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How to Get Aligned with Your Body Intelligence with Aaron Alexander

Shamangelic Healing Podcast with Anahata Ananda

Aaron Alexander, creator of the Align Method, is a man on a mission to inspire individuals to confidently re-inhabit their bodies therefore activating the body’s powerful innate self-healing power and wisdom. Join Anahata and Aaron as they discuss the small changes you can make to bring your body back into harmonious balance.   Episode Page & FREE Guided Visualization for Chakra Balancing: https://www.shamangelichealing.com/how-to-get-aligned-with-your-body-intelligence-with-aaron-alexander/ Aaron Website: https://www.alignpodcast.com Aaron Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alignpodcast Anahata Website: https://www.shamangelichealing.com Anahata Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anahataananda Anahata Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/ShamangelicHealing Buy Aaron's Book The Align Method!

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7 Sep 2021

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Reset Your Mind with Movement with Aaron Alexander | Jim Kwik | Brain & Memory Motivational Speech

Motivational Speeches

Get Jim Kwik's #1 New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestseller book as an Audiobook for free: Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life Listen to this Audiobook for free: https://bit.ly/Limitless_Jim_Kwik_Audiobook Jim Kwik is an American entrepreneur. He is a brain coach, Mindwell trainer and is noted for his speed-reading and memory techniques. Jim is also the founder of Kwik Learning. He taught people how to learn something very fast, optimizing their brains for performance & memory improvement. For two decades, Jim Kwik Profile has worked as a brain coach to students, seniors, entrepreneurs, and teachers and advisor to many of the world's leading CEOs and celebrities. Get Premium Brain & Memory Related Audiobooks For Free: Memory Improvement Bundle: 5 in 1 Bundle - https://bit.ly/3zPDG1f The Memory Bible: 4 Books in 1 - https://bit.ly/37bG5r4 Bible-Based Affirmations to Improve Memory - https://bit.ly/2WsRTTs Super Learning: Increase Your Intelligence - https://bit.ly/3j2SSSb Moonwalking with Einstein - https://bit.ly/3ldWCTA What Every BODY is Saying - https://bit.ly/3zLN7Pe 100 Simple Things You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer's - https://bit.ly/2UVYrtF BRAIN TRAINING & MEMORY IMPROVEMENT MASTERY - https://bit.ly/3BZK1ZS Brain Training & Mental Toughness - https://bit.ly/3rGtKEJ Brain Training Mastery - https://bit.ly/3x7QBKo Neuro-Philosophy and the Healthy Mind - https://bit.ly/3j2pUle PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY - https://bit.ly/2WCJnl5 BRAIN TRAINING - https://bit.ly/3yfRySj BRAIN TRAINING PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY - https://bit.ly/2UVwWjT Dark Psychology and Manipulation - https://bit.ly/2WCSa6w SPEED READING: Increase your reading speed - https://bit.ly/2Vkv9oa SPEED READING MASTERY - https://bit.ly/3yf8RCY BRAIN TRAINING AND SPEED READING MASTERY - https://bit.ly/3yelP3Q THE 3 HOUR SPEED READING BOOK - https://bit.ly/3x81GuU MANIPULATION MASTERY - https://bit.ly/3BSx0BD ACCELERATED LEARNING - https://bit.ly/3C6qp6L Visit: Motivationalspeech.XYZ . Disclaimer: This podcast is directly collected from Jim Kwik's youtube channel, and he has all the rights to this content. We publish his content for educational purposes. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/motivationly/support


22 Aug 2021

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RMP 185 - Awaken Your Tenacious Masculine with Aaron Alexander

The Rising Man Podcast

Author, podcaster, and fitness expert, Aaron Alexander is on a mission to inspire others to re-inhabit their bodies and live with confidence. Today, we focus on how to realize your full masculine power and embody your unique expression. Listen in and learn why to focus on improving the lives of others, how to beat shame, and why belonging to a community is crucial.  Highlights: What is relaxed concentration and how can we reach that state? Do people overly-spiritualize themselves to avoid being seen as toxically masculine? The power of finding your own definition of masculinity. Is trolling or putting someone else down just a cry for help? Why repression and shame might help in the short term but will lead to greater destruction. How our biological tribal mind affects us in the modern day. Why intentionally being proactive about joining or creating a tribe is vital. The advantage of focusing on making people’s lives better vs. getting more likes.  Connect with Aaron Alexander: Podcast | Align Podcast  Book | The Align Manual Instagram | @alignpodcast Rising Man Links: Elements | 3 Day Wilderness Immersion for men ready to reconnect with the wild man inside. Ignite | 12 week online program designed to ignite your purpose and propel you into freedom. Features weekly calls, online modules, growth assignments, and community support! Fire Circles | Are you ready to join other men JUST LIKE YOU who have found a way to RISE ABOVE life’s challenges and create a life of purpose and fulfillment? Initiation | Compass Program - 4 day 4 night Vision Fast in the wilderness, with preparation and incorporation calls in the months before and after.  Website | RisingMan.org Instagram | @risingmanmovement Instagram | @jeddyazuma YouTube | The Rising Man Movement - featuring videos of each Monday Morning Meditation episode!


