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77: Letting Go of Alignment (And What To Teach Instead) with Derek Cook

The Mentor Sessions

I think many of us would agree that a strict, dogmatic focus on alignment in asana doesn’t really serve our students, but the question you may be asking next is... what do I teach then? If I’m not telling students the right or wrong way to move their body, what am I teaching them? How do I communicate information about movement without taking away my students' agency? My friend Derek Cook is here to take us on a deep dive into anatomy, biomechanics, and pedagogy as we attempt to answer some of these questions! In this episode you’ll hear: overarching themes we see in lineages that have an emphasis on alignment how bodies grow and change, the role trauma plays, and why that matters to yoga teachers what changes when we look at how a body is ORGANIZED as opposed to how it is aligned a breakdown of many of the most commonly used aesthetic cues and when they make sense to use and when they don’t how Derek decides what to teach!  Learn More From Derek: At his online class library, The Single Point Yoga On Instagram here and here

1hr 10mins

27 Oct 2020

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141 | Alignment is Overrated | Feat. Derek Cook

Seeker + Sage

Derek Cook is on the show today and shines light on how alignment is overrated. Derek is passionate about biomechanics, anatomy, bodywork, and of course yoga. We have an epic discussion about this topic that gets a lot of heat. Derek is a a yogi and Anatomy teacher and the first anatomy teacher that has ever gotten me THIS excited about anatomy. We have a lot in common when it comes to alignment-based yoga and we get into why it’s important to look at it, but how it’s not the whole practice. I hope that you enjoy this episode, listen now!Follow Derek on Instagram @knowledgeofthedetailsMUSIC: Process by 92elmSUPPORT THE SHOW: If you find this podcast valuable you can support it directly by visiting https://dannipomplun.com/support/WRITE A REVIEW: If you like the podcast, please leave a review or rating on iTunes! Click here for a quick and easy guide on how to leave a review on iTunes.Don’t forget to subscribe via: iTunes | Google Play | RSS | Spotify.See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


21 Oct 2020

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Monday Mentors with Midland Oil and Gas Attorney Derek Cook

Lone Star Lawyers

Derek Cook of the Midland law firm Lynch, Chappel and Alsup is our guest today. We talk about taking care of yourself, practicing law in West Texas, and the early days of practicing law in a COVID-19 world.Early COVID response (recorded March 19)At-risk people work from homeJury trials cancelled; non essential hearings postponedPublic events slowedLow/dropping oil price is also a factor with their clientsMediation/depo/etc. going on a case by caseMidland/West Texas PracticeDerek grew up in Wichita Falls; undergrad in DFW; law school at Baylor; thought he would wind up in Dallas or Fort WorthHe came out during the low point for new lawyer hiring after the '08 recessionEven though he was on law review and had good grades, it was hard to find a jobBaylor's Career Development Office sent out notice for this great Midland firm, and it was a great opportunity that, once he sold his wife on it, was the right fitLitigation that pretty much all ties back to oil/gasCollectionroyalty paymentsleasesindividuals and entity clientsMore camaraderie here than in most places; you're going to see opposing counsel again, and probably soon!So everyone works well together, including the judgesMidland is a sophisticated practice with institutional oil/gas clients with significant commercial litigationTheir firm has 25 lawyers with groups that do all the major practice areas; other firms have 10-40 lawyers (won't find that in the other West Texas cities)Advice to young lawyers and what they are looking for when they hire in their firmCritical to take care of yourselfTLAP and State Bar/local Bars are doing great workRecent study: 25%-35% of lawyers are prone to problem drinkingCommunicate with someone about what's going on with youTheir firm is a modified sink/swim model with young associatesSo they try to hire people who have a propensity for the specific section they are hiring forLooking for people who can get up to speed on their own, figure out the issues, put in the effort, and shortly get to a point where they need little/to no partner oversightWhat in your experience demonstrates an interest and/or aptitude for the specific job/practice area you are applying toInterview is a huge part of the process, because they are really looking as much/more for fit than just credentialsAlso love to see some type of Midland or West Texas connectionLooking for people who want to be there for an extended period of time; not just a year or two and move on or move back to a large cityDon't have to commit to an entire career at the firm; but showing just a strong interest in oil/gas and related complex work, that can be enough and will make the firm confident you could be a long-term fitWork/Life BalanceRecently the firm has moved to laptops with remote access so attorneys are able to work from home / the roadHowever, oil/gas legal work is still driven mostly by more senior lawyers (60+) who aren't as comfortable with lawyers working from home, so it's been a longer transition periodRealistically, much of what lawyers do can be done remotely, and he thinks the move in that direction will happenRapid FireMost important trait/characteristic in associate: go getterKey habit: responsiveness (generally return calls/emails within 24 hours)App/tool: Google Chrome Remote DesktopFavorite Social Distancing Activity: checking toilet paper stashFavorite Legal Movie: The Verdict; Idiocracy (courtroom scene)


