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Brandon Beachum on Different Perspectives on Spiritual Growth

The One You Feed

Brandon Beachum is a podcaster, entrepreneur, writer, philosopher, and truth seeker. He’s the host of the Positive Head podcast which has amassed over 20 million downloads and reached #2 in the Spirituality category in Apple Podcasts. Brandon recently launched a new late-night style consciousness-elevating talk show called Optimistic, as well as his first book, The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance.In this episode, Eric and Brandon discuss various perspectives on and avenues towards profound spiritual growth and how they show up in our everyday lives.But wait – there’s more! The episode is not quite over!! We continue the conversation and you can access this exclusive content right in your podcast player feed. Head over to our Patreon page and pledge to donate just $10 a month. It’s that simple and we’ll give you good stuff as a thank you!Brandon Beachum and I Discuss Different Perspectives on Spiritual Growth and…His book, The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite AbundanceUnpacking the idea of toxic positivityHow we won’t always be happy with what is happening, but we can feel at peace with itThe different views Eric and Brandon have about The Law of AttractionHow we co-create our realityThe growth that can come from our strugglesThe role and importance of intention in one’s lifeHow incremental steps can have a big impact over timeThe importance of supportive conditions in order for us to grow Brandon Beachum links:Brandon’s WebsiteGolden Key Audiobook or eBook: FREE with code: oneyoufeedTwitterInstagramFacebookWhen you purchase products and/or services from the sponsors of this episode, you help support The One You Feed. Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you!If you enjoyed this conversation with Brandon Beachum you might also enjoy these other episodes:Spiritual Growth with Norman FischerNoah Levine (Against the Stream)See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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5 Apr 2022

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September 9, 2021 Positive Head and Golden Key Brandon Beachum and Kadabra Wendy Ryan

School for Startups Radio

September 9, 2021 Positive Head and Golden Key Brandon Beachum and Kadabra Wendy Ryan

9 Sep 2021

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Brandon Beachum: The Golden Key

Impact the World with Lee Harris

Authentic power, abundance, and building community are some of the themes in this inspiring episode with our special guest, Brandon Beachum. He is a serial entrepreneur, thought leader, author, and host of The Positive Head Podcast, as well as the late-night style talk show, Optimystic. Brandon’s primary focus is helping people shift their perspectives in order to create more of what they want to see in their world. His first book, The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance, was published in January 2021 and he is inviting readers to participate in a unique abundance manifestation game.Lee and Brandon, both visionaries and entrepreneurs, share a wonderful conversation about spirituality, being a creator, and the importance of an abundant mindset. Brandon offers insight into circulating abundance, how to manage the small voices we can have and overcoming limiting beliefs. They discuss Brandon's journey with creating his wildly popular podcast, Mystic Manor (the sanctuary he created to offer a place for his tribe to learn and come together), and what his intention is with The Golden Key.To learn more about his work & The Golden Key Gift: https://goldenkey.gift/ Code: impacttheworld2021Podcast: https://positivehead.com/Want to go deeper with Lee's work? Join us July 12 - 23, 2021 for Transmissions 2021 - A Virtual Soul Magic Experience. Inspired by Lee's wildly popular Soul Magic retreats and featuring 5 live broadcasts with channeled transmissions from Lee's guides - video replays provided, as well as guided meditations, soul-sensory music, private discussion boards, and more! This special online gathering will offer an energetic roadmap for the coming decade, as well as a pathway to deeper connection with the self, with consciousness and with community. To learn more visit: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/transmissions-2021The views and opinions expressed by guests of Impact the World are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views or position of the host, of Lee Harris Energy LLC, or its staff or management. Any content provided by our guests are of their opinion and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.

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19 Jul 2021

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The Matter of the Heart - Ultimate Nature of Reality - Brandon Beachum

The Matter of the Heart

TheMatterOfTheHeart.comReceive a free eBook or Audio of The Golden Key of Abundance with code "HEARTMATTERS" (all one word) at GoldenKey.Gift


12 Jul 2021

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1495: Soul-Share with Brandon Beachum on the Conscious Living Summit (flash-forward)

The Positive Head Podcast

Brandon was recently interviewed for the forthcoming Conscious Living Summit and decided to share his chat with Jackie Woodside. In this episode, Brandon and Jackie discuss a myriad of perspectives, thoughts, and ideas that are sure to leave you feeling elevated by the end of their discussion! Learn more about the Conscious Living Summit in September at: https://jackiewoodside.com/events/ Ready to Travel? Sign up for a free year membership when you use code ‘phfreeyear’ for the yearly plan at HelloVacay.com and get up to 50% off hotels and other accommodations.  Download The Golden Key audio or e-book at GoldenKey.Gift with the Code: POSITIVEHEAD Care to play a game with the youniverse? positivehead.com/youniverse Text Brandon to receive regular golden nuggets of wisdom at 310.564.0750


