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Anthony Trucks | Shifting Your Identity

Good Life Project

If you LOVED this episode:You’ll also love the conversations we had with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor about how we can understand and tap our whole brains to live fuller lives.Anthony Trucks entered the foster system, along with his two siblings, when he was three years old, then spent years enduring a series of brutal experiences. Until he found a home where, after 8 years of legal battles, he became emancipated from his mom and was adopted by his then longtime foster parents. Still, a young Black man, now part of a White family who also struggled with poverty, he struggled to belong. Not so much to his family, but to the broader culture around him. He turned to football, working to rise up in the sport and, years down the road, accomplished his dream of being drafted and playing for the NFL. But, not long into his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a career-ending injury would bring it all tumbling down, and leave him stripped not only of his career but his very identity. And, that led to deep struggle, the demise of his family, and a season where Anthony found himself having to rediscover and redefine his sense of identity, who he was as a human being, a partner, a father, a friend, and someone driven to inspire agency and change in others. That journey led him back into the world of wellness, personal growth, speaking, training, and even competing in American Ninja Warrior. As a speaker and identity shift coach, Anthony teaches people how to design and build better lives and businesses by learning how to access the power of their identity to tap into their full potential, a methodology shared in his book, Identity Shift: Upgrade How You Operate to Elevate Your Life.You can find Anthony at: Website | InstagramMy new book Sparked!Check out our offerings & partners: Sarah Flint Shoes: Comfort-driven design, with features like arch support and extra footbed padding. Sarah Flint shoes are handcrafted in Italy by the artisans who make the highest quality luxury shoes in the world. Get $50 off your first Sarah Flint purchase when you go to SarahFlint.com/GOODLIFEMiro: Miro’s infinitely zoomable canvas and web whiteboard enables you to work the way you want to. Unleash your creativity, plan projects from all angles, and create centralized hubs of information to keep everyone in the loop. Go to miro.com/goodlife to start your free account. Sign up today and take advantage of three FREE white boards with this EXCLUSIVE offer.Sleep Number: Adjustable firmness, comfort and support on each side. Proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Special offers now available for a limited time. Only at Sleep Number stores or sleepnumber.com/GOODLIFESee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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4 Nov 2021

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276 - Foster Care to the NFL: How to Beat the Odds with Anthony Trucks

The Marie Forleo Podcast

When the odds are stacked against you, how do you succeed anyway? Foster kid turned NFL athlete, Anthony Trucks shares his 3-step method to upgrade your identity and succeed, even when it seems impossible. https://www.marieforleo.com/2021/10/anthony-trucks-identity-shift/ You are unintentionally building your life through an identity. @AnthonyTrucks via @MarieForleo


18 Oct 2021

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Brilliant Thoughts: Shifting Your Identity with Anthony Trucks

SUCCESS Podcasts

After a standout career playing football at Oregon, Anthony Trucks seemed poised to have it all. Just a few short years later, he found himself with injured and out of the league with a failed business and a family life in disarray. He has since put the pieces back together and reclaimed the good life. He describes to Tristan the key steps in this transformation and shares lessons that can apply to anyone's life.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


24 Sep 2021

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Anthony Trucks: The Identity Shift You Must Make

The Tyler Wagner Show

In this episode of The Tyler Wagner Show with Anthony Trucks shares on The Identity Shift You Must Make This episode is brought to you by Authors Unite.  Authors Unite provides you with all the resources you need to become a successful author. You can learn more about Authors Unite here: https://authorsunite.com/​​​​​​​​ Thank you for listening to The Tyler Wagner Show.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/authorsunite/support


15 Sep 2021

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778. Achieve Anything You Want Through “The Shift Method" feat. Anthony Trucks

