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Steve Magness: Elite Coach and Author of The Passion Paradox on How to Find Your Passion, Developing Mastery, and the Myth of Mental Toughness

The BluePrint

Thank you to The Festive Kitchen for sponsoring this episode! Be sure to check out https://shop.festivekitchen.com and https://itsfreakinawesome.com today. Thanks to BetterHelp for sponsoring this episode! Go to https://betterhelp.com/blueprint to get 10% off your first month of therapy. Steve Magness is a world-renown performance expert, podcaster, speaker, and author of Peak Performance, The Passion Paradox, and The Science of Running. In this episode we discuss, how to find your passion, the dangers of going all in, developing mastery, and the myth of mental toughness. ------------------ ABOUT THE BLUEPRINT PODCAST:  Dr. Erik Korem’s podcast “The BluePrint" focuses on High Performance - a science-based, holistic process of achieving excellence in every field. He explores the methods and mindsets that build and sustain High-Performing humans through his experience as a sports scientist working with the NFL, Olympians and other elite athletes. In The BluePrint, he invites athletic champions, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and other exceptional people to discuss their resilience through struggles and triumphs while educating and motivating listeners about their High-Performance Journey.  Dr. Erik Korem is a High-Performance pioneer on a mission to help The BluePrint listeners learn how to use stress to perform at their best across a number of fields. He has implemented sports science and athlete tracking technologies with collegiate and professional football teams, working with the NFL, Power-5 NCAA programs, gold medal Olympians, Nike, and the United States Department of Defense. Dr. Erik Korem is also an expert in sleep and stress resilience and the Founder and CEO of AIM7.  ------------------ Follow Erik Korem on social media: Twitter Instagram Facebook Hot Pie Media is an on-demand digital audio/video entertainment network with interests primarily in the creation of original, relevant and entertaining podcasts. ------------------ QUOTES: John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience:  “Whenever you are sparring, your mind will have a given direction of focus. The most basic division is between self focus and focus on the opponent.” - John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience Blue Print host Dr. Erik Korem on high performance mindset and resilience:  “In sport, our goal is to develop the most adaptable athletes with the most resilience who can consistently obtain their high performance mindset and potential.” - Dr. Erik Korem on high performance mindset and resilience, host of The Blue Print John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience:  “Philosophy was crucial because it is among the best means of developing a problem solving mindset.” - John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience Blue Print host Dr. Erik Korem on high performance, performance mindset, and resilience:  “The key is using that stress and being able to adapt to it to improve. That's what high performance to me is: the ability to adapt rapidly so you can achieve your potential.”  - Dr. Erik Korem on high performance, performance mindset, and resilience, host of The Blue Print John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience:  “The greatest determinant of the outcome of your matches over time by a landslide is your training and lifestyle mentality. This is the high performance mindset you carry every day as you train and progress.” - John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilienceSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


13 Sep 2021

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Ep. 116: RE-READING: Shop Class as Soulcraft (with Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness)

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

In this episode, Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness join me to talk through Matt Crawford's classic 2009 book: "Shop Class as Soulcraft." We get into its impact on our own thinking, attempt to deconstruct its popularity, and seriously consider quitting our jobs to repair motorcycles. For more on Brad and Steve: https://wthegrowtheq.comThanks to Jay Kerstens for the intro music and Mark Miles for mastering.

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26 Jul 2021

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Listener Favorites: Steve Magness | Sustainable Peak Performance

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Steve Magness has been a serious runner since the age of 14. Since then, he’s developed techniques and strategies for sustaining peak performance not only while running, but during life in general as well. He has helped Olympic athletes train to be their best, and he has seen the power stress and anxiety can play, both positive and negative, in lives. Take a listen to our latest episode to see how you can maintain your peak performance in your life by following Steve’s path!Steve Magness is a runner, coach, exercise physiologist, and a writer. He’s the author of The Science of Running and is the current cross country coach at the University of Houston. He also coaches professional runners who compete in World Championships and the Olympics. He runs the website scienceofrunning.com.Listener TribeWe have our own private social network for listeners of the Unmistakable Creative podcast. You can meet other listeners, discuss episodes, and engage with the creative community! Just visit https://the-unmistakable-creative-podcast.mn.co/ to sign up.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


