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Lindsay Berra PT 2: Yogi Berra Family Legacy

The BosBabes

Intro Song Credit: YAA! Koala @yaakoala Song: Do Mushies Not Coke Outro Sound Credit: YAA! Koala @yaakoala Song: Don’t Stop At the top of the show Lindsay starts off by chatting about her newly launched @foodofthegodspod — a podcast where she helps listeners dive deep into what it takes to be a pro athlete, she puts a high emphasis on their training and food intake. You can listen to her podcast on all major platforms. 10 minutes into the podcast with Lindsay she describes herself as an “exercise-aholic”. She enjoys many forms of keeping active (including CrossFit) — she also eats very healthy! If you listen in you can get tips & advice from this stunning athlete on how to properly train and fuel your body —Lindsay also discusses how she rebuilt her strength and muscles after having to get hip surgery back in the early 2000s. 12 minutes into The BosBabes lifestyle sports podcast, Lindsay chats about her eating habits—for starters she does eat gluten free due to a gluten allergy. She does not drink alcohol but is a HUGE chocolate fan! 15 minutes into this podcast Brittany and Lindsay begin discussing Lindsay’s grandfather —the legendary New York Yankees catcher that won countless championship titles & is widely regarded as one of the best catchers of all time!  —Lindsay gives lots of insider details on where her grandfather Yogi grew up, how he got into the sport of baseball, what he did during his offseason….& much more! 20 minutes in Lindsay Berra chats about how different signing bonuses and sports paychecks were SIGNIFICANTLY lower back when players like her grandfather, Babe Ruth, and Joe DiMaggio did compared to now! — We also chat about the Yogi Berra Museum & much more! Lindsay wraps up this fabulous 2 part podcast speaking about her summer plans and how her and the Berra family give back through charity! Please also subscribe to our The BosBabes channel  on Youtube This episode of the BosBabes lifestyle sports podcast is brought to you by one of our sponsors BetOnline.AG. You can head to their website or mobile app to sign up for a FREE account & use promo code CLNS50 for your sign up bonus!-- Your online sportsbook experts. Visit Haliola.com for incredible high quality and affordable athleisure wear. Halio is a VETERAN OWNED small business. You can save 10% off your purchases using code bosbabes10 at checkout


28 Jul 2021

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Episode 76: Emily Kaplan, Interacting with NHL/NFL Players, Yogi Berra Museum, Hockey Culture, NHL on TNT Personalities, Top 5 FWDs in the NHL

The Latke Room

Episode 76 of The Latke Room, your favorite Jews talk about their favorite TV show and Movies Jewish dads. Then Emily Kaplan, a hockey reporter for ESPN, joins the podcast (30:44) to talk about interacting with NHL and NFL players as well as her thoughts on the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

1hr 17mins

16 Jun 2021

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The Tao of Yogi Berra

UUMAN Unitarian Universalist Metro Atlanta North Church

March 14, 2021 10:00 am Rev. Dave Dunn“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Have never wiser words been spoken? Yogi Berra is perhaps baseball’s greatest sage, yet his wisdom transcended baseball and permeated the essence of reality itself.Might he have been Taoism’s most recent prophet?uuman.orgIntro music: Tim Moor, Pixabay


15 Mar 2021

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Yogi Berra - Sons of Sequoyah - Episode 8

Sons of Sequoyah

Talking about the 20th century's greatest philosopher - Yogi Berra

1hr 6mins

1 Feb 2021

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Yogi Berra's Wit and Wisdom

BirdNote Daily

The late Yogi Berra, renowned New York Yankees catcher, is sometimes remembered less for his exceptional play and more for his turns of phrase. One of which was reported as, “You can observe a lot by just watching.” When it comes to observing birds such as this Golden-crowned Kinglet, Berra was

12 Oct 2020

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Episode 71: Jon Pessah: The Greatness of Yogi Berra

SABRcast with Rob Neyer

On this week's episode of SABRcast, Rob Neyer chats with author Jon Pessah about his latest book, "Yogi: A Life Behind the Mask." Rob also finds out Jon's thoughts on the current season, his long-time Yankee roots, and his extensive research into the power-players behind Major League Baseball. Then Rob and SABR CEO Scott Bush catch-up after a week apart and give their thoughts on who won the weekend. For show notes, extra content, and a list of what Rob's reading, visit the SABRcast website at https://sabr.org/sabrcast.

