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Healing from Childhood Abuse: An Inspiring Journey with Anthony Trucks

Think Unbroken with Michael Unbroken | CPTSD, TRAUMA and Mental Health Healing Podcast

Today, we sit down with Anthony Trucks, a former NFL player and motivational speaker who shares his personal journey of healing from childhood abuse. This show is a must-listen for anyone who has experienced child abuse and is looking for a supportive and uplifting space to begin their healing journey. The show also a great resource for friends, family and professionals who want to support victims and survivors of abuse. Tune in every week to learn valuable strategies and tools for reclaiming your identity and finding hope and healing. Optimize your journey of healing and subscribe now on your favorite podcast platform! ************* LINKS & RESOURCES ************* Learn how to heal and overcome childhood trauma, narcissistic abuse, ptsd, cptsd, higher ACE scores, anxiety, depression, and mental health issues and illness. Learn tools that therapists, trauma coaches, mindset leaders, neuroscientists, and researchers use to help people heal and recover from mental health problems. Discover real and practical advice and guidance for how to understand and overcome childhood trauma, abuse, and narc abuse mental trauma. Heal your body and mind, stop limiting beliefs, end self-sabotage, and become the HERO of your own story.  Join our FREE COMMUNITY as a member of the Unbroken Nation: https://www.thinkunbrokenacademy.com/share/AEGok414shubQSzq?utm_source=manual Join us for our FREE trauma Transformation conference this December at: https://unbrokencon.com/ Download the first three chapters of the Award-Winning Book Think Unbroken: Understanding and Overcoming Childhood Trauma: https://book.thinkunbroken.com/ Join the Think Unbroken Trauma Transformation Course: https://coaching.thinkunbroken.com/ @Michael Unbroken: https://www.instagram.com/michaelunbroken/ Follow us on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@michaelunbroken Learn more at https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com Learn More About Anthony Trucks at: https://anthonytrucks.com/


30 Nov 2022

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Creating Success On Your Terms with Anthony Trucks

Let It Be Easy with Susie Moore

Anthony is a former NFL player turned transformational identity shift coach. At three years old, he was placed into the foster care system. Between being placed in foster care and being adopted by an all-white low-income family at 14, he overcame many challenges and made the varsity football team. By 25, he was on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster and had a beautiful wife, a son, and an even brighter future. Or so he thought... In this conversation, Anthony shares how shifting his ideal identity is the only way that he's been able to achieve success in his career. We discuss:- How being able to adapt quickly can enhance your life.- How to handle a bad day.- The clarity that defining your priorities brings and why it's a significant energy saver!- Why you must set your own scale to define your life's success.Also, I'm hosting a free workshop to show you how to coach yourself through life's challenges. Check it out here.And if you like this episode, please consider rating and reviewing the podcast on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy this episode! This helps to get the message out to more people just like you. And be sure to click the "Follow" button to get notified of updates.


20 Nov 2022

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I Will TEACH YOU The 3 Skills You Need To NEVER BE LAZY Again! | Anthony Trucks

