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He Opened a Bricks & Minifigs Franchise Store! | Adam Weiner

The Brick Business Show

Welcome back to The Brick Business Show! In this episode we are chatting with Adam Weiner. Adam recently opened a Bricks & Minifigs franchise store, and the stories he tells in this episode give a great view of what the process is like. If you have ever considered investing in a brick-and-mortar LEGO store, this one is for you. Check out Adam's Bricks & Minifigs store in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Intro music by Keyozah.

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19 Aug 2022

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MAGNET Television Podcast Episode 7: Q&A With Adam Weiner (Low Cut Connie)

MAGNET Magazine Podcast

In this episode, we interview Adam Weiner (Low Cut Connie). Dubbed the “Pandemic Person Of The Year” by The New Yorker for his uplifting and unlike-anything-else "Tough Cookies" livestreams during isolation, Weiner and LCC are hitting the road to let it all hang out every night live and in-person. In this podcast, Adam talks—while often playing his piano—about the albums, songs and concerts that changed his life and inspired him to make music.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/magnet-magazine/support


17 Jan 2022

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Adam Weiner

WFPK's First Cut

Did you know?- Adam learned piano by ear, rather than learning to read music.- The first concert Adam saw was Alvin & The Chipmunks.- To date, Adam has covered over 700 songs on his "Tough Cookies" series of live broadcasts.If you answered NO to any of these questions, then you've got a lot to learn from this episode of WFPKs The First Cut!


13 Aug 2021

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DetoxPod 62 : Adam Weiner (Low Cut Connie)

Detoxicity: By Men, About Men, For Everyone

Adam Weiner is the face and the main voice behind Low Cut Connie, a rock and roll band that's gained fans as diverse as Barack Obama and Elton John. In the last year and change, Adam's fame has grown thanks to his web series Tough Cookies. Created during the pandemic, it has gained a new legion of fans and has hosted guests including members of Sly & The Family Stone, Darlene Love and Joan Osborne. An album called "Tough Cookies: The Best of the Quarantine Broadcasts" was released last month. In our interview, Adam talks about being invested in his "art bubble", the music, film and books that keep him going. We also talk about the differences between his stage persona and his private demeanor, we pay tribute to the greatness of Prince Rogers Nelson, and Adam tells us all that he learned beginning his performing career in New York City's gay piano bars.


9 Jun 2021

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Low Cut Connie’s Adam Weiner On Shedding His Layers Of Creativity

The Creative Jungle

Adam Weiner has seen his share of success as an indie rock act. His band, Low Cut Connie, has garnered praise from music legends like Elton John, Bruce Springsteen and even earned a spot on President Obama’s summer Spotify music list. Hear how Adam went through his creative metamorphosis to become what he considers to be the entertainer he is today and how he sees his latest project during COVID, Tough Cookies, to be his most pure creative endeavor yet.


7 May 2021

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Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie

Hardcore Humanism with Dr. Mike

Today on The Hardcore Humanism Podcast, we are talking with Adam Weiner – vocalist, musician and songwriter for the band Low Cut Connie. During quarantine, Adam and Low Cut Connie have been live streaming a show called Tough Cookies, a combination of a talk show, concert series and support group for people during the pandemic. And the show has been so successful and had so many great performances that they are putting out an album of the cover songs they performed during the broadcast called Tough Cookies: The Best of the Quarantine Broadcasts. The album will arrive May 19th, and is available to preorder digitally and on CD and vinyl. One of the reasons that Low Cut Connie’s music so compelling is that Weiner will often write songs about or from the perspective of people who have been marginalized or “forgotten” in our society. Weiner points out in our discussion that much of our society seems to glorify celebrity, wealth or mainstream social status at the expense of people who do not fit into one of those exalted categories. And this process emerges at a very young age, where it feels as though the world is made up of “cool” kids and not so cool kids. The cool kids get rewarded with popularity and having the attention and admiration of other kids and maybe even teachers and parents. They get the benefit of the doubt if they do something wrong. And there’s a sense, either implicitly or even explicitly that we should all try to be one of the cool kids, or at least participate in the admiration. One of the key goals humanistic psychotherapy is to provide people who may feel marginalized with the unconditional positive regard that they need in order to push back against those societal pressures. And by pushing back, people can often come to understand who they really are and what they want to do in their life. One of the biggest barriers that we face is trying to be authentic in the face of so many pressures to be otherwise. And what Adam talks about was how he recognized that he didn’t want to conform and be cool in that sense of the word. And when choosing his friends, he gravitated towards people who were more on the fringes. As Adam got older, he was able to dig deeper into the ways that he felt uncool and marginalized. He not only expressed this in his art and performances, but he also found a community of likeminded people who similarly rejected conventional notions of cool in favor of more individuality and authenticity. And Adam’s lesson is crucial for anyone who has felt marginalized, stigmatized or "uncool."*****Newsletter: https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/GBmf0iU/HardcoreHumanismSignUp Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hardcorehumanism/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HardcoreHumanism/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/hardcorhumanism LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hardcore-humanism


