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NuCalm Tell-All with Jim and David Poole

This Is NuCalm

Today’s show is a special edition with both Jim Poole, NuCalm CEO and David Poole, NuCalm CBO! Take your pen and paper out, this is a tell-all episode chock full of information but also things that you can expect in the future. Introduction quote “It’s easy to get amped up during the day, it’s easy to have caffeine or stimulants to amp you up. It’s not so easy to kind of slow yourself down, and people who try to meditate would understand this, it’s really difficult to kind of slow down the monkey mind.” — Jim Poole BIO Jim is an accomplished business executive with extensive experience in the healthcare, biotechnology, dental, market research, and IT industries.  Mr. Poole manages the strategic direction and ongoing operations of Solace Lifesciences, Inc., a neuroscience company focused on personalized wellness and performance.  In 2015, Solace Lifesciences, the maker of NuCalm, was granted the world’s sole patent for “Systems and Methods for Balancing and Maintaining the Health of the Human Autonomic Nervous System.” Mr. Poole has successfully launched global products, managed growth strategies, and effectively optimized business operations for large and small organizations alike.  Prior to joining Solace Lifesciences, Jim co-founded Focused Evolution, a premier global management strategy-consulting firm.  As a Managing Partner, he managed mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, and growth strategies for venture capital and private equity firms.  Under Jim’s leadership, Focused Evolution grew into a multi-million dollar consulting firm, serving a global client portfolio of 49 companies, across a broad in a range of industries. Jim serves on the board of directors of several medical device firms around the world.  He is a recognized business leader, public speaker, an accomplished author, and has published numerous articles in industry trade journals and lectures all over the world globally on topics including stress, recovery, performance, and business strategy. A New York state native, Poole earned a BA in psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an MBA in International Business & Marketing from Babson College. Connect with Jim Poole on LinkedIn Key Takeaways [1:00] Jim welcomes listeners to a very special episode of This is NuCalm podcast! [4:08] From Alpha to Theta and their respective hertz frequencies, Jim breaks down the stages and the technical and biological inner workings of the NuCalm experience. [7:30] Jim explains “The Healing Zone,” the unique, once-a-day frequency at which your cells do their maintenance and your ATP is restored, as well as how it provides an opportunity for homeostasis. [13:40] So how should you use NuCalm? Jim talks about the human body as a closed-loop ecosystem and how it should impact your personal usage. [16:20] So you got your Faraday NuCalm bag and found a disk, an eye-mask, and an app. Jim explains each component as well as its function within the NuCalm system starting with the biochemical disk(and some of its fascinating history!) [26:20] The disk was put through a rigorous evaluation process beginning in 2018 with the incredible scientific, sports, and medical advisors that NuCalm trusts (from NASA to Harvard to the NFL, MMA/UFC, USTA, DOD, FBI, Special Forces, etc…) [29:20] The third component of NuCalm is the app, and is by far the most complex in that it paces brain function. Jim talks about the cornucopia of software design and algorithms at your disposal. [34:18] Jim shares his favorite tracks as well as which to use and when as you begin and how each of them is designed to perform. [42:40] Listener questions! Starting with question 1: When you don’t reach your natural wake state at the end of a session, what is the recommended extension time? [45:12] On NuCalm and sleep. [47:09] Are there overlapping uses for reboot and rescue? [48:43] More on NuCalm and sleep! [50:25] Should I NuCalm again if I finish and I feel sleepy? [52:08] Combining NuCalm with other modalities? [54:49] Using NuCalm right after a meal? [56:06] Which track should I use when I am tired and lethargic in the afternoon? [57:16] Sleep compensation with NuCalm, is it a good idea? [58:49] Are the track options curated for me or are they random? [1:00:47] Using NuCalm during flights? [1:01:59] Using NuCalm pre-op and post-op? [1:03:49] NuCalm and micro-dosing of psilocybin? [1:05:32] Could you explain the Faraday cage the disks come in? [1:07:09] Can you develop a program that promotes confidence and body positivity? [1:09:30] How can NuCalm help me return to sleep? [1:11:18] Does NuCalm increase or lower cortisol? [1:12:43] Should I use NuCalm before or after working out? [1:13:57] When is the sleep product coming out? [1:16:06] Pausing shipment of disks and pausing the app? [1:16:25] Where do I see my usage? [1:18:40] Can leaving the disk overnight cause a red mark? [1:20:45] Is there any benefit to listening to the tracks without the disks? [1:23:18] David wraps up the show by thanking listeners and Jim for being so generous with his time. Continue on your journey and until next time, breathe deep, relax, and keep looking forward. Mentioned in this episode NuCalm More about your host Connect with David Poole — Chief Business Officer at NuCalm on LinkedIn More about NuCalm and the podcast This is NuCalm, the show for those looking to improve sleep quality, manage stress, and boost recovery. Brought to you by Solace Lifesciences, the makers of NuCalm, the world’s only patented and proven neuroscience technology that works within minutes, without drugs, every time! In over one million medical sessions, NuCalm has helped men and women around the world. NuCalm: stress relief for the way we live today, technology to help you disconnect. Pull quotes “In essence, we are managing your brain wave frequency; we are helping you relax when your brain doesn’t want to relax.” — Jim Poole “Managing the human brain wave function is exceptionally ambitious and exceptionally difficult.” — Jim Poole “Theta is the healing zone, this is the coup de grace of the brain wave frequency over a 24-hour period.” — Jim Poole “Your autonomic nervous system is 40 million years evolved, your frontal cortex has only four million years… we’re fighting a 36-million-year head start.” — Jim Poole Tweet #1 How does NuCalm use biochemistry and physics to command your relaxation response? This is NuCalm Episode 14 guest and NuCalm CEO Jim Poole shares the in-depth knowledge you need to understand your own experience. Tweet #2 98% of all diseases are created by stress, NuCalm is a scientifically proven tool to prevent this. This is NuCalm Episode 14 guest and NuCalm CEO Jim Poole explains exactly how NuCalm was developed to work.

