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Mastering Your Body Language: Communicating Tips For Physical And Virtual Set-Ups With Sharon Sayler 

Game Changer Mentality – Strategies and Tactics to Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Your Positive Potential

The way we communicate with each other is not anymore the way we’re used to. We see each other on screens, kept far away by the pandemic in our midst. For speakers and business owners who used to thrive in physical interaction, how then can we navigate this difficult time and continue sharing our message? In this episode, Rodney Flowers talks to international consultant, bestselling author, and high stakes communication and body language expert, Sharon Sayler. Sharon shares with us the power of mastering your body language, both physical and virtual interactions. She talks about the biggest mistake people make with their body language, then reveals some key strategies and tips that can help us make the most of it. Plus, Sharon also shows her skills as “The Difficult People Whisperer” by sharing some high-stake negotiation scenarios and more.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Game Changer Mentality Community today:rodneyflowers.comGame Changer Mentality FacebookGame Changer Mentality InstagramGame Changer Mentality LinkedInGame Changer Mentality TwitterGame Changer Mentality YouTube


1 Dec 2020

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Sharon Sayler

The Primal Kitchen Podcast

Elle Russ chats with Sharon Sayler - a communications and body language expert affectionately dubbed “the difficult people whisperer” by her clients. As an international consultant and best-selling author, she is devoted to teaching professionals to be courageous conscious communicators, both verbally and nonverbally. She is listed in the top 20 international experts in body language, according to GlobalGurus.org. Several years ago, she started The Autoimmune Hour show because she was frustrated by her own experiences with a rare medical condition. She’s now made it her mission to share a wide variety of quality information about thriving regardless of your diagnosis all while helping others be courageous self-advocates for their health. The Autoimmune Hour is the #1 show on OmTimes Radio and can also be found on all the major video and podcast outlets. More info can be found at www.UnderstandingAutoimmune.com


30 Nov 2020

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Sharon Sayler: The Many Ways the LOA Can Heal and Change Your Life

Take Control and Manifest Your Dream Life | Law of Attraction | Mindset | Rebuild After PTSD, Trauma

My guest today is the lovely Sharon Sayler, a top international body language expert, author, speaker, host of the #1 OmTimes Radio Show, the Autoimmune Hour, and much more. We'll cover a lot of ground in this conversation, from changing your perspective, to monitoring beliefs, to the power of being heard and how this can help you manifest your dream life. We'll also discuss some key points in how to attract a romantic relationship - and so much more.  Connect with me below: Leave a voice message! Website LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Connect with Sharon Sayler: Radio Show Website LinkedIn--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/liberty-forrest/message


11 Aug 2020

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Resisting Emotional Contagions in Times of Chaos with Sarah Peyton and Sharon Sayler

The Autoimmune Hour

We welcome back a favorite expert, Sarah Peyton, to share her wisdom on how we can create feelings of safety and stability in times of chaos. Sarah is an international speaker and facilitator, whose passion for weaving together neuroscience knowledge and experiences of healing to unify our brains and bodies. In this episode, she shares her expertise and tips including ways to move past self-criticism and second-guessing into self-encouragement, warmth, and personal tenderness plus an understanding of how to• Spot and avoid emotional contagions • Develop your natural self-warmth and self-compassion• Integrate the brain’s left and right hemispheres for more grounded living and action• Use the power of resonant language to support healing and change, and so much more...About our Guest: Sarah Peyton makes Interpersonal Neurobiology research available for our embodied brains to use in living at peace with ourselves. Funny, touching, and filled with personal stories and up-to-date research on our nervous systems and how they interact with each other, her presentations change lives and invite self-acceptance and self-compassion. Sarah offers healing experiences of hearing ourselves and others deeply using the precision and resonant language that come alive in the long-term study of Nonviolent communication. Learn more at https://empathybrain.com/ and listen to this uplifting and intriguing chat Friday, April 17th, at 7 PM ET and later in podcast and videocast. Share this link with family and friends: http://understandingautoimmune.com/chaosThe information provided on UnderstandingAutoimmune.com, Life InterruptedRadio.com, and The Autoimmune Hour are for educational purposes only.


17 Apr 2020

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Talking With Your Kids About Scary Things with Janet Allison and Sharon Sayler

The Autoimmune Hour

It’s crazy times we are going through. Even as adults, we are struggling to make sense of the quickly changing landscape. Many parents are wondering how to talk to their children in a way that’s reassuring when we need reassuring our self. Our guest Janet Allison is the Founder of Boys Alive! and the co-host of the ON BOYS Parenting Podcast. With more than 20 years of experience coaching parents and mentoring teachers, Janet loves sharing proven tools and strategies such as • How to keep a bigger perspective • What to say and not say depending on age• Explaining immune-compromised and other confusing topicsplus so much more.Listen to this timely and necessary interview first on March 27th at 7 PM ET at www.UnderstandingAutoimmune.com/kids and later in podcast and video.The information provided on UnderstandingAutoimmune.com, Life InterruptedRadio.com, and The Autoimmune Hour is for educational purposes only.


