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“Unleash Your Leadership” with Enrico Biscaro Director at Baker Hughes.


PESA- Petroleum Equipment Service & Association is a proud sponsor of this episode. Enrico grew up in Italy, in a small town where he became a part of the boy scouts at 7 years old. It was during these years that Enrico grew to recognize the importance of service. He learned that acting in the service of others is the most impactful thing you can do for yourself and your community. This drove Enrico to be a passionate leader, with a goal to inspire others. Enrico wanted to travel the world and have a positive impact on his community by working within Energy. He started with Baker Hughes as a field engineer and grew into his role as the Pacific Asia Drilling Director. He believes if you stop worrying about your career progression and start focusing on providing consistent results you will become successful. At the end of the day if you continue to deliver results and are vocal about what you want to do, then people will notice. He talks about a time when he thought he might lose his job and the toll it took on him while working in Israel. Throughout this experience he learned that no matter what you do you need to take care of yourself, he talks about how to handle these times of struggle. With the restrictions on travel due to covid, Enrico was given back 15-20 hours a week since he can’t travel for work. He decided to use this time to be more present on social media and provide a resource to inspire others within Energy. He wants to continue to attract young talent into the industry and understood that social media would be the best way to reach the masses. He has developed a motivational platform and mentorship for those who might not be able to have a mentor themselves. We discuss challenging the status quo to grow the company and different ways to get to a better result. Thinking outside of the box is a growing attribute needed to excel in the energy industry. We discuss how to drive change with a more methodical approach. Tune in to discover more.Come hang out with us:Download on Apple Podcast——>> ClickDownload on Spotify———>>ClickConnect with Enrico Biscaro: LinkedIn YouTube ChannelYou can schedule a discovery session with him: Book itConnect with Maisy and Jamie:Connect with Massiel Diez: Instagram | LinkedInConnect with Jamie Elrod: Instagram | LinkedInFollow FTB on Instagram | LinkedInJoin FTB NationIf your interested in working with us, please contact : flippingthebarrel@gmail.com

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