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Steve Dintaman - Head Coach Sinclair Community College - 154

Patrick Jones Baseball

On this episode we are going to check in with Steve Dintaman, Head coach for one of the best JUCO’s in the country, Sinclair Community College. This season will be Steve’s 13 year as head coach for the Tartan Pride, and 18th as a member of the program as a player and coach.  Steve has had an overall record of 501-163 including atleast 45 wins a year since 2014. In 2019 he was named OCCAC Coach of the year. He has sent over 100 players on to four year schools, including 8 from last years team that all went division 1. Last fall I actually went up to Sinclair to throw some BP and watch a practice. I was blown away with the talent level at the program. You could definelty tell Steve connects with all of his players and truly cares about them. He didn’t micro manage every aspect of practice, he let his assistants coach, and he was just over seeing everything. In this episode Steve talks about his journey as a coach, how he handles recruiting at the JUCO level, and the importance caring about your players.Blast Motion Code: pjb25 for $25 offWhether you or your player has thought about the JUCO route, you will become of a fan of Sinclair’s baseball program after this episode.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


18 Feb 2020

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Steve Dintaman- Head Baseball Coach, Sinclair Community College (OH)

Ahead Of The Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

iTunes  Stitcher Google Spotify This episode is brought to you by baseballcloud and Axebats. Go to axebat.com and use our code AOTC at checkout to save 10% on your purchase of Axe Bat training products including all of the Axe Bat Speed Trainers and wood bats!  During this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I interviewed Steve Dintaman, Head Baseball Coach at Sinclair Community College and an Associate Scout for the Texas Rangers. Steve Dintaman shares what he has learned as a head coach at Sinclair for 12 years, what it takes to maintain the team culture with young players constantly coming and going, and what he looks for in players and coaches.  Episode Highlights:  What is a Tartan?   Why did Steve Dintaman get involved in baseball coaching?  What is the fall training program over at Sinclair Community College like?  How do they indoctrinate new players into their program?  What are some things that Coach Dintaman does to build the team culture?  How do you balance team chemistry with players coming and going?  What does the team do to instill a sense of competition?   How is he getting to know his players?  How does Coach Dintaman develop coaches?  Does Coach Dintaman hire his own coaches?  What would make ideal hires for the Sinclair Tartans?  How does the typical spring practice plan look like at Sinclair?  What does his batting practice setup look like?   What are the after-season meetings look like when talking to players?  What advice does Steve have for someone who wants to be a head coach one day?  Are there things that they do in practice that the players get excited about?  What is something that you believe that other coaches might disagree on?  Which books or resources does Coach Steve Dintaman recommend?  3 Key Points: Don’t go into a team bragging about how good you are. Let your play do the talking.  The core values of the Sinclair Tartans are: sacrifice, confidence, character and brotherhood.  Join the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) if you want to become a coach. Tweetable Quotes: “Just lifting during the season, there are still some guys in high school that haven’t done that before. So we are lifting two or three times a week” – Steve Dintaman (09:68) “We are probably practicing anywhere from five to six times a week with an off day built in.” – Steve Dintaman (10:03) “I think my advice for any student athlete going in the fall is: be ready to go and keep your mouth shut and go to work.” – Steve Dintaman (11:43) “The number one emphasis for our program is always going to be player development and the guys understand that our goal is their goal. We want them to reach the highest level they can play.” – Steve Dintaman (22:44) “We are all part-time coaches too. No coach here is a full-time coach.” – Steve Dintaman (33:43) “I think the first thing I would do is if I bring someone in obviously they have had some success and they have some nice pedigree with some references, but that we have the same philosophies.” – Steve Dintaman (37:15) “There is nothing worse than a center fielder trying to track a ball and he’s going near the wall, about to make a catch, and all of a sudden his pitcher just catches it, and your like, “Come on Bro, get out the way.’” – Steve Dintaman (43:44) “The thing I have always told people is, ‘surround yourself with good people and good things will happen.’” – Steve Dintaman (50:20)  Resources Mentioned:  Ahead of the Curve Podcast Twitter: @AOTC_podcast Steve Dintaman: LinkedinTwitter sinclairathletics.com/sports/bsb/index

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8 Aug 2019

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Archives - Episode 142 - Dugout Chatter with Steve Dintaman, Sinclair Community College

ABCA Podcast

We're back in the junior college ranks as Steve Dintaman, head coach at Sinclair Community College in Ohio, joins our show and we get to unpack the special program he has built there. JC baseball is such a special level, providing opportunity and development for so many players from exceptional teachers and coaches who see the bigger picture. With Dintaman behind the mic, we open up the ins and outs of his growth as a leader and communicator and the specifics of how he has built his coaching staff, selects the right kids to join him in the dugout and also how success seems to keep finding his program. Dintaman lays out his thoughts and ideas that guide his interactions with the players, being very transparent on campus and the common theme inside our podcast – the best of the best are not wrapped up in wins and losses. It’s all about relationships, growing up young men and women and molding a better person.

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23 Jul 2019

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TC194: Steve Dintaman, Sinclair CC

Top Coach Podcast

It’s been an incredible game of Can You Top This for Sinclair Community College and head coach Steve Dintaman the last few years, capping an amazing 53-win 2016 season with a run to the NJCAA [...]


25 Jul 2016

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