27 Mar 2020

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Sharon Sayler is listed in the top 5 international experts in BODY LANGUAGE /Ep2760


Sharon Sayler is a communications and body language expert affectionately dubbed “the difficult people whisperer” by her clients.  As an international consultant and best-selling author, she is devoted to teaching professionals to be courageous conscious communicators, both verbally and nonverbally. She is listed in the top 5 international experts in body language, according to GlobalGurus.org. Today we are chatting with Sharon for a different reason. She’s also passionate about inspiring hope and help for those with autoimmune conditions. She started The Autoimmune Hour because she was frustrated by her own experiences with a rare medical condition.  She’s now made it her mission to share quality information about thriving regardless of your diagnosis, and to show others how to be courageous self-advocates so they too can turn life transitions into triumphs.  The Autoimmune Hour is the #1 wellness show on OMTimes Radio and can also be found on all major podcast and video online outlets and at www.UnderstandingAutoimmune.com Website: www.UnderstandingAutoimmune.com Support us on Patreon: www.Patreon.com/12minconvos Listen to another #12minconvo


25 Mar 2020

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The Healing Power of Connection with Robert Clancy and Sharon Sayler

The Autoimmune Hour

After Robert Clancy's life spiraled out of control, he had an extraordinary encounter with one of God’s messengers who inspires him through hope, compassion, and love to discover his own life purpose, and how to show millions around the world to do the same. In this episode, Robert shares his real and raw story behind his life's work plus• What faith, hope, and love have to do with healing • Tips for changing a negative attitude• Ways to connect deeper with yourself and others to enjoy and appreciate the human experience and so much more...About our guest: Robert Clancy is a creative visionary, #1 international bestselling author, and spiritual teacher. At age nineteen, Robert had a divine spiritual encounter that altered his life in profound ways. In 2012, he created the Robert Clancy - Guide To The Soul Facebook fan page, where he shares his inspirational thoughts, now followed by nearly one million people worldwide. He is a sought after speaker, presenter, and guest. He's also co-host and producer of The Mindset Reset TV Show. Robert is also a regular contributor and weekly guest on the Los Angeles-based syndicated Late Night Health Radio Show. His latest two books, The Messenger and Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope and Happiness, both quickly became a #1 international bestsellers upon their release. Robert is also a 6th-degree black belt master martial arts instructor and was recently inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Black Belt Hall of Fame. Find more at GuideToTheSoul.com / MindsetResetTV.com / TheMessenger-Book.com and join us at 7PM ET Friday, February 7th and later in podcast and videocast at www.UnderstandingAutoimmune.com/ConnectThe information provided on The Autoimmune Hour is for educational purposes


8 Feb 2020

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What's the Relationship Between Autoimmune Conditions & Emotional Well-being GUEST: Sharon Sayler