18 Jun 2021

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Steve Magness on Peak Performance and Passion

Intentional Performers with Brian Levenson

Steve Magness has written three books, which have sold more than 200,000 copies and been translated into 15 languages. Also, Steve is a performance coach. He works with athletes, entrepreneurs, and executives, as well as serving as a consultant on mental skills development for professional sports teams. Additionally, he is a running coach, working with professional runners, including Olympians, national champions, and top finishers at major marathons. He’s also the co-creator of The Growth Equation, an online platform dedicated to the understanding and practice of performance and well-being. In this episode, we discuss Steve’s running journey and how he became interested in running (5:43), his family dynamic at home and their reaction to him seriously pursuing running (9:59), if he fell in love with the cross-country community and was able to make connections with his teammates along the way (13:45), his success in cross-country (15:11), why he feels his cross-country peak was in high school despite training harder afterwards (16:25), how he treated rest (18:38), if he truly loved running (21:25), passion + persistence = excellency (24:52), commencement speakers (26:50), how to create routines and habits without overdosing into addiction (28:29), how he gets people to push through while still being aware (32:56), if he still runs competitively (36:03), if he misses running competitively (36:24), if he’s more like his mom or his dad (39:24), if he ever felt any pressure from his dad to go into orthodontia (40:29), the link between passion and process, as well as the link between passion and suffering (43:36), what he’s most passionate about right now (45:13), balancing talking about what he’s already done with what he’s currently working on (49:05), writing multiple books at the same time (51:23), what he’s working on now (53:36), being and becoming (56:07), the process of writing both solo and with a second author (1:00:39), and nurturing nature, stress + rest = growth, and how those concepts play out in his daily life (1:09:17) and The Growth Equation (1:12:48). You can check out The Growth Equation website here. Additionally, you can follow Steve on Twitter and Instagram @SteveMagness. Thanks so much to Steve for coming on the podcast! I wrote a book called “Shift Your Mind” that was released in October of 2020, and you can order it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Additionally, I have launched a company called Strong Skills, and I encourage you to check out our new website https://www.strongskills.co/. If you liked this episode and/or any others, please follow me on Twitter: @brianlevenson or Instagram: @Intentional_Performers. Thanks for listening.

1hr 15mins

12 May 2021

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Episode 156 | Steve Magness

the morning shakeout podcast

“Most of my life was spent chasing times, mainly because I ran really fast in high school—a 4:01 as you mentioned—and when you un 4:01, you know, it’s always in your head that, ‘Oh man, there’s a second and change that I can get out of my body to get in that elusive, venerated sub-4 club,’ so you think and you obsess over times and I certainly did to an unhealthy degree in my college and a little bit in my post-college life as well. So I think coming to terms with, and realizing and recognizing that that doesn’t really matter anymore, was something that was incredibly freeing for myself.”Steve Magness wears many hats in the worlds of running and performance. He’s been the head cross-country coach and assistant track coach at the University of Houston since 2012 and he’s also worked with numerous professional athletes at the Olympic and world championship level. He’s the coauthor of Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox, both of which he wrote with former podcast guest Brad Stulberg, and he’s also the author of The Science of Running. Steve also co-hosts two podcasts, On Coaching, which dives deep into the art and science of training and coaching for runners, and The Growth Equation, a weekly no-bullshit discussion on well-being and performance. As an athlete in the early 2000s, Steve was one of the top scholastic runners in the country, running 4:01 in the mile—which, at the time, was the 6th fastest high school mile in U.S. history. This was an awesome conversation and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did taking part in it. Steve told me about how he spends and splits his time amongst his various interests and pursuits, what his relationship with running looks like these days, and how he’s channeled his competitive instincts throughout his life. We discussed how the past year has challenged him as a coach, the lack of checks and balances in the sport of track and field, and why he believes the sport has a long way to go before it can be considered truly “professional.” We also talked about what spurred his interest in coaching, how his time at The Oregon Project affected his outlook and trajectory as a coach, and a lot more.This episode is brought to you by:— Tracksmith: Tracksmith is a Boston-based running apparel brand, born from a desire to celebrate both the history and the evolving culture of the sport. They recently released their Spring Collection full of stylish gear perfected for the pursuit of personal excellence. Designed for running hard and logging miles as the season shifts, this collection is designed with endurance in mind. Right now, Tracksmith is offering new customers $15 off your first purchase of $75 bucks or more. Just use code MARIO15 when you check out at tracksmith.com.— Goodr: Goodr sunglasses are don’t bounce, they don’t slip, they’re polarized to protect your eyes, and they come in a nice range of styles and fun colors. They’re the most affordable performance shades on the planet with most pairs costing only $25 to $35 bucks a piece. If you want to support the podcast and treat yourself to a pair of goodrs, head over to goodr.com/MARIO or enter the code MARIO at checkout for 15% off your order. Complete show notes: https://themorningshakeout.com/podcast-episode-156-with-steve-magness/Sign up here to get the morning shakeout email newsletter delivered to your inbox every Tuesday morning: www.themorningshakeout.com/subscribe/Support the morning shakeout on Patreon: www.patreon.com/themorningshakeout

