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Unlock The Knowledge | The Bad Batch vs Live Action, High Republic Wave 2, and Daisy Ridley Looking To Come Back RUMOR

Unlock the Knowledge

This week's topics: - Do the majority of Star Wars fans enjoy animation? - What I excited about in Wave 2 of The High Republic! - Extending on the rumor of Daisy Ridley potentially coming back as Reytwitter.com/LordDagovere​ youtube.com/c/LordDagovere/videos

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23 May 2021

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Is The Obi-Wan Show Filming, or Not?! Also, Daisy Ridley Talks About Life After Rey

Chatter Squadron

We uncover the truth about when the new Obi-Wan Kenobi show will start filming! As well as Daisy Ridley discussing her last days as Rey, and new directors for the 'Andor' series! . Hosted by Tyler Bucks & Logan HonsakerSupport Us!https://www.patreon.com/ChatterSquadron Find our merch, as well as everything else you need here! - @chattersquadron | Linktree Watch Us! Youtube: Chatter Squadron Facebook: Chatter Squadron - A Star Wars Podcast Follow Us! Instagram: @ChatterSquadron Twitter: @ChatterSquadron Subscribe to the show on iTunes, Spotify, and anywhere else you find great podcasts!


9 Feb 2021

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Daisy Ridley Confirms Star Wars Had No Plan - Who's Fault Was It - NERD WARS! w Guest Kamran Pasha

Nerd Wars - Pop Culture Debate

Daisy Ridley finally confirms to Josh Gadd, that Star Wars had NO idea what to do with her character's parents... Sending many Star Wars Sequel defender's heads exploding. We're gonna talk about this, Colin Trevorrow's Episode IX Script Duel of the Fates, and lots more... with Hollywood insider, filmmaker and writer Kamran Pasha (NBC's Kings, Bionic Woman, Sleeper Cell, Nikita, TRON: Uprising and much more!) My Linktree Check out my exclusive scoops -    Mads Mikkelsen in Talks to Play Grindewald Ruby Rose Scammed Batwoman Producers?! Black Panther 2 - What the Plan WAS Support My Friends Jody’s Corner Nerd Report The Planet of NERDS with Stef, Chris & Kev Adan @ Nerdtots Damian''s Indie Horror Trailer THE OTHER SIDE Darth Daddy Lunga's The Grey Council --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nerdwars/support


17 Nov 2020

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Disney Star Wars’ Perfect FAILURE | Daisy Ridley CONFIRMS Lucasfilm Had No Plan for The Trilogy


Daisy Ridley just CONFIRMED The Disney Star Wars Trilogy was a total DISASTER from the start. Embarrassing Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson, Lucasfilm, and Disney on their own network! While the information wasn’t a suprise, the source is. Daisy Ridley admits there was no plan for her family lineage all the way through the filming of The Fall of Skywalker (or the Rise of Palpatine) backing up what quite a few of us have been saying all along on this platform. Live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgq0eIRNIe4&t=4s Spotify ► https://open.spotify.com/show/5WRnB608ocvcZApJwAjlovNerdrotic► http://youtube.com/c/sutrowatchtowerNerdrotic Live► http://youtube.com/c/NerdroticLiveInstagram► http://www.instagram.com/nerdroticTwitch► http://www.twitchtv/nerdroticTwitter► http://www.twitter.com/nerdroticsBitChute► https://www.bitchute.com/channel/nerdrotic/Facebook Page► http://www.facebook.com/nerdroticpodcastFacebook Group►https://www.facebook.com/groups/nerdrotic/iTunes► https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nerdrotic/id1050496253?mt=2Android► https://player.fm/series/nerdrotic-podcast Free Player.FM app require

11 Sep 2020

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Dune Trailer Rises, ST Discovery S3 Trailer, Daisy Ridley a Kenobi, AMPAS Diversifies Best Pictures

The Geek Buddies

On this episode of The Geek Buddies, John Rocha, Michael Vogel and Shannon McClung discuss the new DUNE trailer that dropped today from Denis Vilenueve, the Star Trek Discovery Season 3 trailer, Daisy Ridley revealing she was a Kenobi and get into the AMPAS's decisions to diversify the films that will qualify for a Best Picture Oscar starting in 2024.  It's a jam packed show with a lot of geekiness to talk about and explore! Remember to Like and Share this episode on your social media and to Subscribe to The Outlaw Nation YouTube channel below. #TheGeekBuddies #Dune #StarWars To become a Patron of John Rocha and The Outlaw Nation, please go to https://www.patreon.com/johnrocha to join one of the multiple tiers and enjoy the benefits of being a patron of the channel. Follow John Rocha: https://twitter.com/TheRochaSays Follow Michael Vogel: https://twitter.com/mktoon Follow Shannon McClung: https://twitter.com/Shannon_McClung

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9 Sep 2020

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Rey Was Originally a KENOBI says Daisy Ridley + DUNE TRAILER Review - SEN LIVE #212

