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Whether on the stage or on the page, author Wendy Speake ministers to women's hearts through storytelling and Biblical life application. With a background in Hollywood as a trained actress, she utilizes the power of drama, poetry, comedy, and spoken word in the study of God’s Word. This week, she joins the Recalibrated Podcast to talk with Mallory Brown about how to stop fixating on food and other things we use to fill the voids in life instead of fixing our eyes on Jesus. You can learn more about Wendy and her book, The 40-Day Sugar Detox, at wendyspeake.com. Recalibrated is part of the Sports Spectrum Podcast Network. -- If you enjoyed this episode, we know you'll enjoy these as well: — Jen Pollock Michel – Author — Jeannie Cunnion – Author & Speaker — Sierra Hollister – Health & Nutrition Coach


15 Jul 2021

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5/19/21 - Pandemic Update, Matt Bellis of Liberty Healthshare, Wendy Speake, Gary Thomas

The Bottom Line

- PANDEMIC UPDATE: "Why is One Leading Hosptial Chain SUING SO MANY PATIENTS for NON-PAYMENT During the Pandemic?"- MATT BELLIS/LIBERTY HEALTHSHARE: "The Government is Extending the Open Enrollment Period in Hopes of Getting More People to Sign Up for Obamacare. Here's why YOU Should Consider a Health-Sharing Ministry Instead!"- WENDY SPEAKE: "How a Physical Detox from Sugar can Lead to a Spiritual Transformation" - GARY THOMAS: Nine Essential Conversations before You Say I Do

1hr 20mins

19 May 2021

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Wendy Speake - Connection to Sugar and Social Media - EP 13

Hope Has A Voice

Wendy Speake is the host of the annual 40-Day Sugar Fast and 40-Day Social Media Fast and the author of those books.  Wendy also co-authored a book called "Triggers." In this interview we talk about what happens when our devices become divisive and crowd out room to hear from the Lord.  Wendy Speake offers resources on her website at www.wendyspeake.com to guide others through the fasts independent of the annual fast so they can experience the same freedom that others have found through fasting.


10 Mar 2021

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How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids: Breaking Angry Mom Habits with Amber Lia & Wendy Speake

The Christian Single Moms Podcast

Parenting alone is frustrating and often causes us to react to our kids in ways we wish we didn't. Amber Lia & Wendy Speake, authors of "Triggers: Exchanging Parents' Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses," help us get to the bottom of our negative parenting habits and teach us how to approach parenting in a positive and proactive way. They also give strategies for handling lying, disrespect, and disobedience, and encouragement for times when you feel like your efforts are failing.  Purchase Triggers: Exchanging Parents' Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses or check out other books mentioned in this episode Visit amberandwendy.com or join their Facebook Group "Gentle Parenting with Amber and Wendy" Listen to this episode's Guided Scripture Meditation Devotional Check out our Sponsor Faithful Counseling 10% off first month offer Follow Agape Moms on Facebook or Instagram and join the Beloved Collective private Facebook group

1hr 2mins

3 Feb 2021

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HS #275 An Honest Look at 1 Corinthians 13 with Wendy Speake

The Homeschool Solutions Show

Today our host is Wendy Speake. With the help of 1 Corinthians 13 we’re considering how to communicate love better during the most challenging parts of our mothering life. As always, Wendy leads us into God’s Word in an effort to find it not only living and active, but applicable to our homeschooling days.


2 Feb 2021

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Ep. 49: Social {Media} Distancing with Wendy Speake

Mom to Mom Podcast

Our guest today would love to help you break up with your phone...at least for the next few weeks. We're joined by Wendy Speake, author, speaker, and co-host of the Homeschool Solutions Show. She's written a new book, 40-Day Social Media Fast, and is here today to help us all step away from our screens.


