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Episode 158 - Re-Air - Seamus Mullen - Chef, Restaurateur, & Cookbook Author

Midlife Male by Greg Scheinman

This is a re-air of episode 58 with Seamus Mullen, which was originally released February 22nd, 2019. Seamus Mullen is an award-winning New York chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author known for his inventive yet approachable Spanish cuisine. Seamus first rose to national prominence in 2006 with Boqueria, one of the first critically acclaimed and highly successful Spanish restaurants in New York. Seamus has become a leading authority in the conversation on food, health, and wellness. He was diagnosed in 2007 with rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that forced him to rethink his relationship with food, and led to his first cookbook Hero Food, published in 2012. Through food, exercise and lifestyle changes, Seamus was able to successfully turn his health around. He shares his story through numerous speaking engagements around the country, and has been featured in major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Chicago-Tribune, and The Guardian.

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5 Sep 2021

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Seamus Mullen: Award-Winning Chef, Restaurateur, Author

American Glutton

Seamus Mullen has become a leading authority in the conversation on food, health and wellness. On this episode of American Glutton, Seamus shares his health journey, and he and Ethan discuss how to figure out what is right for you.

1hr 23mins

14 Jun 2021

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Seamus Mullen

To Dine For

Seamus Mullen – Chef & Restaurateur Location: Gjusta in Venica, CA  Seamus Mullen is a New York City Chef turned health and wellness expert.  He burst on to the NYC culinary scene at Boqueria, and then later Tertulia with his deep passion for Spanish cuisine.  Originally from Vermont, Seamus shares the health scare that forever changed what and how he cooks.  From his favorite restaurant in Venice, California "Gjusta", Seamus shares his ever-evolving journey in the health and wellness space and how his definition of "hunger" has been forever altered by his new lifestyle. Follow To Dine For: Official Website: ToDineForTV.com Facebook: Facebook.com/ToDineForTV Instagram: @ToDineForTV Twitter: @KateSullivanTV Email: ToDineForTV@gmail.com Thank You to our Sponsors! American National Insurance Spiritless - Use promo code TODINEFOR for free shipping Follow Our Guest: Official Site: SeamusMullen.com Facebook: Facebook.com/SeamusMullen Instagram: @SeamusMullen Twitter: @SeamusMullen Follow The Restaurant: Official Website: Gjusta.com Facebook: Gjusta on Facebook Instagram: @GjustaBakery


7 Dec 2020

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Blackberry Conversation: Chef Seamus Mullen

The Blackberry Podcast

Chef Seamus Mullen uses his health journey as a tool to help others explore and understand the power of our relationship with the food we eat. In his Blackberry Conversation with Blackberry Mountain Wellness Manager Meghan Henley, during the Healing Food with Seamus Mullen event, Chef Mullen talks about his philosophy of food and wellness and how changing his diet had a profound effect on his quality of life with an autoimmune disease. 

1hr 16mins

21 May 2020

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010 | Seamus Mullen - Overcoming Sickness & Shifting a Victim Mentality

Stacked with Joe DiStefano

He’s a James Beard award-nominated chef and an accomplished cyclist, but what you may not know about Seamus Mullen (@seamusmullen) is that he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2007. After flatlining on the table during a hospital visit, he submitted to the tutelage of Frank Lipman, M.D., a practitioner of functional medicine. Through a combination of a diet overhaul, conventional medicine, supplementation and acupuncture, Seamus reversed his symptoms and worked his way back to health.“For every area you’re investing your energy, there’s an area you’re not.”I sit down with Seamus to talk about different approaches to fitness, his experience living with an autoimmune disease, and his definition of success. Seamus shares one of his favorite truisms—“when the student is ready, the teacher appears”—and explains how it not only influenced his approach to life, but literally saved it. “The first step to getting better is believing you will get better.”Microdosing fitness to mitigate stress (5:30)How can you incorporate fitness into your daily patterns? (8:00)It’s Seamus’ birthday, and he’s drinking dock sludge (11:00)The best way to help people make good decisions is to make them yourself (14:00)Seamus is a famous chef, by the way (18:00)A knock on the door can change your life. Almost dying can too. (24:00)When the student is ready, the teacher appears (33:00)The power of stories to effect change (41:00)A shift toward feminine energy (43:00)The therapeutic value of music (47:30)The Seamus 45th Birthday WorkoutBuy In: 45 Swings, 48kg2 Rounds:45 cal Fan Bike45 KB Swings, 24kg45 Chin-Ups / HR Push-Ups45 Goblet SquatsBetween Rounds: 300m Double KB Carry, 24kgFind Seamus Instagram I Facebook I Twitter Seamus’s latest book: Real Food Heals: Eat to Feel Younger and Stronger Every DayListen to the goop fellas podcast hereProudly Sponsored ByKettlebell KingsEvery two weeks we are giving away a $150 Kettlebell Kings gift card! All you have to do is leave us a review on any of our platforms and make sure you are on the Coach Joe DI newsletter to be entered to win.Athletic Brewing Co.Athletic Brewing Co. is pioneering a revolution in non-alcoholic craft beer. They use high-quality, all-natural ingredients to create great-tasting brews, so you don’t have to make sacrifices to your diet and health when you want to enjoy that cold beer on a Friday night!Head over to Athletic Brewing Co. and enter code STACKED at check-out for a 15% discount.Support the show (https://www.coachjoedi.com/joe-recommends )


