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The Darkhold w/ Steve Orlando

Marvel's Pull List

This week, Ryan and Jasmine bring you all the latest in new books hitting shelves this week including our picks this week IMMORTAL X-MEN #7, CAPTAIN MARVEL #42, NAMOR #1Plus, we hand out the “Let’s Catch Up Evil Stepmom” award  — our weekly award named after a phrase pulled directly from an issue in this week’s pull list! Think you know which issue this name came from? Let us know by sending us an email at PullList@marvel.com or by tweeting at us using #MarvelsPullList! Just make sure to mark it “Okay to read”!And finally, for this week’s reading club, we continue “Spooky Month” with writer Steve Orlando to talk about The Darkhold.What we're reading with Steve Orlando:The Darkhold Alpha #1The Darkhold Omega #1As always, shout out your local comic shop or send us your questions or comments by emailing us at pulllist@marvel.com or tweet using #MarvelsPullList. Make sure to mark it "Okay to read!"  Follow us at: @agentm, @jasmiest, @KaraMcGuirk New comics this week: A.X.E.: DEATH TO THE MUTANTS  3          2022A.X.E.: ETERNALS   1           2022A.X.E.: IRON FIST  1           2022ALL-OUT AVENGERS  2          2022AMAZING SPIDER-MAN  11          2022BLACK PANTHER   10          2021CAPTAIN MARVEL #42DAREDEVIL   4            2022FANTASTIC FOUR  48            2018GAMBIT  4            2022GENIS-VELL: CAPTAIN MARVEL   4            2022GHOST RIDER  7            2022IMMORTAL X-MEN #7LEGION OF X   6            2022NAMOR #1PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL: BROTHER       1            2022STAR WARS 28           2020STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC 1            2022STAR WARS: VISIONS  1            2022VENOM 11            2021WAKANDA   1            2022WOLVERINE  25           2020X-FORCE 2             2019 New Weekly Infinity Comics: Oct 10X-men Unlimited #56Test Kitchen #3 Oct 11Spider-Verse Unlimited #19 Oct 12Marvel Voices: NOVAInfinity #20 Oct 13Love Unlimited: X Loves of Wolverine #19 Oct 14Ziggy Piggy and Silly Seal #6

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11 Oct 2022

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Omnibros Live Episode #5 Steve Orlando On Scarlet Witch and D23 Expo

Omnibros Live!

Welcome to Omnibros Live the original and premier podcast about all things collecting collected edition comic books: omnibus, trade paperbacks, hardcovers and collected editions. A 3x weekly video show hosted by popular Omnibus Collectors and comic book fans. We bring you weekly updates of what collected editions and graphic novels are being releases as well as reviews and topics surrounding the world of collecting graphic novels and premium collected editions.  Contact and Inquires Omnibroslive@gmail.com    All of our links https://linktr.ee/omnibroslive Visit our sponsor Instocktrades. Where you can save up to 50% off trades, omnibus, hardcovers and more. Free shipping on orders of $50 or more in the U.S https://www.instocktrades.com/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/omnibros-live/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/omnibros-live/support

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15 Sep 2022

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Talking X-Men and Marvel 2099 with Steve Orlando

The Marvelists

This week on The Marvelists, we are joined once again with the Steve Orlando of Comics… Steve Orlando! Steve returns to talk with us about his involvement with Marvel’s 2099 line as well as his recent X-Men Thunderbird one-shot co-written with All Elite Wrestling’s “Native Beast” Nyla Rose! A fun episode to be sure!Follow The Marvelists on social media: Twitter/Instagram: @TheMarvelistsSubscribe to The Marvelists on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGe72jbm8J5IXsINZvrJAhgSupport the show on Patreon:http://www.Patreon.com/themarvelistsBuy our t-shirt:http://www.belowthecollar.com/themarvelists


19 Jul 2022

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Reprint Steve Orlando and The Boulet Brothers Took Over Heavy Metal Magazine Oct 21

Word Balloon Comics Podcast

From 2021 Great meeting The Boulet Brothers of Dragula and The Creatures Of The Night podcast, who with Steve Orlando are taking over the Halloween Issue Of Heavy Metal Plus Their Dragula tv show moves to Shudder next month, along with their documentary film Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Resurrection debuting on Oct 20th . We talk a lot about their favorite comic book runs too

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12 Jun 2022

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Episode 077: John Proudstar (feat. Nyla Rose & Steve Orlando)