5 Aug 2021

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#319 The Human Body Operating Manual w/ Aaron Alexander

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Aaron Alexander is one of the foremost experts on how to utilize the body to improve all aspects of your life. He is the host of the Align Podcast and the author of The Align Method: 5 Movement Principles for a Stronger Body, Sharper Mind, and Stress-Proof Life. As a holistic performance coach, he has helped thousands of people, including some of the world’s best athletes and celebrities optimize the function of their body. In this podcast, we talk about myriad ways to tap into the innate healing capacities of our bodies and find medicine in the mundane. Get Aaron Alexander's book The Align Method | https://alignpodcast.com/align-method/ Connect With Aaron Alexander: Website | Aligntherapy.com Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/alignpodcast/?hl=en Twitter | https://twitter.com/alignpodcast?lang=en Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/AlignMovement/ Youtube | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6egNlsOB3AfgLsvNR4zXCA This episode is sponsored by: Fit For Service Mastermind | aubreymarcus.com/fitforservice Onnit Get 10% off Onnit products |  https://www.onnit.com/Aubrey/ LUCY.CO Get %20 off Lucy Nicotine Gum | LUCY.CO and use the promo code AMP at checkout Connect with Aubrey: Website | https://www.aubreymarcus.com/ Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/aubreymarcus/ Twitter | https://twitter.com/aubreymarcus Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/AubreyMarcus/ YouTube | https://bit.ly/2DLctpk Check out  Own The Day Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus| https://bit.ly/2t6x4hu Subscribe to the Aubrey Marcus Newsletter:  https://www.aubreymarcus.com/pages/email Subscribe to the Aubrey Marcus Podcast: iTunes | https://apple.co/2lMZRCn Spotify | https://spoti.fi/2EaELZO Stitcher | https://bit.ly/2G8ccJt IHeartRadio | https://ihr.fm/397Msh0 Google Podcasts | https://bit.ly/3nzCJEh Android | https://bit.ly/2OQeBQg

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28 Jul 2021

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901: Aaron Alexander on Holistic Practices To Improve Your Health & Fitness - Interview 355

The Mind Muscle Project

Aaron Alexander- https://www.instagram.com/alignpodcast/?hl=enAaron Alexander- https://www.alignpodcast.com/AXP- https://themindmuscleproject.com/axpBLACKROLL- https://themindmuscleproject.com/blackrollBuy any program in July and enter the giveaway to win a free WHOOP band https://themindmuscleproject.com/programsProject Body- https://themindmuscleproject.com/bodyProject Fitness- https://themindmuscleproject.com/fitnessProject Strong- https://themindmuscleproject.com/strongOur episode sponsors- https://themindmuscleproject.com/partnersAsk Questions on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/themindmuscleproject/?hl=enSubscribe for email Updateshttps://themindmuscleproject.com/newsletterCheck out our Youtube Channel- https://youtu.be/4tHG3mSSM5E

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11 Jul 2021

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How your Body’s Posture affects your ability to Manifest with Aaron Alexander : Episode 277

A Taylored Adventure To Happiness

Text the word JOURNAL to 202-217-0704 to receive journal prompts & to connect 1:1 with me!! YES that’s my # and it’s ME! What's Your Money Frequency? Find Out Now Come say hi over on Instagram In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:   Playing like a child  What is abundance How Aaron is cultivating his soul's purpose Getting into alignment with your body and it’s physique  Interrupting your mental patterns  Showing up authentically in your life Realizing your body will adapt to your mind Picking up on the body patterns Tapping into you want to feel Tips to start embodying confidence The effects of your body’s posture  Taking radical responsibility and pausing  Behind Aaron’s book The importance of yoga and micromanaging your breath Shownotes: Today, we are tapping in on all things body with Aaron Alexander. In this episode we talk about getting into alignment with your body, how to interrupt negative patterns, slowing down, body posture and nature baths. We talk about our past experiences in bodybuilding and Aaron shares how he takes radical responsibility every day to make sure he grounds himself.  Meet Aaron:Aaron is a manual therapist, movement coach, and author, as well as the host of the top ranking podcast, Align Podcast. Aaron has helped the world’s top athletes and celebrities, and everyone in between, relieve their physical and mental pain and is here to help you, too. After working with clients and spending years traveling around the world, being immersed in various cultures, he has come to the conclusion that the healthiest people are not from gym cultures. Instead, they utilize each moment as an opportunity to move their body, strengthen their mind, and live holistically.Taking the practices he has gathered from these cultures, insights from past podcast guests, and his own clinical practice, Aaron has created a modernized, simplified movement lifestyle for you to easily integrate into your daily life. When you do, every moment becomes an opportunity to develop strength, flexibility, and confidence to live optimally.  Connect with Aaron: Instagram | Podcast

