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005 Guest interview with Jo Bendle

Intuitive Revolution in Business Podcast

Jo Bendle is a Productivity and Mindset coach who has travelled the world for three years running a business that she loved and who has now bought a property in Spain as her base. Her big dream when she left the corporate world as an executive assistant was to walk on the beach every day, as she had never experienced this, having been lived most of her life inland in the UK. Although she has struggled with self doubt, and still does, she was able to build an amazing business that allowed her to run it from anywhere in the world. But it did not come without sacrifices and bumps on the road. The first one having been realising that the person she was in a relationship with at the time was not compatible with her dream. Jo is here to smash the myth that you have to work hard to experience success. But she also knows that if there isn't a plan, she tends to procrastinate, so she has organised her life around fun and goals. She regularly reassess her business to check if it feels fun and if it doesn't, she is ready to make some courageous decisions. She loves to support women who are #meantformore.


15 Jun 2021

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Jo Bendle | Why Productivity Tools Don’t Work

Simply Smarter Numbers

If you are an overthinker, a procrastinator, a perfectionist you’ll love hearing from today's podcast guest Jo Bendle. Jo Bendle is telling us why all the productivity tools in the world won’t help if you haven’t got a few other things worked out first. So if you are the world’s best planner but not so great at taking action or you are great at scheduling, but not so great at sticking to it then you definitely need to hear what Jo Bendle has to say.  Jo has founded the Meant For More Movement, she is going places and she’s going to help you go places too. If you are sick of turning up for a to-do list Jo has some great advice on how to flip it around so you are turning up with intention - not the to-do list.


15 Jun 2021

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Episode 11: Why You Need To Sell The Transformation, Not The Tool With Jo Bendle

Courses That Connect Podcast

When it comes to marketing and selling your course, you've probably heard that you need to focus on the outcome or transformation, not the tools you use to achieve this. I know how hard it can be to find your 'transformation' which is why I was so excited to invite Jo Bendle onto the podcast to talk about how she's done exactly this. Jo has turned the conversation about productivity tools into a movement that that's led by women who are #meantformore. In this episode I pick her brains on how she made this shift, the impact it's had on her business and the results she's seeing. So if you're ready to get inspired, find a deeper message and even lead your own movement, then buckle-up, because this is a high vibe, fast talking episode that'll leave you pumped and ready for more. Are you Meant For More?Learn more about The Lab here - https://jobendle.com/thelab/Follow Jo on Insta here - https://www.instagram.com/jo_bendle/


30 Mar 2021

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Can Do Coffee Chat with Jo Bendle, Productivity and Empowerment Coach, Live Big Mentor

The Can Do Way

In this episode, I am talking to the amazing Jo Bendle, Productivity and Empowerment Coach, and Live Big Mentor, based in Malaga, Spain. Jo supports women in business to stop playing small and live a bigger life using her Live Big Framework™. An uplifting connection and conversation with many refreshing Can Do perspectives including Jo's 3 top tips: 1. Get clear on your vison 2. Do the inner work, daily 3. Embrace an experimental approach: permit imperfect action Discover more about Jo's work 


10 Mar 2021

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Ep 15: Jo Bendle - Are you meant for more?

Biz Alchemy

Jo Bendle describes herself as "Just a girl living her best life one experiment at a time!" Jo empowers women in business to get out of their own way with her Meant for More™ Framework. In this chat with Jacquelyn, Jo shares her inspiring journey in creating a business within the new paradigm - the highs and lows; the lessons and celebrations. Jo's effervescent vibe and excitement about how she has embraced the Meant for More™ philosophy in her life and business adventure is powerfully motivating.   You're bound to find yourself re-listening whenever you need a high vibe hit!   Discover more about Jo: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jo_bendle/ Website:  www.jobendle.com


8 Mar 2021

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131. Why Productivity Tools Don't Work - with Jo Bendle

