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Suffered Under Pontius Pilate – Simon Ponsonby – Friday, 2 April 2021

St Aldates Church

"Mark 15:1-20
Meeting: 10.30am
Series: Easter 2021"


6 Apr 2021

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Racing Only Bettor | Episode 81 | Are They Better Judges Than Pontius Pilate?

Betfair Betting Podcast

With Hugh having gorged himself on too many Easter eggs, it’s a lively show this week, so apologies if anyone’s religious sensibilities are offended. The lad’s cover all the ITV action from Musselburgh and Haydock on Saturday, while the two Grade 1 races from Fairyhouse on Sunday and Mondays Irish Grand National are also picked apart in the hope of finding winners.


2 Apr 2021

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Good Friday - I Believe: He Suffered Under Pontius Pilate Andrew

One Hope Community Church

Continuing our series on the Apostle's Creed


2 Apr 2021

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Through the Lens of Pontius Pilate

Harris Creek Baptist Church

SUMMARYHave you ever made a decision because of someone else? Wanted to do one thing but did something else because of others? As we continue our series Cross Examined, JP teaches us about people pleasing by examining the life of Pontius Pilate, a people pleasing politician.KEY TAKEAWAYS-People pleasing keeps relationships really shallow. -Who knows you? Who really, really knows you?-Keeping secrets until you die is satanic. It’s the opposite of what the Bible calls us to.-You cannot be a servant of Christ and live to please people.-If you make decisions based on what others think of you, you are a people pleaser.-A people pleaser is powerless. -Christians do not determine obedience by the outcome.-The most powerful man in the area (Pilate) was simply a puppet in the hands of the people.-A people pleaser is easily persuaded.-The gospel is controversial. Living for Christ is controversial. If you aren’t anchored in this truth, you will be swept away.-Do you make decisions based on what other people with think or what will honor God?-Something can be true -Something can be true: even if no one knows it. Something can be true: even if no one admits it. Something can be true: even if no one agrees what it is. Something can be true: even if no one follows it. Something can be true: even if no one but God grasps it fully.-If you follow the crowd, you are going to get lost in it.-You can’t desire to live like Jesus and be in fear of being crucified.-A people pleaser will point fingers.-When you try to make everyone happy you will have to find someone to blame.-We have such a high view of justice when it comes to our own lives that we completely forget that the central reality and truth of our faith is that our God was blamed and crucified for something He didn’t do.-We, all of us, are the ones to blame for Jesus being on the cross.-Jesus has all power, is not persuaded by others, and never points fingers.-Ten out of the eleven disciples died a brutal, martyrs death because they would not deny the crucifixion. What about you? Are you ready to live for Jesus and be His disciple no matter the cost?-Not one time did Jesus ask the question, “What will they think of me?” Rather, every single moment He asked, “What is my Father’s will?”MENTIONED OR RECOMMENDED RESOURCES-Suggested Scripture Study: Galatians 1:10; John 19:4-12; Proverbs 21:1; John 19:13-16; John 18:37-38; Matthew 27:24-26; Revelation 19:11-16 -Resource: Doing the Right Thing by Chuck Colson


28 Mar 2021

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Lent Midweek Monologue - Pontius Pilate

Sermon Audio – Cross of Grace

Cross of Grace’s midweek worship services feature time for reflection, prayer, special music, and dramatic monologues acted out by Cross of Gracers. Click here to view the service on Cross of Grace’s YouTube channel.

18 Mar 2021

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Suffered Under Pontius Pilate

Cornerstone Baptist Church


17 Mar 2021

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Pontius Pilate // Tragic Compromise

Knockconny Baptist Church

Join us for our evening service as Pastor John Birnie shares from John 19:1-16


7 Feb 2021

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LTW118 - Pontius Pilate: Part 2 – with Dr. Doug Bookman

Learn The Word Podcast

In this second of a two-part podcast, Dr. Bookman seeks to rehabilitate Pontius Pilate’s reputation by sharing evidence that points to his character being more noble than widely accepted. Dr. Bookman also analyzes the conversations between Jesus and Pilate and provides unique insights into the historical context.


16 Apr 2020

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LTW117 - Pontius Pilate: Part 1 - with Dr. Doug Bookman

Learn The Word Podcast

In this first of a two-part podcast, Dr. Bookman analyzes archaeological discoveries, ancient writings, and the Biblical text. Relying on these sources, he provides insights into the character of this crucial individual involved in the trials and crucifixion of Jesus.


9 Apr 2020

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We’re back for the spring, continuing our lectures through the Apostles’ Creed! This week Dr. Brian Doak takes on the phrase, “…suffered under Pontius Pilate.” Did Jesus really have to suffer? How should Christians think about suffering—indeed, the larger “problem of evil”—in the world today in light of our profession that God is “good” but also “all powerful”?


13 Jan 2020