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Ty Delorean, the Son of Legendary Car Designer John Delorean and the Designer of the New Three Wheel DMC 21 | 6-29-22

Frank Morano

Frank Morano travels back to the future with Ty Delorean, the son of legendary car designer John Delorean and the designer of the new three wheel DMC 21. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


29 Jun 2022

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220604 - John DeLorean

DLV: le podcast automobile

220604 - John DeLorean by Derrière le Volant


10 Jun 2022

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John Delorean - FBI Agents, Civil War and a Car


This is one of the wildest stories in automotive history, a story of how far a man would go to chase his dream. This is the John Delorean story.


4 Mar 2022

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John DeLorean

Borayla Biyografiler

"Şirketin geri gelmesi kaçınılmaz."


18 Jan 2022

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Juanita Brooks for John DeLorean

For the Defense with David Oscar Markus

Everyone knows of DeLorean cars, which were made famous in Back to the Future. What folks may not know is that the car's namesake -- John DeLorean -- was charged in two different federal cases in the 1980s. In one case in Detroit, he was charged with racketeering and embezzlement. Enter Juanita Brooks, who was one of the few women criminal defense lawyers to have her own practice at the time. Juanita is now known as the "jury whisperer" for her ability to convince jurors even in the most difficult cases. She did so here as well. Check out her strategies in jury selection through cross examination through closing argument as she discusses the case with fellow criminal defense lawyer David Oscar Markus.


18 Jan 2022

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Myth and Mogul : John DeLorean – New Documentary @Netflix

UK Classic Car Podcasts

Netflix have released a recent documentary on the rise and fall of John DeLorean Plus a look back at previous DeLorean content here on Automotive American The documentary is a mixture of footage from a previous documentary and interviews with those involved at the time including family members. For me it’s the best one so far and I guess may be the last? For John’s back story you can go to Wikipedia Information on the documentary can be found here at Netflix A few years ago I interviewed Chris Parnham historian of the DeLorean Owners Club UK for my podcast, and I thought this would make a good companion to the new documentary. Details of the club can be found here Chris is a lovely man and the interview can be found below I was lucky to be given a copy of Chris’s and Andy Withers excellent book – DeLorean – Celebrating the Impossible  The original article is here The post Myth and Mogul : John DeLorean – New Documentary @Netflix appeared first on Automotive American.

1hr 6mins

12 Aug 2021

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392 • DOCUMENTARIES TO WATCH: John DeLorean & Carroll Shelby

Cars & Comedy in the Late Night Playset

Tonight, we're talking automotive documentaries on Netflix right now, specifically Shelby American and DeLorean: Myth & Mogul, Plus Henry on Camera 5 and lots more with you and the Stiglette in studio LIVE @ FIVE 🎙❤️✨ • Hope you enjoy, we love you guys! • #latenightplayset #theryans #talkgear #latenightcarshow #goodvibes #grouphang #jointheconversation #liveatfive #LNP #thankyouthankyouthankyouFollow us on IG: @thestiglett @porschelife111 @newlifeofoldnicole @latenightplayset @whatareyoudrivingtoday #GVBC shirts, sticker packs and pins are all back in stock @ www.duelshift.com@stclairinsurance • #coverageforyourtoys #dotcom • @autokennel #bettercallpaul--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/latenightplayset/message

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4 Aug 2021

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John Delorean: Cars, Cash, and Cocaine


GET EVERY EPISODE AND BONUS CONTENT AT: www.patreon.com/crackpotpodcast This week Zach talks about the unbelievable (we’re serious) life of auto executive John Delorean. The boys walk through the rise and fall of a man that had it all. And if you think John Delorean himself didn’t have it all, you’ll agree that this conspiracy theory sure does. Tune in this week to hear one of the wackiest true stories that most people have never heard of. 


26 Jul 2021

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Framing John DeLorean and Starship Troopers


Today, we talk about the new Netflix documentary: "Framing John Delorean", as well as one of Gabe's favorite films: "Starship Troopers".  #johndelorean #starshiptroopers #netflix #paulverhoeven #caspervandien #deniserichards #alecbaldwin #documentary #sciencefiction


5 Jul 2021

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Lee Iacocca and John DeLorean: The Connection Continued

My First Ride Podcast

Lee Iacocca. John DeLorean. Two titans of the automotive industry. On episode sixteen, I talked about John DeLorean and what he did for the car world as we know it. This episode? It’s Lee Iacocca’s turn. Plus, I’ll talk about the connection between them? As I said, it’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s interesting non the less. If you haven’t noticed yet, this podcast is about nostalgia. Automotive nostalgia. You know, reliving the events, sights, smells and emotions of special memories connect to our first rides. Said another way…it’s about allowing our memories to travel back in time and experiencing special car moments all over again. A few weeks ago, I watched a show on the History Channel that highlighted the impact of the automotive industry on the American culture. It was entertaining and I learned a lot about some of the innovators that influenced the designs of what we drive today. Two men stood out as the most interesting. I guess it was because they impacted the cars I grew up with in my teens. Who were they? John DeLorean and Lee Iacocca. Both were leaders in the auto industry but with totally different styles. Today, I’m going to talk about Lee Iacocca, some of his accomplishments and his connection to an electric bicycle he founded in 1997. So, let’s get right into it now as I talk about Lee Iacocca and his contribution to the automotive industry.


23 Jun 2021