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Get more listings with YouTube Ads - Aaron Martinez

Super Agents Live- Selling Real Estate

  In this fast moving environment none of us really know who is ready to sell or buy a house--I cant tell you how many times agents will email me with a story about how one of their close friends used another agent or how the person you see everyday at the gym used someone else. If youve been around long enough this has happened to you--the reason I think its important is that too often people assume that 1) other people know what you do and trust you to do the job and 2) everyone is one interaction away from signing a contract.  I often hear people say “that neighborhood is dominated by X” or I cant break into that group because everyone in that group knows susan and will use her.  I say that is a false notion -- a limiting belief that is holding you back. I hope that today you will learn why you might want to start incorporating youtube ads in your quiver.  We talk about how to buy ads, when you actually get charged for an ad and how to target your ideal type of person or demographic. I just realized that many of you might not understand how an online ad running in the background fits into your sales funnel.  You might not even have one  or a real one. Just the basics---your sales funnel looks just like a funnel---you have a big opening at the top where all kinds of stuff comes in and you finally have a smaller opening at the bottom where sales or dollars actually falls out.  At the top of your funnel you should have a mix of inputs---some of them totally offline like calling your database--that is an offline lead generation input.  You might have radio, television, postcards or some other mailer--that is another type of offline lead generation inputs.  Most of the offline inputs i described above are primarily used to locate sellers --generally.  Your sales funnel should also have top line inputs that are online and can run in the background and can be easily and quickly changed, altered or stopped.  This is where facebook ads, youtube ads or google PPC come into play.  These are cheap inputs that yield large amounts of low quality leads.  For those of you who will take exception to me saying online leads are low quality-----I am calling them low quality because they generally have a low level of intent--they often are more curious that ready to pull the trigger but, this type of always running in the background strategy can be extremely effective when we target the prospects in your database.  The people who have met you but, dont know you well or those people that might know you relatively well but, arent familiar with your level of expertise.  This might be someone you know from your childs school or that guy or girl you know at the gym.  Facebook ads, youtube ads and generally online methods can be very effective at converting prospects that have lower levels of connection with you.  So----hopefully you have an understanding of what your funnel might look like-----lets get to the episode

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15 Oct 2020

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294 - Video Branding with Aaron Martinez

REV (Real Estate Vision)

Aaron Martinez started off his journey on YouTube at the age of 14. He very quickly realized that personal branding was one of the quickest ways to not only build credibility but also serve as an authority. After branding himself as the “go-to Snapchat guy” on YouTube, he built up his following from 0-100k in a little under 6 months. In the time of the “Snapchat boom” Aaron partnered up with companies like Coke, Disney, Zillow, Nasdaq, Nowthis, and Thrillest to show them how to launch and build a brand on Snapchat. Through the partnership with Zillow, Aaron started to grow interested in Real Estate - getting a branding/video content creator at a local brokerage, he fell in love with the concept of branding in a local sense. His first year in the company, he won an award for branding specialist of the year for the work put into helping build the company. While getting a taste of real estate, he wanted to help other people around the world not only build their brand but also generate qualified leads (bringing tangible results for his clients) to help grow their revenue. He partnered up with Karan Sanghavi through a mutual mentorship group - and that is when RE Agent Growth was Born. Their mission together is to completely disrupt the real estate marketing space with their “Non-Automated Attraction” model. In a world where so many RE professionals swear by their “automation” and bot technology, they really quickly found a way to set appointments at an alarming rate (up to 80% from lead to apt) through their methods. Currently working with a brokerage that is doing over 25 million in transactions a month and proving that the methods are bulletproof. As a company, they are also planning to incorporate massive amounts of branding/video to showcase how important it is to have a personal brand, especially in a space where everyone says they are “the best at real estate marketing” but very few even show their face. In today's episode, we discuss how to create a business identity using video.  In this episode, you'll learn.. "Realtors: Go Further, Faster—Amplify Your Personal Brand With Video" How can video expand your sphere of influence as a real estate agent 5 tips to master video Why developing a personal brand should be taken as a journey Links and resources mentioned in this episode. https://www.reagentgrowth.com/ https://www.instagram.com/aaron_realestate/ To subscribe and rate & review visit one of the platforms below:   Follow Real Estate Success Rocks on:


13 Oct 2020

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Is Facebook Ads Dead? Yes, But There s a New Kid on the Block with Aaron Martinez

Real Estate Marketing Dude

A few short years ago, Facebook advertising worked really well for real estate agents. We could target people who were likely to move and collect quite a few quality leads. And then the rules changed, making it much more difficult to get our ads in front of the right audience. So, if Facebook ads are on the way out, what IS the right platform for lead generation? Aaron Martinez is the marketing expert behind Revamped Real Estate, a done-for-you YouTube lead generation service for agents. Aaron has five years of experience in real estate branding and video marketing, and he has helped his clients generate more than $25M in monthly real estate transactions! On this episode of the Real Estate Marketing Dude podcast, Aaron joins me to explain how Special Ad Categories impacted Facebook ads and why the platform is not good for right-now business but YouTube is! He walks us through what he does to target prospects on YouTube, sharing the approximate cost per lead for both buyers and sellers as well as the video length that gets the most conversion. Listen in for Aaron s insight on what the upcoming iOS 14 update means for Facebook ads and learn how to take advantage of YouTube s blue ocean to generate quality leads that convert. Today s Topics How Special Ad Categories impacted the effectiveness of Facebook ads for real estate How Facebook functions as a social platform while YouTube serves as a search engine What Aaron does to qualify Facebook leads on the backend for his clients Why Facebook is not good for right-now business (but YouTube is!) Targeting leads on YouTube by market, income range, keyword search and URL data The rules on how long someone has to watch a YouTube ad before you re charged What to do in the first 5 seconds of a YouTube ad to attract a quality lead Aaron s insight on why 4- to 6-minute videos generate the highest conversion The cost per lead for buyers and sellers on YouTube How the iOS 14 update will impact businesses that rely on Facebook ads for lead gen Connect with Aaron Learn more about Revamped Real Estate at revampedrealestate.com and join Aaron s Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/youtubeadsforrealestate. Resources Preparing Our Partners for iOS 14 on Facebook for Business The Social Dilemma Real Estate Marketing Dude REMD on Instagram REMD on YouTubeThe post Is Facebook Ads Dead? Yes, But There s a New Kid on the Block with Aaron Martinez appeared first on Real Estate Marketing Dude.