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4 Jun 2021

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1931: Sharpen Your Mind & Strengthen Your Body with Aaron Alexander (Interview) (CC)

The Cabral Concept

Our special guest this week on Conversations with Cabral is Aaron Alexander!   Aaron is the author and creator of the Align Method, which aims to help you reduce stress, sharpen, your mind, and strengthen your body…   We outline a number of plans on the show today to help you dramatically improve your life (In both mind and body) regardless of your current health or fitness level…   For all the details tune into today’s #CabralConcept 1931 and be sure to let @alignpodcast and me know what you thought of the interview! - - -   Show Notes & Resources: http://StephenCabral.com/1931 - - - Dr. Cabral's New Book, The Rain Barrel Effect https://amzn.to/2H0W7Ge - - - Join the Community & Get Your Questions Answered: http://CabralSupportGroup.com - - -  Dr. Cabral’s Most Popular At-Home Lab Tests: > Complete Minerals & Metals Test (Test for mineral imbalances & heavy metal toxicity) - - - > Complete Candida, Metabolic & Vitamins Test (Test for 75 biomarkers including yeast & bacterial gut overgrowth, as well as vitamin levels) - - - > Complete Stress, Mood & Metabolism Test (Discover your complete thyroid, adrenal, hormone, vitamin D & insulin levels) - - - > Complete Stress, Sleep & Hormones Test (Run your adrenal & hormone levels) - - - > Complete Food Sensitivity Test (Find out your hidden food sensitivities) - - - > Complete Omega-3 & Inflammation Test (Discover your levels of inflammation related to your omega-6 to omega-3 levels)

1hr 9mins

20 May 2021

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Understanding the Human Body with Aaron Alexander Deja Blu Ep.53

Deja Blu podcast

Blu sits down with body-worker, author, and host of “Align Podcast”, Aaron Alexander, to discuss the human body. Aaron breaks down going beyond the stories we tell ourselves, and returning to our 'humaness'. Moving past the labels, and merging physical, mental, and spiritual health into one.

1hr 18mins

26 Apr 2021

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#195 Aaron Alexander

Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

Few conversations stimulate me in life like when I get to sit down with my soul brother Aaron Alexander. As always it's an excellent back and forth with an inevitable playful undertone. Being in the glory of Costa Rica with Fit For Service just added to the juice. Just a few topics we touch on: being at home in your body, feminine and masculine balances, and Cuck Questions. Be sure to head over to his socials and check out his podcast if you haven’t already.  Connect with Aaron: Website: alignpodcast.com Instagram: @alignpodcast Facebook: Aaron Alexander YouTube: AlignPodcast Show Notes: Fit For Service - Fellowship Fit For Service - Academy App Sponsors: Four Sigmatic Not only are these my favorite fungus based superfoods because they work, but guess what?! They taste great too! Up to 40% off for my listeners only! Go get it at...  Foursigmatic.com/KKP C60 Purple Power Fight inflammation and oxidative stress with C60. It’s 100% organic, made in the USA, and has proven efficacy by third party testing. Follow the link and use the code word KKP at checkout for 15% off your first order. C60purplepower.com Bioptimizers To get “Cognibiotics” an amazing combination of Nootropic AND gut health support, click the link below and use code word KINGSBU10 for an additional 10% off. cognibiotics.com/kingsbu Dryfarm Wines Go to www.dryfarmwines.com/Kyle for your wine subscription PLUS an extra bottle for a penny ($.01) Connect with Kyle: Instagram: @livingwiththekingsburys Youtube: Kyle Kingbury Podcast Kyles website: www.kingsbu.com 

1hr 41mins

9 Apr 2021

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#05: The Spiritual Connection Between the Body and Mind with Aaron Alexander

Wake The Fake Up

A down-to-earth conversation on authenticity, taking ownership of your story, and the spiritual connection between the mind and body. Aaron is a manual therapist, movement coach, and author of the Align Method. He has helped many of the world’s top athletes and celebrities relieve their physical and mental pain by focusing on tools that help strengthen their minds and bodies through holistic modalities. Join these two as they relate in their stories about holistic health and fitness and get real about their journeys through physical and their mental stress. Intro & Outro Music: Carbon Based Lifeforms  =- Follow Chevrin Jafarieh -=https://www.instagram.com/chervin333/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/chervin-jafarieh-907807205/ =- Follow Aaron Alexander -=https://www.instagram.com/alignpodcast/ https://www.alignpodcast.com https://www.youtube.com/c/AlignPodcast/featured =- Follow Cymbiotika -=https://cymbiotika.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Cymbiotika/ https://twitter.com/CymbiotikaDHA https://www.instagram.com/cymbiotika/ https://www.youtube.com/c/Cymbiotika https://www.pinterest.com/cymbiotika/_shop/ =- Follow Wake the Fake Up -=https://www.wakethefakeup.com/ =- Stream -=https://podlink.to/eViX

1hr 49mins

7 Apr 2021