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13 Apr 2021

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Season 7, Episode 3: Steve Magness

Raise Your Game Show with Alan Stein, Jr.

Please make sure to join the conversations at @AlanSteinJr on all major social platforms, go to AlanSteinJr.com to subscribe to my Full Time Out, 30 Second Time Out, and Overtime monthly emails.Additionally, you can order the audiobook of Raise Your Game: High Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best at http://www.Audible.com or wherever audiobooks are sold. You can also order paperback or hard copies, for you or your entire team or organization, at http://www.RaiseYourGameBook.com. 


23 Jan 2021

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Episode 083 - Steve Magness: The Art & Science of Running

D&D Fitness Radio Podcast

We continue on the topic of running as a means of improving and maintaining fitness in Episode 083 with our guest, Steve Magness. We tap into Steve’s knowledge of all things running but most importantly we discuss his expertise in the area of middle- and long-distance running. Some key areas of discussion include heart rate monitoring, evaluation of readiness and recovery, hill training, use of treadmills, strength training for runners and shoe selection. Steve excels in providing common sense solutions for complex running scenarios, whether you are a beginner, recreational racer or an Olympic competitor.Steve is a world-renowned expert on performance, having coached numerous professional athletes to Olympic and world championship levels. Steve has coached seven athletes top Top-15 finishes at a World Championship, twelve athletes to births on the World Championship or Olympic teams, and guided over twenty-five Olympic Trials Qualifiers. Recently, he helped guide Roberta Groner, a 41-year old full-time nurse, to 6th place at the 2019 World Championships in the marathon. He has worked with professional sports teams and individual athletes on mental skills and toughness, including some of the top professional teams in sport. Steve was a columnist for Running Times magazine and has also had his writing appear in Runner’s World, Wired, Outside, Sports Illustrated, and NY Mag. In addition to his own writing, Steve’s expertise on elite sport and performance has been featured in the New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Men’s Health, The Guardian, Business Insider, and ESPN The Magazine.You can find out more information on Steve Magness via the following links:Website: https://www.scienceofrunning.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevemagness/Twitter: https://twitter.com/stevemagnessThe D&D Fitness Radio podcast is available at the following locations for downloadable audio, including: iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/d-d-fitness-radio-podcast/id1331724217iHeart Radio – https://www.iheart.com/podcast/dd-fitness-radio-28797988/Spreaker.com – https://www.spreaker.com/show/d-and-d-fitness-radios-showYou can reach both Don and Derek at the following locations: Don Saladino: http://www.DonSaladino.com Twitter and Instagram - @DonSaladino YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/donsaladino Derek M. Hansen: http://www.SprintCoach.com Twitter and Instagram - @DerekMHansen YouTube - http://youtube.com/derekmhansen


