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James Rose | POVz Exclusivez: Episode #18

The Conversationalist Podcast

POVz = Gen Z Points Of View We're breaking echo chambers LIVE for the world to see! POVz, the first-ever Gen Z talk show, blasts controversial topics from multiple perspectives, by young people, for young people. Hosted by The Conversationalist's Founder and CEO, Sophie Beren gets deep with celebrities to amplify their personal experiences on POVz Exclusivez. In this interview, James Rose educates us on their gender POVz, their view on representation in entertainment, along with their unique experiences that have made them who they are today. Head to www.theconversationalist.com/povz to watch the interview! Text "POVZ" to 1 (877) 222-1119 to get involved. *The Conversationalist is a non partisan platform that doesn't affiliate or identify with any viewpoints, beliefs, or opinions that may be featured throughout our content.


11 Aug 2022

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Creating and Leveraging Process in Your Bookkeeping Business with James Rose of Content Snare

I Love Bookkeeping

Processes are something every bookkeeping business needs. But how do you go about creating and leveraging them? Co-hosts Hannah Robinson and Melissa Honan interview Content Snare Co-Founder James (Jimmy) Rose – they discuss systems, automation, tech stack, and “shortcuts” that will help bookkeepers win time back and better streamline their workflow. [0:41] Brisbane-based Jimmy Rose is the Co-Founder of Content Snare, a software platform that helps bookkeepers collect information and documents from clients. A former automation engineer, he now focuses on helping business owners regain their lives and be more productive. [2:19] Hannah asks Jimmy what made him want to pivot away from running a digital marketing and web design agency. [3:48] Based on his experience and conversations with bookkeepers, Jimmy sees wasted time chasing clients for documents or similar as the biggest pain-point for bookkeepers. [6:07] For Jimmy, even after asking for client documents there may be challenges, as those documents may be forwarded to a bookkeeper in many different emails and attachments. [9:05] Melissa talks about how Content Snare has helped her bookkeeping business when it comes to onboarding new clients and how surprised she is that the platform wasn’t initially created for bookkeepers. [10:04] Melissa asks Jimmy what he would recommend, apart from Content Snare, for new bookkeepers to do to make their lives easier. [10:35] According to Jimmy, many people make the mistake of trying to put systems in place before they’ve actually done the work manually. [13:31] Jimmy shares how using something like TextExpander can help bookkeeping business owners. [16:25] Hannah asks Jimmy what’s something that helped him in the early stages of his journey from a tech standpoint. [16:49] Jimmy considers having a Get-Things-Done system the #1 thing everyone needs. [18:30] Hannah asks Jimmy whether there are tech tools that can be used to easily put processes in place. [21:49] Melissa points out that new business owners often get stressed out by not having everything perfect in place. It’s about things being nice and perfect, though, it’s just about getting it done. [24:10] Hannah, Melissa, and Jimmy discuss additional things TextExpander can come in handy for. [28:23] Hannah asks Jimmy why it’s important for Content Snare to help business owners build and maintain relationships with their clients. [32:09] Melissa shares an automated process she uses whenever a new client signs a contract. Mentioned in this episode: Content Snare Zapier TextExpander Monday.com Teamwork Trello Todoist Google Docs Loom success@ilovebookkeeping.com


5 Apr 2022

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#11 CE5 in Japan | Greg Sullivan, James Rose

Up The Vibe

I am joined by Greg Sullivan and returning guest James Rose. Greg Sullivan is the Founder and Director of JCETI (Japan Centre for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence). Greg Sullivan is a researcher, author, experiencer, and musician who has been generating a vast array of ET contact resources from Japan for eleven years.Through several hundred guided ET contact retreats, he has done an extensive study of Japan’s spiritual elements- those both known and unknown to the West. Overcoming the formidable language barrier, Greg carries out all his work in fluent Japanese, interfacing with many publishers and media outlets including nationwide TV programs. With a growing community of tens of thousands around Japan and overseas, JCETI is helping to expand the Japanese spiritual potential for the modern cosmic age. Currently, with side projects ET SPI (Extra-terrestrial Spirituality) he helps clients in the Star-seed and Indigo community to come into full awareness of their hidden potentials, and overcome many of the sometimes inflexible boundaries placed on them by Japanese society. This Ascension work incorporates advanced healing and working with ET guides for light-body and full-body consciousness activations. Greg has also just released his first full-length music album in 10 years, under the name ‘escalade’.In this interview we discuss many topics including CE-5 in Japan, ascension, Japan’s deep state and how it has been there during the pandemic. For more information about Greg and his work:Website- Japanese site: https://www.jceti.org/(English tab at upper right of home page)English site: https://www.ce5-japan.com/Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK1SfaOTAN9FZe2cCemSlbAFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/JCETI.JPescalade band-camp:https://escalade.bandcamp.comET SPI-Free Online Ascension Exercises:https://et-spi.thinkific.com/courses/energy-masteryWritings in Japanese:Book: “Hologram Mind Vol 2:Ascension Guide”Book: “You Too Can Make ET Contact” (https://www.jceti.org/list/)Book: “Hologram Mind Vol I:Ascension Guide” (www.jceti.org/list/)Book: “It’s Ok! Towards the Age of Universal Consciousness”(www.jceti.org/list/)Monthly series of articles in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s IHM WorldChapter in the anthology “Paths to Contact” (www.pathstocontact.org)Training DVDs in Japanese: Universal AmbassadorVOL1: Solfeggio Frequencies for CE-5 Field WorkVOL2: CTS Meditation and CE-5 MeditationsVOL3: CE-5 Video Simulations and Image Training VisualsIf you would like to be on the podcast or get in touch then please email me at upthevibe@protonmail.com

