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Starting a Venture Capital Firm - John Zeratsky (General Partner @ Character)

Design MBA

John Zeratsky is a co-founder and general partner at Character, bestselling author of Sprint and Make Time, and former design partner at GV. Previously, John was a design leader for YouTube, Google Ads, and FeedBurner, which was acquired by Google in 2007. ARE YOU A FOUNDER LOOKING TO PARTNER WITH A DESIGN FOCUSED VC FIRM?Check out Character - https://www.character.vc/CONNECT WITH JOHN ZERATSKYTwitter - https://twitter.com/jazerLinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnzeratsky/Website - https://johnzeratsky.com/CONNECT WITH MELinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayneil Twitter - https://twitter.com/jayneildalal 


10 Jul 2022

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178. Resensi Buku Make Time - Jake Knapp dan John Zeratsky (Madeline Tioria)

Podcast Resensi Buku

Resensi Buku Make Time karya Jake Knapp dan John Zeratsky yang diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Diulas oleh Madeline Tioria (@studyneats). Resensi ini merupakan bagian dari Kompetisi Podcast Resensi Buku 3 yang berkolaborasi dengan Inti Megah Swara Indonesia dan 7 penerbit, yaitu Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Penerbit Mizan, Penerbit Haru, Buku Mojok, Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia, Bentang Pustaka, dan GagasMedia. - Follow Podcast Resensi Buku di Instagram: @podcastresensibuku | Follow Podluck Podcast Collective di Instagram: @podluckpodcast | Cek tagar #kompetisiresensi3 di Instagram untuk informasi lebih lanjut. - Penafian: pendapat yang disampaikan oleh peresensi tidak mewakili pandangan tim panitia Kompetisi Podcast Resensi Buku.


7 Apr 2022

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043. John Zeratsky: Designing Time


TODAY'S GUEST John Zeratsky is a bestselling author of Sprint and Make Time, and has reached millions with articles in The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Harvard Business Review, Wired, Fast Company, and other outlets. He's a former Design Partner at GV (Google Ventures), where he developed a Design Sprint methodology alongside former guest of the podcast, Jake Knapp, and where he supported many of GV's most successful investments, including Slack, One Medical, and Blue Bottle Coffee. Before that, John was a design leader for YouTube, Google Ads, and FeedBurner. Today, John is a Co-Founder and General Partner at Character, a venture fund where he supports technology startups with capital and sprints.EPISODE SUMMARY In this conversation we talk about: His childhood, where he learned a strong orientation towards service being a boy scout, and where he learned that he doesn't have to accept the way things are, that he can challenge the status quo. His career as a designer before getting into GV, first working at FeedBurner, then after the acquisition by Google, working at Google Ads, and eventually leading design on the YouTube Channels feature at YouTube. We also discuss: The particulars of being a designer at Google at the time, where he felt like he had to present hard data and actually learn how to code to even get a seat at the table. His time at GV, where he was brought in as a successful designer at YouTube to help portfolio companies benefit from his design experience alongside the other design partners, which eventually led to the creation and iteration of the Design Sprint. Their process of writing Sprint and Make Time, and how they treated it like any other design process. Character, their new venture fund, and John's idea of starting a fund as a way to create alignment again, between him as a designer and the companies he serves. This conversation with John is one of a dozen or so weekly conversations we have lined up for you with thinkers, designers, makers, authors, entrepreneurs, impact investors, and more, who are working to change our world for the better. So follow this podcast on your favorite podcast app, or head over to remakepod.org to subscribe. And now let's jump right in with John Zeratsky. TIMESTAMP CHAPTERS [4:27] Life During Covid [9:13] Early Childhood Guiding Forces [12:35] Alignment and Incentives [16:19] A Tech Journey [30:42] On Being a Designer [36:22] On Being a Designer at a VC [42:54] Making Investment Decisions [49:22] The Evolution of the Design Sprint [56:16] Scaling the Portfolio [1:00:52] The Creation of Sprint [1:06:26] The Creation of Make Time [1:09:49] Building Character [1:16:22] A Short Sermon EPISODE LINKS John's Links 🌎 John Zeratsky Website 📘 Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day 📘 Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days 🌎 The Design Sprint 🌎 Character 💼 LinkedIn: LinkedIn Profile 📣 Twitter: @jazer Other Links 🦅 Boy Scouts of America 🌎 GV (Google Ventures) 🔌 WIRED 🍎 Apple 💻 WordPress 🔥 FeedBurner 🌎 Google 🌎 Google AdSense 📈 Google Analytics 🔧 Google Ads Editor 🌎 Google Chrome 🌎 Google Meet 🌎 Gmail 🌎 X - The Moonshot Factory 👋 Facebook 📣 Twitter 🌎 NetNewsWire ▶️ YouTube 📱 Motorola 🛍️ RetailMeNot 🛋️ Crate&Barrel 🌎 Craigslist 🌎 Rocket Lawyer 🔨 CustomMade 🌎 Etsy 📌 Miro 🌎 Getting Things Done - David Allen's GTD Methodology 🚗 Uber 🌎 Slack 🎤 TED Talk - Alain de Botton ABOUT US Remake Podcast: Visit us: RemakePod.org 🙏🏻 Rate the show on iTunes 🙏🏻 Support us! Join the Podcast Member community 💌 Share your thoughts: podcast@remakelabs.com 👉 Listen or Subscribe to the show: Apple Podcasts・Google Podcasts・RadioPublic・Overcast・Stitcher・PocketCasts・Castro・SoundCloud・Spotify・YouTube・Deezer Remake Labs:  RemakeLabs.com・Medium・LinkedIn・Community・Twitter・Facebook・Instagram Eran Dror:  EranDror.com・LinkedIn・Twitter・Medium