19 Jan 2021

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Wendy Speake (Author of The 40-Day Social Media Fast)

The Call to Mastery with Jordan Raynor

Jordan Raynor sits down with Wendy Speake, Author of The 40-Day Social Media Fast, to talk about how she sold 100K+ copies of her first self-published book, the moment she heard God tell her to “hone her craft,” and the impact “social media fasts” are having on Christ-followers.Links Mentioned:Wendy SpeakeWendy Speake on TwitterTriggersThe 40-Day Social Media FastThe 40-Day Sugar FastLife CreativeThe Call To Mastery EP9 with Kelli StuartSell Your Book Like WildfireCalled to CreateMaster of OneHow to Land a Book Deal with No PlatformDeep WorkDigital MinimalismHind’s Feet on High PlacesPraying the Scriptures For Your TeensBecoming Mrs. LewisDorothy SayersDorothy and JackCal Newport


13 Jan 2021

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The Spiritual Discipline of Fasting and Why it Matters with Wendy Speake

Faith School Podcast

Wendy Speake is the author of The 40-Day Sugar Fast and The 40-Day Social Media Fast and is coauthor of Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses. She hosts her annual online 40-Day Sugar Fast every January and her 40-Day Social Media Fast every Lent. This episode, Wendy talks about her personal experience of fasting, its purpose in her and her community, and the overall role fasting plays in the Kingdom of God. Wendy answers questions like... What is fasting? Why is it important to God? Fasting is not just in Christian culture; what does fasting require of us as Christ followers unlike non-believers? There are some like myself who rely on social media for their business or ministry. What best practices would you recommend for them to still do the challenge but also take a break? Resources: I68Shop: Faith in Motion The 40-Day Sugar Fast and The 40-Day Social Media Fast The 40-Day Fast Journal Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses Connect with Leah: IG: @leah.rempel FB: Intentional Women of Faith Dressember: Team Dress to Protest Shop: RedBubble Shop , I68Shop (Formerly Lab I:68 Podcast)


11 Jan 2021

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Graceologie #148 Th 40 Day Social Media Fast with Wendy Speake

GRACEOLOGIE with Gwen Smith

Author, speaker and trained actress, Wendy Speake, joins me to talk about the message of her new book, The 40 Day Social Media Fast. Show notes: www.gwensmith.net/graceologie/148 Graceologie on INSTA: @graceologie Graceologie on FB: www.facebook.com/graceologie Gwen on INSTA: @GwenSmithMusic Gwen on FB: www.facebook.com/GwenSmithMusic


5 Dec 2020

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Healthy relationships with sugar and Social Media with Wendy Speake

The Alli Worthington Show

Hey Friends! Joining me on the show today is author Wendy Speake, who is passionate about pointing others to Christ through the power of storytelling. She’s written many wonderful books on how we can help take back our lives from things that have power over us. So it’s safe to say we covered a lot of ground in our conversation, including how setting healthy boundaries with both sugar and social media can lead us to a deeper connection with God and how the stress of 2020 has impacted mothers especially. Plus, I’m sharing my best advice for handling overwhelm this season and the seemingly endless stream of information and opinions we’ve been bombarded with over the past few months. Things we discussed:  1. How staying connected online can keep us distant from the ones who matter most 2. How triggering situations affect relationships and lines of communication between moms and their kids 3. How social media can act as a crutch to ignore our relationship with God Favorite quotes: 1. God never asked us for a sugar sacrifice. He asked us for a living sacrifice. So we lay down sugar in order to feast on Him like we’re fasting but the whole goal is feasting. We’re taking a break from what we usually shove in our mouths, in our lives to say I want to consume you Lord. 2. The fast is so much more than a detox because we are lifting our eyes to see Christ, to see our people and then to see others. 3. If your device is your vice, if your device is divisive. It is separating you from God and others in real life. Take those details to the Lord. 4. It’s possible that when we turn to our pantries and our freezers to get us through our stress, that is actually causing us more stress. In this episode I answer this question: How do you not let information overwhelm you? (49:17) Great things we discussed:  1. Wendy Speake (Website and Facebook)2. 40 Day Social Media Fast  3. Behold Him 4. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air5. The God Dare 6. Muscle milk chocolate powder  7. Mrs. Doubtfire 8. First Love  9. The 2020 Christmas Gift Guide  10. Standing Strong  Hope you loved this episode! Be sure to subscribe in iTunes and slap some stars on a review! :) xo, Alli  www.alliworthington.com/wendyspeake


23 Nov 2020