Earn Your Happy

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Meeting people where they’re at Confronting your excuses Switching your story by creating proof Getting back into alignment Creating change while having a family The three stages of change Resources: anthonytrucks.com Visit identityshiftbook.com and use code “EYH” after buying the book to get a free audiobook, digital book, and more! Instagram: @anthonytrucks Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show! Get three months of Gusto free at gusto.com/lori Get 50% off a premium account of Issuu at issuu.com/podcast and use promo code “LORI” Show Notes: Have you been feeling stuck in life? Anthony Trucks is going to help you learn how to shift your mindset permanently. He has the power to make shift happen. Through the many traumatic events he’s had to overcome in his life, he’s mastered the art of making internal shifts to change his external circumstances. He’s going to share the tools you can use to make lasting change possible in your life. Question Highlights: How did your time in foster care shape your identity? How did you start switching your story? What did you do while you were building up proof? What do you beat yourself up over and how do you get over it? How do you incorporate your family into your life goals? What can people do to start noticing shifts in their lives? Guest Bio: Anthony Trucks is a foster kid turned NFL athlete and serial entrepreneur with one serious super power: making shift happen, no matter what, by accessing the power of identity. After overcoming over 30 traumatic life events, and navigating the identity shifts that followed, Anthony has come to be known as the leading expert in “shifting” – which is making a shift internally to elevate how you operate externally. Doing so changes your life. With his unique system, “The Shift Method,” Anthony weaves together neuroscience, psychology, technology, and hard-fought life lessons to help anyone with a desire for more in life achieve any goal they want (or have ever wanted). Buckle up because it’s time to make shift happen.


13 Sep 2021

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#129: Transform Your Identity with Anthony Trucks

Young and Profiting with Hala Taha

Looking to shift your mindset?In this episode, we are talking with Anthony Trucks, former NFL player turned transformational identity shift coach. As the founder of Identity Shift coaching, he uses cutting edge science and psychology to upgrade how you operate so you can elevate your life and business to reach your full potential. After being given away into foster care at 3 years old, being adopted into an all-white family at 14, losing his NFL career to injury and more he learned how to shift at a very young age, and now his life mission is teaching others how to Make Shift Happen in their lives.Anthony's expertise is helping individuals transform their current challenges into their greatest success. His pride in this program is providing the path and motivation for others to SHIFT their lives from where they currently are to where they want to be. Anthony is also the host of the Aww Shift Podcast. He’s been featured on NBC, NFL, the CW, Amazon, Netflix, National Geographic.In today’s episode, we discuss Anthony’s tumultuous upbringing, how he first got into football, and the major life shift he endured while in the NFL. We’ll also chat about Anthony’s Shift Method, his advice for creating your ideal identity, and how external factors shape your identity. If you’ve been feeling held back lately, this is a must-listen episode on how to shift your identity. Sponsored by - Gusto. Get three months free when you run your first payroll at gusto.com/YAP ZipRecruiter. Go to ziprecruiter.com/yap, to try out ZipRecruiter for free. Social Media: Follow YAP on IG: www.instagram.com/youngandprofitingReach out to Hala directly at Hala@YoungandProfiting.comFollow Hala on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/htaha/Follow Hala on Instagram: www.instagram.com/yapwithhalaFollow Hala on Clubhouse: @halatahaCheck out our website to meet the team, view show notes and transcripts: www.youngandprofiting.com Timestamps: 00:53 - Anthony’s Life Growing Up and Being Adopted03:00 - How His Family’s Limitations On Him Affected Him03:49 - How Anthony’s Life Changed Once He Got Adopted05:04 - The Way Anthony Caught Up With His Peers in Football08:34 - Anthony’s Demeanor as a Child 11:38 - The Definition of Identity14:22 - The Shift Method16:31 - Categorizing Aspects of Our Life19:40 - Anthony’s Major Identity and Life Shift26:05 - The Biggest Obstacles To Reaching Our Ideal Identity28:40 - How Ego Relates to Your Identity30:46 - Actionable Tips To Get Over Your Ego33:58 - Three Steps To The Identity Shift38:14 - The Importance of Your Environment40:42 - Anthony’s New Book, Identity Shift42:06 - Anthony’s Secret to Profiting in Life45:06 - How Anthony Forgives  Mentioned In The Episode: Anthony’s Website: https://anthonytrucks.com/Anthony’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthonytrucks/Anthony’s New Book (use code YAP for special gift): https://identityshiftbook.com/


30 Aug 2021

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Anthony Trucks, Former NFL Player, American Ninja Warrior, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

The Burn Podcast by Ben Newman

Anthony is a foster child, former NFL player, America Ninja Warrior, Entrepreneur, speaker and so much more… Through his own challenge and adversity he’s mastered the different SHIFTS that life threw at him (and they were big shifts!) His brand new book Identity Shift launched this week! In this book Anthony outlines those exact shifts that he made and how we can all do the same shifts if our own lives!WIN FREE SIGNED COPIES OF IDENTITY SHIFT!And get the Identity Shift Workbook for Free👇🏻Step 1. Order YOUR Copy of Identity Shift HereStep 2. Visit www.identityshiftbook.com and use code "TB" Follow Anthony on Social Media ***********************************************************Now taking applications for our new Leadership program- Apply Now, Spots limited.  Order my new book UNCOMMON LEADERSHIP: 11 Ways the Greatest Leaders Lead  Connect with me everywhere else: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/continuedfight Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Continuedfight/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ContinuedFight


