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TRKS Wrassles the Comedy of Pastor Dave Ebert

the Random Kristian show

Today we get to slam into some Godly Improv Comedy with Pastor Dave Ebert of Well Versed Comedy Group! Dave is also a youth Pastor and a former Pro Wrestler but, hey, who wasn't. Right?! oh yeah, quite a few of us weren't. We learn about Dave and his adventures in life and what took him from wrestling to Pastoring and Improv comedy and how he can stack up in a Comedy Improv Test we throw at him.We also have our Random 9 List and other fun.And of course we couldn't do this as well with out @PJsCoffee of New Orleans and our latest SELLOUT to @Spreaker Prime and @iHeart Radio!!!!

1hr 54mins

24 Aug 2022

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Thoughts on the Importance Christian Comedy | Bonus Content With Dave Ebert


Episode 6 told the story of how God used a broken truck window, a sharp turn in the road near a cliff, and a tract to help Dave Ebert find his value and how that discovery changed the why behind the things he does. In this bonus episode Dave talks about his theology of comedy, the power of comedy to unite, and what improv can teach us about leadership. Dave also shares his three favorite Christian comedians. At the end of this episode you'll hear the testimony of Tracy Crump. In it she talks about the dangers of feeling good enough for eternity and how realizing that everyone needing a savior meant she needed a savior. "The Bible says 'all have sinned and come short of the glory of God,' and oh, yeah, 'all' means me." Gifts for Glory PodcastWell Versed ComedyChad Harms on InstagramTestimonyPodcast.comDonate to the Show


19 Jul 2022

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A Broken Window, a Sharp Turn, and a Tract | The Testimony of Dave Ebert


Dave Ebert has spent his life entertaining others. He is a former professional wrestler and radio host. He currently produces two podcasts and is part of an improv team called Well Versed Comedy that does shows all around Chicago. The reason Dave entertains is vastly different today than it used to be. In the past he entertained to hide himself, mitigate depression, and feel his own value. Today he entertains for the glory of God and the good of others. What changed? He decided to truly follow Jesus. This is the story of how God used a broken truck window, a sharp turn in the road near a cliff, and a tract to help Dave find his value and how that discovery changed the why behind the things he does. Gifts for Glory PodcastWell Versed ComedyChad Harms on InstagramTestimonyPodcast.comDonate to the Show


5 Jul 2022

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Heart Behind The Worship - Serving Up Laughter & Spiritual Gifts of the Lord - Dave Ebert

R.S.V.P. Show

Join your host, April D. Metzler, as she visits with Dave Ebert - Comedian and ministry founder, Dave Ebert is joining the host to share with us the heart behind Well Versed Comedy brought to you by the ministry he founded by the grace of God, Gifts for Glory Ministries.  Are you a fan of comedy that is wholesome and able to be participated in, too?!?! Did you know that every person has a measure of grace given and gifts given to operate in?  #ivegotquestions about a few things... do you? The main scripture will be 1 Corinthians 12:4-5 and Ecclesiastes 3:1&4 Let's visit!   Each podcast episode is located on April's website and on Youtube for the video version, as well. See her link below along with Dave's links to stay connected. From the host: Grab your Bible, a study pad, and a pencil or pen. Get ready for some real, candid conversation about what it looks like in action to read, study, and apply the Word of God to our daily lives. - Connect with Dave Ebert - Website: www.gifts4glory.com Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/gifts4glory Instagram: www.instagram.com/gifts4glory Twitter: www.twitter.com/gifts4glory - Connect with host, April D. Metzler - www.aprildmetzler.com #interview #livebroadcast #comedian #outreach #community  #liveinterview #comediansofinstagram #christianliving #Christiancomedy #cleancomedy #familyfriendly #Godslove #Godlovesyou #divedeeper #Gospel #Jesussaves #Christian #relationshipwithGod #gotjokes #improv The R.S.V.P. Show is Streaming and broadcasting on April's FB page, YouTube Channel, Twitter, and other FB Groups including: CWBC, WAC, & God's Daughters. Also available soon on Evangelism Radio! Subscribe on April's YouTube Channel at  https://youtube.com/channel/UCEHDZHjbxjIQ3UAI4CfU8-g Connect with April on Instagram - Music and Book by the host - Book: Oh My God, My Heart!!! Music Album: Oh My Heart Strings!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/aprildmetzler/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/aprildmetzler/support


