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#4 Becky Barnes - it shifted from body confidence to my personal ability

The Imposter Solution

#3 Becky Barnes In this  episode I’m speaking with Becky Barnes. Becky is a plus size fashion blogger and freelance marketing manager. After starting her blog back in 2011 Becky realised her love for writing and went to university aged 33 to study Professional Writing where she graduated with first class honours. Becky prides herself on her candid voice, both on her blog and social media where she often discusses her battles with mental health, IBS and Fibromyalgia alongside her honest approach to fashion. I met Becky last year at an event for International Women’s Day which we were both speaking at. After striking up a conversation on the day, we then connected on social media. Becky then opened up about Imposter Syndrome on her social media and we chatted about it, so I knew I wanted her to be a guest on the show. Becky talks about her own career journey and how she didn’t feel like the conventional 9-5 work environment didn’t fit her style and how she took the leap into the self employed space. She also talks about coming from a working class background and how her Imposter has questioned who does she think she is and how it had made her feel around other people from different backgrounds. She also talks about how she has overcome Imposter Syndrome around body confidence and how it then shifted to questioning her personal abilities. Becky also talks about how she favours emotional intelligence to academic achievements and why she thinks it’s important for her daughter Poppy to be emotionally intelligent. I loved this conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed talking with Becky. Mo Gawdat, Solve for Happy Book https://www.hive.co.uk/Product/Mo-Gawdat/Solve-For-Happy--Engineer-Your-Path-to-Joy/21511183 Get in touch: Follow me on www.instagram.com/theimpostersolution Email: trisha@trishabarker.com FB community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theimpostersolution Get in touch with Becky: Blog: https://www.beckybarnes.co.uk/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beckybarnesblog/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beckybarnesblog


9 Mar 2021

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An interview with Becky Barnes: How to boost your confidence by looking good

Mummy on a Break

This podcast series is all about taking care of yourself inside and out. I will be interviewing six amazing women who are experts in their field and who will be sharing their secrets with us on how we can look good on the inside and out. Becky is a qualified personal style and colour consultant. She helps women to become confident in their clothes and inspires them to build a wearable, sustainable wardrobe that they’ll love all year round. To quote her words ‘Clothes aren’t frivolous; they can actually be life-changing. Once you accept your authentic self and understand how to dress to make the most of your natural shape and colouring, there’ll be no stopping you’ You can follow Becky on Instagram and Facebook and find out more about her business on her website. If you enjoyed this podcast then please like, share and subscribe. You can keep up to date with Mummy on a Break on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on the website. If you want to find out more about how I can help you then check out my website and click on ‘work with me’.


12 Nov 2020

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Living alone under lockdown, with Becky Barnes of Huff Post UK

How To Cope - with Becky Howard + Lucy Clyde

In her role as Audience Editor of the publishing site Huff Post UK, Becky Barnes is responsible for helping people make sense of the overwhelming amount of information and news about the global pandemic. But during the first lockdown, she found spending her entire working day immersed in negative information, and living on her own, took its toll on her mental health.In this insightful and honest chat, Becky talks to us about why she experienced her worst mental health ever during 2020, and how her fun and fulfilling life as a busy single woman in London was totally transformed by Covid. Since going through the first lockdown, Becky’s discovered lots about what has helped improve her mental health; from giving up alcohol to tracking her menstrual cycle and learning how to be her own best friend.Becky’s recently launched a weekly roundup of uplifting news to keep us going – because we need joy more than ever. Subscribe to The Brightside here: https://subscribe.huffpost.com/NewsLetter/preference/Subscribe/?list=uk-brightside&src=email&How to Cope is hosted by writer Becky Howard and psychotherapist Lucy Clyde. You can follow us on Twitter @_beckyhoward @lucysclyde @cope_podcast See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


3 Nov 2020

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Messy & Glorious

Becky beams when she walks into a room with her colourful and creative spirit, a modern-day hourglass, who loves to open up space to you and the contents of your wardrobe to ensure that not only do you feel more like yourself on the inside but what you wear has a soul that matches your values and is considered with integrity and conscience. Becky Barnes spent almost 20 years slogging away at her corporate HR career before she realised her heart wasn’t really in it any more. Not long after her 40th birthday, she woke up and realised the only thing she enjoyed about her job was developing other women so they could rise through the ranks. She thought, “surely there was a more fun way to do that?” Becky Barnes Style was born, fuelled with her passion for helping women achieve more than they ever thought possible & with a lifelong love of clothes and colour. She’s had the pleasure of working with over 700 women and seeing their confidence soar means she has the absolute best job in the world! She prides herself on doing work that is making a significant difference to the women she works with and the planet we live on.To listen in on our conversation press play: “It all started, for me when I was younger, rummaging through clothes at the village jumble sale...” — Becky Barnesthings we talk about in this episode:Becky’s journey from HR to Style and SustainabilityBody parts and shapes, like them or not, and how to feel comfy in your own skinVillage jumble salePermissionStanding outConfidenceInspiring othersImpact of the fashion industry on the planet and peopleTaking steps toward slow fashion in everyday lifePlaces to find more information and how to stay out of overwhelmlinks we mention in this episode:Becky’s website: www.beckybarnesstyle.comBecky’s Blog on films to watchBecky’s InstagramBecky’s FacebookFashion RevolutionSue RyderCancer ResearchLabour Behind The LabelStacey Dooley Investigates: Fashions Dirty Secrets (Documentary)Try…A Year with No New Clothes ChallengeLinda Thomas - Eco DesignerKnickers Models OwnHow to Give Up Fast FashionPolly Higgins (Ecocide)River Blue (Film)Christina Dean - You Are What You Wear (TEDx talk)The World According to H&M (Documentary)Good On You App listen to more episodes


1 May 2020

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Ep.14: Create More Sustainable Wardrobe with Becky Barnes

Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators

In this interview, Becky Barnes shares her year-long challenge to only buy secondhand clothes and what this has unexpectedly led to for her business. She also gives some simple ideas on how to create a wardrobe which is kinder to our planet as well as saving you money.


5 Jun 2018

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Becky Barnes Style Experience


‘Whilst I’ve always loved clothes and I’ve always loved colour, I haven’t always had the confidence to wear the looks that I wear now…. And by becoming professionally trained, it allows me to pick clothes that make me a happy person…. I like helping other women become all that they can be, seeing them evolve and just blossom and really reach their potential’. Becky Barnes worked in a corporate world, for almost 20 years – before emerging with her own business. Years in HR brought out her love for bringing out the best in people. So she decided to do it in a more fun environment – through styling women and clothes. Freelance Mum, Faye Dicker, discovered the Becky Barnes Styling Experience in a full immersive journey. From shopping, to styling and a complete wardrobe overhaul – Faye met women Becky has worked with along the way, and discovered for herself, the impact of happy clothes.


18 Oct 2017

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Snow Day Solo Episode with Becky Barnes

Talkeria el Taco Taco Talk Show

Snowed in in New York I record this solo episode with my sister-in-law Becky. We go over some recent Mexican eatings, I talk about finally eating the Naked Chicken Chalupa, and then I open the listener mailbag because I got some emails. Hey, why don't you send me an email at talkereltaco@gmail.com, too?


14 Mar 2017