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: https://bit.ly/3F8qOJLBuild IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: https://bit.ly/3fZcbO5Today's Sponsor:BetterHelp: betterhelp.com/impacttheoryOn Today's Episode: When you haven’t done enough hard things to earn your own respect it’s easy to quit when things get hard. You start to feel lazy and unmotivated because you lack the grit and self-discipline to see anything through to the end. Often we lack the motivation to do what success demands of us because we don’t have an identity that aligns with the outcome we say we want. Our poor habits and inability to show up consistently to create the outcome and experience we say we want creates a greater distance between where we are and where we want to go.Anthony Trucks started with an enormous gap between the 3 year old that entered the foster care system, the teenager they called “Butterfingers,” and the NFL player turned motivational speaker, bestselling author, life coach and podcast host. He advocates the value of hard work and suffering that creates experiences, opportunities and outcomes that make it possible to build a new identity. He helps people learn and do what it takes to shift their identity.In this episode, we’re deep diving into 3 skills Anthony believes will help you avoid being lazy and learn to stay motivated and take action even when you don’t think it’s possible.SHOW NOTES:0:00 | Introduction to Anthony Trucks0:08 | Create an Internal Structure11:32 | Shift Your Identity26:24 | Commit to Do What Is Hard42:09 | Work in the Dark, Shine Brighter55:53 | Rebuilding a Failed MarriageQUOTES:“I like the idea that perspective precedes enlightenment.” [1:33]“It’s interesting how people with the most idotic views can frame them so eloquently now.” [3:40]“People don’t understand that you can entertain an idea without adopting it.” [10:37]“I believed the fact that if I did nothing, then nothing would get better.” [15:19]“I get the desire to want to feel good in your own skin, but the solution isn’t to avoid the fact that you don’t feel that great.” [19:15]“One of the problems we have in society now is that we coddle kids and we rob them of their hardships.” [32:40]“I’d done too much work in the dark for you to take what’s mine in the light.” [42:42]“A lot of people are trying to shine in the light without having done that dark work.” [44:51]“You are what you consistently do.” [45:18]“I craft a specific experience for myself because I have to experience something to rewire it.” [49:29]Follow Anthony Trucks:Website: https://anthonytrucks.com/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/anthonytrucks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnthonyTrucks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthonytrucks/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/anthonytrucks

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25 Oct 2022

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Best of “Fostering Change” Season 3 | Anthony Trucks

Fostering Change

Originally aired March 22, this is our first “Best of” episode, as we conclude Season 3.Rob Scheer talks with Anthony Trucks,Coach, Speaker, Author, Former NFL, CEO at Identity Shift.Anthony is an experienced president with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Athlete Development, Coaching, Sales, Football, and Event Management.Key Story Notes: 🖐️The Six Types of Failure: Learn how to stop placing importance on fear of failing and learn instead to reframe failures as you learn when you fail forward. 🖐️The Difference Between Healthy Guilt and Unhealthy Guilt: It has the power to push you to become the version of yourself.🖐️Identity Shift: How to make a life change to find your true identityYou can find out more about Anthony by visiting:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnthonyTrucks/Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnthonyTrucksInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthonytrucks/Author Website: https://anthonytrucks.com/Learn more at https://www.comfortcases.org/ Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


11 Oct 2022

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61. Learning From Your Failures (with Anthony Trucks, Creator of The Shift Method)

Kajabi Edge

Today’s guest is Anthony Trucks, Creator of The Shift Method where he helps ambitious people unlock and access their full potential and “make shift happen” by accessing a limitless state of ridiculous power. Learn more about Anthony Trucks below: Website Instagram ∗∗∗∗∗∗ Follow Jared on Twitter! Interested in signing up for Kajabi? SIGN UP NOW If you enjoyed the podcast please leave a review and rating to help inspire more online entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. Your review will help create more Kajabi Heroes.  Share this episode on social media & tag us to get a shoutout on the show:  Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Interested in being a guest on the podcast to share your Kajabi journey with the world? SIGN UP FOR OUR GUEST LIST!


23 Sep 2022

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Identity Gap: What Stands Between Individuals Achieving or Letting Go of Their Goals with Anthony Trucks

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Anthony Trucks is a former UO football player, NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior on NBC, international speaker, host of the Aww Shift podcast, and the founder of Identity Shift coaching. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. There’s a gap between who you are and who you need to be to have what you want to have. If your identity does not match the dream, you don’t get the dream. 2. You have to be able to do things in the dark without positive public celebration. It has connection to being happy that only you know when you did the dark work. 3. With beliefs so high, and thoughts trained in a positive manner, mindset is powerful. With both is in place, it’s amazing. If one is in opposition with the other, mindset will fall apart. Visit Anthony’s website - Anthony Trucks Website Sponsors: HubSpot: A platform that’s easy for your entire team to use! Learn how HubSpot can make it easier for your business to grow better at Hubspot.com! Netsuite: Over 31,000 businesses know their numbers - because they use NetSuite, by Oracle, the #1 cloud financial system! To check out NetSuite's one-of-a-kind flexible financing program visit NetSuite.com/fire! ProsperSpark: Anything and everything you can imagine in Excel, ProsperSpark can create and deliver it for you! Book a free project call today at ProsperSpark.com/fire! Mention Entrepreneurs On Fire to receive a 10% discount up to $1,000 on your project or service agreement!


