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SEX, LOVE & BODY DYSPHORIA with TRANS MAN | The Slut Show With Ellen Moore S2E2

The Slut Show With Ellen Moore

Today trans-male Deen is in the studio of The Slut Show talking about everything from sex, to love, to body-dysphoria and even losing his dick. Or well... Just listen, because this genuine and talented soul has stories to tell that deserve to be heard.


7 Dec 2020

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A Meditation to help combat Gender & Body Dysphoria

Meditations With Desi

Follow me on Patreon at patreon.com/transFIGURESupport via Cashapp: $EshezafinaSupport via Venmo: desi-zafina Every day across the world trans & cis people struggle with various forms of body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria. The world encourages these issues by constantly feeding us messaging rooted in transphobia, ableist, anti-black, and fatphobic about our bodies. It is my intention that this meditation is useful in helping you to learn to love your body and recognize the untruths about your body you have believed. 


23 Nov 2020

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Body Dysphoria//Carrie Fisher Is Mad At Me?//Halloween Special Announcement//A Collaborator Rejected Me?!//Thank You Zach Sobiech//Getting Ready For Season 2. . .already

SHUT UP! With Owen The Podcast

In today's episode our host tries to stay on topic and per usual fails. . .miserably.   In his rambling he discusses serious topics of body dysphoria, Carrie FIsher's death and why people are disappointed in him, and remembering Zach Sobiech.   Owen also discusses The Halloween Special, Season 2, and GETTING REJECTED BY A COLLABORATOR!?!?


23 Oct 2020

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Body Dysmorphia vs. Body Dysphoria

Simply Open

The girls talk about the differences between body dysmorphia and body dysphoria with guests Nick and Evan.

1hr 27mins

14 Sep 2020

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Ep.11 - Weight loss and body dysphoria

Dealing with Life Stuff

Weight loss and body dysphoria – What happens psychologically when you lose a lot of weight after being fat your entire life.


9 Sep 2019

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Body Dysphoria ain't nothing sweet

My Sister’s Keto

In thIs quick episode we chat about body dysphoria and why I if I had to choose, I probably wouldn't pick xylitol as my preferred sweetener.


22 Mar 2019

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#139: Burn More Calories with Slower Reps, My Favorite Exercises and How Competing (Bikini or Bodybuilding) Can Lead To Body Dysphoria and Make You Obsessed!

The Brian Keane Podcast

Do you burn more calories by carrying out your reps slowly or fast? Or does it even matter?  01:04 On a time under tension lift, do you stop before the top of the movement? I don’t know if the muscles are under tension or if it's just lactic acid? 11:26 How much weight should I be squatting weight wise? 20:12 When dieting, at what stage should you take green tea extract – or should you always supplement it? 26:12 What is your favourite ever exercise? 32:17 How can I stay motivated when starting a new plan? 35:35 From your competing days, did you find that it pulled you into an obsession? It seems to be so focused but all I think about is macros, training etc? 43:45 Resources mentioned: The Fitness Mindset – Amazon Best Seller Killer resources: FREE 14 Days of Fat Loss – an email a day to help you lose fat faster!


19 Mar 2018