1hr 26mins

28 Feb 2022

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Bret Bissey and James Rose on ERM, GRC and Compliance Risk Management [Podcast]

Compliance Perspectives

Post By: Adam TurteltaubThe relationships between Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and compliance risk management is a complex and confusing one.  There is the potential for overlap and even conflict.To help clear the air and improve the relationship among the various approaches to risk, Bret Bissey, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Gateway Health and James Rose (LinkedIn), Managing Director, SunHawk Consulting will be leading a session “Establishing the Enterprise ERM/GRC Strategy with Compliance in Mind at the 2022 HCCA Compliance Institute, which will be taking place online and in Phoenix March 28-31.In this podcast they offer a wealth of advice for compliance teams including: Having the right sponsor is key This is about having a dialogue cross the organization The goal is to help business operators achieve their goals A good process helps prevent surprises There are naturally going to be some tensions, particularly when it comes to allocating resources Expect different views of how much data should be tracked and how useful it will be Be sure to capture the goals and interests of the C-suite and boardListen in to learn more and then join us in person or online for the 2022 HCCA Compliance Institute.


10 Feb 2022

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#8 CE5 and UFO disclosure | James Iandoli, James Rose

Up The Vibe

I am joined by James Iandoli and a returning guest James Rose to discuss CE5 and the push towards UFO disclosure. James Iandoli shares his background and past experiences which have led him towards playing an important role in growing CE5 and being part of the UFO community. We discuss and look ahead to a bright future as more and more people become aware of the UFO phenomenon and the stigma surrounding the subject is broken.Engaging the Phenomenon YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/EngagingThePhenomenonIf you would like to be on the podcast or get in touch then please email me at upthevibe@protonmail.com

1hr 7mins

1 Feb 2022

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Beauty School no 38 | Storytelling Through Movement with James Rose | Free Your Mind vol 1.2

The True Beauty Brooklyn Podcast

Hey Beauty Baddies! We missed you! Stay warm out there, and let's get through these last few weeks of the worst month of the year!Today we are speaking with the fabulous and incomparable, James Rose.Please forgive us for not saying this in our show intro, but we wanted to put a trigger warning up top, as we do speak about James' sexual assault and their past eating disorder.This is an incredible episode, and we hope you enjoy it.To learn more about James, check them out on IG @jamesissmiling.Don’t forget to send us YOUR beauty, skincare, or life, questions, your Milk?! With Your Dinner?! And “I Didn’t Know Then, But I’m Older Now” segments totruebeautybrooklynpodcast@gmail.com.DM us on Instagram @truebeautybrooklynpodcast. Check us out on Twitter @truebeautyBKpodDon’t forget to rate us 5-stars, subscribe, and leave a review on Apple iTunes.Tell a friend to tell a friend if you like the show!See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

1hr 9mins

21 Jan 2022

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I Can't Do My Job! Quickly Collecting Client Content & Site Info with James Rose

Press This WordPress Community Podcast

If you've been freelancing or working in a digital agency for any length of time, you are likely very aware of how frustrating it can be to collect client site content, admin credentials, and other information you need to create their website. This often leads to your projects AND post-project payments from your clients being drastically delayed!In this episode of PressThis, we interview James Rose of Content Snare about his thoughts around techniques and approaches for setting expectations for clients, providing a framework for providing site info, and other techniques designed to help you get the information you need so your projects and payments for projects land on time.Since you're not doing anything anyway while you wait for your clients to send you site content, listen to this episode of PressThis now!Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/press-this-wordpress-community-podcast/donations


8 Sep 2021

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Mobility After the Pandemic with James Rose and Phil Hobson

Risk in Context Podcast

Marsh’s James Rose and Phil Hobson look at how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected mobility trends and how retailers, automakers, and others are adapting to changing customer demands. You can access a transcript of this episode here. For more insights and insurance and risk management solutions, follow Marsh on LinkedIn and Twitter and visit marsh.com.


24 Aug 2021

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James Rose On Automating Your Onboarding Process

HighLevel Spotlight Sessions

In this episode, we speak with James about:    💥  Overview of a typical onboarding process and how to streamline it.  💥  James' favorite proposals tools  💥  ContentSnare quick tour  💥  3 simple things that will help you get content from your client  💥  How to use forms and Google docs in your onboarding process  


16 Aug 2021

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James Rose: Automation and How To Reclaim Time (EXTENDED)

Ignite Your Business Radio Show

If you take a look around the endless arena of business, and how we communicate with clients, coworkers, and others, you would probably say you wish things would be a little more straightforward. Communication is one of the biggest areas we try to improve within the larger subject of productivity. It is estimated that 75% of global organizations are expected to increase their use of productivity tools in the coming months and years. We’ve seen some amazing tools, concepts, and inventions brought to the forefront, in the name of improving communication, productivity, and more. Our guest today is just one example of the brilliant entrepreneurs who are striving to make not only their work a little easier but the work of those around them, as well. Here at Ignite Your Business, we’re thrilled to talk about Content Snare and more with James Rose!

1hr 27mins

26 May 2021