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Episode 14: Mike Margolies

The Mind Leads Performance Podcast

Mike Margolies is a Mental Performance Coach, Sport Psychology Consultant, Author, and Speaker.  On this episode, Mike talks about his work with up and coming NFL players, his unique personal story, and perseverance, resilience, and persistence.  This is a fantastic episode you won't want to miss!  Check it out!


20 Apr 2020

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Mike Margolies - Psychedelic Seminars: the Benefits, Risks, and Complexities of Psychedelics

Psychedelics Today

In this episode, Kyle and Joe interview Mike Margolies of Psychedelic Seminars. In the show, they cover topics including guests and conversations from the Psychedelic Seminars, the decriminalization of all drugs, and the importance of allowing psychedelic use to be a part of training therapists for psychedelic therapy. 3 Key Points: Psychedelic Seminars is an educational conversation series deepening awareness of the benefits, risks, and complexities of psychedelics. There are large topics of decriminalizing psilocybin or the movements for ‘decriminalize nature’, but the conversation on decriminalization of all drugs is rare, which is what's really important. Some companies (MAPS for example) allow the option to use MDMA as a part of their therapist training program while other companies who are training therapists for psilocybin therapy, don't have the option to use it. This leaves the question, "Should the psychedelic experience be part of the psychedelic therapy training?"  Support the show Patreon Leave us a review on iTunes Share us with your friends – favorite podcast, etc Join our Facebook group - Psychedelics Today group – Find the others and create community. Navigating Psychedelics Show Notes About Mike Mike used to work as a chemical engineer in corporate America, and then he did Ayahuasca When he returned, he thought to himself about what he wanted to do with the rest of his life He took a look at the pulse of the country and looked at what it needed There wasn't anyone organized locally in Baltimore, so he started Psychedelic Seminars Now he is living in the Bay Area, doing events locally He has been interviewing people and putting the videos out globally Psychedelic Seminars They will be having some Indigenous people at the seminar It's hard to get Indigenous people to seminars and conferences, because, what's in it for them? The goal is to ramp up the project and do a seminar every month, where it usually takes place every few months They are doing it all in a home, privately The whole project is donation dependent, they are doing it all for free You can support the mission here After Michael Pollan, they did one with Jim Fadiman He did another with Ayelet Waldman The talks were on microdosing and the unknowns of microdosing Just because there is no real harms taking a large dose of LSD, doesn't mean there aren't any harms taking a low (micro) dose of LSD frequently Mike thinks that the term Jim Fadiman uses is its ‘sub-perceptual’, in that you have a noticeable effect on the mood, but no other way of noticing it Decriminalization Drug Policy tends to stay in the realm of psychedelics only There are large topics of decriminalizing psilocybin or the movements for ‘decriminalize nature’, but no one likes to talk about the decriminalization of all drugs, which is what's really important Poppy is not considered in decriminalize nature, which is selective nature decriminalization It's not a real decriminalization, it's just a low priority for law enforcement He’s been asking in his conversations, opinions on decriminalizing all drugs Different drugs have different risk profiles “Just because you're not using criminal justice as your mechanism for reducing risks of drugs, doesn't mean you do nothing. The last thing we want to do is add criminalization to those who are already suffering, this is why we should decriminalize all drugs” - Mike Laws should be written in terms of what are you not allowed to do, not what you're allowed to do He is allowed to walk down the sidewalk, but not punch someone he walks past, but the law shouldn't be to get a license for walking down the street so long as you don't punch someone The communities that are marginalized continue to be marginalized by the drug war Psychedelic Therapy and Experience with Use With MAPS, there is an option to do MDMA as a part of the training With psilocybin, at least with Compass Pathways, there is not an option to use psilocybin. Mike says that's a huge issue When you scale treatment, there is the risk of losing the quality of care “We aren't going to solve the problems of our future by mass distributing psychedelics” - Mike The fact that we have such mass amounts of widespread depression, means that we have a deeply ingrained systemic issue at hand Psychedelics treat the symptoms, but we still need to fix the underlying cause “If you are distributing psychedelics, but still exacerbating the same underlying issues, you now have the problem and solution in the same hefty package” - Mike “Psychedelic experience is intrinsically something spiritual. How can you guide someone in spiritual practice if you haven't experienced it yourself?” - Mike “Inducing a state intentionally, and guiding someone through a process, its completely unethical to guide someone through a spiritual process that you haven't been through yourself.” - Mike New Economy Burning man is not a barter economy, it's a gift economy, where things are given without an expectation of receiving something in return We are far from that economy What if we had a world where instead of trying to extract value, we were trying to create value? Links Psychedelic Seminars Website Psychedelic Seminars Patreon About Mike Margolies Since 2015, Mark has worked full-time in the psychedelic community, starting and contributing to a number of projects as an event and media producer, connector, and advisor. He is the Founder of Psychedelic Seminars, an educational conversation series deepening awareness of the benefits, risks, and complexities of psychedelics. On the PsychSems stage, he has interviewed a range of leaders including bestselling author Michael Pollan, Dr. James Fadiman and Ayelet Waldman on microdosing, and therapeutic ketamine expert Dr. Raquel Bennett. He started the project in 2015 after returning to his home city of Baltimore to build community for open and honest conversations about psychedelics. The project now operates primarily out of the San Francisco Bay Area and livestreams globally. Through his psychedelic community work in Baltimore, he seeded the Baltimore Psychedelic Society. He has sparked and mentored similar Psychedelic Societies around the world from Washington DC to San Francisco to Portugal. He helped start the Global Psychedelic Network to connect them. Get a 30 day free audible trial at audibletrial.com/psychedelicstoday