8 Jul 2021

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The Eight Golden Keys of Abundance - with Brandon Beachum

Third Eye Awakening

Brandon is an author, host of Positive Head podcast and Optimystic as light night TV show, an entrepreneur with an annual business revenue of $10 million + Brendon gave me so much inspiration when I started listening to his podcasts back in 2016 and he has now published over 1500 episodes to date. We talked about his new released book, The Golden Key, where there are eight keys to unlock and manifest abundance in all forms in your life. We experience lack of abundance because of our perceptive of who and what we actually are. We discussed the magic of synchronicity and how it has played a big part in both our lives. How source is infinite, the need to get into alignment with the greatest, most fulfilling and rewarding version of ourselves and the need to manage and elevate our vibrations. You’re the creator and architect of your own life. You can find him on Instagram @0ptimystic Find out more at OptiMystic here Check out his podcast The Positive Head here Download his book The Golden Key here! Coupon code ‘third eye awakening 777’ or ‘positive head’ You are incredible, POWERFUL, magical.  Thank You for Being here. Find me on IG @amy.thenorthstar And on FB @ Amy Belair Or join my free FB group Soul Space more info on my website AmyBelair.com

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10 Jun 2021

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Dr. Erika: Brandon Beachum- The Golden Key to Abundance

Law of Attraction Radio Network

My special guest is Brandon Beachum, a thought leader, truth-seeker, host of The Positive Head Podcast, talk show Optimystic, serial entrepreneur since childhood, and author of The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance. Brandon talks about the ultimate nature of reality to create abundance being "innerstanding" and awakening to the truth of the "youniverse." Brandon shares several of the keys of abundance and is gifting you the keys to the world via his book. Brandon invites you to participate in an abundance manifestation game by doing 3 simple exercises for 88 days designed to flow abundance back into your life. You can download his book in audio or ebook for free at GoldenKey.Gift with the code MONEYENERGY Cheers to Abundance!!


6 Jun 2021

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Brandon Beachum - A Positive Head (#156)

Ten Laws with East Forest

On the other weekdays, Brandon and Dr. Erica Middlemiss take turns discussing clips from various philosophers and teachers, answering questions from listeners, featuring Mystic Manor retreat guests, and they dig into topics to help expand your perspective and keep your soul fed on a regular basis.  Brandon is also self-releasing his new book, The Golden Key because of the unique way he is marketing it, which allows anyone to gift the book to someone else by providing them with a unique (Golden) Key Code.  He then shares 50% of the net proceeds from any money spent by the purchaser with the person who originally gifted the purchaser their (Golden) Key Code. "Basically, in an effort to practice what I preach, I’m gifting the book to the world and sharing 50% of any abundance that flows from it with those who helped me to gift it! " -Brandon Use code "EASTFOREST" if you support and buy his book - check it out. positivehead.com "Possible" - new music from East Forest LISTEN ON YOUR FAVORITE STREAMING PLATFORM ***Join the East Forest Council via the new East Forest Council on Patreon.  Monthly Zoom Council, Podcast exclusives, private Patreon live-stream ceremony, and more.  Check it out and a great way to support the podcast and directly support the work of East Forest! - http://patreon.com/eastforest ***Catch East Forest LIVE - Pledge your interest in the upcoming East Forest Ceremony Concert events this Spring/Summer 2021.  More info and join us at eastforest.org/tour Join the newsletter and be part of the East Forest Council Community. Listen to East Forest guided meditations on Spotify & Apple Check out the East Forest x Ram Dass album on (Spotify & Apple) + East Forest's Music For Mushrooms: A Soundtrack For The Psychedelic Practitioner 5hr album (Spotify & Apple). *****Please rate Ten Laws w/East Forest on iTunes.  It helps us get the guests you want to hear.  Stay in the East Forest flow: Mothership:  http://eastforest.org/ IG:  https://www.instagram.com/eastforest/ FB:  https://www.facebook.com/EastForestMusic/ TW:  https://twitter.com/eastforestmusic PATREON: http://patreon.com/eastforest

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27 Apr 2021

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Brandon Beachum - The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance

