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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sian Berry. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sian Berry, often where they are interviewed.

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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sian Berry. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sian Berry, often where they are interviewed.

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Ep 2 | A Greener Economy with Sian Berry

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Green Party leader Sian Berry shares her thoughts on how the UK can achieve an environmentally sustainable future post COVID-19, along with her advice for current students and recent graduates based on the wealth of experience she has gained during her wide ranging and successful career so far. 

Music by Lakey Inspired: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired/

Aug 31 2020 · 38mins
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GreenJennyJones talks civil liberties and Covid 19 with Green Party London Assembly Member Sian Berry and Silkie Carlo, Big Brother Watch

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Jenny went on the Stay in with Sian Show to discuss the Covid Emergency Powers, the failed App and the government's attempt to by-pass Parliamentary Democracy with the use of secondary legislation. 

Jul 02 2020 · 24mins

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Green Politics with Sian Berry

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In the first episode of TCOGG Victoria and Adam talk about what they found on a beach clean in Portugal, why Adam used to surf in sewage and have a fascinating chat with co-leader of the UK's Green Party Sian Berry about activism, green energy and the climate crisis.

Brought to you by Inland Sea.

Feb 22 2020 · 43mins
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Who's Best to Turn London Green? (with Sian Berry)

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The latest figures have painted a better picture for the U.K. economy. Is this a "Boris bounce" in action? Adam Blenford, editor of Bloomberg's Brexit Bulletin newsletter, and Dan Hanson, senior U.K. economist at Bloomberg Economics, join to discuss.

And how do you take on a mayor who's been vocal on environmental issues? Sian Berry, Green candidate for Mayor of London, tells Bloomberg Westminster's Caroline Hepker and Sebastian Salek it's her party's pressure on Sadiq Khan that has delivered results for London. She says now it's time to "cut out the middle man".

Feb 21 2020 · 24mins

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144. London mayoral walks #2, with Green Sian Berry

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This week, it’s the second in our mayoral walks mini-series. 

Sian Berry is the co-leader of the Green party, a member of the London Assembly, and is currently running as the party’s candidate to be mayor of the capital for the third time. A few weeks before Christmas, we spent a gloriously crisp winter afternoon together walking from Manor House station to Dalston together, a route chosen mostly because it took us along Green Lanes (geddit?). 

Along the way we talked about, among other things, air pollution, and how to fix it; how London can reform regeneration schemes so that they don’t screw over existing residents; and, something which Sian still has personal experience of, the capital’s private rental sector. We also ended our walk at a community “parklet” – a parking space, converted into a teeny, tiny park – and talked about how to take back space from cars.

My next walk, all being well, will take place later this month, and will be with the man who inspired the whole project, Rory Stewart.

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Feb 13 2020 · 29mins
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SHOW 132 - Sian Berry (Election Special #20)

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The co-leader of the Green Party joins Matt for a brilliant chat about the opportunities and risks for the Greens at this election as well as a great conversation about how they influence the powerful and the public in general. Are they being squeezed by Jeremy Corbyn? How do they differ in their approach to Extinction Rebellion? How can you find out about what information the police have on you? Is Matt in trouble for drinking from a single use plastic bottle? There's only one way to find out...

Follow Sian on Twitter: @SianBerry

Follow Matt on Twitter: @mattforde

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14 January - Salford Lowry
20 February - Crewe
21 February - Leicester
5 March - Darlington
6 March - Hexham
7 March - Bedford
10 March - London Southbank
18 March - Leeds
19 March - York
20 March - Alnwick
22 March - Southend
23 March - Cambridge
27 March - London Southbank
29 March - Brighton
7 April - Newcastle
8 April - Glasgow
9 April - Aberdeen
10 April - Chorley
12 April - Camberley
17 April - Corby
28 April - Exeter
30 April - Bristol
1 May - Gloucester
2 May - London Bloomsbury
7 May - Maidstone
13 May - Nottingham
20 May - Sheffield
21 May - Stafford
22 May - London Southbank
30 May - Edinburgh
31 May - Edinburgh
Dec 06 2019 · 41mins
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Housing is a right we’ll secure with a Green New Deal // Sian Berry

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We talked to Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, about the state of housing in the UK and the Green Party’s plans to secure it as a human right and transform it through a Green New Deal. Sian Berry has decades of campaigning and politics under her belt, from pushing for renters’ rights on the London Assembly to fighting the fight on a national level as the co-leader of the Green Party of England  and Wales.

Read the Green Party manifesto here: https://campaigns.greenparty.org.uk/manifesto
Join the Green Party of England and Wales: https://join.greenparty.org.uk

Produced by Seden Anlar & Julia Lagoutte - in collaboration with the Green Party of England and Wales.

Dec 05 2019 · 39mins
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Sian Berry, Liz Saville, Health

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Sian Berry is co-leader of the Green Party. The Greens have seen a rise in support at local and European elections, and polling experts say they’ve had success in attracting younger women voters. How do they plan to win further seats at Westminster and promote green policies in their manifesto? We ask Sian Berry what the Greens are offering women that other parties aren't.

Liz Saville Roberts is Plaid Cymru’s leader at Westminster. She's wants to stop a New Deal Brexit, and her party has formed an electoral pact with the Lib Dems and the Greens. That means they're not going to stand against each other in certain seats. She's a supporter of the Unite to Remain Pact saying that it would be the “easiest thing under the sun” for all parties to “go back to the comforts of tribalism”. She tells us what her party is offering women in Wales.

How do you raise multilingual children? And what happens when your first language isn't very common where you live? Language is one of those things that help you stay connected to your heritage but raising a child to speak two or more languages can be harder than it sounds. We hear from two Nigerian mums: one who speaks Igala and the other Yoruba.

Women are facing “unacceptable barriers” to essential healthcare services. That's according to a new report published by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Their survey of 3,000 plus women in the UK shows that many are struggling to access basic healthcare like contraception and menopause support. The Better for Women report says there needs to be a national strategy to meet the needs of girls and women throughout their life: from being a teenager, being middle-aged and then older. Professor Lesley Regan, President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, joins us in the studio.
Dec 03 2019 · 47mins
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Interview and Phone In with Green Party Co-Leader Sian Berry

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Joining Iain Dale in the studio, as part of LBC's election coverage, is the Green Party's Co-Leader Sian Berry
Nov 10 2019 · 42mins
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Tony Blair & Sian Berry: Climate change and (political) earthquakes

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With the European elections coming up Sophy asks former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair if he can still vote for the party. Plus Green Party co-leader Sian Berry explains why the Greens are on the rise.
May 12 2019 · 39mins