Transforming Relationship with Emotional Savvy

Do you think that there is a connection between what goes on in your emotional life and what goes on in your body?You betcha! Today's episode starts with me giving you some insights into the hows, whys, and benefits of creating uninterrupted time in your life frequently. Do you do that? Most people don't, so take this in. It can make a HUGE difference in your feeling of well-being!When you have difficulties--especially chronic stress and anxiety--from being raised by, living with, or leaving toxic people, #Hijackals, you are likely to have health issues. When you're young, you may not notice the cumulative effects so much. You may be unhappy, irritable, or feeling defeated, but your body is more resilient...for awhile.As you stay in these toxic relationships, or at least, don't fully realize the toll these relationships have on you, you may well begin to experience small breakdowns in your body. You lose energy, feel fatigued, and don't bounce back as you used to. That's the beginning of more difficulties to come...if you stay.Often, when you go to the doctor and describe this general malaise, the doctor will tell you that it's all in your head. In a way, that's true because you are experiencing emotional issues from destructive relationships. But, you're not crazy, or mentally unstable.It's true, though, that when these conditions persist, you feel like you're living in a fog, surrounded by pain, unable and unwilling to participate.fully in life. Sound familiar? Time to change your mind, and today's episode of Emotional Savvy will definitely help.Today's we'll explore the connections between emotional well-being and physical well-being, between the damaging effects of unhealthy relationships and the potential for autoimmune conditions.DISCLAIMER: Neither my guest, Sharon Sayler, nor I are medical doctors. We are talking about other people's research and our own anecdotal experiences with clients, listeners, and friends.GUEST: Sharon Sayler, Producer and Host of The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted and creator of UnderstandingAutoimmune.com Sharon Sayler is an international bestselling author and speaker known as the difficult people whisperer, and is listed on GlobalGurus.org as one of the top 20 worldwide for body language.She also happens to be the host of the #1 show on OMTimes Radio, The Autoimmune Hour, where she offers hope and help for those with autoimmune conditions. Her own experience dealing with a rare medical condition propelled her to create The AutoImmune Hour to support others to become informed, courageous, and powerful self-advocates as they turn life's traumas into transformations regardless of their diagnoses.HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY'S EPISODE: What is the connect between intention and physical healthHow to think about what you think about that might need changingSharon's experience with her own medical journeyCompliance vs non-compliance as patientsThe power of the mind and the decision to put yourself firstTaking powerful steps to improve autoimmune conditionsCONNECT WITH SHARON SAYLERWebsite: UnderstandingAutoimmune.comTwitter:  @SharonSaylerFacebook: Facebook.com/SharonSayler LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/SharonSaylerInstagram: Instagram.com/SharonSaylerCONNECT WITH DR. RHOBERTA SHALER:Website: ForRelationshipHelp.comFacebook: RelationshipHelpDoctorTwitter: Twitter.com/RhobertaShalerLinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/RhobertaShalerInstagram: Instagram.com/DrRhobertaShalerWANT TO ASK ME QUESTIONS AND HAVE DIRECT ACCESS TO ME IN MY SECRET (Off Facebook) GROUPS?You can. CLICK HERE And, get my 21 Steps to Empowered Emotional Savvy via email FREE!Free Passive-Aggressive ChecklistFree Relationship ChecklistSubscribe to Dr. Shaler's newsletter, Tips for RelationshipsFREE ebook: How to Spot a Hijackal®If you have not worked with Dr. Shaler before, you can have your first one-hour session for only $97.#relationshipadvice #TipsForRelationships #Hijackals #toxicpeople #RhobertaShaler #narcissists #borderlines #antisocial #difficultpeople #emotionalabuse #verbalabuse #stoptoleratingabuse #toxicrelationships #manipulation #walkingoneggshells #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #abuse #narcissisticabuse #boundaries #personalitydisorder #emotionalintimacy #autoimmunedisease #SharonSayler #understandingautoimmune See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


30 Nov 2019

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Reclaiming and Reconnecting With Our Self with Lee McCormick and Sharon Sayler

The Autoimmune Hour

Lee McCormick, a co-author of the Heart Reconnection Guidebook, shares the collective wisdom he and a group of conscious-connected friends created for heart-based healing. Lee also shares why he has chosen to live out loud and ways we can too, plus…• How to move beyond the limitations of our beliefs• How to get out of automatic and get clear on our spiritual consciousness• Ways to increase our awareness, authenticity, and joy• How to reconnect and reclaim the tangled parts of our selfAnd much more….Our guest, Lee McCormick, is the founder of The Integrative Life Center in Nashville, The Ranch Recovery Center in Tennessee, and The Canyon Treatment Center in Malibu, California and has been a creative force in the Mental Health and Recovery scene for over 20 years. He also founded Spirit Recovery Inc. to produce Healing and Recovery conferences and Spiritual Journeys around the world. Lee is also a co-founder of Front Porch Partners a Consulting, Management, and Research Development Company working in the medical and behavioral Health disciplines. To find out more about Lee and the Heart Reconnection Guidebook: visit http://SpiritRecovery.com/ and listen to the show first on Friday, March 15th at 7 PM ET and later in podcast and video at www.UnderstandingAutoimmune.com/Lee


15 Mar 2019

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#102: Becoming Resilient And Courageous Self-Advocates with Sharon Sayler

Change Proof

It feels easier to fall apart when we are diagnosed with a medical condition. Knowing full well the struggles of those who have been in that position is Sharon Sayler, bestselling author, internationally known speaker, executive consultant, and founder of Competitive Edge Communications. Diagnosed with a rare medical condition herself, Sharon channeled her frustrations to educating herself about it, which ultimately transforms into her helping others to become resilient and courageous self-advocates in their lives. She also touched on the importance of language and labeling to healing and caring in the field. Offering comforting advice, Sharon shares the typical experience of seeing a doctor and learning what it means to be seen whole. Get the newest Conscious PIVOT Podcast episodes delivered directly to you - subscribe here. And, if you're enjoying the podcast, please give us a 5-star rating on iTunes! For instructions click here DOING THIS for 10 Seconds Can Change Your Life! Click here to watch Adam’s Inspiring TEDx Talk! ---


12 Mar 2019