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15 Jun 2021

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Episode 24 – David Poole

Portsmouth Running Podcast

On this weeks show I finally got to speak to runner Dave Poole from Portsmouth. Dave has had a remarkably fast introduction into the world of long distance which started in just 2015 when he decided to run a half marathon, along with a bunch of marathons to raise money for the Epilepsy Society which […]

2hr 10mins

31 Jul 2020

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"Seek His Face" - Pastor David Poole (MS Camp Meeting) [July 23, 2020]

Bethlehem Church

ALJC MS District Camp Meeting 2020. Pastor David Poole, Manifest, LA, preaches the closing service.

1hr 6mins

29 Jul 2020

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Clear View of Sales Episode 5 with David Poole: Trust is Important When Buying Sales Technology

Neutral Zone Podcast: A Clear View of Sales Today

We had the opportunity to chat with David Poole, Director of Marketing at Georgian Partners, about his technology buying experiences. David is an expert in pipeline marketing, specifically leveraging marketing technology, to help clients build effective sales strategies. In his years in the B2B space, he's seen technology buying at its best and worst. Here's what he had to say.


29 Apr 2020

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Making Your Podcast Process a Success with David Poole

The Casted Podcast

Process, love it or hate it, it's an incredibly important part of content strategy. Because without some kind of process, things that can be very creative and involve several people - like podcasting - can become very overwhelming, very fast. Today we sat down with David Poole, Director of Marketing at Georgian Partners and one of the hardworking marketers behind the scenes of The Georgian Impact Podcast. When talking with David about their podcast, one thing became very clear very fast. They are very much like me when it comes to where they fall on the process discussion.With a six part podcasting process, David and his team have created an assembly line of sorts that works for them to ensure each podcast episode is well-thought out, managed, activated, and measured effectively.David gave us a deep dive into each step of their process, including how each episode comes together, tips for working with an agency, and how transcriptions have become an important part of his process.Key Takeaways🎙 How the podcast fits into the overall marketing strategy 6️⃣ A six-part podcasting process📚 Advice for working with an agency 🤝 Building relationships for engagement 📊 Measuring impact ✍️ Advice for starting a podcast


1 Apr 2020

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Banking Trends with David Poole

Valuewalk's ValueTalks

Hello Listeners,Today is a very special episode with David Poole, Head of Financial Services Center of Excellence at Publicis Sapient. Before this he was strategy director at Publicis Groupe and Senior Planner at Critical Mass. He earned his BA in English and Creative Writing at University of California, Berkeley and BA in English and Creative Writing at Lancaster University. In today's episode we discuss the upcoming trends in the banking industry and payment areas. Enjoy and thanks for the listen!See more a https://www.valuewalk.com/


7 Jan 2020

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The Dyslexic Adventure - Interview With David Poole

Become a Fearless Father

Become a fearless father presents: The recording of the interview with Dadpreneur David Poole, founder of the dyslexic adventure. 0:00 - What does it mean to have dyslexia? .:.. - Who is David Poole? In this interview Klaas van Oosterhout had with David Poole, they talked about:  * How to get disciplined; * How to understand your child;  * How to propel forward and have mayor success; * How to be your child's hero; * And much more. Links mentioned by David Poole: https://thedyslexicadventure.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheDyslexicAdventure/ https://www.facebook.com/thedyslexicadventurebyDavidPoole Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/becomeafearlessfather/ Music: https://www.bensound.com

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29 Jul 2019

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Customer Experience Radio Welcomes: David Poole with Bank of America and Merrill Edge

Customer Experience Radio

Aren't we all really in the customer experience business? During the 20+ years in residential real estate and corporate relocation, the #1 cornerstone of Jill's business has always been the experience she and her team delivers. Little did she know that this strategy that would become a leading best practice for the world's greatest businesses to survive in the […]The post Customer Experience Radio Welcomes: David Poole with Bank of America and Merrill Edge appeared first on Business RadioX ®.

18 Jul 2019

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Critical Power/Speed With David Poole, PhD

Science Of Ultra

A deep scientific discussion of the concept of critical power/critical speed as the 'fatigue threshold' with an emphasis on how it may apply to ultra-endurance training and performance.

1hr 3mins

12 Jul 2017

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Ep 42 - David Poole - How to Biohack Stress with Audio Entrainment

The Biohacking Secrets Show

David Poole is the Executive Vice President of New Com, a revolutionary new system for balancing and maintaining automatic nervous system health. New Com is a safe, proven neuro science technology that quickly relaxes you without using narcotics or controlled substances.  It naturally brings your body into pre-sleep states characterized by deep relaxation along with delta and theta brain waves. In this episode of The Biohacking Secrets Show podcast, David and I discuss stress intervention therapy and audio entrainment and their incredible benefits in promoting relaxation and getting the body prepared for a restful night’s sleep.  We also discuss the power of good sleep and on the contrary side, the negative effects of sleep deprivation.  So without further ado, please sit back and relax and enjoy my conversation with David Poole. Here’s where you can grab your copy of our free book The Biohacker’s Guide to Upgraded Energy and Focus (just help with shipping) https://biohackersguide.com/biohackers-guide-free. Learn more about the #1 High Performance Coaching Program in the world and have Anthony personally help you get in the best shape of your life, double your energy, and live in a state of optimal performance www.biohackingsecrets.com/coaching


12 Jan 2017