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An Underdog Story (feat. Shelomo Solson)

The Bright-Eyed

Today's episode features youth motivational speaker and author of "Never Fight Alone", Shelomo Solson. After being bullied for 15 years about the way he spoke, he has become a motivational speaker and has become dedicated toward helping teens find their underdog story. Tune in to hear his inspiring story and this advice for teens. Check it out!Purchase your own copy of Shelomo's latest book with the link below:https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0578762994/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0578762994&linkCode=as2&tag=shelomo1991-20&linkId=16bb517c5a1d7ed0287e0a15dc02fb12 


19 Oct 2020

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YES 027: Never Fight Alone With Shelomo Solson

The Young Entrepreneur Show

Shelomo Solson is the founder of Teenage Impact. His mission is to inspire teens to overcome adversity in life, so they can make an impact. Shelomo wasn't always positive. He was bullied from elementary school all the way to college. He lacked...


12 Oct 2020

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Hope Revealed Episode #43 with Shelomo Solson

Matt Crump and a Hope Revealed

Join me in this episode with a fantastic young man passionate about working with the youth of the world. He has launched a platform called Teenage Impact at www.teenageimpact.com and has just released a book entitled NEVER FIGHT ALONE available on Amazon by visiting NEVER FIGHT ALONE If you’d like more information about how to overcome obstacles in your own life, achieve your #1 goal and live a life of abundance please reach out to us at: www.mattcrump.tv/coaching and we’ll get back with you soon!! If you’d like information about Matt’s published book called #GodsGotThis and learn about the work we are doing and you can be a part of around the world please visit http://www.godsgotthis.love Listen to this on your favorite podcast platform and look for Matt Crump and a Hope Revealed.


6 Oct 2020

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316: Shelomo Solson | Improving Teenage Mental Health

Social Anxiety Society

Shelomo Solson is the founder of Teenage Impact. His mission is to inspire teens to overcome adversity in life, so they can make an impact.Today's Podcast episode is sponsored by Restream.io a free live stream platform capable of streaming to every platform at the same time. Signup - https://restream.io/join/XK9rvShelomo wasn't always positive. He was bullied from elementary school all the way to college. He lacked confidence and self-esteem in every area of his life.He made it his goal to become more confident. He held over fifteen leadership positions from age seventeen to twenty-eight, including being the Florida regional director for his fraternity, overseeing seven schools; the chief executive officer of the fraternity's first national alumni association; the University of South Florida's College of Business Senator; Director of Corporate Relations for the International Business Board; and the president of his Toastmasters group. He has also held executive roles for the startup he worked for after college. He graduated from the University of South Florida in 2014 with a double major in management information systems and business management. He joined a Toastmasters club, which is a public speaking organization, where he won multiple speech competitions and became the district finalist twice.- https://www.amazon.com/Never-Fight-Alone-Inspiring-Interviews/dp/0578529327


6 Oct 2020

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Never Fight Alone: Helping Teens with Shelomo Solson


Shelomo Solson is the founder of Teenage Impact. When you look or talk to him, he seems motivated and confident. He wasn’t always like this. Below is his condensed story – the story of an underdog.Shelomo was bullied starting in 3rd grade. He dreaded going to school for ten years because of it. He was bullied for his accent, ethnicity, religion, athleticism, weight, height, the clothes he wore, not having a girlfriend, the list can goes on.Sometimes he would come home with bruises crying. He didn’t want to defend himself or tell an adult because he was afraid of being known as a “snitch” or getting beat up harder. He made his parents not say anything.Now, Shelomo runs Teenage Impact, where he helps teenagers overcome their challenges.Episode highlights:How to make money as a youth speakerHow to help teenagers with the unique problems that they faceWhat to do about bullies.How to support a loved one dealing with suicide ideationEncourage young people to dream and set goalsPlan backwards. Decide where you want to be, then make an actionable plan on how to get there step by step. Everyone experiences setbacks and roadblocks. Instead of letting them get you down, acknowledge them and make simple adjustments to overcome them. The best way to become good at public speaking is public speaking. Follow ShelomoLinkedInWebsiteInstagramYouTubeBook: Never Fight AloneFollow Jacob:WebsiteLinkedInTwitter: @jacob_m_harmonFollow Kalob:LinkedInFollow SuccessQuest:WebsiteBlogFacebook PageCommunity (Facebook Group)LinkedInTwitter: @MySuccessQuestInstagram @MySuccessQuestSupport SuccessQuestWe work incredibly hard to create our podcast, newsletter, Facebook group and more. ALL of these resources are 100% FREE and we wouldn't have it any other way. We believe that success should be accessible to everyone!Support our showListen & SubscribeApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsOvercastSpotifyWe’d love to hear from you!Have some feedback about the show? Feel free to reach out to us at podcast@MySuccessQuest.com. You can also rate us in Apple Podcasts or your favorite app to help more people discover the show!


1 Oct 2020

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An Underdog Story: Episode 21 with Shelomo Solson

Did I Ask?

Shelomo has been bullied his whole life. Different things at different points in his life, whether it was for how he talked, his ethnicity or not being the most athletic! Instead of letting that define who he was, he used those things he was picked on for and make them his greatest strengths. Listen to this episode to hear about how Shelomo is using that energy from being bullied to help kids! To learn more about Shelomo and what he does, check him out https://teenageimpact.com/about-us/ or follow him on instagram @shelomosolson To follow me on instagram and check out other episodes, you can find me @didiaskpodcast


10 Sep 2020

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Creating Your Underdog Story with Shelomo Solson

Becoming - Podcast for Teens, Young Adults, and Individuals

Our guest today is going to share his personal underdog story...and help you to create your own! Everyone loves a good underdog story, but nobody wants to be the underdog before they rise to victory. Shelomo Solson was bullied for years and didn't change his story until years went by. After building his confidence, and pushing himself through new uncomfortable experiences, he is a completely new person. He allowed his weakness to grow into his greatest strengths, and is now using them to help build up others around him.  More from Shelomo Solson: teenageimpact.com Teen Job Prep:  If you are a teen wanting to find a part time job, but aren’t sure where to start, check out Teen Job Prep. They have a professional resume builder designed specifically for teens, and video training so that you feel prepared to find a job and keep it with little or no experience. Go to TeenJobPrep.com and use the code "becoming" to get 10% off (it's only $22.99 before the discount!) Visit our website or follow us on instagram @becomingpodcast


20 Aug 2020

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Leaders Are Not Born but Made (with Shelomo Solson)

The Speaker's Secrets

We all know that person that has the title, but people tend to roll their eyes whenever they delegate a task. In contrast, we know the person that's impactful and warm, but might never hold such a title.What separates these people - the true "leaders" from the "talkers"?This is the conversation that Edrico and Shelomo Solson - founder of Purpose Creates Impact - have in this enlightening interview.Check out the video & Shelomo's content here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN7pjNPRRJU


13 May 2019