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Ep3: The Old Songs Podcast – ‘On Humber Bank’ ft. Ben Walker

The Old Songs Podcast

In this week’s episode, Jon chats to virtuoso guitarist, Ben Walker, about “On Humber Bank”, an old song that was collected aurally in 1877 and purports to be the suicide note of an abused woman. Ben came to the song via a collector called Ken Stubbs, known for recording traditional singers such as George Maynard and, in this case, Ern Baxter, and a recording housed on the Yorkshire Garland Group website sung by Maggie Graham. In particular, Jon wanted to chat about the processes that Ben goes through to re-envision a song of this nature in a modern context. For more info on the episode, head to: https://jonwilks.online/the-old-songs-podcast/ep3-the-old-songs-podcast-on-humber-bank-ft-ben-walker


20 Mar 2021

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Ben Walker The 3 Keys to Wealth Creation

The Sharon Cliffe Podcast

Ben shares his expertise around having the best structure for your business, how to manage cashflow and how to work out your magic number.Ben delves into the 3 keys to wealth creation for your family and your business.Ben’s BioBen Walker is a Chartered Accountant with over a decade of Experience. He is the founder and CEO of Inspire and co-author of Cashed Up: The 7 Steps Method of Pulling More Money, Time and Happiness from Your Business. Ben is the Winner of coveted Anthill Online ‘30under30’ award for 2014 and was named a finalist in the Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.Links and resources:Link to download a copy of the Household Budget Template - https://insp.red/budgettemplate4 Steps to an effective business budget - watch the full webinar " Planning your business through Christmas" here FREE on Ben's e-learning page - https://learning.benwalker.com/courses/planning-your-business-through-christmasIf you need to have a chat with an Accountant about your business - book in a free Strategy Chat with an Inspire Life Changing Accountant today - https://inspire.business/chat/Download my freebie: 10 Steps to Overcome BurnoutFollow me on Instagram: @sharon_cliffeFollow the Podcast on Instagram: @thesharoncliffepodcastFor more about me and what I do, check out my website.Join the Female Entrepreneurs Collective Facebook GroupLike what you heard?I'd be grateful if you would head over to iTunes to leave a review and let other female entrepreneurs know what you learned! While you're there, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast so that you don't miss an episode.Cheers!


9 Mar 2021

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How Focusing On What You Don't Want Is Preventing You From Achieving What You Do Want with Ben Walker

Dad Bod WOD Podcast

#054 - On this episode, I'm joined by Ben Walker of the Strong Coach and the Strong Coach Podcast, who is a health and fitness coach on a mission to take novice coaches and unlock their potential to become world-class coaches. He’s also kind of a word wizard - meaning he’s super aware of the language we use and how it affects our thoughts, our feelings, our perceptions of situations, and how you show up every day.This is a must-listen episode, especially if you’re struggling to get into shape because there’s a good chance, you’re telling yourself the WRONG story about why you’re stuck! And there’s also a good chance you’re focusing too much on what you DONT want versus on what you DO want.Additional LinksBen Walker on InstagramThe Strong CoachFree Top 10 Go-To WorkoutsFacebook Group15% off Ten Thousand Apparel with code: TORRES


9 Mar 2021

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Ben Walker talks about Accounting and his journey

Employees Matter

Hi, this is Natasha Hawker, your host of our rebranded Employees Matter podcast.You might wonder why we changed our podcast name from HR Heroes to Employees Matter. Well, it has long been our belief that your employees are your greatest asset and also, potentially, your greatest liability and should be treated as such. That is why our company is called Employee Matters and one of our values is Employees Matter.With COVID there is a significant shift happening in our workplaces and it is our view that those businesses that are able to build and maintain Employee Assets will outperform their competitors every time.So welcome to Series 2, where we explore the five key themes of our New COVID World of Work:JobkeeperRestructuring, redundancy and Unfair DismissalPopulation DecentralisationIndividual Contracts/Variations to Contracts / Employee demandsMental Health and Domestic ViolenceI’m Natasha Hawker and remember your employees really do matter.


26 Feb 2021

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39. Ben Walker - AFLW Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Western Bulldogs

The Sports Bubble

The Sports Bubble has discussions with the talented people having fantastic experiences and doing amazing things in the sports industry. In this episode, we speak with Ben Walker who is the AFLW Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Western Bulldogs. Ben currently also works as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Xavier College and a Practical Demonstrator at Deakin University. We chat with Ben about his passion or exercise science and how he decided on going moving into strength and conditioning, the most challenging and rewarding parts of his job, what he does as a research assistant and his role at the Bulldogs within the AFLW scene. Action Item: What is one job in the Exercise and Sport Science Industry you want to know more about?Engage with The Sports Bubble on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn (@sportsbubblepod).Ben can be reached on LinkedIn @BenWalkerEmily can be reached on LinkedIn @EmilyOrrellMitch can be reached on LinkedIn @MitchSiwek


23 Feb 2021

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Episode #031 - Ben Walker

Ludwick's Podcast

After a few attempts, and technical difficulties, my friend Ben Walker from England joins me remote from over the pond. We ultimately just recorded this episode through the video chat streaming service we used, so the quality is not that great. We talk about his shop/brand Ain't Dead Yet, some of his projects, and some of the trips across America and Europe we've gone on together.  Follow along on Instagram! http://instagram.com/john.ludwick http://instagram.com/ludwicksgarage http://instagram.com/ben_aintdead http://instagram.com/aintdeadyetgarage 

1hr 40mins

1 Feb 2021

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483 Airbnb Cashflow - Ben Walker

