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Sue Rice

Geniuses Of Copywriting

On this episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, we speak to Sue Rice, who has been called 'The Female David Ogilvy' although I prefer 'Long Haired David Ogilvy' - a natural storyteller and A-list email copywriter with a list of wins a mile long. We discuss: The secret she used to get open rates of around 50% over a sequence of 30 emails for a dental practice How to break through the clutter of advertising messages and your inbox with 6 billion unread emails Storytelling secrets learned from 25 years in the trenches writing emails that sell to more niches than you can poke a stick at Sue is an entertaining storyteller and has more marketing and copywriting knowledge than most other copywriters put together. She could live anywhere - so she chose Paris, France and makes her clients millions from there. Full episode & resources at https://GeniusesOfCopywriting.com/sue-rice


4 May 2020

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Sue Rice - Entrepreneurs Have The Best Self-Development

Hustle and Flowshorts

Sue Rice - Entrepreneurs Have The Best Self-Development Today's short is brought to you by our EPIC Membership We are also sponsored by ConvertBox


16 Mar 2020

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710 – Most Emails are Crap, and How to Stand Out in the Inbox with Sue Rice

SuperFastBusiness Coaching With James Schramko

A lot of online marketers these days are emailing rubbish. Copywriter of 25 years Sue Rice tells you how to avoid that.


22 Jan 2020

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Sue Rice - How To Stand Out In The Inbox And Get 50%+ Open Rates

Hustle And Flowchart - Web3 and The Creator Economy

Nicknamed the ‘female David Ogilvy’, Sue Rice is a long-time marketing strategist, professional copywriter and international communications expert. She is famous for the award-winning copy she has written for countless entrepreneurs as well as prestigious companies such as Ericsson, LEGO, Nike, Salomon and Wrangler. Her specialty is email copywriting and her Done-For-You email sequences deliver record-breaking open rates (40%-60%) and CTRS (5-10%), boosting her clients’ sales and building their communities. You will really enjoy our conversation as Sue shares her wealth of knowledge and copywriting tips that she has amassed over the years. After you have listened, be sure to check out our episodes with Joy Houston and Adil Amarsi for additional tactics on writing amazing sales copy.  “You undercut your power when you need to be liked by everyone.” - Sue Rice Some Topics We Discussed Include: Ways to gather pain points of your audience Headlines that work to get those high open rates A copywriting trick that has proven results How to connect with your audience by watching Netflix The yin and yang of email marketing Why everything is the same in today’s marketing and how to set yourself apart What you should not be talking about in your message  Storytelling tips to make your communications more interesting  And much, much more! Contact Sue Rice: SueRice.com Email: sue@suerice.com - Sue works with people in a couple different ways. She has a lot of DFY services as a copywriter. She also has workshops and does copywriting critiques for people  References and Links Mentioned: The Tall Lady With The Iceberg by Anne Miller Matt Furey’s coaching seminars Are you ready to be EPIC with us?! Then grab our EGP Letter here where you’ll get not only all of the notes for everything episode we’ve done and will do in the mail, a private forum community, plus new training videos all the time with us and our guests.  Today’s show is co-sponsored by Easy Webinar and Casey Zeman.  He has put together a 20% off deal for our listeners. Be sure to check them out as they have live webinars, hybrid webinars, automated webinars and social media functionality, everything you need for webinars in a single platform.  How To Write Copy That Speaks Directly To Your Ideal Customers - Joy Houston Tactics And Formulas To Write Amazing Sales Copy - Adil Amarsi Grab the notes for this show for free by visiting HustleAndFlowchart.com/comp or text “COMP” to 38470

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9 Jan 2020

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43 - Are You Making These 9 Copywriting Mistakes? with special guest Sue Rice

Teach Traffic

Sue Rice and I talk about the 9 copywriting mistakes people make in all forms of their marketing - landing pages, sales pages and email marketing. Be sure to listen to this episode to avoid making these 9 classic (and avoidable!) mistakes.


24 Apr 2019

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Old Wines New Bottles – A Fresh Look at Email Marketing with Sue Rice

The Real Magic Podcast - Unpacking Design with Greg & Alan

Ep 118: Old Wines New Bottles – A Fresh Look at Email Marketing with Sue Rice The Female David Ogilvy of copywriting!! That’s what high [...] READ POST The post Old Wines New Bottles – A Fresh Look at Email Marketing with Sue Rice appeared first on The Real Magic Podcast, Unpacking Design with Greg & Alan.


23 May 2018

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8 - Don't Make These 5 Email Marketing Mistakes with Sue Rice

Teach Traffic

Sue Rice and I reveal the most common email marketing mistakes and importantly, how you can avoid making them. Email is still the most profitable marketing channel, so be sure to listen to this episode.


10 Nov 2017

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Episode 235: “About Email Marketing: How to Turn Words into Wealth” - Sue Rice

Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Open your inbox. How many emails are sitting there, waiting to be read? Probably a ton! Inbox zero is no easy task! But among these emails, some are good and some are worse than others. Sue Rice says that probably the majority of your emails are sent by people who do their email marketing the wrong way! What? Seriously? Right now, I bet that you are thinking: “I totally hope that I am not a part of these people!” Well, good news. You can test. Now. Today, I interview Sue Rice and she is an email marketing expert. A real Queen at it. And you’ll get answers. And not tactics. But strategies. Tune in and enjoy. And if you want to get in touch with Sue, here is where you can go: http://slice.international/


31 Jan 2017

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Sue Rice

The Path to Fabulously Successful

Sue Rice is a long-time strategic and communications expert, author, international speaker and 6 and 7 figure serial entrepreneur who specializes in midlife marketing.  The editor and publisher of the acclaimed Midway Cafe online magazine, Susan also recently unveiled an international study on 45-65 year old called the Reboot Generation.   Rice started her career on Madison Avenue.  She came to Paris in the 90s to help run BBDO Europe headquarters and was in charge of 25 countries and $3 billion worth of business.  A few years later she left to run her own communications boutique where she led Rock Star companies like Lego, Nike and Ericsson to develop breakthrough international communications programs.   Her company today concentrates on the lucrative Baby Boomer market. She provides high-level, proven formulas so that corporations and individuals alike can capture the Reinvention Revolution for the 45+ age group.   For corporations, Sue Rice provides high-level, professional guidance on how to tap into the midlife market.  For individuals, she has crafted breakthrough individual and group programs and ‘done for you’ services that help people in their 40s, 50s and 60s become successful entrepreneurs.    Sue’s client list includes companies such as AT&T, BBDO Advertising, Ericsson, FIAT, General Foods, Gillette, L’Oreal, LEGO, Nike, SNCF Railways, and the United Nations.    She is also the author of Mastering Web 2.0 which  is available internationally.  You can learn more about Sue and her work at: http://midwaycafemagazine.com/  -and- bitly.com/midwaycafe


13 May 2013