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7 Apr 2022

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Rapidly validating & testing new ideas w/ John Zeratsky

The Art Of Entrepreneurship

In this episode of Startup Survival, I’m joined by John Zeratsky, one of the co-authors of two books that had a huge impact on me as an entrepreneur: Sprint and Make Time. I was immediately obsessed with the ideas in Sprint about how to test and validate my business ideas in just five days.I see a lot of startup owners that don’t do enough research and testing before they launch—mostly out of fear. But the testing process is necessary for success. John and I talk through the basics of a sprint, the importance of a “fake it til you make it” mindset, and practical tips for testing your ideas. At the end of the episode, John shares his advice for tackling the tasks that feel scary and making them feel more manageable. About John ZeratskyJohn Zeratsky is a co-founder and general partner at Character, bestselling author of Sprint and Make Time, and former design partner at GV. Previously, John was a design leader for YouTube, Google Ads, and FeedBurner, which was acquired by Google in 2007.Connect with John:WebsiteLinkedInTwitterIf you like this episode, check out these resources.Book: Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five DaysPodcast: 3 biggest mistakes I made building a companyBlog: Start. Even if it’s not perfect. More about the show: ​​www.jackiehermes.com/podcastHit me up!LinkedInInstagramTikTokWebsite


30 Mar 2022

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Ep. 228 How I Raised It With John Zeratsky Of Venture Fund Character

How I Raised It - The podcast where we interview startup founders who raised capital.

Produced by Foundersuite (www.foundersuite.com), "How I Raised It" goes behind the scenes with startup founders and investors who have raised capital. This episode is with John Zeratsky of Character, a Milwaukee based venture fund with an investment strategy focused on Product Design (www.character.vc). In this episode, John shares his 5-day design sprint process, what he's looking to invest in, tips for qualifying and pitching LPs, and more. Character has raised $30 million for its inaugural fund. Previously, John and his co-founder Jake Knapp worked at Google Ventures, where they used their product design skills to help companies like Slack, Blue Bottle, and Flatiron Health through hundreds of 5-day design sprints. They are joined by a third partner, Eli Blee-Goldman. How I Raised It is produced by Foundersuite, makers of software to raise capital and manage investor relations. Foundersuite's customers have raised over $3 Billion since 2016. Create a free account at www.foundersuite.com.


18 Mar 2022

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335[Productivity] Make Time - Jack Knapp, John Zeratsky | Summary

2000 Books for Ambitious Entrepreneurs - Author Interviews and Book Summaries

Free LIVE Masterclass - How to achieve more in the next 90 days than you did in the last 1 year: https://2000books.com/time Double Your Work Output in 60 mins: https://focusblocks.io 7 Day FREE Trial to “The Entrepreneur's Book Club”: https://2000books.com Get my Coaching & Mentorship on scaling your Online Business: https://www.2000books.com/grow


31 Jan 2022

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EP 149 | John Zeratsky (Character) - Using Design Sprints to increase retention.