27 Aug 2021

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Making Shift Happen: Creating your Identity to Achieve Literally Anything in Life - with Anthony Trucks


Today’s the day to cut the crap, eliminate excuses, and get ready to Make Shift Happen. Serial entrepreneur, speaker and bestselling author Anthony Trucks is living proof of the reality that we can CREATE our own identities with intention to achieve literally ANYTHING we want in life - so long as we’re willing to stick it out through the painful parts along the way. As a foster kid turned NFL athlete with 30+ traumatic life events in between, Anthony was constantly shifting his own identity - shifting internally to elevate externally, and to in turn change his life for the better. In today’s episode, he’s dropping practical tips and step-by-steps for making that your own reality too, so that no matter what hand you’ve been dealt, you feel empowered to step up, accept change, and make shift happen. CONNECT WITH ANTHONY Identity Shift: Upgrade How You Operate to Elevate Your Life (Use code "TP" to get an additional SIGNED copy of the book) Instagram Website GET YOUR COPY OF CAFFEINATE YOUR SOUL: 52 MONDAY MANTRAS HERE: Amazon Barnes and Noble Target Walmart FOLLOW ALONG: THRIVE Podcast Instagram Instagram Facebook Coming Up Roses


25 Aug 2021

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Make Shift Happen - How Your Identity Informs Your Results with Anthony Trucks

The Coachable Podcast

Hey y'all be sure to use the code TCP and the first 10 people will get an autographed signed copy of Anthony Truck's new work "Identity Shift Book." www.AnthonyTrucks.com | www.IdentityShiftBook.comAnthony Trucks is a foster kid turned NFL athlete and serial entrepreneur with one serious super power. Making Shift Happen, no matter what, by accessing the power of identity. After overcoming over 30+ traumatic life events, and navigating the identity shifts that followed, Anthony has come to be known as the leading expert in “Shifting”. Which is making a shift internally, to elevate how you operate externally, which in turn changes your life. With his unique coaching system called “The Shift Method”, that can also be found in his new book “Identity Shift”, Anthony weaves together neuroscience, psychology, technology, and hard fought life lessons to help anyone with a desire for more  in their life achieve any goal they want, or have ever wanted. Before making it apparent their goals were actually set far below their true potential in the first place. Buckle up, It’s time to Make Shift Happen.You can find Anthony on social media @ Instagram.com/anthonytrucks | Facebook.com/anthonytrucksAs always, thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing in this learning and growth!Until next week,Coach Tori


14 Jul 2021

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How To Make Your Greatest Impact (with Anthony Trucks on the Aww Shift Podcast)

Multifamily Live

Hey! Jason Yarusi here.Today’s episode comes from an interview I did with Anthony Trucks on his show, Aww Shift Podcast.Anthony Trucks is a former NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior on NBC, international speaker, host of the Aww Shift podcast, and the founder of Identity Shift coaching.We discuss the $75 million multifamily real estate business I started with my wife, the Jason and Pili Project where we have run over 25,000 miles together, the challenges I’ve encountered along the way, and how I continue to overcome them.Stop thinking about winning and start winning EVERY DAY!We break down how you can harness your mindset to think forward and conquer your goals.Listen in now!Connect With Anthony TrucksWant to learn more about Anthony? Visit AnthonyTrucks.com!Want to Learn More About Multifamily Real Estate Investing?If you’re an experienced real estate investor and you’re ready to get around a community of active multifamily real estate investors who will support you, hold you accountable, and push you to set goals that inspire you as you grow your business, check out 7 Figure Multifamily and see if it looks like a good fit. If it is, I invite you to join in. If you have any questions, please reach out!- CLICK HERE: https://7fm.7figuremultifamily.com/7fmgroup====================Want to continue your multifamily real estate journey? Here are a few more resources to check out...Multifamily Live Podcast: Subscribe and get more episodes like this one delivered to you every week! Click Here: https://www.7figuremultifamily.com/multifamily-live-podcastFacebook Group: We've built a community of serious investors who are learning and growing their businesses together. Join the Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/multifamilylive/7FigureMultifamily.com: Learn more about who we are, our mentoring groups, upcoming events, and the causes we support at our website. Plus, grab some free downloads and other materials to help you on your real estate investing journey! Click Here: https://www.7figuremultifamily.com/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Jul 2021