1hr 21mins

25 Feb 2020

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The Power of the brain in Sports with Mike Margolies


My name is Mike Margolies. I help prevent people in sports and business from choking! I've worked with thousands of athletes for over three decades. I've taught them about the game within the game. I've trained professional and elite athletes and helped guide many to World Championships, the Super Bowl and recently the World Cup. When you want to be the best that you can be and the one thing you might be missing is the right Mental Game- what can you do? Do you know how to play the game? Mental Toughness is a skill. My work with teams over the years has enabled him to bring his experiences to the corporate world. I've helped nationally recognized companies with the same types of strategies used with sports teams. My book is called “The Athlete within You”: A Mental Approach to Sports and Business. I am a Certified Mental Trainer®, Sport Psychology Consultant, Author, Radio Host, Professional Speaker and so much more. Let me convince you that you should play the game within the game. The Athlete within You is waiting to come out. Maybe you just need to learn the rules. Specialties: Pre & Post Performance Routines, Goal Setting, Imagery Rehearsal, Confidence Building, Emotional Control, Attentional Focus: Concentration Training, Anger Management, Stress / Anxiety Management, Team Building & Team Cohesion, Life Skills Balance College Prep Assistance, Parent Training, Motivation, Psychological Rehabilitation of Injured Athletes, Peak Performance


20 Nov 2019

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🎧EP39: Winning The Mental Game w/ Mike Margolies

The Coach K Show: Take Action and Reach Goals With New Perspective

“There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback.” – Mike Margolies Podcast Episode Available On: iTunes Stitcher Radio TuneIn Radio Summary: Mike Margolies has worked in the field of sport psychology and mental training for 40 years. From middle school kids to Olympic performers, he equips athletes with the mental skills they need to be at their best during competition. This episode features a rich conversation on the power of questions as they pertain to helping people make change or become aware of their own tendencies and habits. For example, asking an athlete to answer the question, “how are you calm?” or “how are you confident?” puts them in that state of mind. Once they can answer that question, they can recall that state during competition. This conversation also features a lengthy discussion on motivatio, self-talk, attitudes, and incorporating imagery to maximize performance. Mentioned In The Episode: In this episode, you will learn: The 5-6 questions Mike uses to tease out tendencies and habits from his athletes How relaxation is trained as a skill and how to achieve a calm state How past performance contributes to a performer’s present state of mind How Mike defines motivation, and the 3 “keys” or components that make up how we motivate outselves 2 examples of when the mental skills required to succeed in business overlap with sport Imagery as a practice, and how it helps people achieve outcomes Want to connect with Mike? Here’s how: www.mentaltraininginc.com The Athlete Within You: A Mental Approach to Sport and Business by Mike Margolies The post 🎧EP39: Winning The Mental Game w/ Mike Margolies appeared first on .