In Episode 77 of CEREBRO, All Elite Wrestling star and former Women's World Champion pro wrestler Nyla Rose joins returning guest Steve Orlando (Marauders) to rejoice in the resurrection of John Proudstar, the thorny Thunderbird! Memorialized by his teammates and his younger brother Warpath, fallen X-Man Thunderbird became more iconic to the franchise dead than alive. Now, in the age of Krakoa, Nyla and Steve have co-written a story where John defines himself as a person rather than a symbol.The CEREBRO character file on Thunderbird begins at 28:03.(Content Advisory: John's story includes racism and possible suicide.)This episode has spoilers for Giant-Size Thunderbird #1 and X-Men Red #1! You are forewarned.Thanks to ComiXology for sponsoring the pod! You can sign up for a free trial here.Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands

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31 May 2022

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Steve Orlando and Nyla Rose Interview


It's no secret that Dan has gotten in deep with wrestling but for the first time ever we are joined by an AEW superstar in this week's episode with our Steve Orlando and Nyla Rose interview about their upcoming one-shot from Marvel Comics GIANT-SIZED X-MEN: THUNDERBIRD 1. Nyla Rose teams up with comics star Steve Orlando and First Nations artist David Cutler to grapple with the ramifications of Thunderbird’s recent resurrection on Krakoa. The world John Proudstar has returned to is completely different from the one he once knew. Looking to find refuge in the familiar, Thunderbird seeks out someone from his past at an Apache reservation…and uncovers a horrifying threat to the Indigenous mutant community. Will Thunderbird be able to save his people? Or will his justified rage lead him astray? Steve and Nyla chat about who John Proudstar is after all this time being... well not alive. We dive into the character's costume redesign with artist Dave Cutler. Nyla discusses what is was like being able to bring authentic voices to the characters when typically John has not had a native person writing or designing his character. Both writers talk about how they approached how death has changed John who was a pretty stubborn and brash person. Both Steve and Nyla school Dan on wrestling stories and history. This is one Steve Orlando and Nyla Rose interviews you don't want to miss. Do you know who the Undertaker's manager was? You're going to learn today! Noted Dakenologist Dan McMahon who has a PhD in Daken studies gets to chat with Steve about his approach to the character. Orlando drops some pretty big hints to the future of the character and what he has in store with him. Nyla also chats about some of the inspirations for her in ring personality, her wrestling rituals, and we talk about what Marvel characters are wrestling fans. All of that and more in this interview! You can find Steve on Twitter here and Nyla Rose on twitter here! You can check out all of GateCrashers wrestling coverage for RingCrashers here!

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20 Apr 2022

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Decompressed returns with plans to speak to the creators being Destiny of X. First up - Steve Orlando, talking about relaunching Marauders.   Theme tune is Los Campesinos' We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed.

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6 Apr 2022

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Moonbase 2 Interview Steve Orlando

Moonbase 2 Podcast

Mr Mikey sits down with the author of Transformers King Grimlock Steve Orlando, but he hasnt just done King Grimlock but also worked on a load of other comics as well. So sit down and have a listen to these two talk about many things.


13 Mar 2022

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Ep 69: X-Men 79 with special guest Steve Orlando

X-Reads: An X-Men Experience

Writer Steve Orlando (Marauders) joins Chris and Chandler on the show to recap X-Men 79 (vol. 2) and gush about his love of Marrow. Steve talks taking over the Marauders title from Gerry Duggan, plus touches a lot upon the Marvel 2099 relaunch/celebration that he is helming. Some nice X-Men 2099 teases inside! Find us on the AIPT Podcast Network. Follow our show to be alerted when new episodes appear the first and third Wednesday of the month. Check us out on social media @xreadspodcast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. For business inquiries, email xreadspodcast@gmail.com. Learn more at https://aiptcomics.com

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16 Feb 2022

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Ep.235 - Oh Captain, My Captain with Steve Orlando & Creees

Battle Of The Atom: An X-Men Podcast

Episode Notes We set our sails high as Steve Orlando discusses relaunching Marauders and digging into Giant-Size Thunderbird. Plus our C2E2 discussion with Marauders Annual #1 artist Creees Lee. Check out the Battle of the Atom Master Ranking List! New content every week on ComicsXF.com Follow Adam on Twitter @arthurstacy & never try to find Zack! Our theme music is Junk Factory from the X-Men Arcade Game by Seiichi Fukami, Yuji Takenouchi, Junya Nakano, and Ayako Hashimoto. Cover art is by Adam Reck after Dave Cockrum with logo design by Mikey Zee If you want to support the show make sure you rate and review the show or check out our Patreon!


31 Jan 2022