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Comedy As Ministry my interview with Dave Ebert

Dorsey Ross Podcast

This is my interview with Christian Improv Comedy Dave Ebert. Dave talks about his life story along with how he uses his comedy and ministry. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dorseyrossshow/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dorseyrossshow/support


28 Apr 2021

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Rediscovering Joy FT: Dave Ebert

On the Road to Damascus

Join Us with Dave Ebert as he shares what rediscovering joy looks like when faced with unimaginable challenges.    Dave Ebert performs improv comedy, teaches improv as a ministry, is the host of the Gifts for Glory Podcast,is a speaker and an aspiring actor. Dave has spent his life entertaining people, but it wasn't until he turned his life over to God that he did so with a purpose. In his various pursuits, Dave works to use his gifts for God's glory.    FOLLOW HIM: Website: https://gifts4glory.wixsite.com/gifts4glory https://gifts4glory.wixsite.com/gifts4glory/dave-ebert Social media Platforms:  twitter- @gifts4glory @realdaveebert  Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL39rkZ-Lew7gNR257dSJug


19 Apr 2021

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Kingdom Over Coffee - Ep 79 - The Power of Laughter with Dave Ebert

Kingdom Over Coffee Podcast

We love to laugh and gather with others to share that experience. What is it about humanity that seeks out laughter? Is there a Kingdom purpose in laughter? Dave Ebert shares his story, his struggles with depression, the joy of relationship with Christ, and how he uses his experience and talent with humor to change lives.


17 Apr 2021

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Dave Ebert on the Life-Changing Benefits of Improv and Mental Health

Beyond the Rut Podcast

Improv coach and credentialed minister, Dave Ebert, discusses the benefits of improv in his life and as a ministry to others. See the full show notes at BeyondTheRut.com/250Improv and Mental Health“Laughter is the tangible evidence of hope.” - Michael Junior, Christian comedianImprovisation is the form of comedy where you make up your lines on the fly. Having done this a few times through corporate training events, I can say with confidence there is a sense of liberation when it comes to embracing improv. It forces you to get out of your comfort zone and connect with both yourself and others.The benefits of improv carry over into mental health. Studies show there is a significant improvement in one’s sense of connection and well-being. Social anxiety disorder, for example, has a prevalence in the United States around 12%, and improvisation has shown that improv and mental health are a great combination in reducing the effects of social anxiety disorder according to the Journal of Creativity and Mental Health.The benefits of improv come from its elements of connection in group cohesiveness, play, exposure, and within the safety net of humor. Humor is known for increasing certain endorphins in our brains to make us feel happier as well.Improv coach, minister, podcaster, and former professional wrestler, Dave Ebert, will take us through the concepts of improv therapy for his life as well as the impact it has on others today through his platform Gifts4Glory and his improv troop known as Well Versed Comedy.About Dave EbertDave is the founder of Gifts for Glory Ministries, as well as the founder of both Well Versed Comedy and PureFest. Dave moved to Chicago to pursue a life and career in ministry to use his gifts for God's glory. Whether it be making people laugh during an improv show, moving the audience with a dramatic role, preaching the Word of God from the pulpit, or inspiring a crowd from the podium, Dave is right at home in front of a crowd.His testimony about how God delivered him from depression and suicidal ideations through the benefits of improv has helped many people find healing and hope for the last 8 years.Dave and his wife, Bobbie, have been married since 2015 and reside in the southwest Chicago suburbs with their three cats. They attend and are active in Thrive Church, Lockport, Ill. 


16 Mar 2021

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Episode 17 (Interview with Dave Ebert): Loving God, Ourselves, and Others Through Depression


In Churchthink's first interview episode, Dave Ebert and I discuss how to love God, ourselves, and others through depression. We discuss signs that other people are depressed and how to help them, ways the church can help depressed people, and we encourage anyone who is struggling to take a brave step and reach out to someone. If you are depressed or you know someone who is or you just want to know more about depression and how to help people who struggle with it, you will be blessed by this episode.  More about Dave Ebert:  Dave Ebert is a credentialed minister, improviser, improv coach, speaker, and host of the Gifts for Glory Podcast, a show featuring testimonies of faith and how the guests are using their gifts for God's glory. Dave rededicated his life to God in January 2013, and shortly thereafter he relocated back to the Chicago suburbs where he's spent the last 8 years using his gifts for God's glory. He founded the Well Versed Comedy improv ministry team in 2013 and has been performing clean comedy all over Chicago-land since. Since 2018, Dave has been using his passion for God and comedy in teaching improv to sex trafficking survivors. Dave has a passion for using the healing power of God-honoring comedy. LINKS: Dave Ebert (Acting/Speaking/Improv Coaching) dave@gifts4glory.com  daveebert.gifts4glory.com booking@gifts4glory.com Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @realdaveebert Gifts for Glory Ministries gifts4glory.com Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @gifts4glory Well Versed Comedy wellversedcomedy.com Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @wellversedCMDY