30 Aug 2017

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Mike Margolies - Sharing our Psychedelic Stories

The Third Wave

We speak to Mike Margolies from Psymposia, an events group and digital magazine focused on psychedelics and drug policy reform. Mike talks about how Psymposia organises a platform for people to talk about their psychedelic experiences, and issues within the psychedelic community. We discuss the privilege still inherent in psychedelic culture when it comes to drug use and criminalisation, and what we can do to become a more diverse community. For a full summary and show links, go here: https://thethirdwave.co/psychedelia-mike-margolies-psymposia/


27 Jan 2017

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FL099: Psychedelics and Freedom with Mike Margolies

The Freedom Lovin' Podcast

In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I interview Mike Margolies of Psymposia about the current state of psychedelics, medicinal uses, legal aspects, and more! We discussed: -Mike’s background and journey -Ayahuasca & inner messages -Walking the earth -Finding your calling -Coming out of the closet- about psychedelics -Pymposia -Psychedelics used in therapy -Set & setting […] O post FL099: Psychedelics and Freedom with Mike Margolies apareceu primeiro em Freedom Lovin.

1hr 6mins

4 Nov 2016

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Mike Margolies (Psymposia)


Mike Margolies (Psymposia) by Mike Brancatelli www.psymposia.com


7 Oct 2016

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201: Shamans & Psychedelics, Ayahuasca in Peru with Mike Margolies

The Travelers

In 2013, Mike Margolies had all the things you’re supposed to want to make you happy, but it wasn’t enough. He left his corporate job as an engineer to see if the world had something else to offer that might fulfill him.The risks were minimal - to take a career break in your 20s is not completely unheard of. I did it and it changed me.What Mike found did change the direction of his life, his definition of a career, the limits of his curiosity, and creativity, and today’s he’s exploring the travel lifestyle on his podcast, Walking the Earth. I’m curious to get into who Mike is, what he’s exploring through the podcast, what his definition of ‘the travel lifestyle’ is, and his stories from his travels. Become a Friend of the Show: Please subscribe and review!It just takes a second and you can help the show increase its rankings on iTunes just by this simple and quick gesture. We’d be grateful for a review. Leave one here. If you do, click here to let me know so I can personally thank you! Your FeedbackIf you have an idea for a podcast you would like to see or a question about an upcoming episode, email me! I’d love to hear from you.Thank you so much for your support! The post 201: Shamans & Psychedelics, Ayahuasca in Peru with Mike Margolies appeared first on The Daily Travel Podcast.


24 Apr 2015

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FL061: Walking The Earth With Justin Cassel and Mike Margolies

The Freedom Lovin' Podcast

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I have a chat with Justin & Mike from the Walking the Earth podcast. What we talk about: -Permanent travel vs having a home base -Colorado -Going West -Laws vs Building Freedom -Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand -Small vs Big Cities -Transient relationships on the road -Finding […] O post FL061: Walking The Earth With Justin Cassel and Mike Margolies apareceu primeiro em Freedom Lovin.

1hr 5mins

5 Feb 2015

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – The Athlete Within You with Mike Margolies


Mike Margolies, is a sports psychology consultant and Certified Mental Trainer® whose company,The Mental Game, has been helping athletes achieve their goals for over three decades. The same core principles (e.g. Motivation, Confidence, Relaxation, Visualization) that make stars of committed athletes, apply to developing true business acumen and overall success for anyone. He also is author of The Athlete Within You: A Mental Approach to Sports and Business. After studying with some of the best sports psychologists who help people perform at the best level, Mike developed a strategy for becoming successful and competent in all aspects of one’s life. Mental skills preparation work is one of the most important aspects of achieving goals. He finds imagery is very helpful to both athletes and anyone wanting to achieve specific goals. Studies show that using imagery and practicing something is more useful than practice alone in developing a skill. Mike also shares ideas for overcoming negative self-talk, which sometimes can comprise up to 80% of the 60-80,000 thoughts we have per day. One of his exercises is to journal to uncover negative thinking. Once someone develops an awareness of negative thoughts, he or she can turn their thoughts into a more positive mindset. Staying motivated is another challenge. Mike recommends “amping things up” by looking at how we are internally motivated. Autonomy, mastery and purpose are three sides of a triangle he uses to demonstrate common internal motivators. When you understand your purpose, it’s hard not to accomplish your goals. For more information, please visit www.themental-game.com. The post Hope, Healing and WellBeing – The Athlete Within You with Mike Margolies appeared first on WebTalkRadio.net.

4 Nov 2013