1hr 32mins

3 Aug 2020

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BYB Podcast 80 : The Business of Baseball and the Secret History of Yogi Berra with author Jon Pessah

Bless You Boys: for Detroit Tigers fans

In the wake of their strange and ultimately futile renegotiation of this season of COVID-19, and with the looming CBA negotiations next year, we brought in a heavy hitter for this one. Jon Pessah is one of the founding editors of ESPN the Magazine, and the acclaimed author of two books on baseball which will frame our discussion.The first, is The Game: Inside the Secret World of Major League Baseball’s Power Brokers. A behind-the-scenes history of the business of baseball from the tenure of early MLBPA chief, Marvin Miller, to the Rob Manfred/Tony Clark era, The Game focuses particularly on the 1994-1995 lockout and strike through the lens of Commissioner Bud Selig, Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner, and MLBPA chief Don Fehr. The book is comprehensively researched and sourced, the product of hundreds of interviews with all the major players, and a tour de force exploration of the games behind the game.As a result, Pessah is uniquely situated to understand the power structure and dynamics behind major league baseball, and their evolution to the present day. We talked about the current strife, how all of this is a product of relatively recent history, and look ahead warily to next year’s expiring collective bargaining agreement.Second, is the biography, Yogi: Life Behind the Mask, which was just released in April. Again the product of hundreds of interviews and years of research, the biography unpacks the man behind the myth and places one of the greatest players of all-time in his rightful context as the true hero and force behind the classic Yankees’ teams of the 50’s and 60’s.For the final 20 minutes or so, we chatted about the life and times of one of the more enigmatic players in baseball history. Circumstances dictated we do this by phone, so please forgive the sound quality and occasional car passing in the background. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


26 Jun 2020

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'30 With Murti': Yogi Berra Biographer Jon Pessah

30 With Murti

Yogi Berra was one of the greatest Yankees ever, one of the greatest baseball players ever, and lived a classic American success story.His life is the subject of the new biography "Yogi: A Life Behind The Mask," by Jon Pessah and published by Little Brown and Company.Pessah spent nearly four years writing the book and he discusses some of the more interesting parts of Yogi's life with Sweeny Murti in the latest "30 With Murti" podcast.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


9 Jun 2020

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NBA Playoffs & Yogi Berra Book | Three Dog Thursday (Ep. 18)

Sports Gambling Podcast Network

On the latest edition of the only digital radio show devoted exclusively to Underdogs (when there are games), host T.J. Rives and guests are back.First, T.J. brings back Gary Segars of the “Winning Cures Everything,” show and podcast. Gary and T.J. go over the NBA continuing to flounder with their plan to resume their suspended season later this summer. And, they debate the idea of having some regular season games played with some of the teams, as opposed to just starting the playoffs now.The guys also discussed the recent proposed NFL new method of replacing the onside kick with a fourth down play at the offensive team’s 25 yard line. It won’t be happening for this season, but should it be for next year? You’ll want to hear why the make the compelling case it should.Next up, Pulitzer Prize nominated author Jon Pessah from New York is on the show to discuss his new Yogi Berra autobiography, “Yogi- A Life behind the Mask.” Jon, who is a lifelong Yankees fan and historian spent 4 1/2 years researching the book and interviewing dozens of former teammates, people in the Yankees organization and people who knew and were with Berra for his entire career and life. The unquestioned Hall of Fame catcher and leader of the Yankee dynasty, helped lead them to 10 world titles in his career, including an eight year span (1949-56), where NY played in seven of the World Series and won SIX of them.Berra is so beloved, even to this day, by Yankee fans for the last three generations that Jon’s book appeared immediately on all of the best seller’s lists for sports, then, sold out completely on it’s first run. And, he has already had a second printing of the autobiography.His book makes an outstanding gift for any Yankee/Yogi fan in your life, including for Father’s Day coming up!Hear all of the conversation, insight, and trip down memory lane for the Yankees and their fans on this edition of “3 Dog Thursday!”Follow - Twitter | InstagramSubscribe - Apple | Spotify | GoogleWebsite - SportsGamblingPodcast.comSupport for this episode - MyBookie code "SGP" | AcePerHead.com/SGP | Kushydreams.com code "SGP"Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 18mins

4 Jun 2020

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44: Sports Innerview 05/23/2020 - Memorial Day Weekend Special Show with replay of classic Sports Innerview with Yogi Berra and Ted Williams

Sports Innerview with Ann Liguori

On this special Memorial Day weekend show, Ann replays her classic ‘Sports Innerview’ cable series’ conversations with two of the most legendary icons in sports: Yogi Berra & Ted Williams. Both had decorated military careers that they didn’t talk much about. Yogi served in World War II and at 19 years of age, was on a rocket boat that stormed the shores of Normandy on D-Day. Two months later, he was bloodied by a bullet in Operation Dragoon and earned a Purple Heart. Ted Williams served in the US Navy and in the Marine Corps. He was a Naval Aviator during World War II and flew as a wingman for John Glenn (astronaut & US Senetor) in the Korean War. He flew 39 combat missions and earned several Gold Stars.True American heroes!


28 May 2020