26 Sep 2020

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A Conversation About Worldview | Pastor Jacob Schmelzer & Pastor Aaron Martinez

Joy Church Eugene

Find more at joyeugene.com!


31 Aug 2020

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37 // Driving Executive Stakeholder Engagement with Dr. Seth-Aaron Martinez

Learning Experience Leader

Seth is an award-winning author whose scholarship focuses on learning experiences designed to increase knowledge, develop skills, and improve employee performance. He has built global training programs, consulted with executive leaders for their training at scale, and is currently responsible for learning and performance strategy at Facebook.Today we talk all about driving executive stakeholder engagement. Specifically:👉 How Seth built trust and currency with Adobe executives while managing learning programs👉 The importance of providing value before you ask for additional resources👉 Steps you can take to increase partnership with other stakeholders in your organization. Be sure to check out Seth’s article: https://medium.com/@seth.a.martinez/driving-executive-engagement-6cb6f92f278fLearn more about Seth on his website: https://www.sethaaronmartinez.com/


4 Aug 2020

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The Tables Have Turned: Discussing Life, Fear & Business (w/ Aaron Martinez)

Mindset Medicine

This week the tables have turned and I’m the one being interviewed! I joined Real Estate Growth Expert Aaron Martinez as a guest on his Marketing Secrets podcast to discuss my journey as well as some really great business & marketing advice.


1 Aug 2020

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Episode 46: Veteran Aaron Martinez Helps Veterans Find Purpose Upon Returning to Civilian Life

Murphology Podcast

This week is a great interview with Veteran Aaron Martinez who is in his 4th season of a documentary series about veterans called Struggle Beyond the Decade. Aaron is an extraordinary individual with the desire and lots of motivation to help veterans find purpose and connection to community after they return to civilian life. He is also part of the Veterans Adventure Group that does epic challenges like bicycling and ultra running. So sit back and enjoy my interview with Aaron.Join us each week where we will get to know new people and explore great destinations to ride your bike. Learn tips and listen as guests talk about their adventures on the bicycle. Email me with your ideas and questions. MurphologyPodcast@gmail.comwww.strugglebeyondthedecade.org www.murphologypodcast.com


26 Jun 2020

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Sarge-N-Stripes with Aaron Martinez Episode 6


Aaron Martinez owner of Meca Construction, LLC.


12 May 2020

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S1E1 - How To Build A Social Media Marketing Company with Aaron Martinez

Young Creative Hustlers

Wohoo the very first episode! In this episode I sat down with Aaron Martinez; a YouTuber, former Snapchatter, voiceover artist, videographer, and now co-owner of a social media marketing company, The Solar Edge! He has a lot of valuable insight to share on how you can take a passion for social media marketing and turn it into a career! He’s worked with brands like Nasdaq, Coke, and more and has learned a ton along the way. Find Aaron here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AaronMartinezSolar Email: aaron@thesolaredge.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTJH6F6ClCILYFtX2saO_xA  Check out Middle Man - The Short Film: https://www.facebook.com/middlemantheshortfilm/ Theme Music: Keycentric - As I Walk: https://open.spotify.com/album/3qbznJxYrjuGDbeQnYE4xS Email me: youngcreativehustlers@gmail.com


20 Sep 2019

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094: Aaron Martinez: Breaking the Cycle of Drug Addiction in his Family

The Inspire Cafe

Twenty-three-year-old Aaron Martinez grew up going to school in Espanola, New Mexico, a city with a population of about 10,000.  You'll pass through it if you're driving between Santa Fe and Taos, two tourist towns known for its art scene, winter skiing and opera. Unfortunately, it also sits in a Northern New Mexico region where it's known for having one of the highest rates of drug overdose deaths.  For Aaron, he can speak about it first hand.  Within a space of a couple of years, he lost both his oldest sister and father from overdoses.  He says growing up both his parents were addicted and family members kept telling him he was going to grow up to be an addict too. But for Aaron, miraculously he didn't follow the same path. Where his only role models were heroes in action movies, he made a choice to stay away from drugs in spite of being raised in an environment where it'd be easy to see why anyone would.  Today, Aaron is a youth mentor and gymnastics instructor in the same town he grew up. He also speaks to kids about his experience and how it is possible to choose a different and positive path. Mentioned in this episode: Moving Arts Espanola Plus, videos that include Aaron Martinez mentoring youth at work: CNN Heroes Meow Wolf Community Voices re Moving Arts Española If you enjoy the episode, please subscribe for free, rate & review, and share with your friends. Thanks for listening!  If you'd like to see a list of previously mentioned books or products from former episodes, go to our Resources Page! And if you're looking for inspirational books that I've personally read and recommend, go to our Motivational Tools page! Check out more episodes on our website, TheInspireCafe.com! Like us on Facebook here! Follow us on Instagram here!


16 Aug 2019