Master Mind, Body and Spirit

Brandon Beachum is the host of the podcast the positive head and the author of The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance Help us fight censorship! Get immediate access to exclusive and censorship free content by donation or free by becoming a member here 👉 https://mattbelair.mykajabi.com/academy-sos Get Brandon's Book for free here: https://goldenkey.gift/​ use "mastery" ✅Join our community and get cutting edge tips and tools for human optimization, health, wellness, and personal development 👉http://www.mattbelair.com​ ✅Support the show for as little as $1 http://www.patreon.com/mattbelair​ & PayPal http://bit.ly/mattbelair​ 🎉🙌 ✅Download a free "How to Lucid Dream Book" 📚and hypnotic http://linktr.ee/mattbelair​ ✅Share this episode if you loved it and help spread the vibe! ❤️🐝 ✅End Self Sabotage, Overwhelm and Victim Mentality and Experience Authentic Empowerment with the Soul Compass Online Program Free for all Academy members! 👉https://mattbelair.mykajabi.com/acade...​ 🌟 Subscribe 💫 Podcast: http://goo.gl/1euQe7​ YouTube: https://goo.gl/Mz7Ngg​ Show Notes: Today’s guest is a serial entrepreneur, host of the mega successful podcast the “positive head” and the late night show Optimystic. He is the author of the new book The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance Welcome to the show my friend Brandon Beachum Why it’s harder to walk the talk when you are faced with challenges Being a serial entrepreneur and also failing in his mid 30’s Growing a top 100 fastest growing company Then losing 90% of business The villain role Losing a 30 million dollar deal The importance of forgiveness What is abundance Why time is the most important form of abundance Other forms of abundance Abundance is our birthright When you realize you need nothing you can have anything By virtue of existing I am enough The trap of doing things as a means to an end Make the process the means The journey is the goal The power of placebo effect It is in giving we receive Why you are exactly where you are supposed to be Key: Trust the mystery Expectation with detachment A perspective to help with extraordinary challenge Abracadabra – As I speak I create Smooth seas never made for a skilled sailer Our #1 job as humans Life is challenging – DR Joe story The deeper the roots the higher the branches If you like the show please share, do an act of kindness, and become a patron here http://www.patreon.com/mattbelair​ THANK YOU! About Me: ======== Master your mind, body, and spirit with Matt Belair and world-renowned leaders today! This unique show features candid conversations with experts in personal development, spirituality, and human optimization. Each episode is another key to help you unlock your infinite potential and assist you on your path to self-mastery! You will discover the best tips, tools, and technologies to master your mind; plus the science, principles, and practices to master your body. Finally, you will dive into the deepest depths of yourself, life, the universe and the pursuit of discovering who you really are, and consciously creating the life of your dreams! Explore timeless spiritual lessons and ancient teachings. Let go of any limitations and discover all of the tools to dramatically improve your health, well-being, and mindset! https://mattbelair.com/bio/​ May Love, Joy, Passion, Peace, and Prosperity fill your life! Namaste 🙏 👉 For top rated video podcast, coaching, speaking, media and consulting inquiries contact me. 📧 - Email Me:  Matt@ZenAthlete.com 📝 - Contact Me: https://mattbelair.com/contact/​ Follow Social Media ================ ➤ : - Telegram: https://t.me/mattbelair​ ➤ : - Instagram: @matt.belair ➤ : - MeWe: https://mewe.com/p/mastermindbodyspir...​ ➤ : - HashTags ======== #TheGoldenKey​ #BrandonBeachum​ #PositiveHead​ #Abundance​ #PersonalDevelopment​ ™Matthew Belair - OFFICIAL

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21 Apr 2021

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377: The Golden Key With Brandon Beachum

Innerbloom Podcast

Host of The Positive Head Podcast Brandon Beachum stops by the podcast to share all about his magical new book, The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance.Ambrosia, Alexa and Brandon reminisce on their time at the Mystic Manor, and Alexa shares about how Innerbloom wouldn't have come to be without Brandon.Get Brandon's book for free using the code INNERBLOOM at the link below:https://goldenkey.gift/?rfsn=5509049.dc1fe5***We are now offering VIP days! A VIP day is when Ambrosia and Alexa travel to your home to spend an entire day with you, to help you level up emotionally mentally and spiritually.Email us at innerbloompodcast@gmail.com to inquire about booking a VIP day!***Connect with the Arcturians through our private membership community:www.patreon.com/innerbloompodcast***We started a podcast network called Constellation!Follow us on instagram:www.instagram.com/constellationlightwork***Ask us a question on HeyHero!heyhe.ro/innerbloompodcastUse code INNERBLOOM at checkout and receive 30% off your question on HeyHero!***Follow us on Instagram:www.instagram.com/innerbloompodcast***Check out our new merch! https://www.innerbloompodcast.com/shop***Join our FREE 7 Day Fun Challenge!https://www.innerbloompodcast.com/7-day-fun-challenge***Follow us on Youtube to check out our Alien / Light Code Activation video:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaO7t6VtOA6tEoaxLy_6ZlA***For private EFT sessions with Alexa:www.alexasoothes.comFor private psychic readings with Ambrosia:www.ambrosiamatthews.com***Uplevel your nutrition with our Purium superfood products!Use code BLOOM to get 25% off your order:ishoppurium.com/products/ultimate…le-transformation


16 Apr 2021