Creative Real Estate Podcast

Ben Walker is the founder and CEO of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC in Denver, Colorado, which provides transcription services to the legal, law enforcement, medical, financial, academic, and business industries. Ben has become known worldwide as an expert in helping companies grow by utilizing the services of freelancers and contracted employees. He makes regular podcast appearances and has been featured in major publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine. Topics discussed: Technology CashFlow AirBnb Connect With Ben https://www.transcriptionoutsourcing.net/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/benkwalker/ https://twitter.com/benjaminkwalker?lang=en


25 Aug 2020

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Business is about numbers and Family is number one - Ben Walker

Reimagining Healthcare

Ben Walker is the Founder of the innovative chartered accounting and business advisory firm, Inspire CA. Inspire CA focuses on helping healthcare or healthtech business owners get cashed up, so they can put more money, time and happiness from their business. Ben believes in dreaming big and making an impact in business, while still making time for your family. Whether you're a start-up or a mature business, you'll gain a lot from the insights and tips in this episode. We unpack the key things to factor into your business strategy to help build a financially sustainable healthcare or healthtech business that ultimately delivers quality healthcare outcomes in a systematised and scalable way. Key takeaways: Business is about numbers and Family is number one. Reimagined Key Performance Indicators such as Family Holidays Taken, Social Impact & Freedom Days for business owners Getting your start up structure right to achieve your goals and protect your families assets. Inspire CA had a client who was previously paying $6,500 a year to their old accountant. But after working with Inspire CA, they discovered about $80,000 in overpaid taxes that they shouldn’t have paid. An accountant hasn’t done a good job unless they've saved their clients more money than they've cost them in accounting fees. When accounting goes from paper-based to online record keeping, there are huge efficiencies to be gained. People do their work faster. The price of an online subscription to accounting software isn't just the dollar amount you pay, but also the hours that it may save you. Often, business owners are a bit too hard on themselves or don't pay themselves first. Looking at your personal role in the business and how many hours you're committing, what are you getting paid? If you were working for someone else, would you be happy with your remuneration or how you're treating yourself? Growth for the sake of growth is a cancer, and often can be detrimental to a business. If you don’t manage things well, you can end up with unsustainable growth. You need to set targets for your business that are sustainable. Small business owners often don't plan ahead. Tax bills can often catch you off guard if you haven't put systems in place. A good tip is to establish a rainy day fund. That can sometimes be the difference between surviving an event easily versus struggling to stay afloat. Resources and links: https://inspire.business/ Ln: Ben Walker FB: Inspire - Life Changing Accountants Connect: Listen to other episodes of Reimagining Healthcare Connect with Yianni Serpanos on LinkedIn Follow HealthTechX on LinkedIn Follow HealthTechX on Instagram Follow HealthTechX on Meetup See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


22 Jun 2020

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Become a Goal Setting Powerhouse with Ben Walker

LIFTED Podcast

Our episode guest Ben walker head coach for The Strong Coach takes us through the importance of goal setting and a step by step actionable approach to becoming a goal setting powerhouse. Whether you are a coach or someone looking for guidance on how to effectively goal set and ensure that you goals materialize. This episode will definitely help you do so. Ben 'joy' Walker can be found on the below links: https://www.instagram.com/benjoywalker/ https://www.thestrongcoach.com/?r_done=1

1hr 2mins

18 Jun 2020

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Ben Walker - Accounting and Business Automation Amidst The Pandemic

RTO Superhero with Angela Connell

In this episode, Ben Walker, a small business accountant and founder of Inspire CA, shares with us the business strategies he and his team used to provide programs online to help the business adapt to conditions arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.He also discusses his thoughts on how automating the business using online tools helped him, his team, and their clients to thrive. He’s also supplemented this approach with strategies that help clients take advantage of business opportunities during this trying time.Episode Highlights: What is Ben's background and what does he do?Ben runs an accounting firm, Inspire CA, out of Brisbane and serves clients all over Australia. He is proud to share that his company has helped his clients save over $10 million in tax so far.What has been the company’s biggest challenge since Covid-19?How did Ben and his team overcome these challenges?"We met as a team and basically put together an approach to the stimulus releases making sure we were always on the front foot."Ben and his team hosted webinars literally the day after announcements detailing the government announcements, including details of how this would affect the clients, what can be done, and answering inquiries at a higher level."I think we went from having no course, to the live webinar, the webinar recording, and then setting this big document to help our clients through the process all up, literally, in 48 hours."On business automation and leveraging online: "We can help the market or the people following us in a massively leveraged way. And that also protects against our potential downside of this Covid, if we were to, you know, lose business or our growth plans were thrown off a bit."A couple of hundred people signed up for the courses and webinars in Ben's company. For the JobKeeper webinar alone, 500 people signed up and 200 people from this showed up.What processes and strategies were used by Ben and his team to get their business, in a sense, online within 48 hours?The team made extensive use of mind maps, checklists and support documents to get the webinar off the ground."The way I see the future with training is that we will never be the same again, but I do believe we still will do face-to-face training, but we can give so much more with complementing it with online training."How does Ben see his whole business operating in 12 months’ time?What does he think he would do differently from how he was operating pre-Covid-19?"We'll still have an office but I think we'll do a lot more of our meetings with Zoom."The online stuff has broadened their reach, or credibility even, in the market.As larger accounting firms are having to make staff redundant this is providing an opportunity for smaller more nimble firms like Inspire CA.How does Ben keep motivated each day?Useful Links: Ben Walker on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benwalkerca Inspire CA on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/inspireca/Inspire CA Website: https://inspire.business/Angela Connell on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelatkconnellAngela Connell Website: https://vivacity.com.au/Education in Isolation Website: https://vivacity.com.au/podcast/


25 May 2020