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Finding the Balance for Innovative, Delicious and Healthy Meals With Health Chef Julia Chebotar

The CardioCast CoolDown

We are what we eat,  so we need to know what food is healthy! Today's guest is Julia Chebotar, a private chef and culinary nutrition consultant based in New York City. She creates recipes and food solutions that support a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Her grandmother's love for food inspired her and made her fall in love with gastronomy. She began working at her parents' restaurant, working as an executive chef and restaurateur, bringing food to life through bold flavors and colorful ingredients. As she gained experience, she decided to enter culinary school to hone her skills and become a highly successful private chef. All her knowledge paid off when she competed on Food Network's Chopped and was crowned a Chopped Champion. Julia is constantly creating a combination of good flavors and looking for healthy recipes that make us feel good. Highlights Julia’s advice for someone who is starting to learn how to cook.The pride of being an award-winning chef and a Food Network Chopped Champion.Some of Julia’s favorite cooking tricks so that you can surprise your friends.Julia shares her funny experience as a winner on a Japanese cooking television show.What inspires Julia to make her recipes as creative as possible.Julia’s formula to make her recipes tasty and healthy at the same time.The formula to finding balance and why everything in moderation is the healthiest choice.To learn more about Julia Chebotar, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram.Follow:Instagram: @cardiocastappFacebook: @cardiocastTwitter: @cardiocastWebsite: https://www.cardiocast.app/You can follow CardioCast on Instagram, check out our app on the App Store or Play Store, and discover all that our website has to offer!


3 Jun 2021

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Lessons in Finding Your Path with Julia Chebotar

Seek The Joy Podcast

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! We're so excited to share the eighth episode in our new series, “Lessons In”. Julia Chebotar joins us to share a lesson she’s learned about finding your path, and trusting that you’ll evolve through every hardship and celebration - including the COVID-19 Pandemic. We talk about the growth that’s come from her experiences with trusting her path, and the joy she’s found. Julia’s reflections, honesty, and vulnerability will leave you feeling inspired, and remind you that you have the power to write your own story and develop the lifestyle and perspective that will bring out the best version of yourself. The path you’re meant to follow will always reveal itself, and it’s up to you to trust the seeds you’ve planted along the way and keep moving forward. Your path is your own, and that’s what makes it beautiful. Julia Chebotar is a health & wellness consultant, private chef, a Chopped winner, and restaurant owner. She develops and implements programs for both individuals and organizations creating road maps to wellbeing and wellness that facilitate client goals and vision. Julia teaches workshops and classes all over NYC in health, wellness, cooking, and reiki. Her years as a hands on executive chef and restauranteur in NYC have really allowed her to develop a very unique prospective. Julia teaches programs based on client needs including ease of movement, increased mobility, pain and stress-reduction, weight loss, fitness, lifestyle education and implementation, as well as sustainability in daily schedule and self-care protocols. To learn more and connect with Julia visit her website www.healthchefjulia.com and you can connect with her on Instagram @healthchefjulia @healthchefs and Facebook Health Chef Julia and you can learn more about her services here We'd love for you to check out this week's new episode and join the conversation ✨ Instagram instagram.com/seekthejoypodcast Facebook fb.me/seekthejoypodcast Twitter twitter.com/seekthejoypod E-mail sydney@seekthejoypodcast.com Show Notes: www.seekthejoypodcast.com/show-notes


23 Jul 2020

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The Journey of Cooking your Dreams with Julia Chebotar

The Sixth Degree with Emily Merrell Podcast

In today’s podcast we are joined by Julia Chebotar, health and wellness consultant. Julia grew up in the cooking world and after college started working in her family’s restaurant. Some years later, inspired by Emily’s message of empowerment, she decided to take a leap by starting her career as a private chef and health coach where she found her true passion. Now, with more than four years of experience and a lot of interesting stories (including a couple that involve celebrities) she has found her own style and grown her own business. Highlights: Julia's journey on figuring out her career and ultimately leaving her family business to become a private chef. How to use networking as a life-changing opportunity for self-awareness, and find your path. How having a strong community to rely on can keep you grounded.The importance of understanding and exploring your talents.  Find the right time to be creative. If you want to know more about Julia, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.Check out past episodes of  The Sixth Degree podcast! Remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  


18 May 2020

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Episode 48: Chef Julia Chebotar Dishes On Health And Entrepreneur Life 

