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Ep. 195 - Knuckles' Chaotix Is For Lovers, with Jeff Gerstmann

The Insert Credit Show

Game journalist and Giant Bomb co-founder Jeff Gerstmann joins the panel to cover The Wheelman, phone phreaking, and Super Sushi Pinball.Questions this week:Rachel Weil asks: What are you favorite hidden gem video game reviews? (03:20)What does Frank have to report on his two-week absence to save video games? (09:20)What’s going on with the video game speculator market? (14:43)How and why did Giant Bomb become a wiki for video games, and hows that going? (19:57)Design a game about phone phreaking in the 20th century. (25:48)Dirtbag Kory asks: In the year 2050, what will be known as the most ridiculous part of video games in 2021? (31:25)What game design principles make a really satisfying pinball table? (35:26)Fifteen years after the launch of the Wii, what do we have to say about casual games? (41:12)What’s the history and current state of publishers paying for reviews? (46:34)What is the Francisco Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son of video games? (52:27)LIGHTNING ROUND: Who’s It For? (56:36)We have a lovely forum available if you want to discuss the episode!A SMALL SELECTION OF THINGS REFERENCED:Shade wolf from Nier (spoilers)Dog's LifeThe Revenge of ShinobiKimimi The Game Eating She-MonsterMizzurna FallsOld Man MurrayErik Wolpaw's Final Fight One ReviewChrontendoTopher's Sonic 2 reviewVin Diesel's Alternative Guide to Barcelona by tomboVin Diesel's The WheelmanThe Video Game History Foundation, Which Was Co-Founded By Frank Cifaldi And Kelsey Lewin In Case You Didn't KnowSealed Mario 64's Record-Breaking $1.5M Sale Has Retro Experts SkepticalCheetahMen IIGiant Bomb WikiComicVinePup BreederPhone PhreakingThe Thompson Twins AdventureHer StoryFlaming Carrot ComicsLarry Sanders ShowBloody WolfFunHouse pinball machineCentaur pinball machineF-14 Tomcat pinball machineLethal Weapon 3 pinball machineThe Pinball Circus pinball machineBanzai Run pinball machineTap Titans 2Saturn Devouring His SonRecommendations:Brandon: The first half of Take Care of My Cat (2001), The Rippington's Weekend in MonacoFrank: Stop subscribing to the Video Game History Foundations incredible "Mystery Box" Vintage Video Game MagazinesJeff: Giant Bomb Podcasts, garagesEdited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.

26 Jul 2021

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Giant Bombcast Aftermath: Accurate Jeff Gerstmann Costume with Jeff and Ben

Giant Bombcast Aftermath!

This week we back up the voicemail dumptruck to chat about costumes, chicken nugget sandos, and more!


6 Nov 2019

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Episode 22: The Termination of Jeff Gerstmann by the Coward GameSpot

Hot Button

Have you ever been unjustly fired from a job? Well, today we run through the life of gaming figure Jeff Gerstmann and how he once lost his premier title as editorial director over an honest review that effected thousands of dollars in ad revenue for popular website GameSpot. Hear us breakdown everything from publisher relationships, to the obsession with numeric scores, to the art of criticism, while also discovering how something new can be born out of years of dealing with complete corporate bullshit.

1hr 19mins

12 Apr 2019

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#09 - Jeff Gerstmann's Giant Bomb


The video game website Giant Bomb recently celebrated its tenth birthday so what better time to talk to its creator about the early days of the online games media, the future of games coverage, and getting fired in front of the entire world. iTunes Page: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/noclip/id1385062988 RSS Feed: http://noclippodcast.libsyn.com/rssGoogle Play: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/If7gz7uvqebg2qqlicxhay22qny Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5XYk92ubrXpvPVk1lin4VB?si=JRAcPnlvQ0-YJWU9XiW9pg Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/noclippodcast Watch our docs: https://youtube.com/noclippodcast Sub our new podcast channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSHBlPhuCd1sDOdNANCwjrA Learn About Noclip: https://www.noclip.videoBecome a Patron and get early access to new episodes: https://www.patreon.com/noclip Follow @noclipvideo on Twitter Hosted by @dannyodwyerFunded by 4,638 Patrons.

1hr 1min

1 Apr 2019

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36. NWBY 01: Jeff Gerstmann, Seeker of Darkness

Export Audio

The quest to get back on schedule continues with this new episode of RWBY! From here on out, we will try to be more weekly with this one lol. Hope you enjoy!Ali Coffeetwitter.com/Alison_Coffeehttps://www.patreon.com/AliCoffeehttps://ko-fi.com/alisoncoffeeNora Blaketwitter.com/NeitherNorapatreon.com/norablakehttps://ko-fi.com/neithernora"What You Want" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Licensehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


10 Nov 2018

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323 Popplio Shirts [Featuring Jeff Gerstmann from Giant Bomb]

It's Super Effective: A Pokemon Podcast

Featuring Jeff Gerstmann from Giant Bomb (interview starts at 24 mins into the episode). Jeff talks about the time that Pokémon arrived in the United States. Jeff also gives thoughts on how Pokémon spin-off games appeal to non-hardcore fans, his favorite Pokémon, and how sometimes games don't change. We also spend time talking about the machine that is Giant Bomb and creating and dealing with content. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:06:55 - Pokémon GO Rooted Devices 00:10:35 - New Megas in Let's Go 00:13:00 - Pokémon Twitch Marathon 00:23:45 - Break Music 00:24:35 - Jeff Gerstmann Interview 01:21:05 - Break Music 01:23:15 - Pokémon of the Week 01:33:30 - Post Credits www.pkmncast.com twitch.tv/pkmncast reddit.com/r/supereffective twitter.com/pokemonpodcast patreon.com/itssupereffective

1hr 33mins

27 Aug 2018

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Nintendo Voice Chat: Talking About NX Rumors with Jeff Gerstmann

Nintendo Voice Chat

The world turned upside down this week on Nintendo Voice Chat. Host Jose Otero is joined by Brian Altano, Andrew Goldfarb, and (subbing in for Peer Schneider) special guest Jeff Gerstmann to talk about Nintendo's rough Q1 loss, the delay of the Pokemon GO Plus, and some fresh NX DAS HYPE courtesy of Eurogamer's NX rumor story.

1hr 4mins

29 Jul 2016

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Jeff Gerstmann on Overwatch, VR - Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 72

Kinda Funny Gamescast: Video Games Podcast

Giant Bomb founder Jeff Gerstmann comes by to explain Overwatch to Colin and Greg. Plus, industry stories! (Released to Patreon Supporters 05.27.16)

1hr 50mins

3 Jun 2016

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The Patch at E3 with Special Guests Jeff Gerstmann and Levar Burton! - The Patch #109

The Patch

The Patch Discusses E3

1hr 33mins

18 Jun 2015

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Jeff Gerstmann (Special Guest) - The GameOverGreggy Show Ep. 31

The Kinda Funny Podcast

Special guest Jeff Gerstmann explains why he still loves wrestling, Colin Moriarty discusses why Kickstarter isn't all bad, Greg Miller tells the story of Colin's cancer, and Nick Scarpino asks if J.J. Abrams should reboot Star Wars. (Released 07.04.14)

1hr 43mins

14 Nov 2014