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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Full Release with Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee sits down with Joseph Gordon-Levitt to discuss how making music has changed in their lifetimes, what happens when tech gets ahead of the law, staying grateful, and the joys of visiting Sesame Street.


7 Sep 2021

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Happy Sad Confused

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been performing in front of a camera for virtually his entire life so yeah, there's a lot to chat about on his first visit to "Happy Sad Confused"! Josh and Joe cover a lot, from "3rd Rock From the Sun" to "The Dark Knight Rises" to his own series he created, "Mr. Corman"!Don't forget to check out the Happy Sad Confused patreon here! We've got exclusive episodes of GAME NIGHT, video versions of the podcast, and more!For all of your media headlines remember to subscribe to The Wakeup newsletter here!


1 Sep 2021

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: ‘Silicon Valley Now Owns Hollywood.’


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is deep in Silicon Valley these days. No, he’s not pitching a start-up (though he does have one of those): He is playing Uber’s former chief executive Travis Kalanick in an upcoming Showtime anthology series. And while Gordon-Levitt has some thoughts about society’s “overblown deification of technology,” he is relatively bullish on Silicon Valley and the trend of tech companies taking over Hollywood.In this conversation, Kara Swisher and Gordon-Levitt discuss what this shift means for the entertainment industry and how he thinks about social media. They also dive deep into “Mr. Corman,” Gordon-Levitt’s latest project, which he created and produced for Apple TV.This episode contains strong language.You can find transcripts (posted midday) and more information for all episodes at nytimes.com/sway, and you can find Kara on Twitter @karaswisher.


16 Aug 2021

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Episode 1249 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s long career in show business has left him with a keen sense of the problems caused by the constant bombardment of media and technology in our lives. Joseph tells Marc how he was able to channel some of his anxieties about how we’re navigating the modern world in his new series Mr. Corman. They also talk about his life in New Zealand, growing up on the screen, and why he hopes his company HitRECord can take the edge off social media.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 25mins

2 Aug 2021

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the Self-Reflection of Apple's 'Mr. Corman'

TV's Top 5

This Weeks Top 5 Topics: Bob Odenkirk appreciation (4:25) More Olympics (13:10) LeVar Burton on Jeopardy (27:09) Showrunnner Spotlight: Joseph Gordon-Levitt ('Mr. Corman') (33:45) Critics Corner (1:26:24) Welcome to TV's Top 5! Each episode features The Hollywood Reporter's West Coast TV Editor Lesley Goldberg and Chief TV Critic Daniel Fienberg breaking down the latest industry headlines. The podcast is broken into five segments, offering a deep-dive analysis of the latest TV news and a critical look at current and upcoming shows. Every episode of the weekly podcast includes an in-depth interview with one of the industry's most powerful showrunners or an up-and-coming new voice. Have an industry question you’d like to hear us address in a Mailbag segment? Email us at TVsTop5@THR.com. Stay tuned for future episodes and be sure to subscribe.Hosted by: Lesley Goldberg and Daniel FienbergProduced by: Matthew Whitehurst Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 36mins

30 Jul 2021

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Why collaboration really does matter, according to Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Creative Conversation

One of the longstanding principles of creativity has always been collaboration. We hear it all the time how thinking in groups and getting feedback from others is essential to the creative process. But how many of us actually do it on a regular basis? Actor and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt would like to remind us all that we should be collaborating more often--and he has some ideas on how to do just that. In this episode, Joseph details how the collaborative process brings out his best work, most notably in his latest project Mr. Corman for Apple TV+, and how you can jumpstart your own collaborative process.


