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"The Tough Stuff" About Coaching With Cody Royle

The Curious Competitor with Connor Carrick

In this episode, we welcome Cody Royle. Cody is an author and football coach. He's spent the last six years as the head coach of AFL Team Canada, the men's national program for Australian Rules football. Cody is a standout voice in how leadership propels teams to sustained success and now coaches other head coaches in elite sports, and now mentors over a dozen coaches in half a dozen different sports around the world. We discuss the struggles of being a head coach in any league and what it's like to be in the "hot seat" as a coach. How to navigate the management of player's emotions and psychology, decision making, and performance. Why future coaching can't be modeled with the traditional fear-based approach, but rather in safety, transparency, and emotional understanding.  Follow Cody on Social Media Instagram  Cody's Website Cody's Best Selling Book "The Tough Stuff"  Join our Curious Competitor Podcast Facebook Page. Follow Connor’s Instagram or Twitter Visit our YouTube for additional content Donate here to support our Podcast!

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2 Jun 2021

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088: Cody Royle on the reality of being a Head Coach

Supporting Champions

This week’s guest is Cody Royle. Cody is the head coach of Australian Football League Team Canada, the men's national program for Australian Rules football. Cody is also an author and I would say fast becoming recognised as a pioneering voice about a topic that previously just hasn’t been communicated - that is the reality of being a head coach. In his recent book, The Tough Stuff, he explores the challenges of coaching in elite sport, but specifically the dynamics and perspectives, the difficulties and the pressures of being a HEAD coach. He ratifies his own feelings, in conversation with a series of top coaches too, such as Dan Quinn (Atlanta Falcons) and Stuart Lancaster (England Rugby), to name a few. I can’t stress enough just how important this step change is in communicating the demands on coaches. There is a disproportionate and unwarranted expectation, storm of opinion and lack of support and empathy for the head coach. It is Cody’s petition that we all need to do better. To give you a flavour of the book chapter titles which we delve into and build the conversation around, Your fiercest rival is yourself, you’re not a coach, Tactics don’t matter, Chapter 1 - everyone thinks you’re an idiot - and that’s where I start this conversation. If anyone wants to work in or learn from high performance sport - I compel you to listen to what Cody has to say. WIN A FREE COPY OF CODY'S BOOK We have two copies of Cody's book, The Tough Stuff to give away. Simply give an honest review of the podcast on iTunes (only new reviews accepted), take a screenshot of the review and email it to enquiries@supportingchampions.co.uk, by 31st May at 12 noon. Two reviewers chosen at random will receive a copy in the post. It could be one of the most worthwhile screenshots you take this year! Enjoy the listen! Notes on what we discuss The Tough Stuff - ‘Everyone thinks you’re an idiot’ If we’re all performers why aren’t the coaches seen as performers? The catalyst of the book Coaches and the importance of self-care Get. Some. Sleep! Translating skills from assistant coach where the pressure’s off to head coach  The brethren of understanding Support structure for coaches       You’re not a coach - being detached from our real identity Changing the dialogue for mutual benefit Follow Cody on Twitter https://twitter.com/codyroyle The Tough Stuff on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tough-Stuff-Seven-Truths-About/dp/1660114446/ Steve Ingham on Twitter www.twitter.com/ingham_steve Supporting Champions on; Twitter www.twitter.com/support_champs Linkedin, www.linkedin.com/company/supporting-champions Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/supportingchampions If you’re looking for some coaching support or some virtual team development help to support you to get to the next level in work, life or sport then take a look at https://supportingchampions.co.uk/coaching-mentoring/ or drop us a note at enquiries@supportingchampions.co.uk then you can sign up for a free consultation to explore which package is right for you.

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19 May 2021

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Special FQP Interview - Cody Royle

The Fifth Quarter Podcast with Marty Davis

Author, TAC Cup player, VFL Player, Head coach of Canada Northwind, and now Coaching Advisor for AFL canada.  this was a very interesting chat about coaching, mentoring and how the game is looking internationally, sit back and listen you can find Cody on socials @codyroyle


29 Apr 2021

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S5E3 // The 7 Hard Truths About Being a Coach w/ Cody Royle

The Performance Nutrition Podcast

In Season 5, episode 3 Dr. Marc Bubbs is talking with author and head coach for AFL Canada team Cody Royle about 'The Tough Stufff – 7 Hard Truths About Being A Head Coach'Cody and Marc discuss key elements how pressure and the emotional toll impact coaches, how coaching is not about you (but all about you), how ultimately you’re trying to craet your own identity within your team, how we need to rethink communication and a whole lot more.>> Visit YOUTUBE Channel 'Performance Nutrition Podcast' to watch full video interview or individual clips >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOyjZGyQ1bk


30 Mar 2021

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62. AID #62: Cody Royle & Mark Metry

