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Ep 9 – Food Freedom by Melissa Hartwig

Getting Better by Reading Books

In this episode, Maxine ignores all the lessons in this book and tries to bore you into joining her on her food freedom journey. She also thinks about how eating and self care relate to excellence (and evidently forgets that the book in ep 8 is the Power of Ritual by Casper Ter Kuile!)The post Ep 9 – Food Freedom by Melissa Hartwig appeared first on Maxine Horne.


11 Jul 2021

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What the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know | Melissa Hartwig on Health Theory

Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Melissa Hartwig, co-creator of the Whole30, sits down with Tom to discuss the magic of the Whole30 and why addressing your emotional connection to food will change your life. SHOW NOTES Always buy yourself flowers [1:01] Increasing your awareness of self-fulfillment [3:00] Learning to self-soothe after addiction [4:11] Adopting a growth mindset to become a healthy person [6:25] Find your own form of therapy [8:29] How to choose to be happy and free [10:04] Figuring out where your self-worth comes from [12:05] Learning empathy for yourself [13:47] Why connecting with other people is so powerful [15:36] What is the Whole30? [17:44] Helping others make a change through emotional conversation [22:04] Thinking outside of the restrictive diet lens [23:41] Is it worth it? [26:03] The connection between food and emotions [28:10] Figuring out what works for you [30:45] Processing negative emotions physically first [33:41] Adopting the four-part meditation practice [35:38] Letting go of being perfect [37:12] Learn how to cook [39:10] DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE The Work by Byron Katie: https://bit.ly/2yiA3TA Hidden Brain Podcast about how exposure to green spaces improves our mental health: https://apple.co/2R5fOkU Melissa’s 4 part meditation practice: https://bit.ly/2R4RvU3  Melissa’s list of things that are not self-care: https://bit.ly/2OgchS1 FOLLOW MELISSA HARTWIG INSTAGRAM: https://bit.ly/2zZxtE8 FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/2zZI7up FOLLOW WHOLE30 WEBSITE: https://bit.ly/2oydfeE  INSTAGRAM: https://bit.ly/2NutrHb FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/2OK85KG 


17 Aug 2020

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How Whole30 Started / Joe De Sena Interviews Melissa Hartwig Urban

Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!

Melissa Hartwig Urban created the WHOLE30. What you may not know is the story behind it. At a young age Melissa experienced trauma that later fueled an addiction to drugs. Later she found sobriety but replaced her addiction with a craving for fitness. When challenged by a friend to experiment with a 30-day clean diet, she realized she had a complicated relationship with food. Soon after, the WHOLE30 was created. Her journey is one of self-reflection and she shares her story with a refreshing frankness. Her observations on food dispels myths around dieting and utilizes the concepts of elimination to truly become whole and find the best version of yourself. LESSONS Adopt a growth mindset Be in healthy relationship with your food Observe how food groups affect your body Shame grows in the dark- speak your trauma Individualize your own treatment plan Recognize the emotional relationship with eating Find what works for you LINKS This episode was brought to you by TrueForm Runner. Visit www.trueformrunner.com/spartan and use the code SPARTAN10 to save 10% https://whole30.com/about/ TIME STAMPS 0:00 Sefra, Dr. L, Dr. Johnny & Col. Nye introduce this week’s guest 1:00 TRUEFORMRUNNER.COM/SPARTAN intro 1:30 Interview begins with Melissa & Joe 2:40 Dealing with sexual abuse at an early age 4:00 Turning to drugs as a way to deal with trauma 6:00 Deciding to choose a different path 8:00 Changing everything in her life 9:00 Adopting a growth mindset 10:10 TRUEFORMRUNNER.COM/SPARTAN break 11:30 Interview continues with getting fit 12:45 Starting the first 30 day diet 14:00 How she was using food the same way as drugs 16:00 Eliminating food then reintroducing it back to your diet 17:40 First group Whole30 and writing her first book 19:00 Processing trauma effectively 21:33 Johnny, Dr. L, Col. Nye & Sefra Alexandra discuss their takeaways 29:00 TRUEFORMRUNNER.COM/SPARTAN close SUBSCRIBE: Apple Podcasts: http://bit.ly/SpartanUpShow YouTube: http://bit.ly/SpartanUpYT Google Play: http://bit.ly/SpartanUpPlay FOLLOW SPARTAN UP: Spartan Up on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/spartanuppodcast/ Spartan Up on Twitter https://twitter.com/SpartanUpPod CREDITS: Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc. Host: Joe De Sena, Dr. Johnny Waite, Col. Nye, Sefra Alexandra and guest host Dr. Lara Pence Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty © 2020 Spartan


4 Feb 2020

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The Very Best of IGNTD with Melissa Hartwig, Marianne Williamson, Lacy Phillips, Bruce Lipton, the Almost 30 Podcast, and Robyn Youkilis