Drama-Free Healthy Living With Jess Cording

In this episode I’m chatting with the multi-talented Julia Chebotar. Julia is a health and wellness consultant, yoga enthusiast, personal chef and restaurant owner based in NYC. She has a special knack for making dishes which make veggies shine and creates food that is both delicious and healthy. There’s so much awesomeness to draw out from my chat with Julia, but here are some of my top takeaways:     Not knowing what your future holds can be exciting and being open to the unknown can lead to so many fantastic opportunities.     What we put into our body really does matter, so make sure nutrients play a starring role in your diet.     When it comes to cravings, remember that fresh fruits and veggies can provide great satiation.     Food can be both versatile and fun, so don’t be afraid to create while cooking.     Healthy living is about finding balance and knowing boundaries. If you’d like to learn more about Chef Julia and the work she does, you can connect with her via her website, Instagram at @healthchefjulia and @healthchefs, and her restaurant website (theorganicgrill.com) and Instagram. She also is hosting virtual cooking classes. https://healthchefjulia.com/virtual-cooking-classes


30 Mar 2020

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Meet Julia Chebotar, a NYC restaurant owner, private chef and a red-headed curlee girlee!

Changing the Course

Julia Chebotar practices healthy eating with easy-to-do recipes that busy moms can incorporate into their nighttime repertoire. We learned so many things from Julia. My favorite is that eating seasonally is as or more important than following that "organic" label everywhere. Whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian or a healthy meat- eater; understanding what you are ingesting is what it is all about! We really are what we eat! Julia is all about balance in your diet and your life! Find out how growing up as a red-headed Curlee Girlee made Julia who is she is today!


11 Mar 2020

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Episode 6: All About Nutrition and Why It's Important with Health Chef Julia Chebotar

The Viva Wellness Podcast

We love having guests! This week Jor-El and Rachel are joined by private chef and health coach Julia Chebotar (@healthchefjulia). In this episode we take on meal prepping, common myths about nutrition and the benefits of eating for your individual needs. Also, our mukbang (not sure what this is? You’ll find out on the podcast!) is TBD. We had a lot of fun on this one so we hope you enjoy it.Sign up to our newsletter to receive some special recipes and information from Julia herself on elimination diets. Thanks for listening!http://vivawellnessblog.com/subscribe-to-viva-wellness/Learn more about Julia at her website: www.healthchefjulia.com


3 Apr 2019

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E12: Julia Chebotar X Health Chef Conversations

Limitless Soul with Kelli Mason

Julia is on the rise as one of the most in demand private health chefs in New York City.  She started off her career owning a highly regarded vegan restaurant in the city with her family.  She then craved the entrepreneurial life and expanded her healthy wealth of knowledge to curating meals for her clients who are on the go.  Recently she started training up and coming private chefs in the city.  She also speaks on panels about health and wellness to women entrepreneurs.   So, what does a hairdresser talk about with a Manhattan private health chef to the stars?   Trending health tips, meal prepping, time management, and how as a rising entrepreneur in the health space she stays energized while growing her empire.  But since this mega babe chef just happens to be one of my BFF's, it wouldn't be a real convo without mentioning that special women's time of the month, binge watching our fav Netflix shows,  and getting really close in some seedy AirBnB's across the Midwest. We spent a few months on the road in cities all across the U.S. last fall.  We brought beauty and health together as we shared our passion for food, wellness, meditation, and HAIR together for a special Conscious Hair coloring Tour. You will love Julia's sense of humor and how she simply breaks down how to live a healthier lifestyle.  Plug into the episode because it's filled with lots of laughs and amazing tips! 

1hr 6mins

6 Jan 2019

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E015: Go Plant-Based and Live Healthier Lives - Nutrition Advice from Health Coach Julia Chebotar

Hey Change Podcast

Plant-Based? Really? What does it mean and what can switching your diet in that direction actually do to your health? What's the biggest misconception about the vegan diet and, seriously, what is the whole thing about tofu?Tune in to listen to what Julia Chebotar, educated nutritionist, health coach and owner of The Organic Grill (East Village), has to say about the subject and learn how changing the way you eat can literally save your life. She shares some tips on how to add more plant based to your plate and how to cut down on food waste, as well as putting an end to a vegan myth or two.Julia Chebotar is a natural foods educator, chef, health coach, and wellness expert. She believes that a healthy lifestyle is about balance and encourages her clients to consume organic and seasonally vibrant produce. Julia helps clients create habits and that have a big impact on health, weight, and energy. Connect with her on her website, Instagram, and Facebook.Instagram: @healthchefjulia Website: www.healthchefjulia.comStay connected, say hi!Website: www.heychange.netIG: @HeyChange_PodcastHost: @AnneThereseBengtsson See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


11 Jul 2017