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David Barnett, acclaimed small business sale and acquisition expert, shares his international perspective on factors impacting the value of your small business.

Small Business Banter

@DavidBarnett trains, coaches and advises individuals on how to get better outcomes when buying or selling a small business. David has an extensive professional network and works with owners and advisers in major international markets including Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom. There are lessons to be learned for Australian small business owners and advisers and in this episode David talks about:the importance of owners keeping the sale process going because “once you decide to sell, it’s never over” selling and market conditions and their impact on an owners decision to sell business valueswhy advertising a business to its potential buyer needs to be about more than just the story of the businesswhy it is important to be prepared and ready before a buyer comes on the scenewhat needs to be continued during the sale of a business and right up to closing a different model for buying and selling businesseswhy for business brokers you need to move away from the need to get a result in order to get a commissioffindings from the IBBA report the economic burden of COVID-19 and related regulations on business operationswhat is involved with better understanding business financials when preparing to sell your businesshow past and present business performances influence the outcome of a business sale  


14 Oct 2022

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Scottish Open With David Barnett of Tour Junkies

Tap in Birdie

DB and Brian talk all things Scottish Open 

1hr 9mins

6 Jul 2022

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How2Exit Episode 44: David Barnett - Author, Speaker, Seminar Host, Consultant, Coach, Educator.

How2Exit: Mergers and Acquisitions of Small to Middle Market Businesses

David Barnett works with people around the world who wish to buy or sell a business. His Business Buyer Advantage program educates, prepares and coaches people through complex buying process from search to transition. Learn more at www.BusinessBuyerAdvantage.com And his How to Sell My Own Business' system educates, prepares and guides business owners through this complex process. Learn more at www.HowtoSellMyOwnBusiness.com--------------------------------------------------Contact David onLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidbarnettmoncton/Website: www.DavidCBarnett.comBooks: -21 Stupid Things People Do When Trying to Buy a Business: Learn How to Avoid These Awful Novice Mistakes-https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B01D8XL3OM&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_Y6292THG383V5M70Q8RD&tag=how2exit-20-Smarter than a Startup: The Risk-Reduced Way to Get the Business of Your Dreams Up and Running-https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B07XVMC6YY&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_T3WK60Q5CCTA7179TSCQ&tag=how2exit-20As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Each purchase supports both the author and this podcast. If you’d like additional ways to support this podcast, you can become a patron here: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=66340956----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reach me to sell me your business, be on my podcast or just share some love:Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronskelton/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ronaldskeltonFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/How2ExitInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/how2exitpodcast/Have suggestions, comments, or want to tell us about a business for sale call our hotline and leave a message: 918-641-4150----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/AxYIj_lJCOY----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Other interviews:Lane Carrick - serial entrepreneur and sold multiple businesses in his career: https://youtu.be/cAEGiqiieQwCarl Allen - M&A Expert with Over $47 billion in deals: https://youtu.be/VIU2Lqj_FY4Walker Deibel - the best-selling author of Buy Then Build: https://youtu.be/xoUH_IxeookMike Mausteller - Business Coach, Executive Coach, Trainer, and Speaker: https://youtu.be/yYLEAfafxWcSimon Bedard - Founder and CEO of Exit Advisory Group, M&A firm in Australia: https://youtu.be/obNiIbx5mJ0Kison Patel - CEO and Founder of DealRoom and and M&A Science Academy: https://youtu.be/VR4nSM8HT18--------------------------------------------------


15 Jun 2022

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The Married Entrepreneurs Ep 8 - How to build a Sellable Business with Guest David Barnett

David C Barnett Small Business and Deal Making M&A SMB

Do you want to exit your business and still earn income? Why is documenting systems the key to making a business sellable? Why should you consider your business as an asset and not a life role?In this podcast episode, I speak with, Ron and Lexie Lee about how to build a sellable business.