11 May 2020

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Decent Work and the New Economy Post-Recovery, with Derek Cook and Kate Siklosi

Impact Conversations

Derek Cook, leader of the Canadian Poverty Institute also leads a Collective Impact Initiative, the New Economy Roundtable.  He's joined by Roundtable member Kate Siklosi of the Ian Martin Group (a B Corp), in discussing their focus on increasing the number of people in "decent work" in Ontario, and how this focus is even more important coming through the COVID crisis into both economic and social recovery.    Resources: New Economy Roundtable: https://www.povertyinstitute.ca/new-economy-roundtable Canadian Poverty Institute: https://www.povertyinstitute.ca Ian Martin Group: https://ianmartin.com UN Report:  https://unsdg.un.org/sites/default/files/2020-03/SG-Report-Socio-Economic-Impact-of-Covid19.pdf McMaster Research - Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario:https://pepso.ca . Find out more about our work at Social Impact Advisors: https://socialimpactadvisors.ca .


16 Apr 2020

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Ep. 14 The Importance of "Buying Right" w/ Derek Cook

Rent Perfect with David Pickron

So many investors use all the right tools once they have purchased a property but often dismiss the importance of "buying right."  Longtime, high-volume investor Derek Cook sits down with David to discuss the 5 key components that most investors overlook when purchasing an investment property and why they are costing you so much money.


6 Apr 2020

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Derek Cook : Functional Anatomy, Alignment and Divinity

Practice Indie Yoga Podcast

We bite off just a few MAJOR topics in this episode. It is such a privilege to get to hear Derek Cook speak on all his genius! Enjoy conversations on functional anatomy, choosing to teach organization over alignment and how studying the body can be religious experience. We talk Tantra, body work, spiritual seeking in India and more in this awesome, epic episode! Strap in and drive somewhere far so you can soak it all in!


24 Nov 2019

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KEVIN'S PODCAST SHOW EPISODE 51 With co-host Derek Cook of "Derek's Heretics" podcast

Kevin’s Podcast Show

KEVIN'S PODCAST SHOW EPISODE 51 With co-host Derek Cook of "Derek's Heretics" podcast We have a round of NEWS vs NEWS (FOX vs CNN) and Weird TENNESSEE news that DOES NOT end with "public intoxication" Plus and update from THE Unknown Redneck *** NEW APP ALERT *** PODCOIN podcoin PODCOIN podcoin https://www.podcoin.com/ Shout Out links: PODCAST LINKS: Shift Ender Podcast:  https://anchor.fm/shiftenderpodcast Derek's Heretics https://anchor.fm/derek-cook2 YOUTUBE LINKS: Jason Albert TV: https://youtu.be/3yGjC2W4Wa4 Greasy Rock Paranormal: https://youtu.be/jnwmyQZ_g68 FACEBOOK LINKS: Weird Tennessee Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weirdtn/ Libertarian Party of Tennessee Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LPofTN/ Hybrid Fitness New Tazewell TN: https://www.facebook.com/hybridfitnessllc/ And to start your OWN PODCAST go to: anchor.fm/start


3 May 2019

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SPECIAL EPISODE With guest: Derek Cook - plus THE Unknown Redneck Update

Kevin’s Podcast Show

XXL Edition with co-host DEREK COOKCNN vs FOXTHE Unknown RedneckAND we talk GHOSTS on Something Great in the Volunteer State

1hr 4mins

27 Oct 2018

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#45 Derek Cook, Two Wheels to Freedom

Two Wheels to Freedom Podcasts

Derek is an American freestyle motocrosser from Oklahoma

1hr 50mins

25 Feb 2018

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Derek Cook Pt. II


The final installment in the Derek Cook Masterpiece series! We pickup right where we left off on Ana Forrest. Derek shares his insights on what it means to live in a perfect world, Tantra and how it's not about a sting-like orgasm, and what it means to be a true spiritual seeker. Please enjoy!

1hr 6mins

6 May 2015