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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sara Monika. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sara Monika, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sara Monika. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sara Monika, often where they are interviewed.

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12. Self care for business owners with Sara Monika *INTERVIEW*

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Self-care is wrapped around three pillars – mind, body & soul.

I was excited to sit down with a fellow creative and chat all about the importance of self care as a business owner. Sara Monika shares her definition of self care, her journey with spirituality and how she prioritizes self care while working from home.

May 27 2020 · 49mins
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Another Bonus Episode: Interview with Sara Monika

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The Image Salon Podcast will be launching on March 18th.

Until then, here's another bonus episode. An in-depth interview with Sara Monika 

Mar 16 2020 · 41mins
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Bonus Episode!!! Sara Monika with her former editor Maeve

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On March 18th Image Salon will be launching a podcast. Here's a little taste of things to come.

Back in January Sara Monika came to the Image Salon studio in Montréal to meet her former editor Maeve. Sara and Maeve sat down to discuss the in and outs of outsourcing. Sharing their insights, tips, and experience from both the perspective of photographer and editor.

Mar 10 2020 · 45mins
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076 5 Steps to Tackling ANY Project w/ Sara Monika, Wedding Photographer & Educator

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Welcome back to the show!

Today’s episode is special because it’s our FIRST 2x guest!!

You might remember Sara Monika, superstar photographer & educator … from episode #27

To date, it's been one of the most popular episodes of visionary life… and I know why.

Sara is someone who is committed to her growth both personally & in her business.  I deeply admire her playful + passionate zest for her life.

And she’s not afraid to bring her community along for the ride.

In a day in an age when we can portray ourselves any which way we want to online, Sara maintains this radical transparency and honesty in all that she does and her personality is magnetic.

In this episode, we chat a lot about the growth that she’s experienced since we last chatted on the podcast almost 1.5  years ago.

If you don’t know Sara, or didn’t catch our first episode together… let me tell you a little bit about her!

Sara Monika is a documentary wedding photographer for free-spirited + sentimental couples as well as an educator in her industry. When she's documenting a wedding day, she focuses on preserving the raw beauty in unexpected moments full of laughter, tears, stolen glances + extra long hugs. When she teaches, she helps photographers say goodbye to burnout and hello to more freedom + money in their life + business!

In this episode, we chat about...

  • Her 5 step process to get ANYTHING done, with ease

  • How her services and offerings evolved in the past 1.5 years.. beyond photography!

  • Why she’s added in-person workshops to her offerings as a photographer & how she manages to sell them out

  • The process of hiring a Virtual Assistant & how it has transformed her business and freed up her time

  • The exact coaches & courses Sara has invested in over the past year

  • The ins & outs of Raising prices as a service provider: how often, why, and how to do it with confidence

  • & some fun life chats sprinkled in


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Sep 26 2019 ·
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Today we're chatting with the wedding photographer who has a documentary approach, the mentor to other photographers and the amazing workshop host, Sara Monika.

In this episode we're talking about:

  • The top three tips for how to get started building a business for yourself
  • Why you should be posting things on your vision board that scare you
  • The journey of sticking to your prices + Being more open about money
  • The art of intuitive posting on Instagram

I'm also sharing my freedom hack of the week - a self care hack for super soft skin! Tune into this episode to hear all about what I’m doing for the most hydrated and dewy skin this winter season!


The bundle is $37 but podcast listeners get it for $10 off with coupon code FREEDOM. Check it out here:


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Be sure to check out Sara’s Instagram stories for more details about her next workshop!


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Dec 05 2018 · 1hr 11mins
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027 Sara Monika, Wedding Photographer: Finding Your Niche, Discovering Your Purpose & Growing Her Business

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To kick off season 2, I am sharing an incredible interview with an incredibly talented woman named Sara Monika.

Sara and I met a few years ago when she did some head shots for me, and I was absolutely blown away by her work. Beyond the stunning photos that she captures: her energy is electric, her expertise is unparalleled and her zest for life and her business has helped her create a thriving photography business. Sara has waiting lists, books up years in advance, and has received all sorts of recognition on her images because they are truly unique.

If you ask her to share her condensed bio- she would tell you that she’s a documentary wedding photographer for free-spirited + adventurous couples. She finds beauty in unexpected, in between moments on wedding days that are full of laughter, tears, stolen glances + extra long hugs.

From knowing Sara for the past few years, I would also tell you about her drive to improve and grow her business (this year she reached some epic records in sales), her relentless pursuit of betterment through hiring coaches and working through online courses, and her ambitions for the future of her business and expansion.

I can’t wait for you to her this conversation between Sara and I, learning all about her highs and lows on entrepreneurship-- and what it really took to build her portfolio to where it is today.

Let’s dive in!




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Aug 27 2018 ·