14 Sep 2022

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In the Details: The Power of a Small Shift with Anthony Trucks

SUCCESS Podcasts

Anthony Trucks—international speaker, author and host of the Aww Shift podcast—talks with Karen about the power of small shifts to achieve a completely different outcome. He shares how he got to a place of being open-minded to change and how to take action to improve your productivity and perspective.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


30 Aug 2022

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E215: The Identity Shift: How to Upgrade How You Operate with Anthony Trucks

Tribe of Millionaires Podcast

Imagine  living your life the same way for 40 years. Then someone comes up and rattles your cage and says you've been doing it wrong or you could have done it better. What do you do? In today’s discussion, former NFL athlete-turned-speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, Anthony Trucks, talks about how to make an identity shift that will give you a limitless sense of ridiculous power. Anthony is an author of multiple books, including his most recent one, “Identity Shifts: Upgrade How You Operate to Elevate Your Life”. He's also the host of two podcasts “Aww Shift” and “Shift Starter”. And if you think you’ve probably seen this guy jumping, leaping, and flying somewhere outside of the ball field, well, Anthony did compete on American Ninja Warrior. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: [02:01] How he ended up in foster care at only three years old [05:21] The moment he found a mom who loved him and cared for him [08:25] A weird dynamic between Anthony and his biological mom [15:23] How his love of football began [18:49] A decision to start the path of improvement [22:11] The Dark Work [25:02] Life after the NFL [29:18] Identity as your natural state of flow [32:59] The Shift Method [38:47] How to craft your identity and plan what you want to be [45:03] The shift phase and sustainability [49:41] Other powerful insights from Anthony’s book [52:13] Giving yourself permission to be fully in your gift Notable quotes from the Episode: “If you go to any prison in America, 75% of the inmates are former foster kids. On top of that, half of our homeless population are foster kids because they've aged out of the system. Less than 1%  have ever graduated from college.” “There's a level of investment as a human that creates a different return that most people do not understand until they've gotten to it.” "The truth of how we operate as humans is we lose sight of what's important… we've never been the fruit, we've always been the tree.” “Identity is who you are being when you're not paying attention to who you are being. It's just my natural state of flow.” “It's hard to see the label when you're inside of the jar. We don't really see who we are and there are people above us that do see it. And some people don't want to see it because their ego might get poked." Connecting with the Guest Website: www.anthonytrucks.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthonytrucks Book: www.identityshiftbook.com Podcasts: https://anthonytrucks.com/aww-shift-with-anthony-trucks/ and https://anthonytrucks.com/shift-starter/ Connect with our growing community: Apply to GoBundance: https://www.gobundance.com/membership Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gobundance/ Not a millionaire yet but want to be a part of our ecosystem? Check out EMERGE by GoBundance. Enroll Today! https://www.gobundance.com/emerge Interested in starting your own podcast or handing off your production to a qualified team? Email erik@onairbrands.com to learn how we're making the world better, one mic at a time.


