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305: A 30 Day Abstinence Journey from Perfectionism and Exercise Addiction with Lauren Sheehey

Nourishing Women Podcast

Wow today’s episode is AWE INSPIRING. I am honored to have guest Lauren Sheehey on the podcast today to talk with you about the mask of perfectionism, and her 30 day abstinence journey from perfectionism and exercise. A quick trigger warning: we do discuss trauma and sexual assault in today’s episode. Lauren Sheehey is a writer, meditation teacher, relentless creative, and most recently a new mom. For years, she worked with clients around the world as a Lifestyle Development Coach; her work focused exclusively on guiding women through their healing, empowerment, and self-actualization with a fully integrated, mind-body approach.  Now, Lauren is translating this work into motherhood and facilitating deep-dive conversations on her podcast, Hungry for More. She has witnessed, first-hand, the power of inviting women to tell, own, and write their stories. She knows that showing up and sharing oneself in a way that is unapologetically real and raw is ultimately the path to revolution.  You can find her writing on her blog, her instagram, and scattered across the internet for professional wellness brands. She has edited books for publishing and advised the copywriting for countless marketing campaigns, but you can find her doing what she loves most on her podcast; writing about the hard, beautiful, messy moments of life and reading them to her community.  In this episode:  Lauren’s work and podcast, Hungry for More. The ever-evolving journey of recovering from an eating disorder and healing from past traumas. Taking the mask of perfectionism off to truly heal. What Lauren’s 30 day abstinence from perfectionism and exercise addiction, what this looks like and an honest review of how it’s going. How Lauren practices wellness without obsession. Learn more about Lauren: Hungry for More Podcast Lauren’s Instagram account Today’s episode is brought to you by our signature program, Food and Body Peace Playbook (FBPP). FBPP is an 8 week online course & group coaching program that will help you build lasting food freedom, better body image & sustainable health habits that stick. We will be offering a Black Friday discount and special bonus offer for our January enrollment. That means you can start off 2022 making the decision to say NO to diets that don’t work and YES to intuitive eating and a lifetime of treating your body well. Are you looking for one on one coaching for intuitive eating, body image,  hormone support and/or digestive relief? We are booking for the final months of 2021 with limited spots left, reach out today to start your healing journey! Resources for you: Learn more about our services at Nourishing Minds Nutrition. Read testimonials from our amazing clients here.  Join our FREE support group for like-minded women, the Nourishing Women Community for more community & support. Take a look at our online shop, the Wellness Without Obsession Shop. Let’s hang out! Connect with Victoria and the staff at NMN: Victoria’s Instagram Victoria’s Website Nourishing Minds Nutrition Instagram Nourishing Minds Nutrition website For every guest that comes on the show, we donate money to Loveland Foundation. The Loveland Foundation, is a foundation that provides therapy and  healing to Black women and girls. We are honored to donate monthly to the Loveland Foundation, and you can learn more and donate yourself here.


15 Oct 2021

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9. From BodyBuilder to Healing Human with Lauren Sheehey

DEATS with Deanna: Discussions around Food & Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Deanna sits down with Lauren Sheehey, a writer, a creative, and most recently, a mother. She has worked with countless women as a Lifestyle Development Coach, Embodiment Teacher, and Yoga and Meditation Guide; but her primary passion is putting pen to paper. Over the years, this has taken on a multitude of forms, from professional copywriting for prominent wellness brands to preliminary book editing. Now, between diaper changes and endless loads of laundry as a full-time mom, she continues to write copy for wholistic companies, share stories on her online blog, and host a podcast. Regardless of which hat she's wearing, she believes in creating safe places for honest, vulnerable conversations with the hope that other women will feel empowered to embrace their most natural, authentic, and sometimes messy selves in every season of life. You’ll hear: How 2021 has been so far for Lauren, her journey with motherhood, and building a business (2:02) As a former body builder, Lauren shares how her relationship with food and her body healed as she grew through different experiences.  (4:38) Lauren shares her best tip to help relinquish control over your body and how to help with the recovery process and your relationship with food. She discusses how she framed her recovery through the lens of “do I feel safe?”, “can I trust my body?”, “can I trust my body to digest this food, and do I feel safe to eat?” (10:57) How to ensure you do not take working out and exercising as an extreme coping mechanism for your mental and emotional well being. Lauren shares her experience with over exercising and why it was a response to the trauma in her life. (13:27) Lauren gets candid and shares some stories about her own trauma and how she dealt with the aftermath of dealing with complex PTSD. (20:49) Despite dealing with an enormous amount of trauma, Lauren has come to a place of courage, growth, and healing. She shares what first steps she took towards her recovery. (34:36) Another key piece of advice is addressing the idea of shame when we deal with trauma and eating disorders. Remember that it's safe to be in your body and it's safe to trust yourself (41:38) Connect with Lauren: Instagram: @laurensheehey and @hungryformorepodcast Website: www.lovegrown.me Email: laurensheehey@gmail.com Podcast: Hungry For More Connect with Deanna: IG: @dietitiandeanna Website: https://dietitiandeanna.com This episode is sponsored by Food Freedom Breakthrough, my three month transformative online group coaching program. Join the waitlist here to be first to know about the next program launching in Jan 2022.


