and a few others... Follow James on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/6ranchoutfitters/ Did you know you can get a discount on the onX Hunt app? http://bit.ly/BRO_onXHuntShop  Use the promo code: BRO and you'll get a 20% discount!


16 Apr 2020

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EP 440: Tips for Surviving the Times with Ryan Lampers and James Nash

The Rich Outdoors

With the world virtually at a standstill and many wishing, they had more survival skills. James Nash and Lampers join me today for a conversation about how we as sportsmen can up our skills to be better prepared for chaotic times such as these. So many things are unknown right now and we talk about […]

1hr 7mins

3 Apr 2020

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EP #28- Captian James Nash

The Primitive Republic Podcast

Captain James Nash is a retired 2 time purple heart Marine with a passion for the outdoors and wants nothing more than to share it with others.  From outfitting for hunters and fishermen (or women) to his philanthropy with children and veterans, Nash has built a business around sharing experiences in the outdoors. Sit back and listen to us talk about healing that comes from the outdoors as well as a host of other wildlife management topics.   You can find Capitan Nash on Instagram at www.instagram.com/6ranchoutfitters or at www.6ranchoutfitters.com


6 Mar 2020