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Hospice In The ALF| Interview with Sarah Garcia Advent Health Hospice

ALF BOSS Podcast

Podcast | In this episode I sit down and talk with Sarah Garcia with Advent Health Hospice. We discuss the benefits of hospice in the ALF setting. 


1 Feb 2022

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Moongirl, Sarah Garcia talks Psychic Ability, Tarot, Witchcraft & More

Phil Sinclair Investigates

Join me for Episode 2 of the 'Phil Sinclair Investigates' Podcast. This episode I speak with Moon Girl, Sarah Garcia. Sarah is a Pyschic Medium, Tarot Reader and Witch.I will speak to Sarah about the positives, negatives and the misconceptions of life as a Medium, Tarot Reader Witch and Paranormal Investigator. The conversation will include other aspects of the Paranormal field also.Find out more about Moon Girl via the below links -FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/Moongirl-tarot-and-more-103057618321693/YOUTUBE - https://youtube.com/channel/UCxZwV5RMomlWwTDloHazV8w

1hr 19mins

12 Aug 2021

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Ep. 112: MEDIUMS in Horror w/ MOON GIRL (Sarah Garcia)

Ghostman & Rivera's HORROR SHOW Podcast

Intuitive Medium MOON GIRL (Sarah Garcia) sits down with Ghostman & Rivera to give her take on psychics / mediums in films like INSIDIOUS, POLTERGEIST & GHOST. She also shares personal experiences about her work and how it differs from Hollywood.MOON GIRL Sarah Garcia's Info: Instagram: @moongirltarotand @moongirl_horrorYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxZwV5RMomlWwTDloHazV8wPersonal Blogs:https://www.facebook.com/Moongirl-tarot-and-more-103057618321693/ https://www.facebook.com/Moongirl-Horror-100937615331633/Access the Podcast on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or SoundCloud at this link: www.flow.page/GhostmanandRivera


16 May 2021

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Ep 35 | A Talk on Evangelism with Sarah Garcia

Genuine Love Podcast

Today Sarah Garcia, founder and owner of Glorify Apparel, talks to us about evangelism and we PROMISE you don't want to miss it!


31 Mar 2021

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Episode 31 - All the Related Rivals (feat. Phil Carr, Jacob Carr, Sarah Garcia!)

Hollywood Cast Connection

The fam is in the house! Our brothers and sister join us for this week’s game and it is a riot. We get caught in the snow and in Lando’s pronunciation guides, spend several seconds on movies (and actors, and insults) that begin with S, and possibly break our own game! Sarah hosts and we try to outdo each other on her Special Features round, as we find out which sibling celebs have outdone each other on the big screen.  Special thanks to Patreon supporter Phil Carr, for playing our game today and for the awesome rules recording! 

1hr 10mins

22 Mar 2021

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#GirlsWhoProduct with Sarah Garcia, Director of UX Research @ UEGroup


Get to know one of the workshop trainers of Productized Online 2020. Sarah Garcia, curious by nature, has a huge passion for understanding human behaviour, listening to the user and always motivating her team to do it. In this interview, we won't only talk about UX... We'll go deeper into the real-life aspects (the balance between work and private life and how to cope with it). Join us until the end, we are sure you won't regret it!


17 Jul 2020

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8. Sarah Garcia Azad: Founder of Humble Bebe

Rock This Life

Today’s podcast guest is Sarah Garcia Azad, founder of Humble Bebe. Sarah is an award winning product developer and mother of two adorable boys. After having kids, she took the leap into creating her own business. A little over a year ago, Sarah launched Humble Bebe with high quality cloth diapers on Amazon. Today we talk about her process. We talk about how growing up as the child of an entrepreneur inspired her as a business owner. We also dive into how she chose cloth diapers as her initial product, how she went from concept to creation, and the innovative new products she is releasing now. Sarah also shares some gems on finding balance, like the under-utilized art of delegating. This is a concept I’m actively trying to implement more in my life. What, if anything do you delegate in your life? Do you feel like it frees up your time for what matters most? Comment here or reach out on social and let us know how you #delegatetodominate ! To find out more about Humble Bebe, and Sarah’s awesome products including the patent pending Stroller Bar and Sip n’ Snug, go to www.humblebebe.com or find her on instagram @humblebebe […]


12 Mar 2020

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BSSM First Year Student Sarah Garcia

Father's House OC Church

BSSM First Year Student Sarah Garcia by Podcast From Father's House OC Church


14 Aug 2017

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Ethnography: A 21st Century Interpretation (@CHI) - Sarah Garcia, UE Group

Mixed Methods

In any field there are some topics that are more widely agreed upon and some that are more widely debated. For UX research ethnography falls in the later. It’s defined as, “the scientific description of the customs of individual peoples and cultures.” Historically, the term has been widely used in anthropology to describe studies that can last for years and explore other cultures in an immersive way almost unheard of today. This type of ethnography, even in the academic world, is undergoing a transition as it becomes more and more difficult for men and women to dedicate themselves for such long periods of time to this type of study.This year CHI hosted a workshop on ethnography. For UX researchers, this type of observation based study can be invaluable when trying to understand the way different groups think, feel, and behave. Sarah Garcia, who hosted this year’s workshop, sat down to tell us a bit more about it. She’s spent over 10 years at UE Group doing UX research for some of the world’s largest companies. Listen in itunes


1 Jun 2017

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Sarah Garcia

Grace Central Coast: Student Ministry Feed

25 May 2016