24 Jan 2021

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Dave Ebert on the Election

Gifts for Glory Podcast

This year has been full of trying times, anger, hostility, and division. And that's just over the virus...let alone the election cycle. Are we acting in a way that will bring people closer to God? Dave shares his heart regarding the election and where our heads and hearts should be. *****Gifts for Glory Ministries:Would you consider being a patron? Visit our Patreon Page at www.patreon.com/gifts4glory and help us continue to do this great work!For our ministries within Gifts for Glory, follow us on:Facebook: @Gifts4GloryTwitter: @Gifts4GloryInstagram: @Gifts4GloryContact Dave directly at:Dave@gifts4glory.comImprov Ministry:Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @WellVersedCMDYPureFest: America's Pure Comedy Festival:Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @PureFestChicago#OGHG Our Gifts for His Glory.Special thanks to Bobbie Ebert for voicing our intros and commercials! Music: https://www.purple-planet.com


2 Nov 2020

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"All Joking Aside" BIG Dave Ebert

Letters From Home

Deep down inside, don't you just wish someone would hear your cry for help? Big Boy Buddy Love was A DJ & Pro Wrestler.  Also, a man struggling with severe depression for years. His life takes a giant turn, from a couch to a different stage and a life-changing ministry after he takes his cue from God. This is a story you don't want to miss, the everyday extraordinary, Dave Ebert.This verse was transforming for Dave: IJohn 5:13-"I write these things to yo who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life."Gifts for Glory Website:https://www.gifts4glory.com/ FB/IG/Twitter: @gifts4gloryWell Versed Comedy, Website:https://www.wellversedcomedy.com/FB/IG/Twitter: @wellversedcmdyGreat quote from Dave:"For many years,  I used to use comedy to hide who I was, but now I use comedy to reveal who He is."to newbie improv people he would say:"Your job is not to be funny. You do not have to be funny. Take that burden off of you, because improv is built on being human. Humans are funny. I think God built us as much for love and   compassion as he did for comic relief."Stories Dave shares:-Father with agent orange and how it affected him as a kid-A relative fallen from grace in the ministry-Rejection in his youth-severe depression-suicidal thoughts-unhelpful counselors-how God spoke to him, in a near death moment-Pro Wrestling-Big Boy Buddy Love's 3 signature moves-Being a DJ-his sister took him in-how the love of God has changed him-how Haha Men Ministry started and evolved-How Well Versed Comedy began-How Well Versed Comedy pivoted during Quarantine-online Improv Nights-HowGifts for Glory podcast came about-God lead him to help with human trafficking survivors-Seeing laughter change people-Improv tips-How he loves wearing Depends. ------------------------------------------For more inspiring stories:https://lettersfromhomepodcast.com/*FREE APP* Letters From Home Podcast has its own downloadable app., with all of our episodes in one easy place.  Search our podcast name in the Apple APP store, and in the Google Play store. All free!To suggest a story that must be told, yours or someone else’s, let’s chat. Also, we would love to support you in prayer.lfhpodcast@gmail.comTo join our Facebook Group for bonus live stories and convos:https://www.facebook.com/groups/3475957805750898For one splashy bright monthly Letters From Home Newsletterhttps://lettersfromhomepodcast.com/newsletter/To check out our YouTube channel:https://youtube.com/channel/UC_SR3ltt5p1w-hzjvGX5vag?view_as=subscriber/Ways to help Letters From Home make better content & and reach more people: here are our prayer requests & a giving link:https://lettersfromhome.com/support/We r on Instagram, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon, Google, iHeartRadio and all of the places podcasts live :)... all you need to do is type in ‘Letters From Home Podcast’ and it should pop right up.Become a Patron!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=32455563" data-patreon-widget-type="become-patron-button">Become a Patron!


