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Episode 428: DC 0-2 NY, Nick Seuberling of Cincy Soccer Talk

Seeing Red! The NY Soccer Roundup

New York nets two goals in game for the first time since March, and snaps its four-match winless streak. What went right, and what needs to improve? With FC Cincinnati coming to town, we chat with Nick Seuberling of Cincy Soccer Talk.


16 Sep 2020

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Soc Takes Pod Ep. 59: Nick Seuberling

Soc Takes

Cincinnati Soccer Talk’s Nick Seuberling joins co-hosts Kevin Johnston and John Lenard to analyze FC Cincinnati’s roster construction ahead of the club’s first season in MLS. Seuberling also discusses his background in soccer and digital media. The post Soc Takes Pod Ep. 59: Nick Seuberling appeared first on Beautiful Game Network.


3 Feb 2019

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Dallas Soccer Podcast - Episode 2 ft. Nick Seuberling (Cincinnati Soccer Talk)

Dallas Soccer Podcast

Dallas Soccer Podcast - Episode 2 ft. Nick Seuberling (Cincinnati Soccer Talk)

6 Jul 2018

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PC 72 | The Power of Podcasting LIVE with Nick Seuberling

Profitcast: Monetize Your Podcast | Grow a Large and Loyal Audience

Just start. Do not give up. It's a long journey, you can't give up so easily. These are just a few wise words from Nick Seuberling of the Cincy Jungle Podcast! Nick has been podcasting about football, and sports, since 2005. He's going to talk to us about the power of podcasting live and tell us his unique story of trial and error. Trial and error might not be quite the right way to state the journey Nick has been on, as "error" carries a much harsher connotation than I'd prefer to attribute to his experiences. But through the Profitcast lens I think it works for one big reason: we each have in our own minds this idea of what profiting with our podcast means, so we try one thing and when it doesn't pan out we try another, and another. Nick started broad and gradually narrowed his niche down to what he now considers success and profit. Read more... The post PC 72 | The Power of Podcasting LIVE with Nick Seuberling appeared first on Profitcast: Profit with Your Podcast.

17 Nov 2015

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Nick Seuberling from Inside the Jungle Podcast

The Sports Gal Pal

Nick Seuberling is one of the best podcasters out there. The Inside the Jungle Podcast is a testament to his love of the Bengals and for the medium of podcasting itself. That's why I was delighted he made time during this busy football season to come on The Sports Gal Pal.Here are some things to listen for:1:20 - Our mutal appearance on Trivial Warfare2:35: What got Nick Into Sports3:46 - Bengals Season so Far5:30 - What happens when you call out Alex Smith 7:00 - Weird football season so far8:15 - Nick is calm about football and not crazy10:15 - Nick is doing "real" radio too!13:10 - Nick tweeting during Notre Dame14:30 - Does Nick ever get to be just a fan of football?16:30  Nick does not care about baseball 18:15 The narrative of sports  20:10 What's an episode of Inside the Jungle like?21:30 Nick's family lifeNick's Podcast: Inside the Jungle


5 Oct 2015

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055 Nick Seuberling | Turning Your Passion Into New Opportunities

Podcast Junkies

Nick Seuberling is the founder of SPNT.TV and the ExecutiveProducer for the Inside the Jungle podcast, a sports podcast aboutthe Cincinnati Bengals. Nick is also the co-host for thePodcasters’ Group Therapy podcast, a support group for podcasters.Nick started his sports podcast in 2010, but he’s always had apassion for talk radio and sports ever since he was a kid. Nick andI talk on how he got started, his success with Patreon, and how hissuper fans keep him going.Show Highlights 08:55 – Nick just celebrated his 5year anniversary for his podcast. 10:55 – Why is meeting the fansimportant? 13:15 – Having a small, butdedicated super fan base is just awesome. 15:45 – Was Nick always a fan oftalk radio? 16:40 – Nick launched his firstpodcast in 2005 and it was recorded by cellphone. 20:15 – It’s better to niche downand narrow your focus when it comes to podcasting. 21:30 – How does Nick manage 3-4co-hosts? 23:00 – What was Nick’s firstsports memory? 29:35 – How did Podcasters’ GroupTherapy get started? 33:25 – How does Blab help podcastshows? 39:40 – Engagement is key topodcast growth. 42:45 – What’s Nick’s successtowards Patreon? 45:55 – What other ways does Nickmonetize his podcast? 49:05 – Remember, it doesn’t hurtto ask. 52:50 – Nick talks about the otherBengals’ podcast. 59:00 – What was Nick like as akid? 01:02 – What has sports taughtNick? Always give it your best, always give it your all. 01:04 – Who inspires/mentorsNick? 01:06 – It took Nick 12 years toget his first radio gig. 01:11 – What’s gotten Nick excitedin the next year? 01:14 – Look out for InternationalPodcast Day on Sept 30th. FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.podcastjunkies.com/55 ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

1hr 19mins

14 Sep 2015

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Podcaster Nick Seuberling

Tech of Sports

Nick founded the Sports Podcast Entertainment Network (SPNT.tv) in January 2012 and serves as the host and producer of 5 different podcasts on the network. His goal is to make SPNT an industry leader in the podcast world.

13 Feb 2014