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Embrace the Animal Episode 6: Bow Drill Fire with Eric Beck

Embrace the Animal

Entrepreneur, Strategy Coach, and fellow bushman Eric Beck travels from the dry altitude of his home in the Colorado Rockies to the sopping rain of the Northeast. When the rain subsides, we try our hand at beating the moisture by building a primitive friction fire using a bow drill. Along the way, we discuss how fire has impacted Eric's life, and how he uses his connection to primitive ways to empower entrepreneurs in our modern world.


6 Mar 2020

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Making and Using a Bow Drill Fire Set with Donny Dust

Folk Craft Revival

#002- Have you ever wondered how to start a fire without modern materials? Do you want to develop the skill of making a fire by friction? Listen in to learn methods, tips, and techniques from primitive skills practitioner and wilderness survival instructor Donny Dust as he teaches us how to make and use a bow drill fire set!Making and using fire is perhaps one of the most fundamental skills of human existence. It is what sets us apart and makes us unique. . . It is also one of the lost skills of the modern time. Learn to create one with nothing but the resources in your environment! Knowing how to start a friction fire is a must for anyone interested in self-reliance!If you'd like to get the links and show notes mentioned in this episode visit:https://folkcraftrevival.com/episode2

1hr 17mins

8 Nov 2019

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#032 - Mail Bag MANIA: Bow Drill, Heat Stroke, Best Blades, Side Hustles and Camping.


You asked... we listened! Today we are talking about Pre-Made Bow Drill Kits, Crappy Tents, Survival / Camping, Our Favorite Knives, How to Start a Business on the Side, Heat Stroke and Why David Wears Sunglasses in His Videos - It's Mail Bag MANIA!  Get Your Tiny SURVIVAL Guides Here: https://bit.ly/2SgWobY GET Guns, Gear and Gadgets @ Sportsman's Guide - Click Here or Go to www.TheSurvivalShow.com/GUIDE- Win! Win! You get sweet FREE podcasts AND great deals on gear - when you support our sponsor - Sportsman's Guide HERE... ** Podcast PLAY Button Below ** Additional Resources - From David and Craig... Get Essential Wilderness Navigation HERE: https://amzn.to/2PL7YQx Live Training Classes@ Nature Reliance School: www.NatureReliance.org(Craig’s School) YouTube - Nature Reliance School(Craig’s Channel) YouTube - Ultimate Survival Tips (David’s Channel) MSK-1 Survival Knife System (David’s Sweet Knife): www.MSK1Knife.com Ultimate Survival Tips - Website: www.UltimateSurvivalTips.com Free Survival e-MAG (From Ultimate Survival Tips) BOOK: Essential Wilderness Navigation - By Craig: https://amzn.to/2PL7YQx Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thesurvivalshow/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thesurvivalshow/support


1 Jul 2019

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#AskPaulKirtley 71 – Roycraft Packframes; Sharpening & Oiling Knives; Bow Drill Moisture Content


In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley, I answer listener questions about Roycraft packframes in bushcraft, how often you should sharpen your knife, oiling knives and bow drill woods moisture content.


22 Apr 2018

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#AskPaulKirtley 64: My Best Bushcraft Moments of 2017, Introducing Kids To Canoe Camping, Bow Drill Material Selection, Match Storage


In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I talk about my best bushcraft moment of 2017, some advice on introducing kids to canoe camping in Scotland, bow drill material selection troubleshooting, up-to-date alternatives to film canisters for match storage, some considerations for topping up a brown bag and sterilisation of billy cans, cups, etc.,...


16 Feb 2018

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#AskPaulKirtley Episode 58 – Water Indicating Trees, Campfire Burn Out, Axe Re-hafting, Winter Hot-tent Set-ups, Chimney Effects, Bow Drill Ember Failure.


In this episode of my #AskPaulKirtley question and answer sessions, I answer your questions on water-indicating trees, encouraging campfires to burn out completely, axe re-hafting in the field, ideal winter hot-tent set ups, potential chimney effects of fire reflectors and bow drill ember failure...


30 Aug 2017

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#AskPaulKirtley Episode 36 – Bow Drill Woods To Avoid, Edibility Of Beech Nuts, Looking After Teeth & Nails The Indigenous Way, Natural Meds or Charcoal For Stomach Upsets?


In this episode, I answer questions about how we might look after our teeth and nails without modern tools, natural meds and charcoal for stomach upsets, the edibility of beech nuts, bow drill woods NOT to use, shorts in the bush (are they a good idea?), some curious rings around a tree, uses of Himalayan balsam and pot lifting - what on earth are we doing?

9 Sep 2016

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#AskPaulKirtley Episode 21: Ventile Smocks (again), Knife Skills For Bushcraft, Canoe Camping, Stoves, Bow Drill Success & Drinking Urine


In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions about how to get started with canoe camping, water bladders and water bottles, my long term, go-to stove when not using a fire, firesteel and knife combos, how to increase your bow-drill success rate, identifying animal hairs, knife skills to practise at home, my pants, socks and boots, where to go to wild camp and to practise bushcraft skills, and whether or not you should be drinking your own urine...

18 Mar 2016

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#AskPaulKirtley Episode 19: Bow Drill With Natural Cordage & Ember Consistency, Top 3 Bushcraft Focus Areas, Beginner & Budget Axes


In this episode of #AskPaulKirtley I answer questions on bow drill consistency, bow drilling with natural cordage, winter tents, the top three areas of bushcraft to concentrate on, beginner and budget axes, alternatives to the Gransfors Bruk Small Forest Axe, what to do with your wallet, phone and passport while out in the field, and whether or not wearing your clothes in your sleeping bag stop it from working efficiently...

19 Jan 2016