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Feel Good Frequencies - How To Recover Stronger, Boost Your Energy And Optimize Your Life with HAELO CEO Jeff Monroe

Best Night Ever!

In this episode, I'm chatting with Jeff Monroe who is the CEO and founder of a unique and revolutionary new type of PEMF device that is called the Haelo. If you are an athlete, or you live an active lifestyle or you just want more energy AND recovery you’ll want to listen to this episode as we discuss the role this technology plays in helping you live your best life.If you’ve never heard of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency) therapy or perhaps it's been on your radar and you want to know more about it, then you’ll enjoy this episode where we not only talk about PEMF but also his life journey and what led him to develop this unique modality.Here is a little more about Jeff. He is a previous founder of multiple data service companies and has always been into an active lifestyle and wellness. It’s this passion for technology and health that led him to his most recent company called Haelo which is a unique PEMF device that is taking recovery and energy to the next level.Here are some of the topics we discuss on this episode:Jeff’s background and  non-traditional education pathHis previous data center companies and their ties with renewable energy countriesWhat led him to discover Haelo What is it and how it’s a different type of PEMF therapyHow it works and the different modes or programsThe technology and R&D that went into itHow to use it and best use practicesThe validation studies and the adoption by the biohacker crowdSome sleep hacks (of course)And some personal development tips along the wayIf you are interested in learning more about this technology you can visit www.haelo.com and use code DRJAY for $100 off!As always, you can learn more or connect with me on my website www.sleepbiohacker.comOr @sleepbiohacker on Instagram.Support the show (https://www.instagram.com/sleepbiohacker/)


5 Aug 2021

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Managing the Supply Chain During the Pandemic with Jeff Monroe

Cooler News by KPS Global

Even in the earliest days of the pandemic, the spotlight was on national and global supply chains. How would they hold up if the worst came to pass? Now several months into that world-wide crisis, Jeff Monroe, Director of Supply Chain at KPS Global, spoke about the challenges of supply chain management during the time of COVID-19 and how KPS found ways to overcome those obstacles and maintain integrity of the supply chain for its customer base “Like many organizations, KPS has a global supply chain,” Monroe said. “We had to think quickly and make changes along the way. We did a good job of staying ahead of COVID.” But Monroe noted, “We buy a fair amount of completed items from suppliers also impacted by the pandemic. First, the impact was on their ability to get parts, and now it’s their workforce. I’d say every part of our supply chain felt the impact and is still feeling it today.” While Monroe said KPS’s supply chain didn’t feel an immediate impact from the pandemic, “the most pressing issue from the beginning was buyouts (those complete product purchases from suppliers.) "The challenge we faced was a dwindling supplier stock at the reorder point. We kept regular communication with our suppliers to know what was going on and find alternate options if product wasn’t available.” A side effect of the tariffs KPS experienced in 2019 were some unexpected benefits in dealing with the pandemic. Monroe and his team were already engaged in finding sourcing solutions to mitigate the impact tariffs had on their supply chain. “Because of the tariffs situation, we started to dive into our supply chain a little bit deeper and understand our costs,” Monroe said. “We found some of our local suppliers could also get us many of the parts and products, or suitable alternatives, we needed.” These additional sources helped reduce tariffs for KPS and proved beneficial in navigating the pandemic.


27 Aug 2020

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SD Perspective with District 24 legislators Jeff Monroe, Tim Rounds and Mary Duvall

DRG Media Group Beyond the Mic podcasts

In this South Dakota Perspective program, hear from District 24 legislators Sen. Jeff Monroe, Rep. Tim Rounds and Rep. Mary Duvall on: • the anticipated pace now that Gov. Kristi Noem and her staff are going into their second legislative session • Gov. Noem’s budget proposal of no pay increases for education or state employees • industrial hemp • the new filing system for proposed bills • and more…..


8 Jan 2020