29 Jul 2021

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Diluted Film Dive: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Diluted Film Dive

In this episode we talk about one of the most underrated actors (in our opinion), Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

1hr 30mins

5 Apr 2021

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Episode 99: Career Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Pop Culture PileDriver

On the 99th episode of the join Pop Culture Piledriver (https://twitter.com/PopCulturePD) as Billy D & Rossi goes all-in on the career of Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his 40th birthday. From 3rd Rock from the Sun, Angels in the outfield, 500 Days of Summer to The Dark Knight Rises, and everything after and in-between. Plus: Wandavision’s open universe episode reviewed, ✮Subscribe on iTunes:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pop-culture-piledriver/id955470114#episodeGuid=https%3A%2F%2Fpcpd.podomatic.com%2Fentry%2F2020-05-10T19_53_17-07_00Listen✮ Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/7rxiFjvkYtyNcopZFsDRjC✮ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0uuQuzr7N-6h_f3VZxl2Ag/ ✮Google Play https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly85MjkucG9kb21hdGljLmNvbS9yc3MyLnhtbA%3D%3D✮Podomatic https://pcpd.podomatic.com/✮Stitcher https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/rossi-on-wrestling*Follow US ✮ Twitter - @PopCulturePD @JasonDRossi @Billyd2411 ✮ Instagram - @JasonDRossi & @Billyd115✮ PSN - nosajissor ✮ Xbox One – nosajissor


17 Feb 2021

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Ep 46. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Off Camera with Sam Jones

One of best ways to enter and appreciate the original, prolific brain of Joseph Gordon-Levitt is through the lens of hitRECord, the open, collaborative production company he founded in 2005, and one of the most creative and inspiring uses of the Internet ever. Its nearly 100,000 members submit projects – films, stories, songs, drawings, you name it – for other members to edit, build on and evolve.Gordon-Levitt credits directing short films on hitRECord with teaching him what he needed to know to make Don Jon, his first feature film as a writer, director and star. It was a darkly comic but ultimately hopeful tale about what happens when we become too connected to our devices, consuming people as things and communicating at versus with each other. His effort was rewarded with critical acclaim rare for actors who have the audacity to become auteurs; more importantly, audiences dug it. A lot of artists might find hitting it out of the park on their first time at bat daunting, but it just made him want to do more, and on a more collaborative level.That’s because Gordon-Levitt has never been fond of one-way streets – not for communication, not for critiques, not for creating, and especially not for careers. He could’ve ambled down his own pretty easy and lucrative path after early childhood success in commercials, films and most famously, NBC’s hit sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun. Instead, he went to Columbia University, largely out of a desire to reclaim the feeling of “not knowing what I was going to be” – an open question for many college freshmen, but few actors who’ve worked steadily from the age of four. When he found himself roaming the streets of New York with a video camera, he knew a return to acting was inevitable, but he knew it would have to be in unexpected roles – not to make an artistic statement, but to prove to the business (and himself) that he didn’t have to be just one thing. When such roles weren’t immediately forthcoming, his restless creativity found an outlet in hitRECord. The roles he was seeking eventually surfaced in films like 500 Days of Summer, Brick, Inception and Mysterious Skin; and hitRECord projects began to take on momentum. Good times for someone who “gets off on the stuff I never anticipated would happen.”He believes we should welcome versus dread the unexpected, that change is the most natural state, that good becomes great when we all participate and, as poignantly demonstrated by his late brother Dan, that “people can be whatever the hell they want to be.” All of which posits that the best artists are collaborators, and the best collaborators tend to have a stubborn optimistic streak.Maybe it’s that enthusiasm (and a certain degree of DIY showmanship) that invests his performance as funambulist Philippe Petit in Robert Zemekis’ The Walk with such verve and authenticity. That, and his superior make-believe skills – a blank green screen is no match for a fertile imagination. In this issue, we talk to him about that film, the role of technology in modern life, what he’s learned from being on both sides of the camera, and his hopes for future of hitRECord. For those still unclear on that concept, tune in to our broadcast episode for Gordon-Levitt’s demonstration – and the musical results. Thanks, well,…everyone.

1hr 1min

29 Oct 2020

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The Carlos Watson Show

Carlos talks to actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt about exploring the politics of his parent’s generation in his new movie The Trial of the Chicago 7. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


26 Oct 2020