The Big Thing

MAKE A DONATION HERE: https://streamlabs.com/theschmoedownNEW PODCAST FEEDS:1 on 1: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/one-on-one-with-kristian-harloff/id1530941383DRAFT KINGS: Sign up using the promo code SENLIVE to receive a FREE shot at $1 MillionSign up for POSTMATES with the code SENLIVE to receive $100 in Free Delivery CreditGet 10% off TUSHY: http://hellotushy.com/SENLiveOn today's show, host Kristian Harloff is joined by Brett Sheridan, Kate Mulligan, Winston A Marshall, Ben Goddard, and RB3 to discuss Daisy Ridley's comments about Rey originally being a Kenobi, review of the new DUNE trailer, THE WALKING DEAD is coming to an end, and more!The show thrives on our conversation with the audience. Be sure to send in your questions and join the conversation! The crew answers your Streamlabs (https://streamlabs.com/theschmoedown/tip) YT Superchats. $20+ DONATIONS VIA STREAMLABS WILL INTERRUPT THE SHOW! #SENLiveMTS Soundtrack https://bit.ly/3jkFHeoMTS Season 7 https://bit.ly/30mTp7VMTS Zafltertinflouse https://bit.ly/2ZHEd6lDemand the #Schmoedown LIVE in Your City: http://bit.ly/DemandSchmoedownLIVESupport SEN Patreon: http://patreon.com/SENLiveSupport Movie Trivia Schmoedown: http://patreon.com/schmoedownSubscribe for matches, movie reviews, and more: http://bit.ly/1NaiRASGet Exclusive Content: https://patreon.com/schmoedownSee the Schmoedown in-person! https://theschmoedownlive.comRankings, Schedules & Stats: https://theschmoedownlive.comGet Schmoedown Merch: http://shrsl.com/?~7vu5Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSchmoedownInstagram: https://instagram.com/TheSchmoedownFacebook: https://facebook.com/TheSchmoedownMark Ellis stand-up tickets: https://markellislive.comFollow Kristian: https://twitter.com/KristianHarloffFollow Mark: https://twitter.com/MarkEllisLiveThank you to our SEN Patreon family for the support! http://patreon.com/SENLIVEMore Rey stories-6:30Using the lore of Star Wars-11:00Having a plan for the movies-18:00Creative voices-26:00Walking Dead final season-30:00DraftKings-35:00Dune trailer!!!!!-38:30Tushy!-47:00Borat sequel-55:00Is 2020 the right time?-1:03:00Shazam sequel-1:07:00Rick Moranis-1:13:30Getting Starstruck-1:20:00Postmates!-1:28:00Trailer voice-1:37:00Winston and fall guys-1:43:00Oscar criteria-1:47:00 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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9 Sep 2020

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Peter Hearn Talks 'Scrawl' and Daisy Ridley

Syxx Sense Media

Before she became the face of the Disney-owned Star Wars franchise, Daisy Ridley was a part of my specialty: indie cinema. Today we talked with professor, writer, and director Peter Hearn, the writer, and director of a unique horror film called Scrawl. Scrawl is currently available on VOD and the DVD is a Walmart exclusive. Synopsis: Simon Goodman (Liam Hughes) is a 16-year boy living in a rundown seaside town. With his best friend Joe Harper (Joe Daly), they create a comic book called SCRAWL as a way to escape their reality, gain some notoriety and more importantly pick up girls. Annie Williams (Annabelle Le Gresley), a girl who hides behind her camera and cannot forget the past gets wrapped up in the boys new world, along with Joe's sister Rosie (Ellie Selwood) and suddenly, with the appearance of a mysterious girl, Hannah (Daisy Ridley), events in the comic book start to invade their reality and situations in the comic book come to life.


16 Jun 2020

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Daisy Ridley


Daisy Ridley is here! She talks with us about Star Wars, Drag Race, Barbra Streisand’s 18th Century carpet, proper scone etiquette, and more, including a special appearance by GBBO alum Michael Chakraverty. Plus, Daisy turns the tables on us with some Disney trivia! In this episode: Star Wars, musical theatre, Barbra Streisand, the Great British Bake Off, Drag Race judging, RuPaul, Disney movies, Disney rides, Mulan, Michael Chakraverty, Great British Bake Off, and more! The post Daisy Ridley appeared first on DragCast.

1hr 7mins

10 Apr 2020

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Episode 248: Daisy Ridley & Jeff Goldblum

RuPaul: What's The Tee with Michelle Visage

In this episode Ru and Michelle are joined by Daisy Ridley and Jeff Goldblum. This episode is sponsored by Ziprecruiter and Masterclass.


25 Mar 2020

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Kathleen Kennedy ...is a bitch & Daisy Ridley razzles my berries ....

The boyz and their dawg

We talk about Star Wars being ruined by KK and Disney DESTROYING Star Wars


20 Mar 2020