Lead Your Day with Merilyn

What happens when you outgrow your goals? In this episode Jo Bendle shares her 'what next' after seeing her dream of successful location independent dream come true. A lively chat about about why what we've been taught about productivity doesn't work, the power of mindset work and how to have clarity. This episode is a smorgasbord of ah-ha's.The official bit:Jo is a Productivity + Empowerment Coach helping female business owners do more, be more and have more while working less. She helps women navigate the mindset struggles that hold them back from living a bigger life, hook into their future vision and equip them with the productivity tools they need to get there.Highlights:"I knew very very clearly that this wasn't what I was meant to be doing but it was a stepping stone... I share that because I wish people would give themselves permission to see where it (life) takes them.""You don't HAVE to have all the clarity at the start!" "For me there is no point giving them masculine productivity tools if I don't ALSO give them the feminine mindset work. We need both!""Nothing will change it will always revert back to the pattern if we don't work on the inner gain."Jo uses a technique to restrict herself from thinking small and self doubt by saying "What would the real Jo do?"Jo also says the best way to defeat self-doubt and restrictions is routine and structure. The more structure and routine, the easier it is.More details: merilyn.com


8 Jul 2020

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The Live Big Framework with Jo Bendle


I'm having a great conversation with my friend Jo Bendle about entrepreneurship, visions and making things happen. Jo Bendle is a Productivity + Empowerment Coach helping female business owners be more, do more and have more... while working less. She helps ambitious businesswomen step into a bigger life with her three simple principles: Mindset + Vision + Productivity.Find her Productivity Guide here (click)


26 Jun 2020

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HSH 131: The Truth About Productivity with Jo Bendle

Not Your Average Online Marketing Podcast

Have you tried nearly everything to become more productive in your life— only to find that writing your “Big 3” goals of the day, using the pomodoro method, or writing yet another checklist can only take your productivity so far? Well, I’m pleased to introduce you to Jo Bendle, who is our guest on the HSH podcast this week! She helps entrepreneurs to reclaim their time to live the lives they were meant to live. When I heard her speak about approaching productivity from both a masculine and feminine point of view, I knew she was the go-to person to walk us through this productivity rut which most of us entrepreneurs find ourselves in. Did This Conversation With Jo Resonate With You? I’d Love To Hear Your Biggest Takeaways via Dm Me On Instagram (@Heartsoulhustle)! Or Put A Screenshot In Your Instagram Stories And Tag Me And Jo, @Jo_Bendle!  For the full episode show notes, head on over to: www.HeartSoulHustle.com/131


17 Oct 2019

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How To Live Big Through Productivity - Jo Bendle

Rockstar Recruiter

Want to live your life on your terms? Want a life to look back on and say ‘god damn that was great!’  Then you need to start to think BIG. And Jo Bendle is going to inspire you to achieve it all! In today’s world too many are playing it small, but we don’t want that for you.  Jo is going to share all her worldly wise guidance and insights of what it takes to live your life on your terms. One of the world’s leading woman in productivity, she travels the globe sharing her message, of how to implement effective principles into your daily routine to build habits that will transform your future. This is not to be missed, jam packed full of energy, I dare you not to be inspired!


6 Jun 2019

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Make it Happen with Jo Bendle - Habits

Make it Happen with Costa Women

Do you struggle with productivity? Is your mindset helping you get where you want to go?  Do you need tips for saving time? Meet productivity and mindset coach, Jo Bendle. Jo’s mission is to help women ditch overwhelm and create the freedom you set out to create when you launched your own business. Jo says Its "not what you know, but what you do.." that makes it happen.We can struggle with perfectionism, self-doubt, procrastination and bright shiny things - how do we get out of our way? We talk about Jo’s own journey to freedom. The life in the online underworld.Why habits make business professionals successful Join Jo's programme at  https://jobendle.com/ppAnd join her free Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/productivityboostersforfemaleentrepreneurs/Connect with Jo on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoBendleUK/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jo_bendle/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jobendle/If you live in Spain, or want to head this way, join costawomen.com for freeSupport the show (https://costawomen.com/help/contact)


21 Jan 2019