Today we have a special episode for you all featuring the very best of IGNTD thus far! We thought this would be the perfect way to wrap up our 2019 and gear up for our first podcast back in 2020. Tune in to hear some fantastic excerpts from YOUR favorite episodes from the last two years! There’s Melissa Hartwig speaking about her journey coming out of trauma and stepping into a self-improvement mindset; Marianne Williamson sharing the realities of running for president and how we can all achieve a deeper level of transformation as a society; Lacy Phillips talking about how we can access the real power behind manifestation; Bruce Lipton talking about the power of perspective; Krista and Lindsey from Almost 30 speaking about the importance of intuition, authenticity, and relationships; and Robyn Youkilis sharing her experiences with intuitive eating and finding her own definition of “thin”! You DON’T want to miss this fun look back at some of the best moments from your favorite guests sharing their invaluable pieces of wisdom! Topics Discussed: [:29] Diving right in, the first ‘best of’ clip is from a fantastic episode with Melissa Hartwig! [1:32] Melissa introduces herself and gives us some background on her career. [3:50] Melissa speaks about her journey and coming out of the other side of trauma. [13:36] Melissa shares what allowed her to shift to a self-improvement mindset. [14:38] In this second clip, Adi and Sophie welcome Marianne Williamson on to the podcast! [14:55] Marianne reflects on the enjoyable parts of running for president as well as the not-so-fun parts such as the backlash and bullying she receives. She also touches on the whole “shut down” mentality in today’s society. [19:00] Marianne speaks on those acting out of fear and fighting against her running for president, fear-based propaganda, and how we can do more than just ‘defeat’ Donald Trump and achieve a deeper level of transformation. [26:08] Marianne shares the moment she realized she needed to run for president. [27:33] Adi and Sophie welcome on Lacy Phillips in this next clip! [29:22] About the concept and power behind manifestation and how Lacy stumbled into this line of work. [35:33] Lacy speaks about her process of manifestation and how she helps others (from all walks of life!) manifest. [41:54] The importance of getting down to what you truly want to manifest and understanding your intentions beneath things. [50:12] Adi intros this next clip with Bruce Lipton! [50:40] The parallels between Sophie and Adi’s relationship and Bruce’s relationship with his partner, Margaret; in relation to his book, The Honeymoon Effect. [54:08] Bruce speaks about the power of perspective and what allowed him to go from talking the talk to walking the walk! [1:06:51] Sophie and Adi welcome Krista and Lindsey of Almost 30 Podcast on to IGNTD. [1:07:00] Krista and Lindsey talk about the importance of authenticity and how their podcast, Almost 30, came to be. [1:10:16] Krista speaks about what originally drew her to Soul Cycle. [1:12:46] The importance of following your intuition and finding your people. [1:19:57] Krista and Lindsey speak about their family life growing up and their relationships with their parents. [1:23:57] Adi and Sophie welcome Robyn Youkilis on to the podcast in this final ‘best of’ clip! [1:24:35] Robyn speaks about prioritization and her recently published book, Thin from Within. [1:26:00] Sophie shares her own thoughts and feelings on intuitive eating and ‘dumping the scale.’ [1:29:28] Robyn shares what brought her to her own different definition of “thin.” [1:35:11] Sophie speaks about how she found the process of pregnancy to be very healing. [1:36:22] Robyn talks about her struggles during pregnancy as well as her breakthrough post-pregnancy. [1:37:33] Thank you so much for tuning in to this ‘best of’ episode of IGNTD! Mentioned in this Episode: IGNTD Ep: “Trauma, Transform + Transcendence with Melissa Hartwig of Whole30” IGNTD Ep: “The Ultimate Bully Pulpit with Marianne Williamson” IGNTD Ep: “Learning to Manifest and Align with Your Most Authentic Self with Lacy Phillips” IGNTD Ep: “Part 2: Learning to Manifest and Align with Your Most Authentic Self with Lacy Phillips” IGNTD Ep: “The Biology of Belief: The Intersection of Consciousness and Matter with Bruce Lipton” IGNTD Ep: “Following Your Intuition and Finding Your People with the Almost 30 Podcast” IGNTD Ep: “How to Get Intuitive About Everything (Not Just Your Diet) with Robyn Youkilis” Find out more about IGNTD: IGNTD.com IGNTD.libysn.com Subscribe to the Podcast iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify Follow us on Social Media! Facebook: IGNTD Instagram: @IGNTD.me Sophie’s Instagram: @Sophie.Jaffe Adi’s Instagram: @DrAdiJaffe If you enjoyed this podcast… Please let us know what you want to hear about! Tell us in the comments or send us an email at info@igntd.com. About Our Sponsor: Philosophie Superfoods The Philosophie offers cleanses and other nutritional products that are unlike any of the other supplements and detoxification programs on the market. Why? Because they actually nourish the body with whole, live, nutrient-rich foods. Each of the Philosophie superfoods and protein blends is vegan, raw, gluten-free, and has absolutely no filler ingredients.

1hr 38mins

1 Jan 2020

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Whole Health with Melissa Hartwig Urban

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Melissa Hartwig Urban is the powerhouse founder of the Whole30 program which, in the last decade, has amassed a huge following and helped thousands of people reset their own health, habits, and relationship with food. The mom, author, and health and wellness advocate has also recently started spending more time in the great outdoors. Melissa is also the author the new book Whole30 Friends & Family, which helps Whole30 followers stick to the program in social settings and during the holidays.