27 Apr 2021

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100 – Adam Weiner (Low Cut Connie, Ladyfingers)

My First Band Podcast

My First Band has reached the century mark! We're celebrating the 100-episode milestone in grand fashion with the incomparable Adam Weiner, who you might know better as the singer, pianist and driving force behind Low Cut Connie. Over the course of the project's decade-long existence, Low Cut Connie has released six acclaimed albums, toured the world, earned high praise from legendary musicians like Elton John and Bruce Springsteen, and has become a favorite of two United States Presidents. Weiner has been especially busy since last March, performing more than 70 "Tough Cookies" livestream shows to millions of viewers all over the world and releasing the latest Low Cut Connie album. The day before he performed an official virtual event for the Biden-Harris inauguration, Weiner spoke to My First Band host Tyler Maas about the rare honor he had to represent the new President's home state on the historic day, the band's recently released Private Lives and how a pandemic reinforced his belief in the powers of performance and the artist-audience connection. Of course, the hour-long interview also touched on Weiner's musical past, including his upbringing in New Jersey, attending art school in New York, memorable early shows and tumultuous tours during his days playing under the "Ladyfingers" moniker, and unforgettable experiences from the more than 10-year run (and counting) of Low Cut Connie. My First Band is sponsored by Mystery Room Mastering and Lakefront Brewery. The show is edited by Jared Blohm. You can listen to My First Band on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and wherever else you get podcasts. You can also listen to rebroadcasts of previous My First Band episodes on WMSE every Wednesday from noon to 12:30 p.m. CST. Music used in this episode comes courtesy of Devils Teeth ("The Junction Street Eight Tigers") and Low Cut Connie ("Stay As Long As You Like").


29 Jan 2021

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S3 E20 South Philadelphia's Adam Weiner on Live Streaming, Surviving Depression, Anxiety and the Pandemic

The True Philadelphia Podcast with Matt O'Donnell

Back in the spring, Adam Weiner decided he had to do something. The pandemic suddenly prevented his band, Low Cut Connie, from their lifeblood - performing live music. While in the spare room of his South Philadelphia home, he started broadcasting what would become the "Tough Cookies" series. He sings, he dances, he bangs on his stand-up piano, he offers words of enlightenment and hope. Originally a vehicle to simply entertain those watching on Instagram and Facebook, the episodes have gone so far as to uplift his fans during a public health crisis and sustain the LCC brand. Adam's music now has a solid worldwide fanbase thanks to the live streaming success. He is riding that wave into the release of the band's sixth album, a double LP called "Private Lives", in October of 2020.What the world didn't know was that while Adam was helping so many others cope with this public health crisis, he was hurting too. Numerous physical injuries from performing live night after night caught up with him. And he became massively depressed. Adam wants to share what helped bring him happiness and wellness again with anyone and everyone because it fits in with the Low Cut Connie mission statement: you are tougher than you know.Recorded October 6, 2020Featured at the end of the podcast: "Help Me", Low Cut Connie, from the 2020 double LP "Private Lives"In this podcast:Adam shares the story behind his spare bedroom becoming a worldwide stage (2:28), how he branded his live stream performances "Tough Cookies" (4:20), the personal mission statement: people are tougher than they know (6:00), Adam discusses the future of the music recording industry and how livestream will remain a huge part (7:50), talks about the many physical injuries that mounted over many years of live performances (14:00), likens his role as the lead singer and pianist of a rock band to a "short-order cook" (15:00), the difference between him and a professional athlete (16:15), Adam then shares his mental struggles that became a serious concern during the recording of his new album (18:31), how his depression began in his childhood (19:25), what advice he gives to others who have similar mental health issues (21:00), how he was bullied as a child (21:50), his new album, a double LP called "Private Lives" and what he thinks about people saying his music is "retro" (25:31), a new routine he picked up since the beginning of the pandemic (29:47), what he would tell a fan who came up to him and asked "Are we going to be okay?" (33:00), how the song "Help Me" needed to, in his words, cook in the oven a little longer before he could record and release it (36:25), we play the single "Help Me" from Low Cut Connie's "Private Lives" (38:50).


12 Oct 2020

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002: Adam Weiner- Navy SEAL Officer, Financial Planner, Mindset Coach

The Victory Podcast

Join Adam and I as we discuss unique aspects of his journey to include parenting, family, college decisions, mentors, and how important mindset is. Oh, and we also share a cool personal story of how fate allowed us to cross paths years ago. 

1hr 6mins

1 Apr 2020

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Rhino Helps Operators Lease Residential Real Estate Faster with Adam Weiner

Mission Matters Podcast with Adam Torres

Security deposit can be a pain for renters and operators alike. What if there was a better way? Adam Torres and Adam Weiner, Managing Director at Rhino, delve into their process of collateralizing the risk for operators and why this may be a better route than the traditional security deposit process. Follow Adam on Instagram at  https://www.instagram.com/askadamtorres/ for up to date information on book releases and tour schedule.Apply to be interviewed by Adam on our podcast:https://missionmatters.lpages.co/podcastguest/


13 Feb 2020