26 May 2022

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Ep 8 - How to build a Sellable Business with David Barnett

The Married Entrepreneurs Podcast

Do you want to exit your business and still earn income? Why is documenting systems the key to making a business sellable? Why should you consider your business as an asset and not a life role? In this podcast episode, we speak about how to build a sellable business with David Barnett. We discuss how to evaluate and record your business's systems, as well as how to view your business as an investment. For show notes click here. Connect with us on Facebook Sign up for the free e-course: Mixing Business with Pleasure Email us at: Info@marriedentrepreneurspodcast.com


18 May 2022

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David Barnett on Inspired Leadership and Shaping the Dream Workplace (Rerun)

Phorest FM

[239] Phorest Growth Fund applications for 2022 are now open! We decided to offer two episode reruns for the occasion, the first one being a conversation from 2018 with business coach, CEO of High Performance Stylist and now Phorest Growth Fund panellist David Barnett. Managing a salon isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but salons and spas that find real success within the industry are the ones that run and function with clear confidence, commitment and communication. What if, like David proposes, “instead of marketing to new clients, we were able to build a business and become famous for being the best place to work? And marketing to the best stylists in your area. Because let’s face it, if you’ve got the best stylists in your area working for you, or they’re knocking on your door wanting jobs, and they’re fully booked, then your job is done. You have a highly successful business.” As you listen to this classic from Season 2, consider this: how do you think about yourself as a leader, and where is there room for growth? Links: Apply for the Phorest Growth Fund: https://www.phorest.com/resources/the-phorest-growth-fund/ Learn more about David Barnett & HPS (High Performance Stylist): https://www.joinhps.com/main Click here to subscribe to the weekly Phorest FM email newsletter: http://bit.ly/2T2gUj1 This episode was edited and mixed by Audio Z: Montreal’s cutting-edge post-production studio for creative minds looking to have their vision professionally produced and mixed. Great music makes great moments. Leave a Rating & Review: http://bit.ly/phorestfm Read the transcript, or click here to learn more about Phorest Salon Software.


21 Mar 2022

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Accidental Success and Genius Innovation | David Barnett, Founder & CEO at PopSockets

Ecommerce Innovators

Podcast Summary In this conversation with David Barnett, Founder and CEO of PopSockets, LLC, you’ll hear about David’s career before inventing PopSockets, his accidental success, the struggle of protecting the brand, innovating to stay current, PopSockets’ strategy and mission, the importance of self-expression, and get David’s advice on facing challenges.After spending his childhood as a serial entrepreneur, David’s interests led him into a career as an academic, eventually becoming a philosophy professor for around 10 years. In 2014, out of his garage, David invented PopSockets to solve his problem of tangled headset cords. The company has since expanded to over 70 countries and shows no signs of slowing down.David holds a BSc in Philosophy from Emory University, a Degree in Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a PhD in Philosophy from New York University.Episode Outline [00:49] About David and PopSockets[03:45] The early days of David Barnett[07:08] Growing into an entrepreneur[08:15] Putting the pieces together[10:39] Protecting the brand[14:24] Keeping innovation alive[18:51] PopSocket’s eCommerce strategy[20:30] PopSocket’s mission[22:50] Innovating to stay current[28:14] Navigating self-expression[31:24] PopSockets packaging[33:53] Challenges and adviceConnect with DavidLinkedInWebsiteConnect with PatternWebsiteLinkedIn (Pattern)LinkedIn (John LeBaron, CRO, Pattern)


16 Mar 2022

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Why We Podcast With David Barnett

David C Barnett Small Business and Deal Making M&A SMB

Vikram Rajan had me on his show to discuss the value of podcasting or YouTubbing to growing a business. We get 'behind the curtain' and discuss some of my experience in using this media to grow a business.Find Vik and learn more at www.videosocials.net


11 Feb 2022

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David Barnett on KimDaly.tv Jan 2022

David C Barnett Small Business and Deal Making M&A SMB

Kim invited me on her franchise show even though I wrote a book called Franchise Warnings! It was a lot of fun. Here are her original notes:Can you SELL your franchise business? Of course! You can sell a franchise just like you can sell a startup business. Here's HOW and WHY you must create an exit strategy.👉 Email me now for FREE Coaching: https://bit.ly/3qqA6td👉 Subscribe to KimDaly.tv: https://bit.ly/2YCDc1N👉 Hear what my candidates say: https://bit.ly/3C7fRTiFollow The Daly Coach on Facebook:https://facebook.com/createwealththru...Connect with me on LinkedIn:https://linkedin.com/in/dalykim----------📕 David C. Barnett's book "Franchise Warnings": https://amzn.to/3qAKEW9


21 Jan 2022

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1-6-22 HOUR 2: Paperboy, NFL Combine Questions, David Barnett joins the Show

Action Sports Jax On ESPN690

Brent and Austen discuss Paperboy, questions asked at the NFL Combine, and David Barnett - Flagler College head Baseball Coach, joins the show


6 Jan 2022