4 Oct 2021

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How Emotions Play A Role In Our Healing With Lauren Sheehey

Detoxing with Dani

Today I have such a special guest on to help us figure out how we can remove some of the emotional blocks that can stop us from reaching our true healing potential.  Follow Lauren on IG: https://www.instagram.com/laurensheehey/ Self-Healer's Workbook:  https://www.lovegrown.me/shop   Connect with Dani! Podcast Show Notes IG: @TheAcneWellnessCenter IG: @detoxingwithdani Facebook Group: Detoxing with Dani    The information provided by the Detoxing with Dani Podcast, Dani Ferguson CN, or any of its guests is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your physician first before implementing any of the information provided.


26 Mar 2021

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Self-Destruction: What's My Why? with Lauren Sheehey

The Kelli Show

Lauren Sheehey is a writer, meditation teacher, and trauma coach. In today’s episode, she beautifully unravels her journey of healing self-destructive patterns and coming home to herself. We talk about self-abandonment, humanizing our darkness, triggering and mirroring in relationships, and healing sexual trauma. You can’t help but feel a sense of belonging and connection as Lauren shares her heart.Today on The Kelli Show:How we abandon ourselves by hiding behind masksWhat can result from the feeling of not belongingHow Lauren’s eating disorder + PTSD led to poor relationshipsTriggering + mirroring in relationshipsHow Lauren’s relationship helps her expandTaking personal responsibility in your projections + fearsHow Lauren healed sexual traumaBecoming clear on who you areFollow Lauren:IG: @laurensheeheyCheck out Lauren’s Self-Healer WorkbookPodcast: The JoeLo ShowListen to Love in Lockdown with Joe + Lauren Sheehey on OK, Babe.Be sure to listen and subscribe to Basic Witches podcast!This show is produced by Soulfire Productions


23 Apr 2020

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Feeling into the Unknown with Lauren Sheehey

The Fear Focus Freedom Podcast

Lauren Sheehey is a renowned writer, yoga and meditation teacher, and women’s life coach on a mission to invite the shakers, makers, seekers, and self-healers of the world out of their suffering and into unthinkable fulfillment. We talk big T and little t trauma, venturing into the unknown, the journey of healing, the power of writing as self-care, plus so much more. This is a must-listen episode at a critical time! www.lovegrown.me IG: @laurensheehey


21 Apr 2020

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Love in Lockdown with Joe + Lauren Sheehey

OK, Babe.

JoeLo are joining Kelli + Conner to dive into how they are using this trying time in quarantine to work through triggers, deepen their communication, and build self-awareness.In this episode of OK, Babe:Deepening communication and self-awarenessHow to talk with your partner when you’re triggeredCodependency + attachment stylesSelf-worth being tied to success and achievementKnowing when it’s an opportunity to create or be stillUnderstanding your partner’s needs + expressing your ownLove languages + masculine/feminineFollow JoeLo:IG: @laurensheehey ; @josephsheeheyPodcast: The JoeLo ShowLearn more about Soulfire’s Free Retreat Series here.This show is produced by Soulfire Productions

1hr 6mins

1 Apr 2020