2 Dec 2019

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Ep. 184: Whole30’s Melissa Hartwig Urban On The Most Important Part Of Her Success

Taste Radio

Melissa Hartwig Urban, the co-founder/CEO of Whole30, wants to clear up a couple misconceptions about the popular 30-day lifestyle program: it isn’t a diet, and, it isn’t for everyone. What’s indisputable, however, is that Whole30 is a cultural phenomenon that has attracted millions of followers, many of whom adhere to its paleo-centric guidelines even after they complete the program. As a result, Whole30 has grown to influence how many food and beverage brands market and formulate their products, including through its product certification program. In an interview included in this episode, Urban spoke about the origins of Whole30, why she describes it as a short-term “experiment,” and why she is staunchly opposed you against the idea of moderation. She also discussed the selective process for brands to become “Whole30 approved,” why coffee brands are not a part of the program and why most of her work time is spent direct messaging with members of the Whole30 community. She also addresses pushback about promoting processed foods, why being a parent gives her street cred with her community, and why she decided to open up about past challenges in order to have a more authentic connection with Whole30 followers. Show notes:  2:42: Interview: Melissa Hartwig Urban, Co-Founder/CEO, Whole30 -- In a call with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif, Urban discussed the genesis and mission of Whole30, the program’s dietary guidelines, and why it is “not meant to be sustainable.” She also explained why she rejects 9 out of 10 brands that apply to become “Whole30 approved,” why she doesn’t always abide by Whole30’s rules and why she doesn’t respond to criticism about the program. Later, she discussed Whole30’s partnership with meal delivery companies, the importance of accessibility to the program and how she’s learned that “you can’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” She also spoke about her investment philosophy, whether being a parent has changed her outlook on Whole30 and the ways in which the program will evolve and grow over the next decade.  Brands in this episode: Justin’s, Applegate, Organicville, nutpods, Waterloo, Epic Provisions, Serenity Kids, SeaSnax, RXBAR, LARABAR, Tin Star Foods, Mesa De Vida, New Primal, Primal Kitchen


15 Oct 2019

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Melissa Hartwig Urban

Danica Patrick Pretty Intense Podcast

Today's show is with the very strong, very confident, and very determined and wonderful Melissa Hartwig Urban. I found out about Melissa way back when I started CrossFit.   Paleo is a diet who very oriented to the CrossFit world. And then there's a little subset within paleo called Whole30. And I don't think that Melissa meant to do it like that. But it's got a lot of foundational similarities to paleo with certain foods that you are encouraged to eat more and ones that you aren't Melissa talked about the birth of Whole30 and what that looked like and the struggles that she's had as a person and the places that she's grown. And we talked about her love for hiking. She calls it her church. I also  learned a lot about food and why we eat the way we do. The Whole 30 program is something I'm passionate about. I really believe that we need to develop a a positive relationship with food and stop looking at healthy food as a punishment and cake as a reward. There’s something fundamentally wrong with that.. Melissa also has a new book coming out, “Whole30 Friends and Family”. So please pick that up as I'm sure it has plenty of amazing recipes for, of course, your friends and family. Enjoy

1hr 11mins

10 Oct 2019

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Best-Selling Author Melissa Hartwig talks divorce, co-parenting and having boundaries

Single Daddy Daily

Melissa Hartwig, CEO and NY Times Best-Selling Author of Whole30, joins Drew Manning and Evan DeMarco in-studio to talk about her own experience with co-parenting post-divorce and the importance of having boundaries, both with your children and your ex.  Don't miss this episode!


13 Aug 2019

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Melissa Hartwig Urban on being a single mom and why we should re-frame our thinking around self-care

The Motherly Podcast

Melissa Hartwig Urban is the co-founder and CEO of the Whole30—an intensive 30-day dietary program designed to heal your digestive tract and end unhealthy cravings through whole, unprocessed foods. Today, the Whole30 has over 2 million followers across social media platforms and has impacted the lives of people around the world. In addition to being a busy CEO, Melissa is also a proud mom to her 5-year-old son. And last year, Melissa launched Whole Mamas, a community-inspired online roadmap to help women navigate the entire journey of motherhood, from a Whole30 perspective. In this episode, Liz and Melissa chat about becoming a single mom early into motherhood, expanding what we think about “self-care,” and rising kids with a healthy attitude towards food. Following their conversation, hear Sydney Hutt read her essay, “The Strength of a Single Mom,” — a selection from Motherly's first book, This Is Motherhood, now available for pre-order on Amazon and wherever books are sold. The Motherly Podcast is hosted by Liz Tenety and produced by Micaela Heck and Samantha Gattsek. Music by The Blue Dot Sessions. Thanks to our sponsor, Prudential. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


4 Apr 2019

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Melissa Hartwig, The Whole30

Open Air Podcast

Since 2009, co-founder Melissa Hartwig has helped millions of people transform their lives with the wildly popular The WHOLE30 program. 


22 Mar 2019