4 Sep 2020

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BRING IT IN: Adena Jones, Steve Magness & Brad Stulberg


Today on BRING IT IN TrueHoop Special Correspondent Adena Jones reports on NBA players protesting racism and the killing of George Floyd. Then Henry Abbott and David Thorpe spoke with Steve Magness and Brad Stulberg, co-authors of Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox. David talked about how, as a coach, it’s routine to instill new instincts. Steve agreed, talking about how most running training is learning not to listen too hard when your body tells you to stop running! And he talked about “psychological safety” and the importance of feeling like you’re on a path to progress. Also, Brad talked about “police anxiety disorder.”The video is here: RECENT BRING IT IN EPISODES:MONDAY June 1, 2020 Jesse Washington on legendary coach John Thompson.FRIDAY May 29, 2020 Jarod Hector on George Floyd, riots, and the humanity of NBA players. It’s a must listen.THURSDAY May 28, 2020 Michael Grange on World Cup-style pool play replacing the first round of the NBA playoffs.WEDNESDAY May 27, 2020 Dr. Wayne Winston on why he doesn’t think Michael Jordan is the GOAT.TUESDAY May 26, 2020 Dr. Ron Sen on whether and how we should reopen basketball.FRIDAY May 22, 2020 Jarod Hector on Michael Jordan as a synonym for greatness.THURSDAY May 21, 2020 Matt Powell on how COVID-19 will affect the sports merchandising industry.WEDNESDAY May 20, 2020 Wosny Lambre argues that sneaker culture is not really about the NBA players anymore.TUESDAY May 19, 2020 Special TrueHoop Correspondent Adena Jones interviews expert NBA sneakerhead (and her husband) Chad Jones aka Sneaker Galactus. This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at www.truehoop.com/subscribe


2 Jun 2020

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#84 Steve Magness - How Feelings Impact Performance

The Sport Psych Show

I speak with Steve Magness in this episode. Steve is a sport scientist and a track and field coach. He coaches competitors at all levels, including athletes who have competed in the World Championships and the Olympics. He is Head Cross Country coach at the University of Houston, a Lecturer of Strength and Conditioning at St. Mary’s University, UK and author of three best-selling books, including the latest: The Passion Paradox. We speak about power posing in science and in practice; how feelings mediate an athlete’s performance; challenge vs threat states; the brain/body connection; attention; and the result of failing to develop the psychological side.

1hr 5mins

6 Apr 2020

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Episode #26: Steve Magness, Nike Oregon Project Whistleblower

Clean Sport Collective

We are excited to kick off a new decade of fighting for clean sport with this powerful episode. Some use the word whistleblower, but we prefer to use the word truth-teller to describe our next guest - Steve Magness. Steve was a precocious talent as a runner in high school and college with a 4:01 personal best in the mile. Along the way, he developed an interest in coaching and that led him down a path to become an assistant coach alongside Alberto Salazar at the Nike Oregon Project (NOP). Little did he know that joining the NOP would change his life forever because of what he saw and experienced there. Chris and Kara talk with Steve about those experiences including his initial impressions of Salazar and the early warning signs that his methods might be suspicious. We discuss what led Steve to be a guinea pig in Salazar's experiments with L-Carnitine injections, including Steve's long-time relationship with Dr. Brown (who administered the injections) that dated back to his high school years. We learn about the moment that Steve decided that he had to leave the NOP and what it was like to come forward to USADA and eventually the public with the truth. From there, Steve shares his reactions to the doping bans handed down to Salazar and Dr. Brown as well as what he would like to see Nike do in order to dramatically change the culture in our sport for the better.  In this interview, Steve discusses stories and perspectives about his journey that we had never before heard. We can't thank him enough for everything he has done to tell the truth, do what's right, and therefore make a huge difference in the fight for clean sport in spite of the risk of great personal sacrifice.

1hr 4mins

5 Jan 2020