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Productivity Masterclass for Digital Agency Leaders with Michael Tipper

GYDA Initiative - Grow Your Digital Agency

Welcome to another GYDA Masterclass with Michael Tipper on productivity. This presentation will help you and your busy agency eliminate distractions, get laser-focused and achieve much more with just a handful of tiny tweaks to what you’re already doing. Michael ends his presentation with a Q&A from the audience.This is a bite-size version of the hour-long video. To watch the rest head on over to GYDA Member Hub!


7 Feb 2022

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Episode #28 Freedom Fridays Podcast with Michael Tipper

Freedom Fridays

Pete chats to old friend and colleague Michael Tipper, who after a number of years they have re-connected virtually and discussed many things, over many hours. In this conversation, Mike reveals some of the recurrent characteristics that have shown up when he’s made some big changes in his life. The biggest one perhaps – knowing when you are being true to yourself and paying attention to any disquiet within you. Show Notes: Episode #28


19 Aug 2021

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GYDA Talks - Michael Tipper - Peak Performance Productivity

GYDA Initiative - Grow Your Digital Agency

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Michael Tipper of Peak Performance Productivity. Michael is on a mission to help busy professionals squeeze even more juice out of this thing called life by helping them cross the bridge from overwhelm to overachievement. From distraction to disciplined delivery. From procrastination to purposeful progress.His specialities include: How To Be Productive Working Remotely, Finding Focus In A Distracted World, Eliminating Procrastination To Get More Done and Taking Back Control Of Your Email.Robert and Michael discuss:“Productivity is a habit!”What is your definition of productivity?Is personal productivity (for the CEO) the same as productivity for the team?How do you improve their productivity?How do you improve your own productivity?Why does productivity matter? We’ve all done the courses…There is no shortage of productivity gurus… who do you rate?How do you differ from the run-of-the-mill productivity trainers?Do you rate the get-up-at-4 brigade?Michael’s recommendations/pearls of wisdom, golden nuggets This is a bitesize version of the hour-long video. To watch the rest please visit www.GYDAmemberhub.com


10 May 2021

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#33 How To Memorise Anything Faster With Michael Tipper

The #IAM10 Show

www.iam10.com. #33 the one where we talk about how to memorise anything faster with Michael Tipper. I'd love to be able to memorise fast and easily - memorise a speech, memorise notes, memorise a language...  But, I am one of those people who just forget stuff. I have never found it easy to memorise things and I spend silly amounts of time looking for stuff such as my glasses! But, on a more serious note, what would it mean to you as a leader if you could just remember stuff more easily and more effectively? So, in show #33, I have invited memory master, Michael Tipper, to come along to chat about how to memorise anything faster. He's a good pal of mine, so I won't pull any punches and, hopefully, we can put to bed for once and all whether I just don't have the right memory strategies or whether I am just hopeless! I'm looking forward to it. I will be looking for usable takeaways. As always, come along, have fun, share your thoughts, ask questions but, whatever you do, don't call it a webinar! The #IAM10 Show - helping leaders get the competitive edge in a rapidly changing world. www.iam10.com.


5 Nov 2020

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#7: How to learn more effectively and achieve higher grades with world memory expert Michael Tipper

The Unstoppable Teen Podcast with Kevin Mincher

Learning and remembering things are among the most important skills you will ever develop. That’s why Kevin was delighted to recently interview Michael Tipper.  Michael once won the silver medal in the World Memory Championships despite previously having a poor memory.  So how did he improve his memory so dramatically? And what learning strategies did he share that students can use to succeed in school? These are just two of the questions Kevin asked Michael in this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast.  Very few people are born with a natural ability to learn quickly and memorize lots of information. These are learned skills that anyone can master. Indeed, they are essential skills for any teenager who wants to achieve good grades and have a well-paid career.  Listen now if you want to boost your memory, reduce stress and achieve more of your potential!  “Why on Earth wasn’t I taught this way of learning when I was in school?” Michael Tipper – Memory Expert You will learn:  Why learning is one of the most important skills in the modern world (03:10) The incredible things Michael achieved after learning how to study more effectively (8:10) What the devastating consequences can be if you don’t learn how to learn quickly (11:14) What Michael had to do to win the silver medal in the World Memory Championships (14:44) Which critical factors determine your ability to learn effectively (15:32) What teachers must do if they want to do a great job of helping their students succeed (17:23) Why motivation isn’t enough (17:43) One key distinction and two big words that will help you move past confusion and towards understanding any subject (20:12) Why recent breakthroughs in brain science and neuroplasticity are good news for all of us (21:01) The common mistake that prevents people from learning effectively throughout their life (24:25) What is the memory limit of the human brain? (27:24) How stress has a negative impact on our ability to receive and understand information (29:51) Why Michael thinks you could scrap a chunk of the time we spend in high school due to the current focus of the education system (31:31) What Michael was really like in school and some of the rebellious things he did before he became successful (33:00) What students can do to improve their grades (40:56) Why the learning strategies you used in the past won’t necessarily serve you well in the future (43:28) A brilliant way to structure your studies throughout the school year if you want good grades at the end of the school year (45:12) How to use questions to deepen your understanding of any subject (47:16) Which app you can use if you want to achieve more in school (49:35) How to help your brain retain more information more easily (50:39) How you and your friends can help each other get better grades (52:16) What you can do to get your parents off your back (54:00) The power of Mind Mapping and how to do use it to boost your memory (55:18) How frequently you need to revisit and revise information if you want to be able to recall it easily in a test or exam (58:28) The positive mindsets you can adopt that will help you succeed (61:06) The importance of putting the work in and being persistent until you get the results you want (63:27) “If you think your results will come through your talents, you are completely mistaken because your results will come through your hard work.” Michael Tipper – Memory Expert Useful resources mentioned in this episode include: https://www.brainscape.com/ http://www.michaelonmindmapping.com/ http://themindmappingshow.com/ http://www.michaeltipper.com/ Be one of the first people to get Kevin’s new book! THE ULTIMATE YOUTH LIFESTYLE 7 steps any teenager can take to experience more success and happiness Kevin has written a new 60-page book that’s packed with ideas for teenagers who want the best in life. Order it now at http://unstoppableteen.com/ultimate-book If you like this episode please share it with your friends and subscribe on: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/unstoppable-teen-podcast-kevin/id1137672882 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/unstoppableteen Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/unstoppable-teen/the-unstoppable-teen-podcast-with-kevin-mincher You may also like these episodes: #5: What to do when you get your high school results #3: How to start a successful career? Insights from Daniel Priestley #1: 5 things teenagers need to be GREAT at (if you want a great life) What can we do to help you? Kevin will be answering listeners’ questions in upcoming episodes, so please let us know what you’d like help with via our social media channels? You can also email the show via podcast@unstoppableen.com. Thanks for listening!

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