20 May 2022

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Going Beyond Jaws with Andrew Lewin and Dr Dave Ebert

The Whole Tooth

Our guests this week are scientists, communicators and hosts of the Beyond Jaws podcast Andrew Lewin and Dave Ebert. Beyond Jaws is all about showcasing the diversity of shark science and the people behind the research, asking them about their career journeys and how they got to be where they are. Whole Tooth host Isla flips the script and asks Dave and Andrew about finding their own niche in science, their passion for lesser known shark species, and the importance of science communication in promoting marine conservation to a wider audience.  You can find Andrew and his podcast network over at @speakupforblue and https://www.speakupforblue.com/. You can follow Dave at @lostsharkguy. Listen to episodes of Beyond Jaws here: https://www.speakupforblue.com/show/beyond-jaws/.  You can find out more about the work we do at the Save Our Seas Foundation by heading to www.saveourseas.com


12 May 2022

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#96: How to use comedy to tackle serious issues with Dave Ebert!

Scar Bearers

Dave Ebert is a Children's Pastor, podcaster, improviser, husband, and step-dad to 3 cats. Dave uses improv comedy as a ministry to bring the light and joy of Christ to others, whether through improv shows or through teaching improv, including his classes teaching women who have survived sex trafficking. A majority of Dave's improv comes from a combination of years of pro wrestling and using off-the-cuff comedy to hide his years of deep depression. Dave's contact information www.gifts4glory / @gifts4glory www.wellversedcomedy.com / @wellversedcmdy www.anchor.fm/gifts4glory www.patreon.com/gifts4glory My contact information:  https://chrisdtgordon.com@chrisdtgordon  Chris DT Gordon's TAG and POP Shop: https://chris-dt-gordons-tag-and-pop-... The real heroes: @nateberan


3 Mar 2022

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103: Laughter’s Medicine with Christian Comedian Dave Ebert

The Pantry Podcast | Spiritual Nutrition for Christians Craving Christ

Healing through Joy // S08E09 Today speaker and improviser, Dave Ebert, joins us to talk about laughter. In a career that involves much comedy, Dave has come to realize the importance of laughter. A medicine for the soul, breaker of barriers, weapon for spiritual warfare. This episode covers this topic as well as the importance...


9 Feb 2022

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40 - Dave Ebert - Josh and Dave talk Religion & wrestling both literally and figuratively

231 GO!

Josh and Dave dive deep into what the meaning of life is and why religion is so important in a world dominated by evil.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/231go/message

2hr 6mins

27 Jan 2022

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Dave Ebert "Big Boy Buddy Love" LIVE Interview!

Jennifer O'Brien Show

Today on the Jennifer O'Brien Show we chat with comedian Dave Ebert! Dave shares all about his comedy journey! He shares about his struggles with depression and suicide and how God called him to use his gift of comedy to make the world a better place! Dave also shares about his time as a professional wrestler and radio DJ! Dave currently performs improv comedy and has a ministry that is devoted to helping  women who have escaped from sex trafficking using improv to help them heal from the wounds of the past! Please check out Dave Ebert at www.wellversedcomedy.com To see this interview on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju1Vo7Tzo1Mwww.Jenniferobriencomedy.comSupport the show (https://paypal.me/JenniferStamper796?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US)


14 Oct 2021

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Gifted with Sheila White | Episode 17 - Dave Ebert

Gifted With Sheila White

In today's episode, Sheila talks with Dave Ebert, president of Well Versed Comedy and Gifts for Glory Ministries, about his personal story with depression and how he was able to overcome his challenges through comedy.


26 Jul 2021