Today on the show we have John Zeratsky, Co-Founder of Character, and the best-selling co-author of Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days.In this episode, we talked about John’s time at Google Ventures, and how they helped hundreds of early-stage startups find product-market-fit using Design Sprints. John then talked about how they first came up with the idea for Design Sprints and why they followed on to develop the process further and productize it into a book.We then went over the different stages of a design sprint and discussed how using this model can help companies increase retention. As usual, I'm excited to hear what you think of this episode, and if you have any feedback, I would love to hear from you. You can email me directly on Andrew@churn.fm. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter.


19 Jan 2022

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Sprints, Breaks & Async Work Done Well – John Zeratsky

Freedom Matters

What if we didn't just treat work as a series of sprints, but our whole life? What if we applied the same process of reflection that we do at the end of our projects, to our whole life? In this episode, we welcome John Zeratsky, a co-founder and general partner at Character, where he supports technology startups with capital and sprints. He is the bestselling author of Sprint, Make Time, and former design partner at GV. Previously, John was a design leader for YouTube, Google Ads, and FeedBurner, which was acquired by Google in 2007. In this episode we discuss: how the principles of 'Sprint' are applicable across life other steps to 'Make Time' his views on the future of work - and of asynchronous work done well For more from John: John Zeratsky https://johnzeratsky.com/ For more on Sprint: The Sprint Bookhttps://www.thesprintbook.com/ For more on Make Time: Make Time https://maketime.blog/ Host and Producer: Georgie Powell https://www.sentientdigitalconsulting.com/ Music: Toccare https://spoti.fi/3bN4eqO


26 Aug 2021

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Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Braden Kowitz

Bookey App 30 mins Book Summaries Knowledge Notes and More

Today we will unlock the book Sprint. This book is about a trial method used by Google Venture or GV. The technique deploys repeated substitutions to drill down to determine the essential offer of new products or services in the GV company portfolio.


21 Aug 2021

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Make Time. Jake Knapp y John Zeratsky


¿Tus días están llenos de obligaciones, pasas el día apagando fuegos y casi nunca encuentras tiempo para las cosas que son importantes para ti? ¿Te gustaría trabajar y vivir con mayor intención?Ese es el tema principal del programa de esta semana, donde aprenderás cómo enfocarte en lo que importa cada día a mano del libro Make Time de Jake Knapp y John Zeratsky.Valoración Jeroen: ⭑⭑⭑⭑½Valoración Quique: ⭑⭑⭑⭑¼Notas de programa(Las notas del programa están disponibles en https://kenso.es/episodio/161-resena-make-time)Escuela de veranoDurante los meses de julio y agosto organizamos la escuela de verano de KENSO. En estos ocho episodios del podcast nos vamos a centrar en reseñar ocho libros fundamentales dentro de la efectividad personal.Hemos grabado estas reseñas como beneficio para los miembros de KENSO Círculo y ahora te abrimos el acceso a algunas de ellas y dedicamos cada uno de estos episodios a una fundación, ONG o proyecto donde nos sentimos comprometidos.Este episodio se lo dedicamos a la Fundación ONCE Perro Guía.Índice de la reseña(00:00) Bienvenid@ a la Escuela de verano y la Fundación ONCE Perro Guía(02:51) El libro de esta semana(09:48) Cómo funciona Make Time(12:30) Prioridad(21:38) Láser(35:32) Energía(47:36) Reflexión(51:34) Estilo y valoración(56:16) El siguiente libro(59:24) ¡Nos escuchamos muy pronto!Recursos mencionadosEpisodio dedicado a: Fundación ONCE Perro GuíaLibro: Make Time: Cómo enfocarte en lo que importa cada día de Jake Knapp y John ZeratskyVídeo: Mejora tu productividad y tu vida con el método científicoEpisodio 35: Descubre tu cronotipo y mejora tu energía y descansoEpisodio 92: Una dieta que no cojea con Aitor SánchezLibro: Cómo ganar amigos e influir sobre las personas de Dale CarnegieReseña: Cómo ganar amigos e influir sobre las personas de Dale Carnegie (para miembros de KENSO Círculo)Descarga: El mapa mental del libroLa página web de KENSOSuscríbete al boletín electrónico de KENSOÚnete a la comunidadPara más aprendizajes productivos: suscríbete a nuestro canal de YouTube Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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5 Aug 2021