12 Jul 2022

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From NFL to Identity Alchemist - Unlock your true potential with Anthony Trucks

The Mind Of George Show

Whether you struggle with imposter syndrome ,have a difficult time staying consistent inside your business, or feel like you are out of alignment with who you serve, this episode is for you. Anthony Trucks has a gift for breaking down  your identity and how to make a shift in the right direction so you can create maximum impact. Anthony is a former NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior on NBC, international speaker, host of the Aww Shift podcast, and the founder of Identity Shift coaching. He uses cutting edge science and psychology to upgrade how you operate so you can elevate your life and business to reach your full potential.Listen in to discover:Why your true self is who you are when you're not thinking about who you areThe five stages to shift your identity and your results How to identify with the efforts and not the outcomesHow to identify your roots and your fruits in your story How to stop settling for less than you are worth Connect With Anthony On InstagramConnect With Anthony On His Website Liked this episode, check out this relatable one  The Dark Side Of The NFL And  Entrepreneurship With Chris Gronkowski Notable Quotes And Time Stamps 09:59 I'm in the season of dad right now. I got these three kids and I want them to remember their childhood with their father while I still build this thing. Anthony Trucks12:31 Your identity is who you are when you are not thinking about who you are. It is essentially responsible for everything that you do, see, and it's how you show up in life.14:42  It's hard to see the label when you're inside of the jar. -Anthony Trucks  24:09 The hard part has nothing to do with the planning, it has to do with acting on the plan.- Anthony Trucks27:40 Roots are faith, family, health, friends, and emotional control in heightened situations. If my roots, faith, family , friends and my health are good and I can control my emotions, I have deep roots. I don't care what you throw at me. - Anthony Trucks44:23​​ ​​Don't get so addicted to the struggle. Enjoy the journey you're on, because the destination is not the destination. The destination is a journey. Anthony Trucks 


8 Jul 2022

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How Anyone Can Make Shift Happen with Anthony Trucks


Anthony Trucks is a former NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior on NBC, international speaker, host of the Aww Shift podcast, and the founder of Identity Shift coaching. He uses cutting-edge science and psychology to upgrade how you operate so you can elevate your life and business to reach your full potential. After being given away into foster care at three years old, being adopted into an all-white family at 14, losing his NFL career to injury, and more he learned how to shift at a very young age, and now his life mission is teaching others how to Make Shift Happen in their lives. Anthony will be the closing keynote speaker at the In2Risk event this November in San Francisco. He has joined the podcast today to address major life challenges — how to overcome them and how to shift when things get crazy. Key Takeaways Anthony shares the early childhood experiences that led him to make shift happen. Ownership is the first step to making true change — Anthony asked himself what he personally had control over and could shift to take control of his life. The process of effecting real change starts with embracing the discomfort. Consistently returning to the difficult, over time, transitions it into your new normal. “Embracing the suck” transforms the drive that will help anyone make lasting change. There is a space where you can exist without the anxiety or fear of a certain trajectory toward a death pit. Ask yourself about the work that you are doing — is this the right time to do it? Is this the right amount of time spent on it? Can I leave work at work? Anthony wants listeners to fall in love with your day, not just your destination. Progress happens when we stretch for more while still keeping a good rhythm in life. The core habits that help Anthony make shift happen include effective planning, pausing before saying yes, and maintaining a daily schedule. Creating boundaries with phone calls, texts, and emails will allow you to accomplish your high-priority tasks first. Five minutes of focus time is all you need to lean into productive flow. Avoiding distraction starts by taking yourself off-line to counteract your brain’s desire for a dopamine hit. Anthony shares some of the major risk-taking moves in his career that paid off, and some that didn’t. What will the future have to offer for those who want to make shift happen in their lives? Insights from Anthony’s time as the first former NFL athlete on American Ninja Warrior. Anthony reveals what he wishes he had known at the beginning of his journey. Keep Getting Better Anthony Trucks IN2Risk 2022 Quotes “Eventually there’s a journey that takes place where this thing that you hated to do becomes something that you identify with now.” “We all know what we want, but for some reason, there’s not enough of a drive.” “I have to fall in love with the day, not just the destination.” “I can still stretch for more while keeping a good, enjoyable rhythm in my life.” “Being able to put boundaries … is paramount to your success.” “People who can execute and execute consistently, I believe, have the greatest upside.” “I want the opportunity in the moment where no one else sees it.”


1 Jun 2022