15 Oct 2019

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Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis: Celebrity Chef Seamus Mullen's Story - The WellBe Podcast with Adrienne Nolan-Smith (getwellbe)

The WellBe Podcast (getwellbe)

Award-winning chef, author and the host of the Goop Fellas Podcast, Seamus Mullen made a name for himself with New York restaurants like Tertulia and El Colmado, as well as the books Hero Food and Real Food Heals. But early in his career, he never would have foreseen such success. He felt awful all the time, was eventually diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was told that he would likely be in a wheelchair by age 45. But overcoming his diagnosis to become a successful chef and wellness pioneer wasn’t easy. Listen to this episode to learn how Seamus eventually healed, how he'd been living his life pre-diagnosis, discovering the healing power of food and finding the best diet for rheumatoid arthritis, his can't-miss daily wellness practice and the doctor and mindset that changed everything. Watch or read our article instead: https://getwellbe.com/inspiration/seamus-mullen-best-diet-for-rheumatoid-arthritis/ While you're there be sure to become a WellBe Insider and get our latest content when it drops, special offers, big announcements, and special notes I don't share anywhere else. xx Adrienne & Team WellBe


8 Oct 2019

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Episode 75 - (Rebroadcast) Seamus Mullen - Chef, Restaurateur, & Cookbook Author

Midlife Male by Greg Scheinman

Seamus Mullen is an award-winning New York chef, restaurateur and cookbook author known for his inventive yet approachable Spanish cuisine, he is also a leading authority on health and wellness. After cooking throughout Spain, New York and San Francisco, Seamus first rose to national prominence in 2006 with Boqueria, one of the first critically acclaimed and highly successful Spanish restaurants in New York. In 2009, he was one of three finalists on the Food Network’s “The Next Iron Chef.” Seamus opened his first solo restaurant Tertulia in Manhattan in 2011, which was awarded two stars from The New York Times and was a finalist for the James Beard Foundation Award for Best New Restaurant.


23 Aug 2019

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152: Dr. Will Cole And Seamus Mullen From The goopFellas Podcast Share How To Do Keto Well Or Worse

Real Talk With Jimmy Moore

Today we have a very special episode of Keto Talk with The goopFellas. As most of you know, Jimmy’s weekly co-host Dr. Will Cole recently launched a podcast on Gwynyth Paltrow’s goop network with his co-host Chef Seamus Mullen. Together they tackle subjects on health and well being with a focus on transformation. “I know from seeing patients how prevalent anxiety is in all types of people, but it’s important to talk about so that we can get tools to start feeling better and whole.” - Dr. Will Cole Paid advertisement On this special episode of goopFellas on Keto Talk, cohosts Dr. Will Cole and Seamus Mullen break down the ketogenic diet. Should you switch to a high-fat, low-carb baseline? What would you eat in a typical day? When do our bodies go into ketosis, and what are the potential health benefits? What about intermittent fasting? Seamus shares his personal experience of changing his diet while healing from rheumatoid arthritis. And Will shares examples from his functional medicine practice, the kinds of diets he typically prescribes for patients with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, and how he tweaks the conventional keto model to be cleaner and more vegetable-forward for anyone (he’s the author of Ketotarian, after all). “The decision you make in your mid 30s definitely impact what happens to you in your 40s. The sooner you start to take care of yourself the better you will be.” - Seamus Mullen Paid advertisement goopFellas: What drives people to change, to heal, to reinvent themselves? Two friends who have become familiar with unlikely personal transformations talk with people who have experienced profound shifts in perspective and well-being: Chef Seamus Mullen himself almost died from rheumatoid arthritis, and functional medicine practitioner Will Cole’s day job is helping people uncover and overturn the roots of dis-ease. Together, they get at the catalysts that bring people out of their dark night and into their purpose. Paid advertisement


8 Aug 2019

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Seamus Mullen

Tune into Wellness

Dr. Lipman talks with his friend and patient, Seamus Mullen about autoimmune disease and taking charge of your own health. Seamus is not only a chef, restaurateur and cookbook author, but after an experience with his own ill health has become a leading authority on health and wellness. They chat about going from fear to hope, advocating for your own wellbeing, and how emotional health is intertwined with physical health. Learn how Seamus stopped thinking of himself as a sick person and turned the corner to hope and health.


5 Aug 2019

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Free Cookies

Kate and Kathryn chat about Kathryn’s newest creation, then Kathryn (🎶Ridin’ Solo🎶) brings on the Goop Fellas — Seamus Mullen and Will Cole — to get real about the wellness world.

23 Jul 2019