Jeff Weigh

On this episode I'm joined by Cody Royle - author of Tough Stuff and host of Where others won't podcast & Mark Metry - author of Screw being shy and host of the podcast Humans 2.0 Series 5 is a short collection of interviews recorded during lockdown. There's an emphasis on; - attention - intention - distraction As well as a fascinating challenge at the end of each interview for my guests! Enjoy--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/perfectimbalance4/message


24 Feb 2021

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49. PI #49: Cody Royle - challenging the norms

Jeff Weigh

On this episode I share my interview with Cody Royle; author and host of Where Others Won’t, challenging the norms and going where others won't. Cody is also the managing editor of Inner Voice with the goal of utilising the power of endurance sports to inspire change. When he's not writing or speaking, Cody is working with Australian Football League Team Canada as their Head Coach. Background The first part of Cody's career was in the corporate world. He was an account executive in sales and recruitment. He was a 'job title' and this never really sat well with him. The point of discovery for him was having the confidence to flip over. He walked into his boss's office one day and quit. He'd been writing and blogging for a while. It quickly became apparent to Cody that he could do this all day long and he absolutely loved it. The book became Cody's exit from the corporate world. Built on 10-12 years of frustration with the way teams were built in the corporate space; married with the conversations he'd been having with others in the sporting world. Where others won't The book is mostly about how teams create a competitive advantage and generally they need to go where others won't. Full of insight from leaders in sport and business, the book is challenging norms around everything that we've built competitive advantage on in the past. Most organisations are now realising that their people are their competitive advantage. Learning Things haven't always gone to plan for Cody. He played Aussie rules at a high level and didn't quite get drafted. By his own admission he was just outside that level. At 18 he was basically; Spat out of the system; and all that he wanted to be was no longer available to him. Since then it's been a series of making decisions and walking through doors. One was to leave Melbourne at 25 and pack up and move to Canada. He restarted his career selling mobile phones at the Blue Jays stadium and since then that same methodology has served him well. Find out more If you would like to start a conversation with Cody, you can find him on; Twitter LinkedIn Alternatively, find out more about Cody by reading the latest Ignite blog; Where others won't  More details can be found on his website including details of his latest book; The Tough stuff. If you liked this episode you can leave the show a rating and review on iTunes or the platform that you use to listen to podcasts. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/perfectimbalance4/message

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16 Feb 2021

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#125 Fergus Connolly and Cody Royle - Royle and Connolly on High Performance Coaching

The Sport Psych Show

I’m delighted to welcome back on the show Author and Performance Expert, Fergus Connolly and Head Coach of Canada’s AFL (Australian Football League) programme Cody Royle. Fergus and Cody recorded a series of webinars over the summer of 2020 which spurred some brilliant conversation about coaching and performance. And so, I wanted to get them both on to talk about some of the key take-aways they had from the show. We also speak about their new books – Fergus’ book, The Happiness Handbook for High Achievers: Stoics, Circles & Sheepdogs, takes readers on a journey in search of the answers to our most pressing questions about happiness and contentment. And Cody’s latest book which is due for release 1st February is The Tough Stuff – a book that focuses entirely on the human experience of head coaching - the emotional toll, the identity issues, the loneliness.

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18 Jan 2021

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NCELive - Season 2 - No 12 - Cody Royle - Managing talent

#NCE Live

People are at the centre of everything we do. We explore with Cody how to get the best out of them as part of a talent plan and a conscious effort to be better, referencing his time in Human Resources and experience as an elite coach.


18 Nov 2020

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025 - Finding Leadership Wisdom Where Others Won't with Cody Royle

The Weekly Leadership Experience

This episode features a conversation with Cody Royle, author of “Where Others Won’t”, host of the Where Others Won’t podcast, and Managing Partner of NTSQ Sports Group. Cody is also Head Coach of AFL Team Canada. Cody draws on his extensive sporting background to bring wisdom and insight into people innovation from the locker room into the board room. Show notes at www.reshadoberlander.com/025/ Connect with Cody on LinkedIn Connect with Reshad on LinkedIn


16 Nov 2020

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Where Others Won't with Cody Royle

Leave Your Mark

Cody is an author, podcast host, and football coach. Currently, he serves as the head coach of AFL Team Canada, the men's national program for Australian Rules football. Cody is a standout voice in the crossover of leadership principles between sports and business. His first book, "Where Others Won't", proposed that businesses should look at how pro sports teams focus on team dynamics and talent optimization in order to innovate. The success of Where Others Won't spawn a one-of-a-kind podcast series of the same name, which reached Apple’s top 100 within a week of launch. Guests include former Colorado Avalanche head coach Tony Granato, Detroit Pistons legend Joe Dumars, New England Patriots executive Michael Lombardi, former Netflix CHRO Patty McCord, and bestselling authors Adam Grant, and Daniel Pink.

1hr 8mins

10 Nov 2020