23 Oct 2020

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Laughter is good medicine, with Dave Ebert

Encouragers United Podcast

Dave Ebert is a former professional wrestler, comedian, improv coach, credentialed minister, and podcast host based in the Chicago suburbs.  He and I talk about his long-time battle with depression and how laughter can indeed be good medicine-- you wont' want to miss it! After nearly two decades of battling with depression and suicidal thoughts, Dave Ebert made the life-changing decision to pursue God. He says, “At that point, I wrestled with this choice: I could take my life…or I could give my life. I finally made the right decision and gave my life to the Lord.” Shortly after this decision, Dave relocated back to Chicago in 2013, when he founded Well Versed Comedy, an improv comedy ministry troupe. Doing comedy is his primary passion for reaching people, either to uplift and encourage fellow Christians, or to bring light, laughter, and joy to non-Christians. Most of his life, Dave covered his depression with humor. He used it to make others feel better while disguising how he truly felt inside. Dave often tells his testimony by saying, “I used to use comedy to hide who I was, but now I use comedy to reveal Who He is.” On top of performing improv, Dave volunteers at an organization for women who have survived sex trafficking. There, he teaches improv to the survivors to help improve communication skills, creativity, self-confidence, and, if nothing else, give the women a chance to laugh without care for an hour a month. He married his wife Bobbie in June 2015, and they live together in Crest Hill, Ill., with their three cats. Wellversedcomedy.com Encouragement Positive mental attitude Enthusiasm, Dreamer, Coach, Mentor, Friend Charlesrgrimes@gmail.com charlesrgrimes.com Twitter: @charlesrgrimes https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlie-grimes-2b78444b/ https://www.instagram.com/encouragers_united/ https://www.facebook.com/EncouragersUnited/?modal=admin_todo_tour https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-40nUSl9SCekbbhk3FzYw?view_as=subscriber--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/encouragers-united/message


19 Oct 2020

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Testimony of Dave Ebert Ep #60

Moments with Moni

Dave is an improviser, actor, improv coach, speaker, and credentialed minister. He was born in Chicago, but grew up in southwestern Virginia. Much of his improv and acting ability is attributed to his 8 years as a pro wrestler on the independent circuit in the south. In 2013, after nearly two decades of battling with depression and suicidal ideations, Dave finally made the life-changing decision to pursue God. He says, “At that point, I wrestled with this choice: I could take my life…or I could give my life. I chose to give my life to the Lord.”Most of his life, Dave covered his depression with humor. He used it to make others feel better while disguising how he truly felt inside. Dave often tells his testimony by saying, “I used to use comedy to hide who I was, but now I use comedy to reveal Who He is.”Shortly after deciding to pursue a real relationship with God, Dave relocated back to Chicago in 2013. Through his passion for comedy renewed with a deeper purpose, he founded Well Versed Comedy, an improv comedy ministry team. Doing comedy is his primary passion for reaching people, either to uplift and encourage fellow Christians, or to bring light, laughter, and joy to non-Christians. He married his wife Bobbie in June 2015, and they live together in Crest Hill, Ill., with their 3 cats.Links:Gifts for Glory Ministries gifts4glory.comFacebook/Twitter/Instagram: @gifts4gloryWell Versed Comedy wellversedcomedy.comFacebook/Twitter/Instagram: @wellversedCMDY Dave Ebert (Acting/Speaking/Improv Coaching)daveebert.gifts4glory.com Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @realdaveebert Theme Song, "Brand New" by Brad & Monika HardySimilar Episodes:Testimonies with Moni with Chris StaronRead more on the Blog: Momentswithmoni.comLeave me up to a 90 second Voice message HERE. I'd love to share it on the podcast! This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


2 Oct 2020

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Dave Ebert Takes on Cuties

Gifts for Glory Podcast

Many of us have heard about the controversy with Netflix and with the movie Cuties. I wanted to give my take this week. I believe that the hashtag #CancelNetflix is really important right now, as we pair it with the heart behind #SaveOurChildren. But, it's not far enough. Parents and everyone attached to the film should face prosecution for sexual exploitation of a minor, endangerment, and the promotion and distribution of child pornography. I also share some important Scripture related to this situation. We must protect our kids. And not just those who are biologically ours, but those God is entrusting us to care for and disciple. Comments? Email me at dave@gifts4glory.com.


14 Sep 2020